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Name der NewsgroupKurzbeschreibung
24hoursupport.helpdeskno description available
3dfx.developerno description available
3dfx.developer.linuxno description available
3dfx.glideno description available
3dfx.glide.linuxno description available
3dfx.linux.apps.gamesno description available
3dfx.products.voodoo2no description available
3dfx.products.voodoo3no description available
3dfx.products.voodoo5no description available
3dfx.products.voodoobansheeno description available
3dfx.users.voodoobansheeno description available
abg.allgemeinAugsburg: Verschiedenes.
abg.testAugsburg: Nur so zu Testzwecken!
abg.witzigesAugsburg: ... muss auch sein.
acadia.chatAcadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada.
adobe.LicenseMangager.ALMAdobe License Manager (ALM)
adobe.acrobat.captureAcrobat Capture
adobe.acrobat.distillerserver.unixAcrobat Distiller Server UNIX
adobe.acrobat.distillerserver.windowsAcrobat Distiller Server Windows
adobe.acrobat.ebook.readerAdobe Acrobat eBooks
adobe.acrobat.elementsAcrobat Elements
adobe.acrobat.elements.serverAcrobat Elements Server 6.0
adobe.acrobat.enterprise.installation.solutionsAcrobat Enterprise Installation Solutions
adobe.acrobat.macintoshAcrobat Macintosh
adobe.acrobat.macintosh.faqFAQ --Answers to Frequently Asked Acrobat for Macintosh Questions --
adobe.acrobat.reader.pocketpcAcrobat Reader for Pocket PC
adobe.acrobat.reader.symbianOSAcrobat Reader for Symbian OS
adobe.acrobat.scriptingAcrobat Scripting
adobe.acrobat.sdkAcrobat Developers SDK
adobe.acrobat.unixAcrobat UNIX
adobe.acrobat.windowsAcrobat Windows
adobe.after.effectsAfter Effects
adobe.after.effects.expressionsAfter Effects Expressions
adobe.after.effects.scripting.renderScripting/Render Automation
adobe.atm.type.macintoshATM and type Macintosh
adobe.atm.type.windowsATM and type Windows
adobe.audition.3rdparty.pluginsThird party plug-ins for Audition - all versions
adobe.audition.radioRadio Industry discussions - all versions
adobe.audition.soundcardsHardware and Sound Cards for Audition - all versions
adobe.audition.windowsAdobe Audition 1.5 and earlier versions - your questions
adobe.audition2.windowsAdobe Audition 2.0 - your questions
adobe.bridge.macAdobe Bridge Macintosh
adobe.bridge.scriptingAdobe Bridge Scripting
adobe.bridge.windowsAdobe Bridge Windows
adobe.colormanagementColor Management
adobe.content.serverAdobe Content Server
adobe.createPDF.onlineCreate Adobe PDF Online
adobe.creative.suite.macAdobe Creative Suite Macintosh
adobe.creative.suite.versioncue.macVersion Cue File Management Technology
adobe.creative.suite.versioncue.windowsVersion Cue File Management Technology
adobe.creative.suite.windowsAdobe Creative Suite Windows Negative (DNG)
adobe.document.centerAdobe Document Center Document Server and Adobe Graphics Server AC3, PCM, AUDIO ENCODING
adobe.encore.building.discsEncore: BUILDING DISCS, IMAGES, FOLDERS & DLT
adobe.encore.copyprotectionEncore: COPY PROTECTION
adobe.encore.dvd.winEncore DVD 2.0
adobe.encore.installationEncore: INSTALLATION
adobe.encore.menus.buttonsEncore: MENUS and BUTTONS
adobe.encore.mpeg2.encodingEncore: MPEG2 VIDEO ENCODING
adobe.encore.subtitlesEncore: SUBTITLES
adobe.encore.timelines.chaptersEncore: TIMELINES and CHAPTERS and Announcements about the Forums
adobe.forums.migrationNEW Forum Update News (big changes)
adobe.framemaker.faqFramemaker FAQs
adobe.framemaker.sgmlFrameMaker SGML
adobe.framemaker.unixFrameMaker Unix Issues
adobe.golive.dynamic.contentDynamic Content
adobe.golive.featurerequestsGoLive Feature Requests
adobe.golive.macintoshGoLive Macintosh
adobe.golive.quicktime.smil.authoringQuickTime and SMIL Authoring
adobe.golive.webworkgroupserverWeb Workgroup Server
adobe.golive.windowsGoLive Windows
adobe.illustrator.featurerequestsIllustrator Feature Requests
adobe.illustrator.macintoshIllustrator Macintosh
adobe.illustrator.scriptingIllustrator Scripting
adobe.illustrator.sdkIllustrator Developers SDK
adobe.illustrator.windowsIllustrator Windows
adobe.imageready.windowsImageReady Windows
adobe.incopy.macintoshInCopy Macintosh
adobe.incopy.scriptingInCopy Scripting
adobe.incopy.windowsInCopy Windows
adobe.indesign.featurerequestsInDesign Feature Requests
adobe.indesign.macintoshInDesign Macintosh
adobe.indesign.sdkInDesign SDK
adobe.indesign.server.developerInDesign Server Developer
adobe.indesign.serviceproviderInDesign Service Providers
adobe.indesign.windowsInDesign Windows
adobe.livecycle.assemblerAdobe LiveCycle Assembler
adobe.livecycle.barcoded.formsAdobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms
adobe.livecycle.designer.7Adobe LiveCycle Designer
adobe.livecycle.document.securityAdobe LiveCycle Document Security
adobe.livecycle.form.managerAdobe LiveCycle Form Manager
adobe.livecycle.formsAdobe LiveCycle Form Server
adobe.livecycle.pdfgeneratorAdobe LiveCycle PDF Generator
adobe.livecycle.policy.serverAdobe LiveCycle Policy Server
adobe.livecycle.reader.extensionsAdobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions
adobe.livecycle.workflowAdobe LiveCycle Workflow
adobe.livecycle.workflow.designerAdobe LiveCycle Workflow Designer
adobe.livecycle.workflow.sdkAdobe LiveCycle Workflow SDK
adobe.livemotion.actionscriptLiveMotion ActionScript
adobe.livemotion.automation.scriptsLiveMotion Automation Scripts
adobe.livemotion.featurerequestsLiveMotion Feature Requests Live Tabs an Adobe PDF File (BETA)
adobe.opentype.developers.fdkOpenType Font Developers' Kit (FDK)
adobe.output.designerAdobe Output Designer
adobe.output.serverAdobe Output Server
adobe.pagemaker.faqPageMaker Frequently Asked Questions - CLICK HERE
adobe.pagemaker.macintoshPageMaker Macintosh
adobe.pagemaker.windowsPageMaker Windows
adobe.pdf.workflowPDF Workflow
adobe.photoshop.album.startereditionPhotoshop Album Starter Edition
adobe.photoshop.album.windowsPhotoshop Album Album 1.x FAQ Camera Raw
adobe.photoshop.elements.featurerequestsPhotoshop Elements 5 Feature Requests
adobe.photoshop.elements.organizer***ELEMENTS ORGANIZER*** (Read Only), Tools, How-To and Techniques for Digital Imaging (All versions)
adobe.photoshop.faq.macintosh++ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ++
adobe.photoshop.featurerequestFeature Requests
adobe.photoshop.lePhotoshop LE
adobe.photoshop.lightroomAdobe Photoshop Lightroom
adobe.photoshop.lightroom.featurerequestsLightroom Feature Requests
adobe.photoshop.macintoshPhotoshop Macintosh
adobe.photoshop.scriptingPhotoshop Scripting
adobe.photoshop.sdkAdobe Photoshop Developers (SDK) Requests
adobe.photoshop.windowsPhotoshop Windows ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) - Check here first, your question may have been answered already!++
adobe.photoshopelementsPhotoshop Elements Technical Issues
adobe.postscript.programmingPostScript Programming
adobe.premiere.editing.loungeVideo Editing Lounge
adobe.premiere.elementsPremiere Elements
adobe.premiere.elements.tipsPremiere Elements Tips & Tricks
adobe.premiere.macintoshAdobe Premiere Macintosh
adobe.premiere.macintosh.tcworks.sparkleTC Works SparkLE
adobe.premiere.media9export.winCategory - Windows Media Export
adobe.premiere.mpegencoder.winCategory - Adobe MPEG Encoder -- Audio Concepts and Applications -- Cameras and Capturing -- General Topics -- Making Movies -- Final Products: DVD's, VCD's, Tapes and Web Video -- MPEG Encoding -- PPro: How to Use It, Issues and Bugs, Plugins, New Features -- Rendering and Compression Pro 1.x forum Premiere Pro Pro 2.0 forum
adobe.premiere.pro2.dynamiclinkCATEGORY -- Dynamic Link
adobe.premiere.pro2.exportdvdCATEGORY -- Export to DVD
adobe.premiere.pro2.hardwareCATEGORY -- Hardware
adobe.premiere.pro2.hdvCATEGORY -- HDV
adobe.premiere.pro2.multicamCATEGORY -- Multi-camera editing
adobe.premiere.realmediaexportCategory - Real Media Export (Cross Platform)
adobe.premiere.version65.winPremiere 6.5 and earlier for Windows - Video Editing Techniques (All platforms)
adobe.premiere.windowsAdobe Premiere Windows - TC Works Native Essentials
adobe.print.designPrint Design
adobe.productionstudio.winAdobe Production Studio
adobe.proxy.magazineProxy Magazine
adobe.psprinter.macintoshPostScript Printer Driver - Macintosh (OS 9 and earlier)
adobe.psprinter.windowsPostScript Printer Driver - Windows
adobe.readerAdobe Reader
adobe.reader.palmos.macAdobeReader for Palm OS Mac
adobe.reader.palmos.winAdobe Reader for Palm OS Windows
adobe.scriptingScripting Adobe Applications
adobe.scripting.crossapplicationgeneral scripting and cross-application
adobe.scripting.indesignInDesign Scripting
adobe.stock.photosAdobe Stock Photos
adobe.svgScalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
adobe.web.print.workflowPrint-to-Web / Web-to-Print Workflow
adobe.workflowAdobe Workflow
adobe.workflow.designerAdobe Workflow Designer
alabama.announceAnnouncements of interest to everyone in Alabama. (Moderated)
alabama.birmingham.forsaleThings for sale in Birmingham, AL only.
alabama.birmingham.generalGeneral discussion about Birmingham, AL, USA.
alabama.birmingham.jobsEmployment specifically in Birmingham, AL. (Moderated), AL amateur radio.
alabama.birmingham.sportsBirmingham, Alabama sports.
alabama.birmingham.studentsBirmingham, Alabama student affairs.
alabama.configUsenet news configuration in the alabama hierarchy.
alabama.decatur.generalGeneral discussion about Decatur, Alabama, USA.
alabama.educationEducation in the state of Alabama.
alabama.generalGeneral discussion in the state of Alabama.
alabama.jobsThe Alabama job market. (Moderated) discussion about Mobile, Alabama (Moderated)
alabama.politicsPolitics in the state of Alabama.
alabama.shoals.generalDiscussion about the Shoals area in NW Alabama, USA.
alabama.sports.alabamaUniversity of Alabama sports.
alabama.sports.auburnAuburn University sports.
alabama.sports.miscMiscellaneous Alabama sports.
alabama.testNews system testing in the alabama hierarchy.
alabama.tuscaloosa.generalGeneral discussion about Tuscaloosa, AL, USA.
alt.1dOne-dimensional imaging, & the thinking behind it.
alt.2600The magazine or the game system. You decide.
alt.2600.hackersno description available
alt.2600.hackerzJust what is so cool about not be able to spell?
alt.2eggs.sausage.beans.tomatoes.2toast.largetea.cheersloveno description available
alt.3dUse alt.3d.misc instead.
alt.3d.studioFor 3D Studio users.
alt.abortionno description available
alt.abortion.inequityPaternal obligations of failing to abort unwanted child.
alt.abraham-lincolnDiscussion of Lincoln's life and times
alt.abuse.offender.recoveryHelping abuse-offenders to recover & heal.
alt.abuse.recoveryHelping victims of abuse to recover.
alt.abuse.transcendenceNon-standard ways to deal with all forms of abuse.
alt.accountingno description available
alt.acme.exploding.newsgroupBeep beep.
alt.acorn.demosAcorn demos, demo coding and game coding.
alt.actingI'm just not myself today.
alt.activeserverpagesActiveServerPages technology, components, databases, coding help
alt.activismActivities for activists.
alt.activism.childrenOpen discussion of political issues about children.
alt.activism.dA place to discuss issues in alt.activism.
alt.activism.death-penaltyFor people opposed to capital punishment.
alt.activism.noise-pollutionFighting noise - defending quiet.
alt.activism.noise.pollutionno description available
alt.activism.studentDiscussion and announcements of student activism
alt.adjectiveno description available
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verbThe prototypical alt group.
alt.adoptionFor those involved with or contemplating adoption.
alt.adoption.issuesDebate over controversies and attacks on adoption!
alt.adoption.searchingMatching adoptees and birth parents.
alt.adsl.bordeauxDiscussion sur l'ADSL sur Bordeaux et la CUB. description available
alt.adsl.lilleDiscussion de l'ADSL sur la ville de Lille
alt.adsl.montpellierno description available
alt.adsl.toulouseno description available
alt.aeffle.und.pferdleGerman TV cartoon characters das Aeffle und das Pferdle.
alt.affinityThis group is for Affinity discussion
alt.agnosticismSupport for those not quite atheists or theists.
alt.airbrush.artno description available
alt.airportsno description available and views relating to Edinburgh Airport. aspects of traffic + travel at and through EGPF, travel info, flights, and related topics
alt.alcoholDon't drink and drive on the, I can't say it.
alt.alcohol.home-distillationMoonshine stills, ethanol and corn whiskey.
alt.aldus.pagemakerDon't use expensive user support, come here instead.
alt.algebra.helpCheating on Homework 101.
alt.alien.researchExtraterrestial body snatching for fun and profit.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonkSomething about simoN.
alt.alien.visitorsSpace Aliens on Earth! Abduction! Gov't Coverup!
alt.aliens.they-are-hereFor discussion of aliens here on earth.
alt.alt.alt.alt.altno description available
alt.alumni.warwickGraduates of University of Warwick, UK.
alt.amateur-compDiscussion and input for Amateur Computerist Newsletter. women you have to look up to.
alt.americaCreated by a British cluebag; probably now has USA talk.
alt.amiga.demosUse alt.sys.amiga.demos instead.
alt.anagramsPlaying with words.
alt.anarchismAnarchists of the world, unite!
alt.anarchism.communistAnarcho-communist news and debate.
alt.anarchism.syndicalistAnarcho-syndicalist news and debate.
alt.anarchy.rulesno description available
alt.angstAnxiety in the modern world.
alt.angst.upcFrightening behavior of United Pan-European Communications.
alt.animals.catDiscussion of the cat
alt.animals.dogDiscussion of the dog clubs, politics, ethical issues
alt.animals.dolphinsFlipper, Darwin, and all their friends.
alt.animals.ethics.vegetarianEthical treatment of animals, vegetarianism as a lifestyle.
alt.animals.felinesCats of all types.
alt.animals.felines.diseasesFeline infectious diseases.
alt.animals.felines.lionsRoyalty of the Beasts.
alt.animals.felines.snowleopardsSnow leopards & those who love them.
alt.animals.foxesFor those wild and crazy guys.
alt.animals.furtrappingtrapping furbearing animals
alt.animals.giraffesThis group is for the discussion of all things giraffe.
alt.animals.horsesno description available
alt.animals.horses.breedingDiscuss breeding & foaling.
alt.animals.horses.icelandicIcelandic horses.
alt.animals.llamaAnd other South American Camelids.
alt.animals.mulesBreeding, care, use and lore of the mule.
alt.animals.ottersFor fans of Ring of Bright Water.
alt.animals.pandasDiscussion of the endangered giant pandas.
alt.animals.raccoonsDiscussion of raccoons and raccoon-related topics.
alt.animals.rights.promotionAnimal Rights and Liberation Discussion
alt.animals.tigerDiscussion of the scorpion
alt.animals.whalesEverything from harbour porpoises to blue whales.
alt.animation.spumcoThe Danes call it Quality.
alt.animation.warner-brosDiscussions about Warner Brothers cartoons.
alt.anime.cardcaptor-sakuraCardcaptor Sakura and its English dub.
alt.anime.escaflowneDiscussion of The Vision of Escaflowne.
alt.anime.gundamJapanese animation, games, novels and manga.
alt.anime.shoujoJapanese animation targeted to young girls, and its origins.
alt.anime.tenchi-muyothe animated series Tenchi Muyo
alt.anonymous.messagesAn anonymous message pool newgroup, whatever that is.
alt.answersAs if anyone on alt has the answers. (Moderated)
alt.anti-ebayno description available
alt.anti.ebayno description available
alt.aolno description available, freeze, slam AOL angainst the door. group for advanced AOL users.
alt.apache.configurationApache web server configuration issues.
alt.appalachianAppalachian region awareness, events, and culture.
alt.appalachian.literatureLiterature related to the US Appalachian region
alt.aquariaThe aquarium & related as a hobby.
alt.aquaria.oscarsCare and feeding of this South American Cichlid. discussion group for all aspects of keeping tropical fish as a hobby.
alt.arabic.flyingArab pilots or expatiates flying with Arabian carriers.
alt.arabic.politicsno description available
alt.archaeologyUse sci.archaeology instead.
alt.archeryRobin Hood had the right idea.
alt.archery.traditionalFor fans of traditional archery.
alt.archimedes.bugsno description available
alt.architectureBuilding design/construction and related topics.
alt.architecture.alternativeNon-traditional building designs. design and decorating.
alt.armourersArmourers and info for them.
alt.aromatherapyThe effects of scents. about temporary body painting. dicussion of illustration methods and ideas. and art supplies wanted and forsale.
alt.artcomArtistic Community, arts & communication.
alt.artsno description available
alt.arts.anthroDiscussion of anthropomorphic art.
alt.arts.balletAll aspects of ballet & modern dance as performing art.
alt.arts.ballet-dance.ukTheatrical performances of ballet and dance in the UK.
alt.arts.bujinkanMartial Arts - Bujinkan Budo Taijitsu (Ninjutsu).
alt.arts.limericksThe exploration of the limerick form.
alt.arts.origamiOrigami discussion (no binaries).
alt.arts.poetryno description available
alt.arts.poetry.commentsA place to post and comment on poetry.
alt.arts.storytellingDiscussion of storytelling in all its forms.
alt.ascii-artPictures composed of ASCII characters.
alt.ascii-art.animationMovies composed of ASCII characters.
alt.asian-moviesMovies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.
alt.ask.phredScholarly discussion and analysis of trivial topics
alt.assassination.jfkJFK Assassination Discussion. (Moderated)
alt.astrologyTwinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.astrology.asianThe stars as they appear over the Orient.
alt.astrology.marketplaceAstrology business; for-sale, want-to-buy ads.
alt.astrology.metapsychDiscussion of astrology
alt.astrology.moderatedStudy and practice of astrology. (Moderated)
alt.astrology.moderated.metapsychno description available (Moderated)
alt.astrology.tropicalStudy & debate of tropical astrology. (Moderated)
alt.astronomyno description available
alt.astronomy.solarFor discussion on solar astronomy.
alt.atheismGodless heathens.
alt.atheism.holysmokeno description available
alt.atheism.moderatedFocused Godless heathens. (Moderated)
alt.atheism.satireFunny Godless heathens.
alt.athiesmIlliterate Godless heathens.
alt.atlantano description available
alt.atvAll-terrain-vehicle racing/riding/buying/technical discussion. and auction advertising. dts audio format. equipment discussion group. description available about this re-recordable digital audio medium. sound reinforcement equipment and methodology.
alt.aus.parentsParenting Community with Australian content
alt.authors.mcluhanMarshall's words, works, and writings.
alt.authors.raymond-carverContemporary American writer.
alt.authorwareAbout Authorware, produced by Authorware. So subtle. Mercedes-Benz cars.
alt.autosUse* or* groups instead. 40 years of 4x4 Chevy/GMC trucks. description available Romeo cars. instead. automobiles. vehicles. great American luxury car description available couple of American sports cars. Chevelle history restoration maintenance. description available Sebring automobile discussion. Citroen makes and models. light trucks of note. about Americas premiere sportscar cars. description available description available General's Warning: Dodge Trucks or Die. of DSM autos: Eclipse, Talon, Laser.'s marque. owners and enthusiasts of FIAT automobiles. to the 1984-1988 Pontiac Fieros. Ford vehicles. description available discussion of Ford Festivas/Aspires. description available adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of binaries description available General Motors vehicles. and other GM H-Specials. Olds Cutlass and 442 enthusiasts. to the Bone! GN, TR and Turbo TA. group for Honda/Acura vehicles. Type R vehicles. Motor Company and its line of vehicles. group for all Isuzu Passenger Vehicles vehicles. cars, grace, space, pace. go-karts. Motors Company and its line of vehicles. description available cars and trucks. macho truck enthusiasts. Big block or bust. 1967 to 1973 Mercury Cougar. subgroup of for all micro cars the discussion of English Mini automobiles. automobiles. things relating to the new BMW mini. automobiles. Nissan Maxima Automobile. Z-cars, modify, restore, etc. products & memorabilia. description available of Pontiac Automobiles. description available automobiles. description available description available about porsche 928s. instead. for Rolls-Royce&Bentley affecionados. description available automobiles. relating to the NHRA or drag racing in general., history, upkeep and mods of Studebaker and Avanti vehicles vehicles. related to Toyota cars and trucks. Camry automobile discussion. of Toyota's hybrid car, the Prius. Trucks. and supercharged autos. automobiles.
alt.aviation.funno description available
alt.aviation.safetyAviation safety enhancement.
alt.babylon5.ukUse instead.
alt.bacchusDisciples of the god of wine. the right...aaaah!
alt.backup-softwareA newsgroup for IT profesionals to discuss the benifits of backup and the tools used to do this.
alt.bad.clamsFestering food or financial forgeries.
alt.baldspotHe's not only the founder, he's a customer; our guy Sy.
alt.baldurs-gateno description available
alt.banjoSomeone's in the kitchen with Dinah.
alt.banjo.clawhammerTechnique and tricks from the masters of banjo.
alt.banjo.minstrelDiscusses minstrel banjo.
alt.bankruptcyIssues, alternative, choices, financial recovery.
alt.basement.graveyardDedicated to graveyard shift workers in basements everywhere.
alt.battlestar-galacticano description available
alt.bbsComputer BBS systems & software.
alt.bbs.adsAds for various computer BBS's.
alt.bbs.allsysopSysOp concerns of ALL networks and technologies.
alt.bbs.amiga.cnetCNet Amiga Pro BBS Support/Discussion.
alt.bbs.first-classThe First Class Mac GUI BBS.
alt.bbs.internetBBSs that are hooked up to the Internet.
alt.bbs.listsPostings of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.lists.dDiscussion and requests of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.majorbbsThe MajorBBS by Galacticomm, Inc.
alt.bbs.pcboardTechnical support for the PCBoard BBS.
alt.bbs.renegadeThe James Dean of BBSes.
alt.bbs.searchlightSearchlight BBS system discussions.
alt.bbs.synchronetSynchronet BBS software discussion & support.
alt.bbs.tribbsDidn't Kirk have some trouble with tribbs?
alt.bbs.unixbbsUnixBBS, from Nervous XTC.
alt.bbs.unixbbs.uniboardDiscussions about the Uniboard BBS.
alt.bbs.uupcbPCB? I used to do that in the Sixties, man.
alt.bbs.watergateThe WaterGate mail processor.
alt.bbs.wildcatWILDCAT! BBS from Mustang Software, Inc.
alt.bbs.wwivThe WWIV bulletin board system.
alt.beenzFor discussion of where to obtain and the best places
alt.beerGood for what ales ya. description available
alt.beogradCity and people of Beograd. was a time of sorrow, it was a time of joy.
alt.bibleGeneral discussion about the Holy Bible. discuss inspiration, inerrancy etc. (Moderated) of the Bible and its prophecies.
alt.bigfoot.researchSerious discussion by Bigfoot researchers.
alt.binarino description available
alt.binaries.3d.bryceFor posting of binary files for the Bryce 3d programs
alt.binaries.3d.carraraGroup for Eovia Carrara users.
alt.binaries.3d.vueGroup for e-onsoftware Vue users.
alt.binaries.ampPosting of collectable scan series currently done in
alt.binaries.amy-riednewsgroup dedicated to Amy Ried
alt.binaries.animePosts of binary anime multimedia
alt.binaries.area2000.soft.germanDiscussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.asianusenetAsian fan material
alt.binaries.assbiteGot ass? want it bitten? post here?
alt.binaries.backupTo Post encrypted Backups
alt.binaries.backup.spaceTo Post encrypted Backups, and use Usenet as Backup space
alt.binaries.bad-attitudeGot attitude? then post here.
alt.binaries.bloafDiscussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.british.documentariesFor the posting of British
alt.binaries.british.dramaUK television dramas
alt.binaries.cbtsPosts relating to Computer Based Training aides. posts from parent group of postings to the main group. for comments refering to the image of cd and of Sega Dreamcast games. images for the nintendo images of games. the posting of software CD image DVD binaries images for the xbox games console. to post the latest pirated pc software
alt.binaries.centrifugeYet another male erotica newsgroup
alt.binaries.chelloPictures and Multimedia posting
alt.binaries.christianis for the sharing of binaries which, files of classic TV shows.
alt.binaries.clip-artDistribution of DOS, Mac and Unix clipart.
alt.binaries.comics.britishFor digital archiving of British comics
alt.binaries.comics.dcpgroup description Digital comics preservation.
alt.binaries.comp-graphicsA newsgroup for computer-generated graphics
alt.binaries.conspiracyConspiracy Documentaries and Alternative
alt.binaries.coolkidwebAs requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.documentaries.frenchA group for documentaries
alt.binaries.documentaries.french.dA group for documentaries
alt.binaries.dragonballBinary files related to the anime Dragonball.
alt.binaries.drwhoFor the posting of binary files related to Doctor Who.
alt.binaries.dvdGroup for dvd related binaries.
alt.binaries.dvd.animeRelated anime dvds repost
alt.binaries.dvd.anime.repostRelated anime dvds repost
alt.binaries.dvd.asianAsian movies in DVD format.
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica.classicsClassic adult DVD binaries
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica.maleMale erotic DVD content ? discussions.
alt.binaries.dvd.germanDiscussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.dvd.imageDVD movies
alt.binaries.dvd.midnightmoviesHorror, Cult and Sci-Fi DVDs.
alt.binaries.dvd.musicA place to post dvd music like live
alt.binaries.dvd2svcdGroup for dvd2svcd related binaries.
alt.binaries.dvdrDVD images that fit on a recordable DVDR disc
alt.binaries.dvdrcorefor dvdcore binaries
alt.binaries.dvdrsMovies in DVD format.
alt.binaries.e-book.dtext discussion of binaries for e-books
alt.binaries.e-book.fantasyFor posting e-books with a genre of
alt.binaries.e-book.floodFor posting whole directories of E-books at once
alt.binaries.e-book.germanAs requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.e-book.msreaderExchange of Microsoft (MS) Reader (.lit) files.
alt.binaries.e-book.palme-books for palm
alt.binaries.e-book.rpgfor posting roleplaying related material
alt.binaries.e-book.technicalFor posting technical non-fiction e-books.
alt.binaries.e-books.germanAs requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.echange-webBinary exchange for the French community Echange-Web
alt.binaries.efnet.freethoughtsNewsgroup for?freethoughts on efnet.
alt.binaries.eroticaUse alt.binaries.{sounds,pictures}.erotica groups.
alt.binaries.erotica.beanie-babiesMore wank fodder.
alt.binaries.erotica.collections.rarsComplete cd collections
alt.binaries.erotica.divxPosting of Erotica in DivX Format.
alt.binaries.erotica.facesittingFor fans of erotic facesitting
alt.binaries.erotica.female.plumpersPictures of BBW (Big Beautiful Women).
alt.binaries.erotica.fetishPeople getting off on objectification.
alt.binaries.erotica.fetish.wet-and-messyLike a storm drain.
alt.binaries.erotica.fettishUse alt.binaries.erotica.fetish instead.
alt.binaries.erotica.nospam.big-nipplesBinary and non binary.
alt.binaries.erotica.nospam.creampieBinary and non binary.
alt.binaries.erotica.pornstarPornstar erotica
alt.binaries.erotica.pornstars.80sAn unmoderated forum allowing users to post pictures and videos of their favorite 80s stars.
alt.binaries.erotica.pornstars.90sA binary group for the
alt.binaries.erotica.senior-citizens?'s always morning somewhere.
alt.binaries.erotica.sybianBinaries and information concerning the
alt.binaries.etcbinaries that don't fit in other ng.
alt.binaries.fetish.scatPictures of poop. of fitness & swimsuit models.
alt.binaries.fontsChat and request for fonts
alt.binaries.fonts.floodsrelieve the congestion that
alt.binaries.foodBinary food posts pictures with captions in french.
alt.binaries.ftnAnother fine mullinsfroup
alt.binaries.ftn.nzbA place to post .nzb files about posts on serious scan collectors
alt.binaries.gamesTerrabytes of copyright violations. games for IBM-PC computers the posting of adventure games. relating to anime. Game cheats, trainers, manuals, updates, etc. relevent to the Sony Reposting from related to game The Sims relevent to the Nintendo Wii system WORMS! (Team 17) SFX and GFX binaries. cdr binaries Gaming Console
alt.binaries.gdead.dDiscussion regarding Grateful Dead binaries
alt.binaries.german.altPosting e-books in German language
alt.binaries.german.moviesDiscussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.great.ass.paulinaButt prints.
alt.binaries.guitar.tabA place to post tablatures for guitar
alt.binaries.harry-potterA series of books and films by JK Rowling
alt.binaries.hdtv.repostReposts of releases posted in the main HDTVgroup
alt.binaries.howard-sternImages & sounds of the "King of all Media".
alt.binaries.howard-stern.repostReposts of Howard Stern related binaries
alt.binaries.ijsklontjeFor posting erotic binaries.
alt.binaries.images.afos-fansgroup for fans of afos
alt.binaries.images.afos.fansErotic pics of Nude women.
alt.binaries.images.outdoor.eroticaA group for outdoor erotica.
alt.binaries.images.suntanA retro-moderated group for fun in the
alt.binaries.ipod.videosDiscussion and posting of videos for the ipod
alt.binaries.ipod.videos.musicDiscussion and posting of music videos
alt.binaries.ipod.videos.tvshowsDiscussion and posting of tvshow
alt.binaries.japan.aidoruJapanese idol videos
alt.binaries.japan.idolsJapanese models, singers, actresses
alt.binaries.japan.iroppoiErotic Asian idols
alt.binaries.jphFor posting of Playboy-related materials only.
alt.binaries.karagargarare arthouse, cult and alternative films.
alt.binaries.katies-worldBinaries of Katie from Katies World.
alt.binaries.lingerieUse instead.
alt.binaries.mac.audioMacintosh users group.
alt.binaries.mac.gamesGames for the Macintosh.
alt.binaries.mac.osx.appsApps written with Carbon?Cocoa API
alt.binaries.miscRandom large files without a more appropriate group.
alt.binaries.mmafor postings of mixed-martial arts binaries
alt.binaries.modelsPictures of teenage female models.
alt.binaries.models.scalePictures of scale models.
alt.binaries.momAs requested in alt.config Adult Movies
alt.binaries.moviesposting of movies in vivo, mpeg, avi format
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.oldFrench related old divx movies
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.old.dFrench related divx movies
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.vostForeign movies subtitled in
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.vost.dDiscussions about subtitled
alt.binaries.movies.french.xxxFrench related erotic and porno
alt.binaries.movies.kidstuffClean movies for kids to enjoy.
alt.binaries.movies.spanishmovies in spanish
alt.binaries.movies.thelostmoviesMovies, media of female youth.
alt.binaries.movies.x264Movies encoded in x264 or its variants.
alt.binaries.movies.xvidPlace to post XviD movies.
alt.binaries.mp3copyrighted music
alt.binaries.mp3.arabicMusic for Jew-hating Arabs (Mohammed was a pedophile)
alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooksPosting German audiobooks in mp3 format
alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks.highspeedDiscussions about Audiobooks. Videos in MPEG format
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.germanPosting movies in German language
alt.binaries.mst3k.riffs.etc.nopasswordsPosting of MST3K Movies, Riffed Movies, Movie Commentaries, etc, and any such like Binaries, NO Passwords allowed.
alt.binaries.multimediaSound, text and graphics data rolled in one.
alt.binaries.multimedia.2424 the TV series.
alt.binaries.multimedia.3-stoogesSights and sounds of the 3 Stooges Movies of Amazon Women.
alt.binaries.multimedia.animeJapanese animation video files
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.dJapanese Animation binary discussion.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.highspeedAnime series reposts.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.rawsJapanese-language anime videos
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repostReposts of anime-related media.
alt.binaries.multimedia.babylon5SF series Babylon 5 multimedia files.
alt.binaries.multimedia.bdsmBondage and S?M videos.
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoonsCartoons with sound and/or animation.
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons.looneytunesCartoons, duhhh
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons.vintageMultimedia files of vintage cartoons.
alt.binaries.multimedia.charmedWB?s Charmed
alt.binaries.multimedia.chineseFor Chinese-related video
alt.binaries.multimedia.cookingmultimedia cooking tv shows.
alt.binaries.multimedia.deadwoodWestern Drama on HBO.
alt.binaries.multimedia.disneyDisney related binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parksSharing binaries related to Disney
alt.binaries.multimedia.elton-johnChart topping, piano playing
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotic.femaleSoftcore and?or
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotic.playboyMultimedia binaries relating
alt.binaries.multimedia.eroticaMoving pictures of a prurient nature.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.amateurTo be used for posting of amateur
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.animeMedia of erotic anime?hentai.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.asianA multimedia group.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.blackVideos of black erotica.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.gayGay oriented erotic movies
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.homemoviesErotic home movies
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.interracialSexual race mixing
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.janaMovie files of Jana
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.malemultimedia files featuring men
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.oops-videothe place for oops vids
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.repostReposts of files from abme.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.strap-on-sexStrap-on dildo sex.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.ticklingFor tickling fans.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.transsexualsErotic she-males videos
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.voyeurismErotic voyeuristic multimedia.
alt.binaries.multimedia.fitnessVideo Movies of Fitness Women.
alt.binaries.multimedia.gayForum for ?gay? media. Not porno.
alt.binaries.multimedia.horrorHorror-related binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.horror.asianAsian horror binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.japaneseJapan TV, movies, music vids.
alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese.repostReposted Japanese shows
alt.binaries.multimedia.koreanKorean TV, Videos
alt.binaries.multimedia.mst3kMystery Science Theater 3000 episodes
alt.binaries.multimedia.princeMiscellaneous TAFKA-Prince binaries.
alt.binaries.multimedia.queer-as-folkMultimedia from Queer As Folk
alt.binaries.multimedia.reality-tvSharing of reality tv binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.scifiSpecific forum for sci-fi multimedia clips.
alt.binaries.multimedia.scifi-and-fantasySci-Fi and Fantasy multimedia material
alt.binaries.multimedia.scifi.repostReposted multimedia files of scifi movies, TV shows, etc.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sitcomsSituation comedy television series.
alt.binaries.multimedia.slackAs requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.multimedia.smallvilleMultimedia files of the Smallville soap in German
alt.binaries.multimedia.sports.boxingBoxing fights from all eras.
alt.binaries.multimedia.thaiThai Multimedia
alt.binaries.multimedia.utilitiesMultimedia Stuff.
alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-filmClassic film prior to 1960.
alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-tvClassic TV Pre-1981.
alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-hercImages, sounds, etc. for the shows.
alt.binaries.multimediia.erotica.amateur? videos and performance footage in DivX format mp3 files files relating to Bruce Springsteen.
alt.binaries.nerodigitalmultimedia files converted with nero
alt.binaries.newfoundlandlabradorFiles for Newfoundland and Labrador people.
alt.binaries.newmiyamoto? of news-servers.
alt.binaries.nfonewsgerman movies music applications
alt.binaries.nirpaia? FTD group for applications. FTD group for DVD?s. FTD group for games. FTD group for movies. FTD group for music.
alt.binaries.nordic.dvdrDVD movies with scandinavian
alt.binaries.nospam.amateur.femalePhotos and movies of
alt.binaries.nospam.analfem.repostReposts of alt.binaries.nospam.analfem.
alt.binaries.nospam.breasts.naturalPosting of binaries and discussion
alt.binaries.nospam.facialsNospam group for pictures of facials.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.bodyhairFor lovers of natural females.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.bodyhair.pubesFor lovers of female with
alt.binaries.nospam.female.forearm-hairFor fetishists of hirsuit women.
alt.binaries.nospam.multimedia.eroticaRetromoderated multimedia newsgroup
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.amateuramateur chubby women
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.lightFor light plumpers only
alt.binaries.nospam.toonsCartoons erotica
alt.binaries.nude.celebritiesWillard Scott nekkid & other natural wonders.
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.femaleNude pictures of famous women
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.maleNude pictures of famous men.
alt.binaries.nzbNZB files for various binary groups
alt.binaries.old.gamesBinary postings of old games.
alt.binaries.operaworldBinaries from the world of opera
alt.binaries.opie-and-anthonyFan binaries for the show Opie and
alt.binaries.ozdebateAn adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of binaries
alt.binaries.pearl-jamAudio, video, pictures, and text regarding
alt.binaries.pgpFor PGP-encrypted binaries. photographs of models.
alt.binaries.picturesUse instead. of all types of animals. from Japanese animation. black pictures. of aviation related pictures mistaking that there's a derrier back there. situations shown. pictures by Bluebird bondage. pictures of famous people. of children. photographs of the beasts. chickens go nuts for this group. relating to dragracing. of centerfold models. the posting of ALL MANOR of erotic pictures. the posting of binary ads related to subjects/photographers. subjects/photographers. subjects/photographers. subjects/photographers. with black cuckoos. lust. erotica - "Ecchi"/"Hentai"/"H". anime?hentai erotica. realistic art. binaries Asian erotica. pictures of oriental men. are less pleasing. hairy men. pictures of burly (Moderated) of sex with animals. pictures of substance. rhythmically pumping V-twins. images of black people. Black Amateurs of fat black chicks ebony women. male feet violations featuring blondes. and S&M-related erotic images. male bondage, discipline, s&m of mammalian protruberances. than a handful is too much. binaries group devoted to British glamour girls pictures of brunettes. binary images. butts come into view. testing violations featuring toons. erotic erotica to the lovely Charmaine Sinclair a B..R..E..A..K.'mon, you know you want it. erotic copyright violations. don't want to imagine. fetishists. relating to erotic enemas. group for esada pics. on parade! on faces. violations featuring females.'s poop chutes. bodybuilders pictures of crying using sex toys. of Female Domination, exotic, erotic images. on Barbie. of adult babies. visual foot action. images. pictures of hair. wearing Latex. wearing leather. wearing tongue fetish and other large objects. pictures of women of fractional or full French ancestry or close enough. furry images. Pictures of Women in G-Strings pictures of gay men. gay pictures newsgroup begin all subjects with [ABPEG] entangled bodies. of and about GWWAAARRRRR! of women's high-heels. Horny Rob collections. images of Indians. depictions of sexual intercourse colours. Int Amateurs newsgroup for the remarkable Krystal women. newsgroup for leg lovers. of women who love women. of Linsye Dawn Mckenzie violations featuring males.'s poop chutes. muscle (Moderated) to hold on to. in underwear Carnival moments. need to get on your knees. Indian sex pictures. nose as an object of lust. of horny nuns. of oral sex. violations featuring Asians., underwear, knickers. of women in pantyhose. and discussion violations of porn stars. for posting binary images of the pornstar Cameo women in sexual situations.'s a puffy? of forced sex. images of redheads. adult movie pictures related to safetyvests european adult art of David J. Gardner. SX/GL scans. forum for amateurs series smoking images pictures and images. like areola?nipples. in the nude. are Siamese if you please. sexiness of stockings. dressed as women. males. and women looking _almost_ official. dimensions in water photography. of violence that are erotic. for the viewers. that a camera behind that peephole? t-shirt contests. and semi-nude photos of married instead. and science fiction pictures art. related pictures. plants and gardens. a trois and orgies. guest binaries of women who love women. if Victoria's Secret isn't frequent enough. we saturated the network yet? of female models. binaries name says it all! of views of flesh. of normally clothed famous folk. and altered fan pics. featuring nudists. group that are PH, nylon, hosiery. of Mary-Kate and Ashley the Posting of Images Of Orchids. hosiery with a built in panty. publishing photos of themselves. for ferroequinologist photos. binaries of redheads. description.* instead. more copyright violations. Ship pictures for those who like to look at them., that last one was *sick*. based on ?genre? of vehicles. all of for posting wallpaper pictures wallpapers., ammunition, knives, swords. of ALL type of woodworking.
alt.binaries.pitcures.erotica? grupa z ebook?ami materialy dla Polakow.
alt.binaries.playgirlPictures and related media from Playgirl Magazine .
alt.binaries.podcastPodcasting and Internet radio.
alt.binaries.pr0nleech? posts of wrestling binary files
alt.binaries.punksounds and picts of underground punk/HC subculture based Password posts in rar format.
alt.binaries.rock-n-rollSights and sounds related to rock-n-roll.
alt.binaries.scanmasterPictures from the Scanmaster collection.
alt.binaries.schematics.electronicBinary postings of electronic schematics
alt.binaries.screen-saversFor the exchange and discussion of screen savers.
alt.binaries.seductionSelf Improvement in the Pursuit of Companionship.
alt.binaries.series.amateur.femalesPictures of nude mature women
alt.binaries.sheet-musicScores for musicians.
alt.binaries.slackSounds and pictures of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.
alt.binaries.smallville? place share files related to the PSP. the discussion of PSP Movies
alt.binaries.sound.mp3Discussions about MP3s. time radio shows and sound clips
alt.binaries.sounds.1950s.mp3mp3 files for music from the 1950s.
alt.binaries.sounds.1960s.mp3mp3 files for music from the 1960s
alt.binaries.sounds.1970s.mp3mp3 files for music from the 1970s.
alt.binaries.sounds.1980s.mp3mp3 files for music from the 1980s.
alt.binaries.sounds.78rpm-erasounds from the age of shellac records
alt.binaries.sounds.audiobooks.repostDiscussions about Audiobooks.
alt.binaries.sounds.classicalA binary group for classical
alt.binaries.sounds.dts.discreetdiscreet 5.1 channel music binaries
alt.binaries.sounds.eroticaUhh Uhh Uhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooh.
alt.binaries.sounds.jpopMultimedia relating to Japanese Pop Music
alt.binaries.sounds.losslessLossless audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.beatlesLossless Beatles
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.classicalLossless classical audio
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.jazzLossless jazz audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.latinFor latin music lossless audio
alt.binaries.sounds.midiMIDI binaries.
alt.binaries.sounds.miscDigitized audio adventures.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3Binary posting of mp3 sound files.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1950smp3 files for music created in the 1950s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1960smp3 files of music created in the 1960s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1970smp3 files of music created in the 1970s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1980smp3 files of music created in the 1980s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1990smp3 files of music created in the 1990s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.audiobooksDiscussions about Audiobooks.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.avant-gardeBinaries of the avant-garde music genre
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.beatles? traditional and contemporary black gospel music mp3's.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bluesFor mp3 files of blues music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.celticceltic music in the mp3 format.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.chineseChinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, MP3's
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.dDiscussion of mp3 sound files.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.danceMP3 files of dance music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.discodisco music mp3 files
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.electronicIDM or non-dance electroacoustic music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.extreme-metalextreme avant-garde of
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.folksinger songwriter music urban and traditional.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.frenchListening french songs and music
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.french.dFrench MP3 discussion group.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.chartsPosting music from German charts in mp3 format
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.hoerbuecherGerman audiobooks in MP3.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.hoerspielePosting German radio plays in mp3 format
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.radioBinary postings of radio broadcastings in german language.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.holland.piraatPlace to exchange music as played by
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.jazz.vocalsMoaning sex sounds (Moderated)
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.mNovelty recordings
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.musicalsMusicals and more Musicals? and related alternate
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.popFor mp3 files of pop music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.progSound files of progressive rock genre
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.reggaeFor posting reggae mp3 files.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.soul-rhythm-and-bluesSoul R?B MP3 binaires
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.sound-effectsFor sound-effect mp3's,(trains, guns, thunder, animals, etc).
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.soundtracksMP3s of movie, TV or stage productions
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-wordposting of spoken word mp3s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.technoIs for posting Techno Music. of videogame related mp3s. folk ? fusion world wide
alt.binaries.sounds.musicMusic samples in MOD/669 format. music recordings. audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.oggthe ogg vorbis binary group Radio Shows Radio Mystery Theater. to Coast AM file trading. radio audio clips and sounds time radio shows and sound clips
alt.binaries.sounds.realaudioA forum for shareing realaudio files
alt.binaries.sounds.utilitiesSound utilities.
alt.binaries.southparkBinaries related to the show Southpark.
alt.binaries.spankingErotic & non-erotic spanking pictures, text &
alt.binaries.startrekVarious binaries related to Star Trek.
alt.binaries.starwarsImages and sounds from the Star Wars movies.
alt.binaries.stories.sexSex(ual) stories in or with binary parts
alt.binaries.svcd.french.dFrench discussion group about related SVCD
alt.binaries.testFor the testing of binary posting.
alt.binaries.ticPosters from The Inside Circle Forum And Friends.
alt.binaries.triaxer.encryptedPosters from The Inside Circle Forum And
alt.binaries.tvTelevision shows of all sorts. or not TV, only the former applies. from the TV show. the posting of Canadian TV programmes. about German Movies. the posting of Irish TV programmes. of binaries relate to "The Simpsons"
alt.binaries.tvseriesGroup for posting any new tv releases in either xvid or divx format.
alt.binaries.ufgDiscussions about german movies. Friendly chat and file
alt.binaries.usenet2daybinaries nzb?s from
alt.binaries.uzenetDiscussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.vcdVideo CD compliant files.
alt.binaries.vcd.dDiscussion for the alt.binaries.vcd hierarchy.
alt.binaries.vcd.westernsBinary files of movie ? TV westerns.
alt.binaries.vcdzvcd newsgroup the trading of shaggable
alt.binaries.webstarsPictures of teenage female models.
alt.binaries.whitburnGroup for lesbian Michael Jackson haters (Moderated)
alt.binaries.wifeypics and films of the protein-loving spouse.
alt.binaries.xx binaries
alt.binaries.x-filesScenes from FOX's X Files show.
alt.binaries.xyloDiscussions about german movies.
alt.birthrightBirthright Party propaganda.
alt.bitch.porkFlames in a particular vein.
alt.bitopartybitoparty. It's a bit o' class
alt.bitternessNo matter what it's for, you know how it'll turn out.
alt.bittorrentno description available
alt.blahno description available
alt.blueyonderno description available
alt.blueyonder.usersno description available
alt.bmxDiscussion of all aspects of the subculture of riding bmx bikes.
alt.bonsaiLittle trees and battle screams.
alt.booksUse rec.arts.books.* or alt.books.* instead.
alt.books.anne-riceThe Vampire Thermostat.
alt.books.arthur-clarkeThe writings of SF writer Arthur C Clarke.
alt.books.beatgenerationBeat authors, Burroughs, Kerouac, etc.
alt.books.bukowskiDiscussion on the works and life of Charles Bukowski.
alt.books.cait-r-kiernanDevoted to writer Caitlin R. Kiernan.
alt.books.clive-barkerDiscussion of the writings of Clive Barker.
alt.books.crichtonMichael Crichton's writings: Jurassic Park, etc.
alt.books.cs-lewisNarnia and other C.S. Lewis tales.
alt.books.david-gemmellThe books and other works of David Gemmell.
alt.books.david-weberDiscussion of books by David Weber.
alt.books.dean-koontzDiscussion of the writings of Dean R. Koontz.
alt.books.deryniKatherine Kurtz's books, especially the Deryni series. by George Orwell.
alt.books.ghost-fictionGhost and Supernatural Fiction.
alt.books.gorThe Gor fantasy books of John Norman.
alt.books.h-g-wellsThe life and works of H G Wells.
alt.books.iain-banksDiscussing the author Iain Bank.
alt.books.inklingsDiscussion of Barfield, Auden, Williams, et a.
alt.books.isaac-asimovFans of the late SF/science author Isaac Asimov.
alt.books.jack-londonJack London, 1876-1916, auth. "Call of the Wild".
alt.books.jean-auelPrehistoric fiction author Jean M. Auel.
alt.books.kurt-vonnegutDiscussion of Kurt Vonnegut's works.
alt.books.larry-nivenDiscussion of the works of SF writer Larry Niven.
alt.books.m-lackeyAuthor Mercedes Lackey and her books.
alt.books.marion-zimmer-bradleyThe author of Darkover and Avalon.
alt.books.moorcockDiscussions about the writings of Michael Moorcock.
alt.books.mysteriesMystery and suspense on usenet.
alt.books.peter-straubdiscussions of Peter Straub's books
alt.books.phil-k-dickDiscussion about the works of Phillip K. Dick.
alt.books.poppy-z-briteFor discussion of horror author Poppy Z.
alt.books.pratchettDiscussions of Terry Pratchett's books and characters.
alt.books.purefictionDiscussion of bestselling novels and how to write them.
alt.books.raymond-feistFantasy author Raymond Feist and the Midkemia series."If you want to know how it turns out, read it!".
alt.books.robert-rankinFor the discussion of the books of Robert Rankin.
alt.books.roger-zelaznydiscussion of the works of the late author
alt.books.sf.melanie-rawnThe author of the Dragon-xxx series.
alt.books.stephen-kingThe works of horror writer Stephen King.
alt.books.technicalDiscussion of technical books.
alt.books.terry-brooksDiscussion of Terry Brooks Works.
alt.books.terry-goodkindThe works of Terry Goodkind.
alt.books.tom-clancyThe group for discusson of Mr. Techno-Thriller.
alt.books.tom-holtThe works of author Tom Holt.
alt.books.wilbur-smithFor fans of the author Wilbur Smith.
alt.boomerangThe angular throwing club, not the Eddie Murphy flick.
alt.boredWhat people do when they are bored.
alt.bowtieNewsgroups are self-governing communities of folks
alt.brain.teasersno description available
alt.bread.recipesPosting of different bread recipes
alt.bristolno description available born-again minister touring US campuses.
alt.buddha.short.fat.guyReligion. And not religion. Both. Neither.
alt.budsIRC Chat channel #buds
alt.buffy.europeeuropean related buffy group
alt.building.constructionBuilding industry construction.
alt.businessUse instead. description available displaying PC home business plans and services. aspects of international trade. trade in computers. about the insurance industry. aspects of commerce. (network) marketing businesses. multi-level marketing scheme. description available
alt.butt-keg.marmaladeno description available
alt.buttered.sconesno description available
alt.buzzard.rulesThis group discusses buzzard rules
alt.c64Use comp.sys.cbm instead.
alt.cable-tvno description available regulation of cable television.
alt.cable.wanadoo.bordeauxcable wanadoo discutions Bordeaux
alt.cadComputer Aided Design.
alt.cad.autocadCAD as practiced by customers of Autodesk.
alt.cad.intellicadDiscussion of Visio IntelliCAD CAD program.
alt.cad.revitRevit parametric building modelling software. description available
alt.calculator.casioCasio fx Calculators
alt.californiaThe state and the state of mind.
alt.california.illegalsno description available
alt.callahansCallahan's bar for puns and fellowship.
alt.captain.sarcasticFor the captain's minions. model VW GTIs. group for lotus car fans.
alt.cascadeArt or litter, you decide.
alt.casema.commentaarGroep ter vervanging van casema.commentaar.
alt.castlenetInternational discussion forum for CastleNet members.
alt.cavingSpelunk. of optical storage media. of various published things available on CD-ROM.
alt.cdr.panasonicFor serious discussions on CD-recording related to users and creators of Compro/Panasonic-writers
alt.cdromno description available
alt.celebritiesFamous people and their sycophants.
alt.cell-phone.techno description available
alt.cellularCellular telephone technology.
alt.cellular-phone-techBrilliant telephony mind blows netnews naming.
alt.cellular.allteldiscussion of Alltel cellular.
alt.cellular.attwsno description available
alt.cellular.bluetoothBluetooth wireless technology.
alt.cellular.cdmaAbout CDMA cellular and PCS wirless phones.
alt.cellular.cingularDiscussion of Cingular Wireless service.
alt.cellular.clearnetClearnet Digital PCS
alt.cellular.dataCellular Data Equipment and Services.
alt.cellular.ericssonEricsson Mobile phones.
alt.cellular.fidoFido Digital PCS
alt.cellular.gsmAbout GSM mobile phones.
alt.cellular.gsm.carriers.voicestreamVoicestream GSM Service.
alt.cellular.motorolaDiscussion of Motorola cellular phones.
alt.cellular.nextelCellular phone service provider.
alt.cellular.nokiaNokia mobile phone specific discussions. for Nokia Phones. Logos for Nokia for Nokia Cellular Phones.
alt.cellular.rogersattno description available
alt.cellular.siemensFor discussion of Siemens cellular phone products
alt.cellular.sprintpcsFor the discussion of the Sprint PCS Service.
alt.cellular.t-mobileDiscussion about T-Mobile and related topics
alt.cellular.techno description available
alt.cellular.umts3rd generation wireless communication.
alt.cellular.verizonCellular phone and wireless web service provider.
alt.censorshipDiscussion about restricting speech/press.
alt.certification.a-plusGet your a-plus. Get a raise.
alt.certification.ciscoDiscussion about Cisco certification.
alt.certification.cneGet your CNE. Get a big fat raise.
alt.certification.mcseGet your MCSE. Get a big fat raise.'s Network+ certification.
alt.cesiumCollege Educated Students in Universal Mainland.
alt.chaosFor discussion of chaos concepts & theory. streaming XML technology mainly used for instant messaging.
alt.checkmateno description available
alt.chess.bdgThe Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
alt.chess.icsThe Internet Chess Server
alt.child-supportRaising children in a split family.
alt.childcareNon-parental child care. See also*.
alt.childfree.bridgebuildingBridge building between childfree and childed
alt.chinchillaThe nature of chinchilla farming in America today.
alt.chineseno description available
alt.chinese.computingDiscussion group for Chinese computing.
alt.chinese.fengshuiThe aesthete of location, Chinese-style.
alt.chinese.storyTelling stories in the Chinese language.
alt.chinese.textPostings in Chinese; Chinese language software.
alt.chinese.text.big5Posting in Chinese[BIG 5].
alt.chinese.text.hzPosting in Chinese[HZ].
alt.christian.businessmenno description available
alt.christnet.atheismLarry Pearson, Tim Pierce, and God
alt.christnet.bibleBible discussion and research
alt.christnet.calvinistDedicated to reformed theology and the Bible.
alt.christnet.christianlifeHow to live what Christians believe.
alt.christnet.evangelicalThe Good News of the Christian Gospel
alt.christnet.philosophyPhilosophical implications of Christianity
alt.christnet.prayerPrayer in the lives of Christians.
alt.christnet.publicPublic exchange of religious ideas about faith
alt.christnet.theologyThe distinctives of God of Christian Theology
alt.circumcisionDiscussions about whether or not circumcision should be practiced
alt.circus.artsGroup for sharing and discussing circus arts.
alt.cities.torontono description available
alt.clearing.technologyTraumatic Incident Reduction and Clearing. special secrets under wraps.
alt.clubs.compscino description available
alt.clubs.just-for-funFor technical and not so technical chat
alt.cluelessI have no idea how to describe this group. Whole Earth Review and associated lifestyles. about co-operatives.
alt.cobolRelationship between programming and stone axes.
alt.coffeeAnother group worshipping caffeine. Family channel chit chat
alt.collectingno description available
alt.collecting.8-track-tapesFans of the endless loop cartridge.
alt.collecting.autographsWOW! You got Pete Rose's? What about Kibo's?
alt.collecting.beanie-babiesThere's gold in them thar squishy critters!
alt.collecting.beanie-babies.forsaleBeanie babies forsale, wanted.
alt.collecting.beanie-babies.ukForum for Beanie Babie collectors.
alt.collecting.juke-boxesJuke-box restorer/collector.
alt.collecting.magazinesFor magazine collectors and sellers.
alt.collecting.pens-pencilsPen & pencil collecting.
alt.collecting.pokemonCollecting Pokemon toys.
alt.collecting.postcardDiscussion and Marketplace for postcards
alt.collecting.recordsFor all record collecting activities.
alt.collecting.sports-figuresDiscussion of sports-related figures.
alt.collecting.stampno description available
alt.collecting.stampsno description available
alt.collecting.stamps.softwareno description available
alt.collecting.stamps.usno description available
alt.collecting.stamps.worldwideno description available
alt.collecting.topper-dawnTopper Dawn Dolls and accessories. of the College Bowl competition. halls, cafeterias, mystery meat, and more. and university fraternities. and university sororities. beneath the campuses.
alt.colorado.grand-junctionDiscussion of the city and surrounding area.
alt.colorado.grand-junction.macusersno description available
alt.colorguardMarching bands etc.
alt.comedy.bill-hicksDiscussion of American comedian Bill Hicks' work
alt.comedy.britishDiscussion of British comedy in a variety of media.
alt.comedy.british.blackadderThe Black Adder programme.
alt.comedy.british.leagueofgentlemenThe show, actors and characters.
alt.comedy.firesgn-thtreFiresign Theatre in all its flaming glory.
alt.comedy.improvisationGroup improvisational comedies.
alt.comedy.laurel-hardyThe Laurel and Hardy comedy team.
alt.comedy.marx-brosWhy a duck?
alt.comedy.slapstick.3-stoogesHey, Mo!
alt.comedy.standupDiscussion of stand-up comedy and comedians.
alt.comics.2000adDiscussing British comic 2000AD and related issues.
alt.comics.alan-mooreQuis custodiet ipsos custodes.
alt.comics.alternativeYou could try a book without pictures, for example.
alt.comics.batmanMarketing mania.
alt.comics.buffalo-roamComic strips (Where The Buffalo Roam) by Hans Bjordahl.
alt.comics.dilbertScott Adams's intrepid engineer.
alt.comics.elfquestW & R Pini's ElfQuest series.
alt.comics.gunnmDiscussion of Yukito Kishiro's cyberpunk epic Gunnm
alt.comics.jack-kirbyJack Kirby, the King of Comics
alt.comics.lnhInteractive net.madness in the superhero genre.
alt.comics.peanutsFor the discussion of the Peanuts comic strip.
alt.comics.sluggy-freelanceDiscussion of comic Sluggy Freelance.
alt.comics.spider-manDiscussion of Spider-Man.
alt.comics.supermanNo one knows it is also alt.clark.kent.
alt.comics.user-friendlyFor Geeks and UFies to talk about...stuff. and other local money systems.
alt.comp.acad-freedom.newsAcademic freedom issues related to computers. (Moderated)
alt.comp.acad-freedom.talkAcademic freedom issues related to computers.
alt.comp.adwareno description available
alt.comp.anti-virusPrevention and detection of computer virus infections.
alt.comp.antivirus.sophossophos a/v discussion
alt.comp.baanDiscussion relating to Baan Applications Software.
alt.comp.biosHow to set up BIOS properly.
alt.comp.blind-usersComputer technology for the visually impaired.
alt.comp.borland-delphino description available description available
alt.comp.compressionUse comp.compression instead.
alt.comp.databasesno description available
alt.comp.databases.omnisno description available
alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipperUse comp.lang.clipper instead.
alt.comp.editors.batchDiscussion for batch editing/text processing tools
alt.comp.freewareFree software that was intended to be free.
alt.comp.freeware.discussionCreated by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.comp.freeware.gamesFreeware games.
alt.comp.fspA file transport protocol.
alt.comp.goldmineno description available
alt.comp.hardwareno description available
alt.comp.hardware.amd.thunderbirdAMD's new processor.
alt.comp.hardware.amd.x86-64X86_64 and related hardware discussions.
alt.comp.hardware.aptivaFor users of them IBM Aptiva computer.
alt.comp.hardware.buzThe Iomega Buz desktop video device.
alt.comp.hardware.homebuiltDesigning devious devices in the den.
alt.comp.hardware.microprocessors.amdno description available
alt.comp.hardware.overclockingComputer hardware overclocking.
alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amdIssues regarding overclocking AMD CPUs.
alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuiltBuilding your PC from motherboards and cards.
alt.comp.hardware.stampantino description available
alt.comp.illegal-operations.poetryDiscussions of IPF/GPF messages and the Blue Screen of Death
alt.comp.issues.spamSpam discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.jdedwardsno description available
alt.comp.jgaaJgaa's Internet
alt.comp.lang.applescriptAppleScript and Mac scripting in general.
alt.comp.lang.borland-delphiUse comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc instead.
alt.comp.lang.coldfusionDiscussion of the ColdFusion Markup Language. of web based java games.
alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++Study group for begginers to learn c.
alt.comp.lang.phpno description available
alt.comp.lang.visualbasic.ver3Online related resources and third party tools.
alt.comp.linuxno description available
alt.comp.linux.ispno description available
alt.comp.mail.eximThe Exim Mailer.
alt.comp.mail.postfixThe Postfix Mailer.
alt.comp.mail.qmailDiscussion of the Qmail MTA software.
alt.comp.mainboards.abitno description available
alt.comp.networking.routersRouter discussion, multi-lingual.
alt.comp.opensourceFor open source software programmers & users. Xp.
alt.comp.periphsno description available
alt.comp.periphs.cdrCD Recorder - Devices and Information.
alt.comp.periphs.cdr.macCD-ROM publishing and authoring on Macintosh.
alt.comp.periphs.dcamerasAbout digital cameras.
alt.comp.periphs.dcameras.canonDiscussions concerning Canon Digital Cameras
alt.comp.periphs.gigabyteno description available
alt.comp.periphs.keyboardabout keyboards
alt.comp.periphs.mainboardno description available
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.abitDiscussion of Abit motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.aopenAOpen motherboard products.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asusASUS motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.chaintechChaintech mainboard discussion.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.elitegroupElitegroup motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.epoxEPoX brand motherboards and other products.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.ficFIC mainboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.giga-byteDiscussion of Giga Byte boards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.gigabyteno description available
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.iwillDiscussion of Iwill mainboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.m-techDiscussion of M-Technology motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.msi-microstarPentium & AMD motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.octekOctek motherboards forum group.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.qdiFor discussing QDI products.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.shuttleComputer boards mainly shuttle.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.soyoOne of the world's mainboard makers.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.supermicroSupermicro motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tacosTaCoS motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tyanTyan motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboards.asusno description available
alt.comp.periphs.multifunctionsabout multifunctional machines.
alt.comp.periphs.scannercomputer scanners and imaging devices
alt.comp.periphs.scannersno description available
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.avmDiscussion of AVM Technology's products
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.pulsarDiscussion of the pulsar soundcard.
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.sbliveCreative Labs' soundcard SB-live.
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.sw1000xgno description available
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.atiVideocards by ATI Technologies.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.elsano description available
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.matroxMatrox Videocards.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidiaVideocards employing nvidia chipsets.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia.programmingno description available
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.s3-viaSupport for S3 and VIA videochips.
alt.comp.periphs.webcamWebcam Hardware and Software Platforms.
alt.comp.perlcgi.freelanceThose with skills and those that need them.
alt.comp.programmingprogramming tips, discussions, help
alt.comp.project-managementproject management of software projects.
alt.comp.shareware"Try Before You Buy" software marketing.
alt.comp.shareware.authorsPeople who write "Try Before You Buy".
alt.comp.shareware.for-kids"Try Before You Buy" for children.
alt.comp.shareware.nettamerThe Net-Tamer offline reader.
alt.comp.shareware.programmerPeople who write "Try Before You Buy". description available talk on peachtree software.'s QuickBooks software. of Intuit's Quicken. and user support for NewsBin newsreader., usage, and experiences.
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.hpHewlett Packard palmtop machines.
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilotDiscussion of USR/Palm PILOT series.
alt.comp.virusAn unmoderated forum for discussing viruses.
alt.comp.virus.source.codeThe source code to various virii.
alt.comp.wingateDiscussion of Wingate.
alt.computerno description available business of consulting about computers. for computer consultants. for/by consultants. No recruiters! about computer consulting. (Moderated) hate to drive it, it gets such lousy mileage. description available Web Of Trust & x.509 / PGP description available TV.
alt.configAlternative subnet discussions and connectivity.
alt.consciousnessUse sci.psychology.consciousness instead.
alt.consciousness.4th-wayThe Fourth Way, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky.
alt.consciousness.mysticismThe quest for ultimate reality.
alt.consciousness.near-death-expDiscussion of near-death experiences.
alt.conspiracyBe paranoid -- they're out to get you.
alt.conspiracy.america-at-warNY, DC attacks - causes, responses, context
alt.conspiracy.antichristWill Spencer does not assume responsibility.
alt.conspiracy.area51The US Government has a secret they're not telling you.
alt.conspiracy.jfkThe Kennedy assassination.
alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderatedJFK assassination conspiracy discussion. (Moderated) biggest conspiracy ever!
alt.conspiracy.princess-dianaDeath of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed. description available
alt.consumers.experiencesUse misc.consumers instead. offers and how to take advantage of them. description available
alt.consumers.pest-controlPest control in and around buildings.
alt.consumers.sweepstakesYou may have already won! Discounts and Bargains and discussion for UK freebie hunters.
alt.control-theoryFeedback & similar cybernosis. instead.
alt.coptic.australiano description available
alt.corelCorel community and chat group for users, investors, and others
alt.corel.graphicsThe PClone package Corel Draw & related products.
alt.cosuardSysops against rate discrimination.
alt.cotseInformation and discussion about
alt.countrystuffGroup discusses things to do with countrystuff pahns/, not /kew pahns/. Try it.
alt.crafts.blacksmithingPractice and process of blacksmithing.
alt.crafts.professionalProfessional craftsmen.
alt.crafts.scrapbooksCreating scrapbooks and archiving photos.
alt.creative.writingno description available
alt.crimeCrime in general, not just the crimes in alt.*.
alt.crusade.anti-pornographyThe crusade against pornography
alt.cuddleWhat cows do with their food; should be alt.cows.cuddle.
alt.cult-moviesMovies with a cult following.
alt.cult-movies.alienThe Alien series of films.
alt.cult-movies.cronenbergThe movies of David Cronenberg etc
alt.cult-movies.evil-deadsThe Evil Dead movie series.
alt.cult-movies.rocky-horrorVirgin! Virgin! Virgin! Virgin!
alt.culture.african.american.businessFor discussions of african american businesses and job/work related issues.
alt.culture.alaskaIs this where the ice weasels come from?
alt.culture.anthropomorphicsAnimals that talk, both funny and serious. description available
alt.culture.argentinaUse soc.culture.argentina instead.
alt.culture.armenianArmenian Culture
alt.culture.austrianUse soc.culture.austria instead.
alt.culture.azerbaijanAzerbaijanian Culture
alt.culture.beachesSurf's up!
alt.culture.bullfightTo understand and appreciate the bullfight.
alt.culture.cajunCajun culture, history, genealogy, events.
alt.culture.chechnyaChechens Culture, History, Politics etc. (Chechnya)
alt.culture.chinano description available (Moderated)
alt.culture.fyromCulture of the Former Yugoslav Rep. Of Macedonia
alt.culture.hawaiiUa Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono.
alt.culture.hawaii.ircalt.culture.hawaii.irc Discussions on the IRC channels #hawai`i and #hawaii
alt.culture.hongkongno description available (Moderated)
alt.culture.indonesiaUse soc.culture.indonesia instead.
alt.culture.internetThe culture(s) of the Internet.
alt.culture.inuitInuit (Eskimo) culture, language, tradition.
alt.culture.karnatakaCulture and language of the Indian state of Karnataka.
alt.culture.keralaUse soc.culture.indian.kerala instead.
alt.culture.knightsDiscussing Knights & related subjects
alt.culture.macedoniaMatters relevant to ethnic Macedonians
alt.culture.macedonia-is-greekno description available
alt.culture.maldivesThe People and Culture of Maldives.
alt.culture.maltaMalta and the Maltese. (Moderated)
alt.culture.military-bratsWe learned to walk in Army bootees.
alt.culture.moroccoA newsgroup for participants to share their
alt.culture.neoismNeoism, post-Neoist phenomena and related topics.
alt.culture.ny-upstateNew York State, above Westchester.
alt.culture.ny.upstateUse alt.culture.ny-upstate instead.
alt.culture.oregonDiscussion about the state of Oregon.
alt.culture.outerspaceouter space and it's influence on society
alt.culture.saudiThe life and times of the people of Saudi Arabia.
alt.culture.taiwanDiscussions about Taiwan. (Moderated)
alt.culture.theoryno description available
alt.culture.tibetno description available (Moderated)
alt.culture.turkishTurkish and Turkic Culture
alt.culture.turkish.azerbaijanno description available
alt.culture.turkish.internetInternet and Telecommunications in Turkey
alt.culture.turkish.travelTravelling and tourism in Turkey
alt.culture.tuvaTopics related to the Republic of Tuva, South Siberia.
alt.culture.ukc.miscDiscussion from current and ex-ukc.miscers least pick a _good_ decade to be stuck in the past. Me Decade. culture (US and world). Indians in the US and Canada. in the sun of the US's lower left.
alt.culture.usenetA self-referential oxymoron.
alt.culture.vampiresFor discussions of vampires/vampirism as a real
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewaterThe Clinton Whitewater Scandle.
alt.current-events.haitiNews about Haiti.
alt.current-events.kobe-quakeno description available
alt.current-events.korean-crisisNorth Korea's nuclear armament., it wasn't the *big one*, but...
alt.current-events.russiaCurrent happenings in Russia
alt.current-events.usaCurrent happenings in USA description available debating the U.S. governments foreknowledge of sept 11 events
alt.cyb-sysCybernetics and Systems.
alt.cybercafesCyber/Computer/Internet Cafes or Coffeeshops.
alt.cyberpunkHigh-tech low-life.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsuboLiterary virtual reality in a cyberpunk hangout.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo.dMeta-discussion about Chatsubo stories.
alt.cyberpunk.movementA little laxative might help.
alt.cyberpunk.techCyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.
alt.cyberspaceCyberspace and how it should work.
alt.cyberspace.rebelsTough individualists on the net.
alt.cybertoonCyberpunk epic.
alt.dads-rightsRights of fathers.
alt.dads-rights.unmoderatedUnhindered discussion of the rights of fathers. newsgroup for people in the North West. description available
alt.dawn.rulesGroup for discussions about dawn
alt.dbs.canadaFor Canadian users of the satellite providers.
alt.dbs.directva digital satellite TV service
alt.dbs.echostarno description available
alt.dbs.echostar.hackHacking Dish Network, Expressvu Satellite TV ...
alt.dcom.catvDiscussion of Cable TV technology.
alt.dcom.slip-emulatorsPseudo-SLIP/PPP with shell accounts. TIA, SLAP, etc.
alt.dcom.telecomUnmoderated discussion of telecommunications technology.
alt.dd.foreverno description available, Pflege, Beobachtung von Teichen aller Art. description available description available
alt.dear.whitehouseWhen Hints from Heloise aren't enough.
alt.decathenano description available (Moderated) of graphics design. design.
alt.destroy.microsoftDo it, and do it NOW!
alt.destroy.the.earthPlease leave the light on when you leave. ultimate in moderated newsgroups.
alt.devilbunniesProbably better left undescribed.
alt.dice-manno description available
alt.digitiserTeletext games magazine.
alt.digitiser.snakesDigitiser's snake reveals, man; We cuss them bad
alt.disability.blind.socialno description available
alt.disability.issuesvarious disability issue discussion
alt.disasters.aviationPlane Lands Safely at Airfield, Film at 11.
alt.discordiaAll hail Eris, etc.
alt.discordia.sccDiscussion of topics relevant to the Sno(w) Chao Cabal
alt.discriminationQuotas, affirmative action, bigotry, persecution.
alt.discuss.htmlno description available
alt.disney.collectingUse rec.arts.disney.merchandise instead.
alt.disney.disneylandUse rec.arts.disney.parks instead.
alt.disney.disneyworldDiscussion of Walt Disney World.
alt.divinationDivination techniques (e.g., I Ching, Tarot, runes). discussion of defence matters.
alt.dolfy.foreverin navolging van de groep van dd
alt.domain-names.disputesInternet domain name disputes.
alt.domain-names.forsaleInternet domain names for sale.
alt.domain-names.registriesInternet domain name registries.
alt.domain-names.wantedInternet domain names wanted.
alt.dragons-innBreathing fire tends to make one very thirsty.
alt.dragons-inn.miscdiscussions & rants about events in ad-i
alt.drdoomno description available
alt.dreamsWhat do they mean?
alt.dreams.castanedaThe dreaming techniques of Carlos Castaneda.
alt.dreams.lucidWhat do they _really_ mean?
alt.dreams.sexualsexual dreams of Irish Whiskey.
alt.drinks.scotch-whiskyDiscussion of scotch whisky.
alt.drugsUse rec.drugs.misc instead.
alt.drugs.caffeineAll about the world's most-used stimulant drug.
alt.drugs.cannabis.nlDedicated to Dutch cannabis products.
alt.drugs.chemistryDiscussion of drug chemistry and synthesis.
alt.drugs.dmtno description available
alt.drugs.drug-testingUrinalysis, hair testing, etc. for drug use.
alt.drugs.dxmWorld discussion of the drug DXM (dextromethorphan).
alt.drugs.ecstasyEcstasy, a/k/a MDMA, E, and XTC, used recreationally.
alt.drugs.ghbgamma-hydroxybutyrate use, recreational or therapeutic.
alt.drugs.hardHeroin, cocaine, and friends.
alt.drugs.ketamineA newsgroup for discussion of ketamine.
alt.drugs.methA newsgroup for discussion of methamphetamine.
alt.drugs.methadoneMaintenance and therapeutic usage.
alt.drugs.mushroomsPsychoactive Mushrooms.
alt.drugs.potUse rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.pot.cultivationUse rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.pot.cultivation.hydroponicsno description available
alt.drugs.psychedelicsUse rec.drugs.psychedelic instead.
alt.drugs.salviaA newsgroup for discussion of salvia.
alt.drugs.usenetRepeatedly pushing the button for a fix.
alt.drugs.valiumA newsgroup for discussion of valium.
alt.drumcorpsUse rec.arts.marching.drumcorps instead.
alt.drunken.bastardsPeeing in the potted plants.
alt.drwho.creativeWriting about long scarves and time machines.
alt.dssDiscussion of the new Digital Satellite Systems.
alt.dss.hackDiscussing modifications of Digital Satellite Systems.
alt.dss.techFor Discussions of the technical aspect of DSS technologies.
alt.dumpsterOscar has always wanted a roomier place.
alt.dur.dusagg-oldgitsnewsgroup for ex-members of dusagg
alt.dur.generalA finger of fudge to the first person to... (Moderated)
alt.dur.sf+fno description available
alt.dur.testTo test and toast :)
alt.e-smith.documentation.frDiscutions e-smith traductions francophone.
alt.e-smith.frconfiguration utilisation de la distibution e-smith
alt.earth_summitno description available
alt.ecommerceno description available
alt.economics.austrian-schoolno description available
alt.economics.miroslav-verbicAbout this economist and economics in general.
alt.educationUse the groups instead. doesn't have to suck! Bangkok distance education project. distance-education project. distance-education project. distance-education project. distance-education project. distance-education project. distance-education project. for people with physical/mental disabilities. from teachers who are far away. home-schoolers. (Moderated) International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Theory of Knowledge.
alt.electronics.maplin-electronicsno description available
alt.elvis.kingFat and dead, too. Pretty useless king.
alt.elvis.sightingGuess who I saw at K-mart?
alt.emergency-services.moderatedEmergency services. (Moderated)
alt.emulators.amigafor the discussion and help with amiga emulators.
alt.emulators.classic-arcadeClassic arcade emulators and related discussion.
alt.emulators.ibmpc.apple2Making your paperweight behave like another.
alt.emulators.uaeThe Amiga emulator UAE.
alt.emusicEthnic, exotic, electronic, elaborate, etc, music. hobbyist, professional, and science. Power/Home-Made Power for Off-Grid Living. description available description available ourselves without depleting everything. electrical engineering. description available Engineering forum
alt.english.usageno description available
alt.engr.nuclearDiscussion of issues relating to nuclear engineering.
alt.esperanto.beginnerno description available
alt.etextTexts made available for electronic redistribution.
alt.evilTales from the dark side.
alt.exotic-musicExotic music discussions.
alt.extropiansno description available
alt.ezinesElectronically published mini-magazines.
alt.fairs.renaissanceDiscussions of Renaissance faires and festivals. description available by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. forum for supporters of sexual abstinence of actors, male and female. fan club for the coolest new guitarist fans of Pugsley Addams. of the late German leader. those who prefer their hitler with crumpets. fans of the left wing propaganda network description. tales of weird happenings the name is all so true and it had to be said of the Allman Brothers' music. Man Slayer!'s the Boss? Now who's naked on your screen? is ana these days? late transcendent comedian, thank you very much. actress and pop singer. ng for a lot's og arale's fans. of Arctic Diving Ducks fans of old AT&T logos. non-cool, lamer alternative to Art Bell for Ashley Lauren Fans Little Dictator who wants to rule the world!'m fond of buffered analgesics. Robert Lynn Asprin too. master of the spooky story. discuss things that the BSB are doing and keep fans up to date with BSB news.! group for fans of Barry Manilow. a Silvio Berlusconi. on the 50s pin up queen Bubblegum Crisis series and related material. the discussion of Usenet legend Big Funchy man of the century! of the original micro-softie. newsgroup for Billy Idol fans. movie Blade Runner. discussion of the British TV show Blakes-7. of a blondestranger & Elwood ride again! fans of blujuju, someone who makes Al Gore look lively. Bonzo Dog ?Doo Dah? Band? Neil Innes, Viv Stanshall etc young actor the women seem to be crazy about."Oooh, he just sounds soooo cool! *Giggle*!" and female actors from Great Britain. baby baby, now my sweater?s tight yeah. for fans wanting to have and fellatio. of the actress and her work. the Evil Dead to Brisco County, Jr. matter where you go of the man and his music regarding Calista Flockhart of actress Cameron Diaz CONVERSATION (WE ARE NOT SHOUTING) musician guy I've never heard of. and views from and for fans of Casper Porntoast and his organisation?s work. brother Douglas Adams never talks about. Toronto-area radio station. relating to Usenet poster Chad Bryant by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. of big-breasted super-star Chloe Vevrier Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat. discussion of usenet god Chris Buckley. fans of the comedian Chris Morris. related discussion of Chris Stokoe about singer Christina Aguilera to adult film star Christy Canyon. about Claire's acting career of Top Films in any era. of felatio. Night with a big red pompadour. incarnate... of actress Courteney Cox Notorious Courtney Love. of published SF & F worlds. of actor Crispin Glover. and views from and for fans of Croats. fans of the online magazine and files from cDc Communications. Cypher is king of RATMM... of photographer David Hamilton all her devoted fans. discussion of a past US Vice President. of media personality Dannii Minogue fan club for humorist Dave Barry. man who fell to earth. about David Cassidy by fans. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. obsession with Dean Stark. Dennis Miller. pop music group. discussion of why Derek Wyatt rocks, and Lintard and Judge Charles Kocoras suck donkey scrotum work of this actor. hats do not a band make. 11? Crap personified. the discussion of Digi, a teletext games magazine (UK) for fans of dirty whores like Kathy-Jo Kramer. Afternoon characters & shows. Gargoyles animated series. about the best country trio "Dixie Chicks". Man of Bronze. european adult movie actress. of radio host Imus. radio guys. "Amazon Women On The Moon" fame. martin's nipples and their followers of "The Meaning of Liff", & other fine works. significance of the number 42 Pepper -- Love him or hate him. and Dragonball Z discussion ignore if group exists on your site. just love automobiles at Pennsic. called "". and TV star Drew Carey.'s drinking buddies. playground of Earl Gordon Curley Eddie Izzard, etc. works of writer David Eddings. fiction based on David and Leigh Eddings' works. and the people who ride them. of Supermodels. dedicated to the actress Eliza Dushku. music and antics of Elton John. of the singer Elvis Costello. late, great Elvis the Pelvis. requested in alt.config personality Erissa fans of firked to discuss firked, ?fans? van foetsie. of fon Music and the Man. that a Sears poncho?, dates and discussions about The Fratelli Brothers discussion base for Fred Perry's work of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book. and other anthropomorphic MU*s. does pay, or we wouldn't have so much of it. of GaRRyNewman group for one of the best actors of the 90's. better place for Gary's fan mail TV preacher and horsebreeder. of George Kennedy and his life forum for George Michael fans and everything Ginger! of the Monsters! przyjaciol Goni i Platformy Pieknych i Mlodych Neddy, it's that dastardly Moriarty again. Lexicons and the pursuit of Scientology. all your Grand Viziering needs of Doug Tracht, the DJ. on George R. R. Martin?s books Official Guusje Fanclub (#DigiStad) group for the pop rock duo Hall and Oates. about Hammer Films and stars. brothers information and discussion the discussion of the works of Harlan Ellison. Blade Runner to Indian Jones to Clancy stories. 'em, Dano. relating to Hazard Hooker's hottest cop. take a ride, ride on heavy metal? discussion of hedgehogs and thier fandom. of SF author Robert Heinlein grok this group. have no damn mouth! newsgroup for He-Man and She-Ra fans. of the Henry Rollins Band. Mother! Hofstadter and Godel, Escher, Bach., my dear Watson. Like he ever said that. poswiecona Megance of the abrasive radio & TV personality. movie, "The Adventures of Fartman." and Kipland, sittin' in a on actress Hudson (Heidi) Leick. discussion of the Inspector Morse books and tv show. Japanese Manga/Anime Smears, Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, etc. of beautiful actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo and jokes pertaining to Jackie the the followers, admirers and fans of Jackie the Tokeman. contributor to alt.astrology and soc.culture.indian. his Majesty's Secret Service (& secret linen too). jan for everyone? of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. discussion of the actor egos at work and at play. Dead Kennedys' lead singer. the popular "Friends" star. POPmusic singer-Jeniffer Lopez about the actress Jennifer the discussion of Jennifer Lopez. newsgroup for actress Jennifer Love Hewitt & sitcom starlet. Pranks 'r' Us. in 4 BC had no mass communication. of Jewel Kilcher's music, poetry and performances to discuss the poetry, prose and music of the discussion of the 'Huge One'. of the late-great guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. white sports coat and a pink crustacean. of Jean-Michael Jarre. actress Jodie Foster. Joe Satriani, or Jay, Furr. newsgroup for fans of actor John Cusack., take him home to the place where he belongs. news group for fans of John Travolta. future people speak. concerning the greatest white blues guitarist. group on Jonathan Horniblow the discussion of actress Julia Roberts. discussion area for fans of Julia Stiles. talk about kakes nice boots the rest of him, ya gotta love the nose. are there so few hot, exhibitionist, S&M women? about Kate Moss, famous waifish model. relating to actress Kate Winslet of Kathy-Jo Kramer. holmes fan group by rex'm not a tart, I'm not I'm not I'm not! who love Keanu Reeves, in all his blandness. the fans of Keegan. forum for discussion of the model's career by fans hero of the hacking generation, an example for us all. the sycophantic hordes. of Kieran Snyder's life and work. works of Kim Stanley Robinson., bratty, wild ? wacky VJ ? stripper by Dancing. must die in the early morning.! Get them innocent pimple-faced's so unusual. fans of Kirsten Dunst Kournikova, Russian Tennis Star radio station KROQ, FM 106.7. Great monster name. of Ksennin and his pink cup. of La Femme Nikita is The Forum ? it be a music concert or a lecture this time? on Lea Salonga. critters with BIG eyes. of legendary young actor Leonardo DiCaprio of the top 10 reasons to get the alt groups. for fans of comedian Lewis Black. of Disney's "The Lion King". of actress Lisa Kudrow, her work and her life. newsgroup for Lisa Marie Presley fans. fans of listener to discuss listener & television show, Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew. of actress Lucy Lawless actress, tv and film star. fans of Maarten te Paske anime tits, eh... And how about that puppy? one would know her, but she prosecutes O.J. Simpson. of the Mark & Brian radio program. discussion of actor Martin Donovan. the general discussion of Meg Ryan and all her work. great Mel Brooks. who like that loud heavy metal and death metal of transcendental black metal epic's from of the master originators from NYC. for his bad hair days. nose, when will it fall off? Moore movies and books. children's TV presenter. fan club for animator Mike Jittlov. Mira Furlan (Delenn in Babylon 5) discussion and pictures of March ng is for Miss Manners etiquette affecionados. poswiecona mkarwanowi. lord obedience. fan club for those wacky Brits. of Netscape's WWW browser Mozilla. vanity froup for some Canadian user. thought people hated jerks who talked in theatres. Music V.J. and editor Bill Welychka Andrew Martinez - the Naked Guy at Berkeley. about the actress Natalie Portman. about the actress Neve Campbell from 'Party of Five''s a thankless job, but worship them here. group about the actress Nicole Kidman and views from and for fans Nikola Tesla, the greatest hacker and inventor of all time. Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons, comics, etc. group concerned with the work of actor Noah Wyle. Chomsky's writings and opinions. you ever played ping pong in Pago Pago?! Juice! Juice! fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. about war against terror. and Baywatch lifeguard. official group of playmate Pamela Lee's fan club. wsce ddxwj wozp tzxft eypefo vydli aezesap for fans of actress Patricia Richardson. Patricia Nieuwendijk discussion. fan pauli kesti finnish boy Pauline Hanson, heroine of Australia magicians Penn Jillette & Teller. McCaffery's SF oeuvre. about and with the "writer of stuff". discussion of Mrs. Petra Verkaik. K. Dick, writer. Caraboo. fans of the s-f author Piers Anthony. pine disputes of Peter J Ross. and Piglet too. by fans of Rebecca Fransway, Porkwoman Darrian Fan Group adult movie actress. of important Power Rangers facts. fans of Terry Pratchett, s-f humor writer. about pubic wigs & book signings. (Moderated) Death of Lusers. Prince and Funky music lovers. fan group for Robert Anton Wilson! for fans of Robert Duncan McNeill Lodge happenings. people who are not crooks die.'s most popular minor leaguer. all things relating to Robotech. and all. group to discuss rosie o donnell. discussion of the actor/comic/writer/engineer. of the Bailey. of others for fun and profit.'s television programme. Moon animation, manga, and merchandise. fans of the famous Page 3 Girl/pop singer. to the UK's favourite little Dane Speed'ing babe from Arlington VA. discussion of the artist Sarah Brightman of the dark one. of the Net.Personality Scarecrow., MacArthur at twice the mass. hawkish elitist Sean Hannity all good when it?s hot and gooey. place for Shigeru Miyamoto fanatics. Zealand soap fetishes have no place here. of Christian Sodomy. fan group for news anchor Soledad O'Brien.'s spinning blue hero. cartoon revived from the 1960s. is cool down traffic. newsgroup that goes to 11. Lucas's Star Wars. for discussion of steffi graf. of Stevie Ray, blues guitarist. of the NA novel series. wild and crazy Vulcan. is very sweet., she doesn't make noises like a squirrel. Really. drama in the figure skating arena. and men that teenagers worship. and women that teenagers worship. for adult discussion relevant to Television X. group for the publication of for testicle fans"The Big Show", a syndicated radio program usenetpersoonlijkheid en internetidool Theo F of ThePsyko. the discussion of Thornton Wilder's Works discussion about tim?s gayness. Men doomed to die. guy. flavours for readers. robot runs amok with alt.* group creations. of the singer Tori Amos. teenage porn star whose trying to get respect. D. MacDonald's hero Travis McGee. unmoderated forum for this 80's superstar. Irish rock band U2. fans of uncle davey?s work anime Revolutionary Girl/Shoujo Kakumei Utena band Velocity Girl. to adult film star Victoria Paris by, red 2., happy hump day. to one of the Beat founders X's gorgeous, elfin, brainy, goddess actress. of the works of humour author P.G. Wodehouse. diminutive neurotic. fans of xanthus are a pain in the ass, man. rock star & manager of pro wrestlers. group for fans of zygotes and hahs digi
alt.fandom.consAnnouncements of conventions (SciFi and others).
alt.fandom.miscGeneral topics of fandom.
alt.fantasyFantasy books, movies, shows, etc.
alt.fantasy.conanPeople dreaming about O'Brien. works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
alt.fashionAll facets of the fashion industry discussed., makeup, etc. for transgendered beings. trends in men's clothing and self-expression.
alt.faxUse comp.dcom.fax instead.
alt.feetno description available
alt.feminismUse soc.feminism instead.
alt.feminism.individualismDiscussions about feminism and individualism.
alt.fiction.originalOriginal net.fiction by Original Authors.
alt.fifty-plus.friendsFor mature penpals and discussion.
alt.fiftyplusGeneral topics of discussion by persons over 50.
alt.fileprofilePro 4GL DBMS discussions
alt.filesystems.afsThe Andrew Filesystem.
alt.firefightersno description available
alt.fishingUse instead. techniques, tips and locations. Musky Hunters.
alt.flameAlternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming.
alt.flashbackAlternative Culture Information.
alt.floors.frno description available
alt.fluteAll the discussions about the musical instrument flute
alt.folklore.collegeCollegiate humor.
alt.folklore.computersStories & anecdotes about computers (some true!).
alt.folklore.herbsDiscussion of all aspects of herbs and their uses.
alt.folklore.infoCurrent urban legends and other folklore. (Moderated)
alt.folklore.militaryMilitary-oriented 'urban legends' and folklore.
alt.folklore.scienceThe folklore of science, not the science of folklore.
alt.folklore.suburbanSerious discussion of urban legends.
alt.folklore.urbanUrban legends, ala Jan Harold Brunvand.
alt.folklore.urban.aghltfcUraban Legends, AGHLTFC style! food recipes and techniques., grilling and related subjects. confections., all day and all night. of diabetic food plans and recipes. food restaurants low fat foods; not necessarily about weight loss. scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. fat diets, food, and cooking. Sagan's favourite burger place. and posting of mexican recipes. description available on preventing foodborne illness. about sugary breakfast cereals! ancient art of preparing raw fish. discussion area for vegans (vegitarains welcome). debate on plant-based diets. about wine, for oeneophiles. of Ford Falcons
alt.forestryForestry related subjects.
alt.forgeryOne place for all forgeries--crossposting encouraged. description available description available description available description available description available configuration XP. to peer description available, securite reseaux discutions. description available description available description available description available description available description available alternatif de l'association des utilisateurs de free. description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available les fans et non-fans de Loft Story description available description available Linux (French). description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available pour les auteurs de sharewares francophone description available description available description available tests description available
alt.fractal-design.painterFractal Design's "Natural Media" painting.
alt.fractals.picturesMore large postings.
alt.franceDiscussion of the newsgroup alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk.
alt.france.humanities.ancient-greekHumanities and greek culture/language
alt.fraternity.sororityDiscussions of fraternity/sorority life and issues. newsgroup for discussing free internet mailservers. about free (open) news servers. Of Open Proxies For Posting Anonymously about free (open) proxy servers
alt.freedom.jbpefor afj user
alt.freedom.jbpelFreedom group for JBPEL.
alt.freedom.jbpel-sFreedom group for JBPEL-S.
alt.freedom.of.information.actAll about the FOIA.
alt.freemasonrySomeone will build my basement for free? Cool.
alt.freewebhostingno description available
alt.freewebhosting.supportno description available
alt.friendsno description available
alt.friends.sternoFriends of IRC denzien sterno.
alt.ftp-serversno description available
alt.ftpsearch.comno description available
alt.fusionno description available
alt.galactic-guideHitch Hiker's Guide to the Known Galaxy Project.
alt.gamblingUse rec.gambling instead.
alt.gamesUse instead. forum for all things 3dfx related. and finding old games. on the game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Mcgees Alice, a game by EA. forum for the MMORPG Anarchy Online. real high point in any gamer's day."Sim"type virtual aquarium game.'s Call MMORPG discussion. can discuss every aspect of Baldur's Gate. WW2 action videogame. combat sim game from Activision.'s Black & White. Game Builders using DCGAMES. game Carmageddon. Manager Series of computer games., discuss or request cheats for any system. Call to Power. Civilization II Discussion. Meiers Empire Building Game description available group for the MMPORPG City of Heroes 3D war strategy computer software game. game Command & Conquer. the game Command and Conquer description available Creatures. computer game Daggerfall. about Dark Age of Camelot. forum for discussion of the game Delta Force. game.'s fantasy adventure role-playing computer game. official Diablo 2 newsgroup. description available the bones. really popular PC game. and Gentlemen, We are in Hell. On Earth! people new to a really popular PC game. about the game of Draughts. Nukem 3D. game Dungeon Keeper. action fantasy RPG computer game & mods. issues of Durham Treasure Trap Society action PC videogame series by EA Games. description available description available description available online role-playing game "Everquest". II MMORPG Discussion post nuclear RPG Fallout. Final Fantasy game. Fantasy video game series hentai. in the Final Fantasy universe. of the game Alpha Centauri. Windows game. description available utilities for Dungeons and Dragons. instead. multiplayer internet space trading game. Galactic Bloodshed conquest game. Ghost Recon. game Grand Theft Auto. group for Gran Turismo forum for discussion of the game Half-Life. Counterstrike mod for Half-Life. group for the editing of Half-Life. for half-life. of Team Fortress Classic. discussion of the game Half Life 2. is a FPS game by Bungie. robot combat sim game from Activision and Dream Pod 9. description available discussion of the game "Icewind Dale"'s just a game, isn't it? Fnord.'s Descent: Freespace. of the jagged alliance games. description available an IPX emulator for the Internet to play games. game "Kingpin - Life of Crime". NEOGEO game "King of Fighters". description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available Atari Lynx. Multi Arcade Machine Emulator and games. of the Macintosh Sci-Fi game Marathon. for Manifest Destiny players. part of the Battlemech Simulator series. part of the Battlemech Simulator series. game Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. fans of the game Metal Gear Soild. description available of the game Transport Tycoon. place to gather Microprose games. place to gather Microprose games. place to gather Microprose. place to gather Microprose. Flight Instrument software for Flight Simulator 98. place to gather Microprose games. fans of the game Midtown Madness. in Mortal Kombat! of Orion 2 from MicroProse. can't get there from here. Softworks' RPG/FPS for PC and XBOX's graphic adventure game, Myst. game Myst 3:Exile.'s game Myth: the Fallen Lords and the service to see the sun each day.'s Need For Speed racing games. game neopets and related discussion. of the paradise version of netrek. Nights, the Bioware RPG popular Game Boy RPG. adult discussions of Pokemon. computer game Omega. FPS Operation Flashpoint. of SEGA's Phantasy Star series of RPG games of Nintendo's Pokemon product. TCG. video cards. development. description available description available multiplayer first person shooter from id software. Six, Rogue Spear and sequels. game "Roller Coaster Tycoon". new RC racing simulation game by acclaim. instead. discussion of the computer game Red Alert 2. Evil video game series.'s graphic adventure game, Riven. description available description available video game Street Fighter 2. multidimensional storytelling. Quake/Unreal killer! for the Sierra game SWAT. discussion for Maxis SimCity titles. for Maxis SimCity 3000 description available description available's real-time strategy game StarCraft. team-based multiplayer 3D shooter MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment and Lucas Arts. life simulator game. better yet just sim a post to us. description available for discussing the game Tiberian Sun. All aspects of the game of Tiddlywinks Playing Middle Earth game. about Eidos' adventuring game Tombraider for TORG mailing list. and info about total annihilation. on editing Total Annihilation. Internet-based game Ultima Online. for Ultima games. 3D shooter "Quake Killer". for games using the Unreal engine. Epic Games online multiplayer FPS. Tournament 2003 in all aspects the game Unreal 2 World of Dark game. of Tim Wisseman's VGA Planets. PBEM game VGA Planets version 4. games from before the mid-1980s. first-person-shooter games for any console. description available about the Nintendo 64 description available Gameboy Advance. Gamecube console. Wii Video Games Console Hot New Gaming Console! and info on the Sega Saturn.'s Playstation. to date Playstation FAQ's. second generation of Sony PlayStation. new handheld gaming system. Xbox, its games and hardware. craft of war: Orcs versus Humans. and board wargames, and related subjects. of WhiteWolf's line of gothic/horror RPGs. the Ascension group. flight simulation game. players of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Team17 arcade/strategy game Worms., throwing, clenching and so on. place where fans of the X-COM series can talk. on all aspects of the X11 game Xpilot. networked game Xtrek. talk about gardening, ponding and common chat.
alt.gathering.rainbowFor discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering.
alt.geekTo fulfill an observed need.
alt.genealogyUse soc.genealogy.* instead.
alt.genealogy.methodsno description available
alt.genius.hatchetmamanew newsgroups are stalking me
alt.gibraltarno description available discussion of the global warming problem description available
alt.gnashing-teethAngry sales people.
alt.gnutellano description available sale/auction & commercial messages
alt.good.morningWould you like coffee with that?
alt.good.newsA place for some news that's good news.
alt.gopherDiscussion of the gopher information service.
alt.gossip.celebritiesGossip about celebrities.
alt.gossip.royaltyRumours plaguing the crown.
alt.gothicThe gothic movement: things mournful and dark.
alt.gothic.announceAnnouncements relating to the Gothic subculture. (Moderated)
alt.gothic.architectureno description available
alt.gothic.convergenceThe annual gothic gathering.
alt.gothic.cultureSubscribing to the gothic subculture.
alt.gothic.fashionDiscussion on pointy boots, hair dye, and makeup tips!
alt.gothic.francophoneThe French-speaking side of Gothness.
alt.gothic.imperiano description available
alt.gothic.musicListening to music of the gothic subculture.
alt.gothic.nightclubsDispersal of local information on deathrock bars.
alt.gothic.nightsDiscussion of the gothic night scene: bands, tours, music releases.
alt.gothic.parentingGothic and Alternative Parenting.
alt.gothic.pretentionsThere are many pretentions of goths... here's a forum.
alt.gothic.suicideThe rash of recent suicides in the gothic scene.
alt.gourmandRecipes & cooking info. (Moderated)
alt.grad-student.tenuredProfessional students.
alt.graffitiThe writing is on the wall. 3D landscape and modeling program. Illustrator graphic software program. description available of pixmap utilities. and support for graphics tablets users.
alt.great-lakesDiscussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.
alt.guitarYou axed for it, you got it.
alt.guitar.ampsDiscussion of guitar amplifiers.
alt.guitar.bassBass guitars.
alt.guitar.beginnerno description available
alt.guitar.rickenbackerMusical and technical aspects of rickenbacker guitars.
alt.guitar.tabDiscussions about guitar tablature music.
alt.gunsUnmoderated Firearms
alt.hack.nlno description available
alt.hackerno description available Computer Freaks Security Newsgroup.
alt.hackersDescriptions of projects currently under development. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.groupsDiscussion of various hacker groups.
alt.hackers.maliciousThe really bad guys -- don't take candy from them.
alt.hackingRedundant with many other groups.
alt.hackintoshClever programming on Apple's Macintosh.
alt.halloween.booFor the discussion and posting of all things pertaining to halloween.
alt.ham-radiono description available
alt.ham-radio.hfno description available
alt.ham-radio.marketplaceBuy/sell/swap ham radio gear.
alt.ham-radio.modsno description available
alt.ham-radio.morseno description available
alt.ham-radio.packetUse instead.
alt.ham-radio.vhf-uhfno description available
alt.happyno description available description available
alt.happy.valleyit ain't & we're not: critical information services instead.
alt.healing.reikiGroup for reiki practionor and those interested in reiki.
alt.healthUse* or* instead. old medicine from India. Fatigue Snydrome Action Group. (Moderated) description available bodywork with massage therapy modalities alternate way for employers to post help wanted for their business description available
alt.hempIt's about knot-tying with rope. Knot!
alt.heraldry.scaUse rec.heraldry instead.
alt.hi-po.big-block-ford-mercury'58-'76 Big Block Ford/Mercury talk.
alt.hi-po.moparsForum for people who modify Chryslers
alt.hinduThe Hindu religion. (Moderated)
alt.historyno description available
alt.history.ancient-egyptGeneral Egyptology Topics.
alt.history.ancient-worldshistory, ancient advanced civilizations
alt.history.britishA newsgroup for British History.
alt.history.costumingAspects of historical dress.
alt.history.futureno description available
alt.history.livingA forum for discussing the hobby of living history.
alt.history.ocean-linersClassic ocean liners.
alt.history.ocean-liners.titanicHistoric ocean liners: the Titantic.
alt.history.what-ifWhat would the net have been like without this group?
alt.hobbies.beekeepingWhere do you keep *your* bees?
alt.hobbies.boyscoutsA group for scouts to share ideas.
alt.hobbies.boyscouts.oano description available
alt.hobbies.serial-murderDark humour for friendly psychopaths
alt.hobbies.slotcarsSlotcars and operating environments.
alt.holoworld.rpg.startrekThe Holoworld Star Trek Role Play Game.
alt.home-theater.announcepress releases, info announcements, etc.
alt.home-theater.marketplaceHome theater equipment wanted and for sale.
alt.home-theater.miscDiscussing all aspects of home theatre systems.
alt.home.automationDiscussion and help for users of X! and other HA prod.
alt.home.cleaningFor cleaning all sorts of household items.
alt.home.lawn.gardenA place to discuss garden issues
alt.home.repairBob Vila would love this group.
alt.homebrewingno description available
alt.homeless.hetnetDiscussion group for the homeless of hetnet
alt.homepages.designtips.ukUK Homepage Design Tips
alt.homepages.geocitiesgroup for geocites users
alt.homosexualSame as
alt.homosexualityno description available
alt.horologyA group for the science of clocks and watches.
alt.horrorThe horror genre.
alt.horror.cthulhuCampus Crusade for Cthulhu, Ctulhu, Ctulu, and the rest.
alt.horror.elmstreet"A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies
alt.horror.loungeA relaxed alt.horror environment.
alt.horror.werewolvesThey were wolves, now they're something to be wary of.
alt.hotrodHigh speed automobiles. (Moderated)
alt.housing.nontradCommunes, co-housing & alternative living arrangements.
alt.htmlUse comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html instead.
alt.html.critiqueDiscuss and review existing WWW material.
alt.html.dhtmlDynamic HTML (DHTML).
alt.html.dynamicno description available
alt.html.editors.toppageA group about the HTML editor TopPage.
alt.html.editors.webeditUsers of Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit.
alt.html.server-sideno description available
alt.html.tagsNew tags, old tags and tag use.
alt.html.web-accessibilityno description available
alt.html.webeditUse alt.html.editors.webedit instead.
alt.html.writersFor list subscribers who don't like lists.
alt.humorno description available readers think is funniest in netnews. (Moderated) of posts.
alt.humor.jewishDiscuss and exchange jewish humor.
alt.humor.listsFor lists like Top-ten, 20
alt.humor.mad-magazineFor discussing Mad Magazine
alt.humor.oracleThe semi-legendary Usenet Oracle speaks.
alt.humor.parodiesno description available
alt.humor.punsNot here.
alt.hvacHeating, venting and air conditioning.
alt.hypertextDiscussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.
alt.hypnosisWhen you awaken, you will forget about this newsgroup.
alt.ibcThe International Badgers Club. description available
alt.ibc.scout.badge.tradingno description available
alt.icqUnmoderated discussion about the icq chat client.
alt.idiotsFor discussion of idiots and all things idiotic.
alt.igclickno description available
alt.igclick.chatno description available description available
alt.igclick.swno description available
alt.illuminatiSee alt.cabal. Fnord.
alt.image.medicalMedical image exchange discussions.
alt.impeach.bushShrub needs some pruning.
alt.impeach.clintonSome think he performs as though he is impeared.
alt.individualismPhilosophies where individual rights are paramount.
alt.industrialThe Industrial Computing Society claimed this name.
alt.industrial.computingThe Industrial Computing Society tries again.
alt.infertilityDiscussion of infertility causes and treatments.
alt.infertility.alternativesalternatives to the medical treatment of infertility.
alt.infertility.parentingAll aspects of parenting after infertility.
alt.infertility.pregnancySupport for pregnancy after infertility.
alt.infertility.primaryFor the discussion of Primary Infertility.
alt.infertility.secondaryFor infertile couples previously pregnant. is really about library science. of the SETI Project aspects of information theory.
alt.intenet.servicesno description available
alt.internet.access.wanted"Oh. OK, how about just an MX record for now?"
alt.internet.commerceDoing business on the Internet. free internet services. coverage of the internet by the media.
alt.internet.newserversFor the discussion of newservers.
alt.internet.p2pPeer to peer computing on the internet.
alt.internet.providers.callnet0800no description available
alt.internet.providers.igclickno description available
alt.internet.providers.redhotantDiscussion of the 0800 ISP RedHotAnt.
alt.internet.providers.screaming.netno description available
alt.internet.providers.ukDiscussion of UK ISP's of UK IAPs with 0800 access numbers & Arnold Internet (AAISP). discussion of UK AOL issues ISP BTInternet. discussion of free UK ISPs. description available search engines and related topics.
alt.internet.servicesNot available in the uucp world, even via email.
alt.internet.talkno description available talk.bizarre instead. chat servers known as havens.
alt.internet.wirelessAccessing the internet via wireless devices.
alt.inventorsPeople with new ideas.
alt.inventorworldno description available
alt.invest.penny-stocksInvesting in low cost stocks.
alt.invest.real-estateUse misc.invest.real-estate instead.
alt.invest.stocks.amdAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD) stock chat
alt.invest.technical-analysisno description available
alt.invest.technical-analysis.omegano description available description available's Zip and Jazz magnetic computer drives.
alt.ipl.discussionno description available
alt.ircInternet Relay Chat material.
alt.irc.announceAnnouncements about Internet Relay Chat (IRC). (Moderated)
alt.irc.bitchxThe BitchX IRC client.
alt.irc.bots.eggdropEggdrop IRC-Bot discussion/announcements.
alt.irc.dalnetThe DALnet IRC network.
alt.irc.irciiIRC, the sequel.
alt.irc.mircHelp and info on the IRC client mIRC.
alt.irc.mirc.scriptsInfo/Discussion on mIRC scripts and scripting.
alt.irc.networksPost ads about new irc networks/servers here.
alt.irc.questionsHow-to questions for IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
alt.irc.recoveryWithdrawing from IRC overdose.
alt.irc.serversIRC Servers. description available
alt.iseaDiscussion about the International Symposium on Electronic Art.
alt.islam.sufismDiscussions of the mystical dimensions of Islam.'isola dove anche i sogni pi irrealizzabili si possono avverare
alt.italiano description available
alt.japanese.textPostings in Japanese; Japanese language software. alternative to the established Jeep-L mailing list
alt.jokesno description available
alt.jokes.limericksThere once was a group in alt.
alt.jokes.pentiumPlaying with the problems plaguing Pentium.
alt.journalismShop talk by journalists and journalism students.
alt.journalism.criticismI write, therefore I'm biased.
alt.journalism.freelanceClearinghouse for freelance writers.
alt.journalism.gonzoHunter S. Thomspon's approach to reporting.
alt.journalism.musicReporting on topics of music.
alt.journalism.newspapersWriting in the newspaper industry.
alt.journalism.photoThe work of photo journalists.
alt.justahillbillyHillbillies welcome.
alt.kalboBald guys of the world, unite! place for the pre-college set on the net. soc.penpals instead.
alt.killers.serialno description available
alt.klagen.athome.nldiscussion and complaints about athome network
alt.landscape.architectureLandscape design and planning.
alt.lang.asmAssembly languages of various flavors.
alt.lang.awkUse comp.lang.awk instead.
alt.lang.basicThe Language That Would Not Die.
alt.lang.cfuturesDiscussion of the future of the C programming language (not C++).
alt.lang.delphiUse comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc instead.
alt.lang.euphoriaDiscussion of DOS-based language.
alt.lang.intercalDiscussion and tools for the Intercal language.
alt.lang.mlThe ML and SML symbolic languages.
alt.lang.powerbasicno description available
alt.lang.s-langThe S-Lang library used with JED and slrn.
alt.lang.sasno description available
alt.lang.tecoThe TECO editor language.
alt.language.artificialDiscussion and samples of invented languages.
alt.language.hindiAbout the Hindi language and related subjects.
alt.language.latinTalk about the Latin language.
alt.language.poetry.pure-silkLinda Mendoza Net.Goddess
alt.language.spanishDiscussion of the Spanish language. Translations
alt.language.urdu.poetryPoetry in the Indic Urdu language.
alt.languages.afrikaansno description available
alt.languages.englishno description available
alt.languages.frenchno description available
alt.languages.interlinguaDiscussiones in Interlingua e super Interlingua / Discussions in and about Interlingua
alt.languages.irishno description available
alt.languages.macedonianno description available
alt.languages.polishno description available
alt.languages.portugueseno description available
alt.languages.spanishno description available
alt.languages.welshno description available
alt.lasersAnything about laser technology.
alt.lasik-eyesdiscussions relating to lasik eye corrective surgery, ossifer, there's nothing illegal going on in alt. to fix a ticket...
alt.lawyersno description available
alt.lefthandersHow gauche.
alt.legend.king-arthurLegends and history of Arthur, King of the Britons.
alt.lemmingsRodents with a death wish.
alt.letzebuergerDiscussions of the Luxembourg community.
alt.liberalmindedfor people with liberal minds whingy alt group. holistic discussions. and lifestyles of faiths worldwide. related to going barefoot. those living an earth based lifestyle. and social topics for 'furries' the discussion of the Gorean lifestyle. No consensual Master-slave relationships. and emotional voluntary simplicity.
alt.linuxno description available
alt.linux.redhatno description available
alt.linux.slakwareno description available
alt.linux.sucksDiscussions about linux for those microsoft lamers.
alt.linux.suseno description available
alt.linux.suxA proper place to release your frustration about the great o/s that it isnt. =)
alt.literatureGeneral discussion of literary topics.
alt.little-toadno description available
alt.locksmithingYou locked your keys in *where*?
alt.loser.m2t.sheepThe M2T lovers of sheep group.
alt.loveCreated by someone who couldn't find alt.romance.
alt.lucid-emacs.bugBug reports about Lucid Emacs.
alt.lucid-emacs.helpQ&A and general discussion of Lucid Emacs.
alt.lycraThe WunderFabrik.
alt.macno description available
alt.machines.cncDiscussing CNC Machine tools.
alt.macintoshno description available
alt.macromedia.dreamweaverno description available
alt.macromedia.flashMacromedia's Flash 3 web and vector graphics editor.
alt.madcrewMad Crew Discussion
alt.magicFor discussion about stage magic.
alt.magic.historyHistory of stage magic & collecting magic ephemera.
alt.magic.secretsThe Butler did it, with mirrors, to Colonel Mustard.
alt.magickFor discussion about supernatural arts.
alt.magick.chaosDo not meddle in the affairs of wizards.
alt.magick.commercialMake money fast with magick!
alt.magick.ethicsDiscussion of the ethics/morals of magickal work
alt.magick.folkDiscussion of folk magick traditions
alt.magick.marketplacebuy, sell and trade magickal supplies and books
alt.magick.orderDiscussion of magickopolitical hierarchy.
alt.magick.sexsexuality, spirituality, and magick great tastes that taste great together.
alt.magick.tantraDiscussing tantric yoga and other esoteric practices.
alt.magick.tyagiA 'best-of-internet' consortium for mages.
alt.managing.techsupportDiscussion of technical support management issues.
alt.marching-band.texasDiscussion of Texas Marching bands. group is for the discussion of any and all subject matter related
alt.marketplace.booksBooks of all types, for sale or wanted.
alt.marketplace.books.sfScience Fiction & Fantasy Books sought & sold.
alt.marketplace.collectablesAll sorts of collectables for sale and wanted. description available
alt.marketplace.videotapesUse instead.
alt.married.lonelyno description available
alt.martial-arts.aikidono description available
alt.martial-arts.ju-jitsuju-jitsu specific discussion
alt.martial-arts.karateDiscussion of traditional and modern Karate
alt.martial-arts.karate.shotokanDiscussions of shotokan karate.
alt.martial-arts.kung-funo description available
alt.martial-arts.kung-fu.shaolinno description available
alt.martial-arts.ninjitsuTopics relating to Ninjitsu
alt.martial-arts.ninjtsuno description available
alt.martial-arts.tae-kwon-doDiscussions about Tae Kwon Do.
alt.martial-arts.tae-kwon.dono description available
alt.materials.simulationno description available (Moderated)
alt.mathno description available
alt.math.recreationalRecreational mathematics probelms and puzzles.
alt.math.undergradMath help and discussion for non-math major undergrads.
alt.mauritiusForum for topics about Mauritius.
alt.mcdonaldsCan I get fries with that? people with allergies. Fatague Syndrome discussions. (Moderated) discussion, results-oriented. (Moderated) Fibrositis List. the guaifenisin treatment. fibromyalgia medical issues. (Moderated) medicine and animal health. Internet magazine and its readers. description available
alt.meditationGeneral discussion of meditation.
alt.meditation.qigongDiscussion of qigong topics.
alt.meditation.quanyinThe Quan Yin method of meditation.
alt.meditation.shabdano description available
alt.meditation.transcendentalContemplation of states beyond the teeth.
alt.memeticsThe evolution of ideas in societies.
alt.mens-rightsWe hold these truths to be self-evident.
alt.messianicMessianic traditions.
alt.metaphysics.a-a-baileyAncient Wisdom and the works of Alice A. Bailey.
alt.metaphysics.lightworkDiscussion of healing & newage issues.
alt.mexicoOur neighbor to the south.
alt.microcontrollers.8bitno description available
alt.militaryno description available
alt.military.air-cadetsTopics relating to air cadets.
alt.military.cadetPreparing for the coming apocalypse.
alt.military.policeDiscussions of military police matters.
alt.military.retiredDiscussion group for retired military personnel
alt.military.retired.recipesRecipes from the military community
alt.military.ukGlobal discussion group for British Army members.
alt.mindcontrolAre you sure those thoughts are really your own?
alt.mining.recreationalDigging rock as a hobby.
alt.minolta.supportno description available
alt.misanthropyPeople who hate people.
alt.misc.forteanaCharles Fort, his books, and general weird happenings.
alt.misc.friendsno description available
alt.misc.friends.cybrvillangelCyberville Angels online group.
alt.missing-adultsLocating missing adults.
alt.missing-kidsLocating missing children.
alt.mobilehomeAspects of living in mobile homes.
alt.modelsUse rec.models.* instead.
alt.models.railroad.hono description available
alt.mooglesdiscussion about moogles
alt.motdThe messages of the day.
alt.mothersMost people have at least one.
alt.motorcycle.sportbikeUse instead.
alt.motorcyclesno description available of Ducati motorcycles. instead. and selling of motorcycles and their accessories the discussion of triumph motorcycles motorcycles.
alt.motorhomesFor motorhome related discussions.
alt.mountain-bikeUse instead.
alt.moviesno description available
alt.movies.blair-witch-projectDiscussion about the film.
alt.movies.branagh-thmpsnFilms of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.
alt.movies.chaplinno description available
alt.movies.cinematographyUse rec.arts.movies.production instead.
alt.movies.cinematography.super8Discussion on Super8 filmmaking.
alt.movies.coen-brothersFilms by Ethan and Joel Coen.
alt.movies.david-lynchDirector of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and more.
alt.movies.hitchcockThe films of Alfred Hitchcock.
alt.movies.independentFilms put out by independent producers.
alt.movies.indiana-jonesDiscussions about the Indiana Jones trilogy.
alt.movies.kevin-smithClerks, Mallrats, Etc.
alt.movies.kubrickFor the discussion of Stanley Kubrick's movies.
alt.movies.monsterGodzilla! The Wolfman! The Thing! Aiiieee!!
alt.movies.orson-wellesDiscussion of the career of Orson Welles.
alt.movies.scorseseAre you talking to me? You think I'm funny?
alt.movies.sergio-leoneDiscussion on director Sergio Leone.
alt.movies.serialsA forum to discuss motion picture serials.
alt.movies.spielbergFilms of blockbuster director Steven Spielberg.
alt.movies.terry-gilliamWriter and director Terry Gilliam.
alt.movies.the-matrixno description available
alt.movies.tim-burtonThe brooding works of Tim Burton.
alt.movies.titanicYes, the boat sinks. Whoop-de-doo.
alt.movies.ukDiscussion of British movies and UK releases of films from abroad.
alt.movies.visual-effectsDiscussion of visual f/x for movies and tv.
alt.msdosno description available
alt.msdos.batchMS-DOS batch files.
alt.msdos.batch.ntThe NT variant of MS-DOS batch files.
alt.msdos.programmerFor the serious MS/DOS programmer (no forsale ads).
alt.mudUse instead.
alt.mud.bsxBSX VR system.
alt.mud.germanFor German-speaking MUD-er's.
alt.mud.lpUse instead.
alt.mud.programmingProgramming in text-based virtual reality environments.
alt.multimedia.directorMacromedia Director.
alt.multimedia.tkBinary files and stories of tickling. who need to get out more often. on the 4AD music label. instead. group about the band A Perfect Circle. pop. description available discussion of the music of The Adjective Army music. for the discussion of Alice Cooper. of Seattle's finest. groups having 2 or less Platinum-selling albums. alternative music by female artists. about Amy Grant and her music. Twin and related artists and record labels. discussion on the dance/pop group Aqua. of the irish rock band Ash. related to techno group Autechre. of Irish girl group B*Witched. composer-singer from Novi Sad. of the musical bigmouths. Dinner at its finest. related to music of the baroque era. instead. Beastie Boys. Beatles, their music and more Beck, I suspect. soulful stylings of the Brothers Gibb. composer Ludwig von Beethoven. and the Flecktones. band Belle and Sebastian. trio Ben Folds Five. life and music of Ben Harper. from the Big Band era. of Billy Brinkley, err Joel. fans of Bjork and the late Sugarcubes. band "The Black Crowes". instruments. band Black Sabbath and their music. punk band Blink-182. information, lyrics, transcriptions, etc. -- Godzilla's gonna get ya. form blues discussion "All fellow travelers." of the uniquely British group Blur. of the Bodeans, a major musical group. fans of Jon and the gang. pirating music performances. harmonizing tunes of Boyz II Men. too popular to warrant further description. description available of Bryan Adams. of the UK rock band Bush. music and fans of The Byrds. description available 6th 1974., Canada, eh?, Calypso, and Steel Pan. pop and rock group Catatonia. that touch Def Leppard won't touch mine. music & art of the international star Celine Dion. might think hymnals and chants, but you'd be wrong. "alternative" band from UK (Northwich). of the pop-rock band Cheap Trick. hard dance/techno duo. of the band CHICAGO popular music. rock music (dctalk, jars of clay and mxpx...). of the band Clannad. of clarinets, players, and music. about the musical group The Clash. news, concerts, lyrics, activities. of the music of Cliff Richard. UK indie band. complex for _your_ simple mind. my day, we used to count sheep. description available country music, artists such as Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline. need to argue -- Irish pop group The Cranberries. description available to dance to. of the works of Glenn Danzig. MOTHER! Dave Matthews Band. the band Death In June. about Deep Purple and related artists. about the rock group Def Leppard. Group for music group Deftones band delirious. works of Depeche Mode. discussion about Ronnie James Dio. Knoppfler and the rock band Dire Straits. UK Indie band. "progressive metal" an accepted label? description available British group Duran Duran. (or not?) Body Music. Rhodes and other music by plasms. education interests. Electric Light Orchestra. the discussion of Embrace ( Slider ) rapper Eminem aka Slim Shady. and similar bands. set to spacey music.'s fan following. Eurovision Song Contest. of the musical group Faith No More. Warning. of the group Feeder. related folk music. fans of the Scottish solo musician. Art of Flamenco. group Fleetwood Mac and its members.'s NOT nirvana... description available description available of the band Garbage and singer Shirley Manson. Brooks music and career discussed, in all their incarnations. Dutch band Golden Earring. band Goo Goo Dolls and related topics. description available of "southern" gospel music group about Greek Music. band Green Day. guitars. of folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie. legendary tonewheel Hammond Organ. be porno set to music. music.! music of the Hawaiian islands. description available aspects of home studio recording for amateur of semi-professional musicians. instead. Scottish band Idlewild. Iggy Pop, his life and work. Southern California Rock and Roll Band. without contracts with the major labels. musical duo Indigo Girls. description available band InSoc, AKA Information Society. music of Insane Clown Posse. on the music artists known as INXS about J.S. Bach (1685-1750). Jesus and Mary Chain discussion group.! music of Jane's Addiction and its members. description available Jeff Buckley. place to talk about Jessica Simpson sitting on a park bench. from the Jewish heritage.'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky. description available description available instead. about the multi-platinum rock group "Journey". description available heavy metal band Judas Priest. music.' it from the (usually drunken) heart. discussion forum of the British band Kenickie. instead. description available newsgroup for the discussion of music group Korn. techno pioneers Kraftwerk. of the group Kula Shaker of Kylie Minogue. about Led Zeppelin and their music. life and work of John Lennon. music of Leonard Cohen. about the music of Gordon Lightfoot. music band "Limp Bizkit". Band Linkin-Park about The Band. of the Goth band London After Midnight. of Loreena McKennit. Reed. for discussion about music group Lynyrd Skynyrd of song lyrics. newsgroup entirely dedicated to Spanish songs only DJ's, their music, and lives. description available of electro-mechanical pianos art of creating techno, ambient, etc. forum for working Solo Musicians. electronic music instrument called the theremin. all matters pertaining to the ukulele. who play woodwind instruments. description available of the group Manic Street Preachers on the metal band Manowar and discussion on the English band Mansun to break glasses with a single boundless high note. progressive band. The Silmarillion is a book.'ve been a good little boy! Uk 'trip-hop' band. McCartney's solo career. about industrial band mdfmk. music of Meat Loaf influenced music. enigmatic Michael Jackson. from MIDI devices. description available musician Mike Oldfield. of the UK rock/metal band Miocene. instead. Misfits, their music. description available relating to the musician Moby description available exchanging knowledge/news about the Moffatts. group about the band Mogwai., hey, they were the Monkees. In Search of the Lost Chord. of Motorhead discussion of Canadian band Moxy Fruvous mpeg's and mp3's. file-sharing application. built hardware that plays MP3/similar. sharing and download program. A. Chen gives rimjobs to vagrants. Napster mp3 search application. description available file sharing program WinMX. musical group Mr. Bungle forum for fans of the British band Muse., the punk rock band and its fans. french superstar Mylene Farmer. Imbruglia and her music. music of Canadian artist Neil Young. music of New Order and its members. of Nick Cave's music. Inch Nails. X's Seattle leaders, leaderless. discussion of the new "No Depression" roots\revival music movement. of the group No Doubt. description available California Punk Ban NoFX. Punk Band NoMeansNo discussion of the band NRBQ fans of 'N Sync. description available English band Ocean Color Scene. description available fans of the Ambient Techno music group "The Orb". of the group Orbital fans of Donny, Marie and the Osmond brothers. open discussion among fans of Our Lady Peace. of Osbourne.'m broken.'s music at its finest. Pat Metheny and his group. of Paul Simon's music. and song writing talents of Paul Weller. of the indie-rock heroes. music of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam. Punk rock band "Pennywise". music of the Pet Shop Boys., it's the music of Peter Gabriel, sans frontier. group about Phil Collins American composer Philip Glass out shows everywhere. popular musical group the Pixies. of the band and singer PJ Harvey. of the band Placebo. and Mystery of the Planet Gong Al or not, polka is popular some folks. of the British band Portishead. homegrown rock n roll. British alternative rock band. related to the music group Primus. my Prince came. Make him go away. to trading Prince bootlegs. the punk-dance act called "the prodigy". about record production and A&R., Marillion, Asia, King Crimson, etc. fans of the Progressive House music genre. types of psychedelic music. of the British band Pulp. band Queen and related solo acts. of the group Rachel Stamp. description available and ideas of Rage Against The Machine. of the band raging-speedhorn German NDH band Rammstein. discussion of the kings of puck rock. description available rides beside us. Pink or Not to Pink. Rory Gallagher 1948 - 1995 Swedish rock band Roxette and their music. discussion on the Scottish group Runrig. Rushheads. Touch of Solace in Ecstasy. Garden. the music and/or listening to it. creatures playing cymbals and the horn stand. and discussion of The Searchers. band, current news, etc. description available description available of ska ( skank ) music, bands, and suchlike. of the Canadian group Skinny Puppy. description available include information related to Slipknot. Smashing Pumpkins. about the Smiths, and related solo projects. and music of Stephen Sondheim. enough to make you deaf. & Discussions on Sophie B. Hawkins. of sweet soul music. place for soulcoughing fans to meet and sicuss soul coughing band Soundgarden. pop sensation. rock band Spock's Beard. about band called Squarepusher. of the Brit-pop combo Squeeze. the band Steely Dan. the band Stereolab discussion of the band, The Stereophonics. description available music of the Stone Roses. band Stone Temple Pilots. about musical group the Stranglers band "The String Cheese Incident". description available the exchange of information and discussion on the Super Furry's finest. and beyond. on you crazy Diamond "Japan" Sylvian and friends. Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and much more! music pioneers Tangerine Dream. real alternative music scene. forum for fans of The Tea Party. on the bass! Joplin to ZZ Top, Willie Nelson to Pantera. music and fans of The Band. of Irish band The Corrs. of The Damned rider on the storm no more. seminal avant-garde musical group "The Residents" and related topics. fans of music by 'The Strokes'. Tubes Discussion group. the discussion of The Verve ( Slider ). you play it too loud, they bust your party. band The Cure. Might Be Giants. Rundgren music fandom., singer, songwriter Tom Petty. of works of artist Tom Waits. is so... out there, man. punk rock band. description available rock band The Tragically Hip. description available of the group Travis. of the band 'Tricky' discussion forum for trombonists group for fans of the band type-o-negative group for the band U2. See also description available discussion of topics related to Van Halen. of music by Vangelis. music group Velvet Underground. of VU and related projects that appears in video games. Label in London, UK. Tulip Juicy Tree. rockband Weezer and everything related to them. megagroup. discussion of the band Wilco and other related artists. from around the world (no "pop" or "rock"). classic brit-pop band. progressive band Yes. description available description available Mast's new band about the musical group ZZ Top
alt.mythologyZeus rules.
alt.mythology.mythic-animalsCreatures of myth, fantasy, and imagination.
alt.national.enquirerEntertaining, utter drek.
alt.nativePeople indigenous to an area before modern colonisation.
alt.nature.mushroomsdiscussion of mushrooms (the fungi) and related activities
alt.necronomiconUse alt.necromicon instead.
alt.nerd.obsessiveno description available fan group for everybody.
alt.netgames.boloUse instead.
alt.netscapeno description available
alt.netscape.buggy-productsBuggy Netscape product discussion.
alt.netscape.expatriatesUsers of Netscape products that have been mistreated.
alt.newbieThe altnet housewarming committee., we delight in your games.
alt.newlywedLife after the wedding.'t believe the hype. News Group on the Former Yugoslav Rep. Of Macedonia concerning Macedonia in the Balkan Region.'s megacorp in the news.
alt.nihilismno description available
alt.nintendo64.zeldaFor the discussion of Legend of Zelda description available description available description available veel te dure apparatuur van met subjectieve kwaliteiten en geluidsopname voor profs. met geel of oranje plaatje over het branden van CD's description available vragen en antwoorden over netwerken, configuratie, onderhoud. en antwoorden over andere software persoonlijke advertenties en oproepen. Franse cultuur en de Fransen. statistiek,xenofobie en politiek group for discussions about divx, edit divx movies. in Nederland. over dromen description available description available over fetisjisme. discussions about ftp clients and servers. the regulars of . FTP server test discussions. ftp file requests group. description available adverteren voor bedrijven. voor aanbod van gratis spullen description available facetten van de modelspoorbaan description available description available Aviation (kleine luchtvaart) utreg(s)ters. -en verkoop regio Vlaams-brabant en aanbod in netwerkonderdelen en aanbod overige computeronderdelen in GSM-apparatuur en abonnementen in Nederland nokiagame-groep is the famous owl of Jean Dulieu. is the famous owl of Jean Dulieu. description available description available is me een raadsel about dutch Piraat Piratenzender. Dutch Radio-amateurs description available description available de oorzaak van frustratie en pijn. description available in Nederland Dutch TV show Big Brother voor en over nieuwsgroep-mutsen. description available description available voor gluurders. description available description available
alt.noiseOw, quit it.
alt.non.racismno description available
alt.non.sequiturRichard Nixon.
alt.noos.discussionsDiscussions sur le FAI francais Noos.
alt.nudism.moderatedLocations, activities, issues of nudism / naturism. (Moderated)
alt.null.bandwagonsNull Bandwagons
alt.obituariesNotices of dead folks.
alt.occult.methodstools and techniques of occultism all your off-topic needs.
alt.old-westgunfighters and lawmen of the old west
alt.olympics.medal-tallyno description available commercial online services, and the Internet. should that be "America Offline?" cable internet(HSI)/ISP users group. and questions about Compuserve.! It's the Delphoids! FreeNet systems. and questions about GEnie of The Imagination Network. Bell Internet Service. Sears Prodigy system. for lost WebTV people. description available customers to compare service levels.
alt.oobeno description available Processing Management Association discussion group of the Earth First! society. Food Not Bombs homeless aid organization. Industrial Workers of the World. Association of Mortgage Brokers Christian Organization PromiseKeepers issues from a social stance. ScoutNet Organisation ( the Sierra Club. speaking and Toastmasters International.
alt.os.assemblyOperating systems written in assembly.
alt.os.beosAn adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of binaries
alt.os.citrixCitrix Win- & Metaframe thin client network operating system.
alt.os.developmentDesign of computer operating systems description available
alt.os.linuxUse comp.os.linux.* instead.
alt.os.linux.calderaThe Caldera Network Desktop.
alt.os.linux.debianQuestions, answers and discussions for Debian
alt.os.linux.gentooThe Gentoo Linux Distribution.
alt.os.linux.mandrakeMandrake's Linux distribution (
alt.os.linux.mandrake.frMandrake distribution discussion
alt.os.linux.mandrivaDiscussions regarding Mandriva Linux distribution.
alt.os.linux.redhatDiscussion relating to RedHat Software.
alt.os.linux.slackwareQuestions, answers & general talk of Slackware Linux.
alt.os.linux.smoothwallSmoothwall firewall/gateway software.
alt.os.linux.suseFor all SuSE Linux users.
alt.os.linux.ubuntuUbuntu Linux.
alt.os.multics30 years old and going strong.
alt.os.nachosRunning a computer on corn chips and cheese.
alt.os.openbsdDiscussion of OpenBSD
alt.os.securityno description available description available Windows XP operating system. description available
alt.os.windows2000Microsoft Windows2000 OS and related topics.
alt.os.windows95no description available description available
alt.out-of-bodyOut of Body Experiences.
alt.overlordsOmnipotent Overlords of the Omniverse. Inflated egos.
alt.oxford.talkGeneral Oxford talk.
alt.ozdebateno description available
alt.paganDiscussions about paganism & religion.
alt.pagan.magickPagan magick and ritual discussion
alt.paidwebhostingno description available
alt.paranet.abduct"They replaced Jim-Bob with a look-alike!"
alt.paranet.paranormal"If it exists, how can supernatural be beyond natural?""Maybe if we dissect the psychic ..."
alt.paranet.skeptic"I don't believe they turned you into a newt."
alt.paranet.ufo"Heck, I guess naming it ``UFO'' identifies it."
alt.paranormalPhenomena which are not scientifically explicable.
alt.paranormal.crop-circlesA discussion of Crop Circles.
alt.paranormal.moderatedRational discussion of the paranormal. (Moderated)
alt.paranormal.reincarnationReincarnation of the soul.
alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magicAnd Rolaids.spells.relief.
alt.paranormal.trance.medium.johnedward.readingsno description available
alt.parenting.attachmentParenting, attachment and bonding. (Moderated)
alt.parenting.solutionsUse* instead.
alt.parenting.spankingDiscussion about punishment methods for children.
alt.parenting.twins-tripletsThe issues of raising twins & other multiples.
alt.parents-teensParent-teenager relationships.
alt.partyParties, celebration and general debauchery.
alt.pave.the.earthDamn the environmentalists, full speed ahead!
alt.pcnewsDiscussions about PCNews software.
alt.peevesDiscussion of peeves & related.
alt.penguin-fetish.recoveryThis one's for you, Alun.
alt.penpals.forty-plus-yrsA penpal contact and chat group for adults.
alt.penpals.rejectsFor penpals rejected from prospective groups.
alt.periphs.pcmciaCredit card sized plug in peripherals (PCMCIA, JEDIA).
alt.perlno description available
alt.permacultureno description available
alt.personalsDo you really want to meet someone this way?
alt.personals.adsGeek seeks Dweeb. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.biPersonals by or seeking bisexuals.
alt.personals.big-folksPersonal ads and meeting the big, tall, or fat.
alt.personals.blackno description available
alt.personals.calgarymeet cowboys and cowgirls
alt.personals.edmontonno description available
alt.personals.miscDweeb seeks Geek. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.montrealmontreal oui oui oui
alt.personals.ottawaottawa canada
alt.personals.phonePersonal ads from people with voice mail systems.
alt.personals.polyHi there, do you multiprocess?
alt.personals.torontotoronto canada
alt.personals.transgenderedPeople seeking TV/TS friends.
alt.personals.vancouvermeet people in vancouver canada
alt.pets.arachnidsTarantulas & Scorpions, chat and info exchange.
alt.pets.catsno description available
alt.pets.chiaDiscussions on the chia pet and chia herb garden.
alt.pets.dogsno description available
alt.pets.dogs.aussiesChat about Australian Shepherds.
alt.pets.dogs.breed-specific-legislationDiscuss BSL. dog fighting breeds.
alt.pets.dogs.labradorDiscussion about Labrador Retriever dogs.
alt.pets.dogs.pitbullFor the discussion of pit bull dogs.
alt.pets.dogs.pugDiscussion for the Pug Dog Breed
alt.pets.dogs.sharpeiChinese Shar-Pei dogs.
alt.pets.ferretsFerrets and the people who love them.
alt.pets.guinea-pigsGuinea pig related topics.
alt.pets.hamstersMake that wheel go 'round.
alt.pets.micediscussion of care of and concerns regarding pet mice
alt.pets.parrots.african-greyDistant relative of the Norwegian Blue.
alt.pets.parrots.amazonsPet Amazon parrots discussion group.
alt.pets.parrots.breedingno description available
alt.pets.parrots.budgerigarsFor breeders of exhibition budgerigars.
alt.pets.parrots.cockatielsPet Cockatiels discussion group.
alt.pets.parrots.cockatooCockatoo parrots.
alt.pets.parrots.jardinesPet Jardine parrots (Poicephalus gulielmi) area.
alt.pets.parrots.macawsno description available
alt.pets.parrots.marketplaceno description available
alt.pets.parrots.miscno description available
alt.pets.parrots.parrotletsDiscussion of Parrotlet parrots. is an open forum for the discussion of pet-rights and pet welfare.
alt.pets.rabbitsConeys abound. See also
alt.pets.reptiles.lizards.iguanano description available
alt.pets.reptiles.snakesno description available
alt.pets.rodentsAll species of pet rodent.
alt.pets.rodents.ratsEverything related to rats.
alt.pets.senegal-parrotsSenegal Parrots (Poicephalus). Kingdom version of alt.2600. to Learn about P/H in the UK. description available
alt.philosophyno description available
alt.philosophy.confucianismConfucius, Rujia and classical Chinese thought.
alt.philosophy.debateBack to basics.
alt.philosophy.jarfThe Jarf philosphy/metaphysics/religion/culture
alt.philosophy.kantDiscussions about the philosopher Immanuel Kant
alt.philosophy.objectivismA product of the Ayn Rand corporation.
alt.philosophy.taoismAll aspects of Taoism.
alt.philosophy.zenMeditating on how the alt.* namespace works.
alt.photographyFor discussions of general photography issues.
alt.phpDiscussion of php, server side scripting.
alt.php.sqlUsing PHP with SQL databases.
alt.phreakingAll about stealing phone service.
alt.pirate.radiono description available Larry.
alt.plAlternative polish hierarchy. aktualnych wydarzen w kraju i na swiecie. description available description available description available description available description available na temat samochodowego sprzetu audio. Chat. description available description available dla poczatkujacych\lamanie systemow operacyjnych Linux description available Fedora o dystrybucji MandrakeLinux uzytkownicy Linuksa - laczcie sie. Linux Distribution description available description available description available tworzenia komputerowych zarazkow. gry Counter-Strike w Polsce. grupa news poswiecona tematyce: Macromedia Director, Lingo. movies do divx description available milosnikow technologii DVD. description available description available o emigracji description available o Emule i Edonkey po polsku. for smoking pipe tego jakze wspanialego Ekologa ;> i przyjaciele dla fanow kretyna Gophi'ego aka Gufera, Legia, Legia! na Usenecie szaleje dla fanow wspanialej Myszki ludzi szczesliwych jak szczypiorek na wiosne - jaki jest kazdy widzi... w Polsce podstawy wiary i ateizmu description available about Freesco - a small Linux distribution. i jego wielbiciele. nic co o grach nie jest nam obce gier video. mozliwosci zmodowanych konsol. pirackie polskich gejow i lesbijek w kazdym calu. description available description available description available o sieciach i klientach IM description available description available mieszkancow miasteczka Krasnystaw i jego okolic. dyskusyjna miasta Leczna. LO we Wroclawiu description available i magia w szerokim znaczeniu description available grupa na temat filmu. maturzystow przypadki wszystkich zakochanych. description available motoryzacyjne uzytkownikow samochodow renault description available description available description available description available description available description available poles leaning german. description available about ADSL service from Netia. description available Dialog description available description available description available description available description available kupna, sprzedazy i wymiany description available Erotyczne. - Wolna Grupa Wilebicieli Piwa religious fanatics in Poland job offers for Poland Flash'a 5 i nie tylko spelniona niespelniona przyszla i przeszla to jawa czy to sen? Radia Maryja description available kupno/sprzedaz cyfrowego sprzetu foto uczestnikow pl.rec.ksiazki muzyce. description available na temat muzyki hiphop muzyce. spot results polish soccer, sprzet, kultura i tradycja. video - czym i jak description available description available description available description available Bydgoszcz,a city in Poland na Gornym Slasku dyskusyjna stworzona do zamieszczania oglosze Gryfinskich description available description available description available description available dla Lodzi i okolic yciowych problemach mieszkancow Lubina, okolic i nie tylko (nie tylko o problemach) description available from Lublin. z Olsztyna z Olsztyna description available z Opolszczyzny description available description available z Plocka description available description available description available dyskusyjna o miescie Przemysl description available description available description available dla Trojmiasta description available description available about town Zamosc. description available fanow tworczosci Sapkowskiego description available i znajomi SosnY Usenetowego Zaka poswiecona sztuce, psychologii reklamy. description available description available description available dla tvn.bigbrother. TWA mile widziane. :), podroze, spoleczenstwo. description available dyskusyjna na temat loterii wizowej do USA over IP - Dyskusje dotyczace przesylu glosu poprzez IP o wegetarianizm. description available description available description available description available description available
alt.planning.urbanUrban development.
alt.poetryFor the distribution of poetry of ALL types
alt.poetry.doggerelno description available
alt.politicsno description available
alt.politics.britishPolitics and a real Queen, too.
alt.politics.bushThe politics of shrubbery..
alt.politics.clintonPresident Bill Clinton.
alt.politics.communismCommunism and the direction it should take in future.
alt.politics.congressno description available
alt.politics.correctA Neil Bush fan club.
alt.politics.datahighwayElectronic interstate infrastructure.
alt.politics.democratno description available
alt.politics.democratsAnnouncements regarding Democratic politicians.
alt.politics.democrats.clintonAnnouncements from the Bill Clinton campaign.
alt.politics.democrats.dU.S. Democratic party.
alt.politics.ecThe European economic community.
alt.politics.economicsWar == Poverty, & other discussions.
alt.politics.electionsAll about the process of electing leaders.
alt.politics.england.miscno description available
alt.politics.equalityEquality and discrimination
alt.politics.europeno description available
alt.politics.europe.miscThe general political situation in Europe.
alt.politics.gossipfor political rumor, gossip, and speculation.
alt.politics.greensGreen party politics & activities worldwide. description available
alt.politics.homosexualityAs the name implies.
alt.politics.immigrationAll issues related to immigration.
alt.politics.india.progressiveAll about Progressive politics in India.
alt.politics.internationalDiplomacy, cooperation, conflict.
alt.politics.liberalno description available
alt.politics.liberalismVote Early and Vote Often.
alt.politics.libertarianThe libertarian ideology.
alt.politics.mediaMedia and politics
alt.politics.micronationsDiscussion of simulations of nations.
alt.politics.nationalism.whiteAbout White Supremacy. of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations organizations. ultrasecret security arm of the US government. at the "United" Nations.
alt.politics.perotDiscussion of the non-candidate.
alt.politics.radical-leftWho remains after the radicals left?
alt.politics.reformPolitical reform.
alt.politics.religiongeneric discussion of religion in politics
alt.politics.republicanno description available
alt.politics.republicansno description available
alt.politics.scorched-earthThe rule of the Ubernerd.
alt.politics.sexNot a good idea to mix them, sez Marilyn & Profumo.
alt.politics.socialismno description available
alt.politics.socialism.libertarianAnarchistic socialist talk and debate.
alt.politics.socialism.trotskyTrotskyite socialism discussions.
alt.politics.ukno description available
alt.politics.usano description available
alt.politics.usa.congressDiscussions relating to U.S. House and Senate
alt.politics.usa.constitutionU.S. Constitutional politics.
alt.politics.usa.constitution.gun-rightsConstitutional ramifications of gun control.
alt.politics.usa.miscMiscellaneous USA politics.
alt.politics.usa.republicanDiscussions of the USA Republican Party.
alt.politics.vietnamesePolitical and social discussions relating to Vietnam.
alt.polyamoryFor those with multiple loves.'s right! It doesn't!
alt.postmodernPostmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction, and the like.
alt.pouting.sandwichno description available
alt.president.clintonWill the CIA undermine his efforts?
alt.primenet.recoveryPrimenet was us
alt.prisonsCan I get an alt.* feed in the slammer?.
alt.privacyPrivacy issues in cyberspace.
alt.privacy.anon-serverIssues surrounding programs that aid anonymity.
alt.privacy.anon-server.statsAnonymous remailer statistics
alt.privacy.clipperThe USA administration's Clipper encryption plan.
alt.privacy.spywareSoftware that monitors personal/internet use.
alt.private.investigatorDigging up the dirt. Championship Wrestling. nostalgia and history. description available description available description available
alt.prophecies.nostradamusMystic verse.
alt.proseUse rec.arts.prose instead.
alt.prose.dDiscussions about postings in alt.prose.
alt.psst.hoyno description available
alt.psychoactivesBetter living through chemistry.
alt.psychologyUse sci.psychology.misc instead.
alt.psychology.helpAn group away from home.
alt.psychology.jungDiscussion of works & theories of Carl Jung.
alt.psychology.nlpNeuro-linguistic programming.
alt.psychology.personalitiesno description available
alt.psychology.personalityPersonality taxonomy, such as Myers-Briggs.
alt.psychology.synchronicityInterdisciplinary discussion of synchronicity description available description available role-playing. place to meet and chat with friends. virtual reality pub similar to alt.callahans. fiction role-playing, like cyberspace friendly bar...come on in! more mature version of alt.cuddle. virtual reality pub on the Web.
alt.publish.booksFor independent book publishers
alt.pulpPaperback fiction, newsprint production, orange juice.
alt.punkPunk rock and its surrounding culture.
alt.punk.europeThe punk rock scene in Europe.
alt.punk.straight-edgeNot shaving eyebrows, but the sXe movement.
alt.punk.ukGeneral discussion group for UK punks.
alt.ql.creativeQuantum Leap fiction for the typographically challenged.
alt.quit.smoking.supportno description available
alt.quotationsQuotations, quips, .sig lines, witticisms, et al.
alt.radiono description available and FM radio broadcasting. radio signals. Radio communications for Family communications. programming by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. National Public Radio: shows, stories, hosts, etc. time radio discussion. the gear, here comes the magic station-wagons. delivered audio radio services. instead. instead. talk and call-in shows. Laura Schlessinger's Radio Show in the United Kingdom. radio (call-in) programmes in the British Isles. of UK radio station "Talk Sport".
alt.railroadUse misc.transport.rail.misc instead.
alt.rapUse instead.
alt.rap-gdeadFans of The Grateful Dead and Rap. Really.
alt.rasapno description available
alt.raveTechno-culture: music, dancing, drugs, dancing, etc.
alt.real-estate.austBringing together buyers & sellers no middle man
alt.rec.bicycles.recumbentno description available
alt.rec.campingUse rec.backcountry instead.
alt.rec.collecting.stamps.discussno description available
alt.rec.geocachingFor the discussion of geocaching.
alt.rec.gunsno description available
alt.rec.hikingHiking related topics.
alt.rec.hovercraftRecreational hovercraft discussion.
alt.recipesno description available
alt.recoveryFor people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).
alt.recovery.aaRecovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.
alt.recovery.addiction.alcoholismno description available
alt.recovery.addiction.sexualRecovering sex addicts. adults from dysfunctional families.
alt.recovery.catholicismGetting over a Roman Catholic upbringing.
alt.recovery.clutterGetting over a cluttering/messiness problem.
alt.recovery.codependencyMutually destructive relationships.
alt.recovery.from-12-stepsDiscussions of harm caused by 12 step recovery.
alt.recovery.mlmHad a bad experience with Multi-Level Marketing groups?
alt.recovery.mormonismRecovery from the effects of Mormonism
alt.recovery.naRecovery and Narcotics Anonymous.
alt.recovery.nicotineDiscussion of recovery from addiction to nicotine.
alt.recovery.panic-anxiety.self-helpSelf-help for panic recovery.
alt.recovery.procrastinateOvercoming chronic procrastination.
alt.recovery.religionThe twelve steps from the Ten Commandments.
alt.redheadsAn open forum for redheads.
alt.redhotant.supportno description available
alt.religionno description available
alt.religion.adm3aFlaming the merits of the Sigler-Lear ADM3A.
alt.religion.afterburnerWorship and discussion of net.gods. (Moderated)
alt.religion.afterlifeDiscussion of the Afterlife
alt.religion.all-worldsGrokking the Church of All Worlds from Heinlein's book.
alt.religion.angelsBelief in angels.
alt.religion.apologeticsgeneral apologetic discussions
alt.religion.asatruFor the discussion of Norse/Germanic heathenism.
alt.religion.bahaiBahai faith.
alt.religion.barfing-yakThe Yak is back
alt.religion.buddhismno description available
alt.religion.buddhism.nichirenNichiren believers unite.
alt.religion.buddhism.theravadaThe Word of the Elders.
alt.religion.buddhism.tibetanThe teachings of Buddha as studied in Tibet.
alt.religion.christianUnmoderated forum for discussing Christianity.
alt.religion.christian-teenDiscussion area for Christian teens.
alt.religion.christian.20-somethingDiscussion for the Twentysomething.
alt.religion.christian.adventistSeventh Day Adventists.
alt.religion.christian.anabaptist.brethrenno description available
alt.religion.christian.baptistBaptist churches.
alt.religion.christian.biblestudyno description available international Church of Christ.
alt.religion.christian.bruderhofHistory, news of the Bruderhof Communities (Moderated)
alt.religion.christian.calvary-chapelUnfettered discussion about Calvary Chapel
alt.religion.christian.campus-crusadeCampus Crusade for Christ International related discussion.
alt.religion.christian.catholicno description available
alt.religion.christian.east-orthodoxEastern orthodox churches.
alt.religion.christian.episcopalEpiscopal churches.
alt.religion.christian.home-churchChristian Home Churches. (Moderated)
alt.religion.christian.hymnsDiscussion of christian hymns.
alt.religion.christian.jesus-connectFamily and Christ Oriented Group
alt.religion.christian.jesus-connectionDiscussion of the Jesus Connection
alt.religion.christian.last-daysIn anticipation of Christ's 2nd coming.
alt.religion.christian.lutheranLutheran churches.
alt.religion.christian.methodistMethodist churches.
alt.religion.christian.pentecostalPentecostal churches.
alt.religion.christian.presbyterianPresbyterian churches.
alt.religion.christian.roman-catholicRoman Catholic Church.
alt.religion.christian.vineyardThe vineyard christian fellowship churches and their practices.
alt.religion.christian.youth-ministryYouth ministry philosophies and strategies.
alt.religion.christian.ywamDiscussion related to parachurch missionary organization: Youth With A Mission.
alt.religion.christianityno description available
alt.religion.clergyMinisters, priests, rabbis... from all religions.
alt.religion.computersTiresome technical tirades.
alt.religion.deismDiscussion of deism related topics.
alt.religion.druidDruids and their ideas, practices, and beliefs.
alt.religion.eckankarEckankar, the religion of the Light and Sound of God.
alt.religion.emacsEmacs.Umacs.We all macs.
alt.religion.end-times.propheciesno description available religious newsgroup.
alt.religion.gnosticUnmoderated group like soc.religion.gnostic.
alt.religion.goddessPerspectives on goddess worship & women's spirituality.
alt.religion.hinduNews, information and discussion of Hindu subjects.
alt.religion.islamUnmoderated group like soc.religion.islam.
alt.religion.islam.arabicno description available
alt.religion.islam.shiaFor discussion related to the Shia branch of Islam.
alt.religion.jehovahs-witnJehovah's Witnesses.
alt.religion.jiffyismYou must submit to Jiffyism or else!
alt.religion.judaism.orthodoxOrthodox Judaism. (Moderated)
alt.religion.kibologyHe's Fred, Jim.
alt.religion.monicaDiscussion about net-venus Monica and her works. (Moderated)
alt.religion.mormonMormon religion. Mormon religion.
alt.religion.orishaDiscussion of African-based religions.
alt.religion.pagan.evilEvil pagans, a new sect of more progressive and destructive individuals.
alt.religion.pagan.texasOpen discussion about Texas paganism.
alt.religion.pastafarianismChurch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
alt.religion.rabbetThe Rabbet sect.
alt.religion.raelianDiscussion group for the Raelian Religion
alt.religion.rationalRationalities and Irrationalities of religion.
alt.religion.sabaeanTeachings and philosopy of the Sabaean Religious Order.
alt.religion.sabbath-keeperstudies & observance of the sabbath
alt.religion.salvation-armyA world-wide religion.
alt.religion.santaismChristmas worship.
alt.religion.satanismDiscussion of Satanism
alt.religion.scientologyL. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.
alt.religion.scientology.xenuThe Galactic Overlord of Scientology (OT III).
alt.religion.sexualityThe politics of sexuality and religion.
alt.religion.shamanismUse soc.religion.shamanism instead.
alt.religion.spiritism.spiritualism.moderatedno description available (Moderated)
alt.religion.spiritualismMediumship, guides, healing, spiritism.
alt.religion.the-last-churchThe Last Church is your own mind body and soul.
alt.religion.thelastchurchThe Last Church is your own mind body and soul.
alt.religion.tolkienologyAwait faithfully the return of the Valar.
alt.religion.triplegoddessno description available
alt.religion.unificationDiscussion of Unificationism.
alt.religion.unitarian-univno description available
alt.religion.universal-lifeMail-order ministers and the flock who loves them
alt.religion.vaisnavaDiscussion of the Vaisnava spiritual tradition.
alt.religion.vinceno description available
alt.religion.w-w-church-godDiscussion of the worldwide church of god.
alt.religion.wiccaDiscussion of the Pagan religious tradition, Wicca
alt.religion.wicca.moderatedA moderated forum for the discussion of Wicca. (Moderated)
alt.research.monroe-instHemi-Sync research.
alt.revengeTwo wrongs trying to make a right.
alt.revisionism"It CAN'T be that way 'cause here's the FACTS".
alt.revolution.counterDiscussions of counter-revolutionary issues.
alt.rhode_islandA little state with apparently world wide interest.
alt.rissaFans (and otherwise) of Patricia O'Tuama.
alt.rmgroupFor the people who like to rmgroup/newgroup things.
alt.robotwarsInternational robotwars discussion.
alt.rock-n-rollCounterpart to and alt.drugs.
alt.rock-n-roll.acdcDirty deeds done dirt cheap.
alt.rock-n-roll.aerosmithLead singer looks like an ugly lady.
alt.rock-n-roll.classicClassic rock, both the music and its marketing.
alt.rock-n-roll.hardMusic where stance is everything.
alt.rock-n-roll.metalFor the headbangers on the net.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death"Death metal" and newgroup overkill.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.gnr"Axl Rose" is an anagram for "Oral Sex".
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavyNon-sissyboy metal bands.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaidenSonic torture methods.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallicaSort of like Formica with more hair.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.motley-crueThe music of Motley Crue.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.oldschoolForum to discuss classic heavy metal.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.progressiveSlayer teams up with Tom Cora.
alt.rock-n-roll.motorheadNewsgroup for the hard rock band.
alt.rock-n-roll.oldiesDiscussion of rock and roll music from 1950-1970..
alt.rock-n-roll.stonesGathering plenty of moss by now.
alt.rock-n-roll.symphonicRelationships of rock & classical music.
alt.rock-n-roll.ufono description available
alt.rock.n.rollno description available
alt.rodney.dangerfieldA newsgroup that don't get no respect.
alt.rodney.kingno description available
alt.romanceDiscussion about the romantic side of love.
alt.romance.chatChit chat about romance, often silly.
alt.romance.chineseDicussion of romance between people of Chinese
alt.romance.teenTalk about teen love and infatuations.
alt.romathIt's what cats want. Oh, no, that's Whiskas. Oh well.
alt.roundtableAn ongoing discussion among friends.
alt.rpg.earthdawnDedicated to the legendary rpg.
alt.rpg.wizardryThe fantasy role playing game.
alt.running.out.of.newsgroup.namesno description available
alt.rush-limbaughFans of the conservative activist radio announcer.
alt.russian-clubno description available
alt.russian.z1Russians abroad.
alt.rvRotten varmints or recreational vehicles, you decide.
alt.rv.airstreamDiscussion by owners/fans of Airstream travel trailers
alt.rv.pop-up-trailersDevoted to discussing the hobby of pop-up camping.
alt.sadisticno description available
alt.sailingno description available
alt.sailing.asaThe American Sailing Association.
alt.sailing.tall-shipsBuild, maintain, restore, sail and model them.
alt.sailing.yacht-charterTo swap experiences and advice on yacht charter and flotilla holidays.
alt.satanismNot such a bad dude once you get to know him.
alt.satanism.murderScience of killing from the Satanic art.
alt.satellite.direcpcDirecPC systems.
alt.satellite.expressvuno description available
alt.satellite.gpsGlobal Positioning System.
alt.satellite.gps.garminno description available
alt.satellite.gps.magellanGPS (global positioning system) receivers
alt.satellite.gps.tomtomFor discussion of the TomTom GPS units.
alt.satellite.internetSatellite internet and its related "issues". the needs of enthusiasts of satellite radio.
alt.satellite.starbandno description available
alt.satellite.tvno description available TV in the Asia/Pacific region. signal de-cryption techniques. about European satellite tv. for digital satellite receivers. description available description available satellite systems wanted or forsale. causes. the Sound Blaster PC sound card.
alt.scano description available on homework
alt.sci.astro.aipsAstronomical Image Processing System (USA).
alt.sci.astro.eclipsesAstronomy, solar and lunar eclipses.
alt.sci.astro.figaroDiscussion about the Figaro data reduction package.
alt.sci.astro.fitsTechnical matters of Flexible Image Transport Systems.
alt.sci.math.combinatoricsMath: Combinatorics and related fields.
alt.sci.math.design_theoryMath: Design, Group and Coding Theory.
alt.sci.math.galois_fieldsMath: Galois Fields (GF), Finite Fields, FEM etc.
alt.sci.math.probabilityMath: Probability and related fields.
alt.sci.math.statistics.predictionMath: Statistical Prediction.
alt.sci.physicsno description available
alt.sci.physics.acousticsThe soundness of the science of sound. theories you won't find in journals.
alt.sci.physics.spamSpam-related physics
alt.sci.planetaryStudies in planetary science.
alt.sci.relativistic-proof-of-god.moderatedno description available (Moderated)
alt.sci.setiSearch for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
alt.sci.sociologyPeople are really interesting when you watch them.
alt.sci.time-travelDiscussions of Time Travel
alt.scooterMotor scooters, like Vespas, Lambrettas, etc.
alt.scooter.classicno description available
alt.scottish.clansDiscussions about Scottish Clans.
alt.sculptureno description available
alt.seafarersInternational Seafarers Discussion.
alt.seafarers.deckInternational Seafarers Deck Discussion.
alt.seafarers.engineroomInternational Seafarers Engineer Discussion.
alt.seafarers.ratingno description available
alt.sect.ahmadiyyaDiscussion of the Ahmadiyyat sect of Islam.
alt.securitySecurity issues on computer systems. of Home/Business/Vehicle security alarms. to good stuff in (Moderated) of keys for public key encryption systems. Pretty Good Privacy package. hard drive encryption for Windows. -- the bomb, the bullet, and the blade.
alt.seduction.fastThe story of television.
alt.sega.genesisAnother addiction.
alt.self-improveSelf-improvement in less than 14 characters.
alt.sewingA group that is not as it seams.
alt.sewing.mach-embroiderdiscussion for home users of embroidery machines 50 to go bobbie? sex newsgroup for model Brittany sordid love stories of Drysart and Ken know... queening. worship. Ansir fetishes. All welcome. people who like being fucked up the ass by Earthlink news admins using a living human canvas. lad images and stories head in women?s games, duh? piss-drinking game. 48 to go bobbie? 46 to go bobbie? 45 to go bobbie? 44 to go bobbie? 43 to go bobbie? 43 to go bobbie? 40 left left 38 more to go bobby-boi? of Les Roarey?s filthy habit. all phone fans. famous Amsterdam Red Light District? know... face sitting. 6000+ Free XXX Pics 6000+ Free XXX Pics 37 more to go bobby-boi? 35 more to go bobby-boi? stories w?sexual content. (Moderated) find their women here find their sugardaddy here 34 more to go bobby-boi? 33 more to go bobby-boi? know...face-sitting whilst peeing. 31 more to go bobby-boi? 30 more to go bobby-boi? of having sex with vinny place for young women to meet older men and vice versa.
alt.sexual.abuse.recoveryHelping others deal with traumatic experiences.
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.dno description available
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.moderatedRecovery from sexual abuse. (Moderated)
alt.shared-reality.sf-and-fantasy"Worlds Beyond" shared universe.
alt.shared-reality.x-filesAn X-Files Interactive Reality
alt.shenanigansPractical jokes, pranks, randomness, etc.
alt.shoe.lesbians.moderatedLesbians, bisexual women and friends. (Moderated)
alt.showbiz.gossipA misguided attempt to centralise gossip.
alt.sigma2.heightno description available
alt.silly.little.newsgroupno description available
alt.sixtyplusGeneral topics of discussion by persons over sixty.
alt.skateUse* instead.
alt.skate-boardDiscussion of all apsects of skate-boarding.
alt.skincareDiscussion of skincare problems and solutions
alt.skincare.acneFighting zits.
alt.skinheadsThe skinhead culture/anti-culture.
alt.skunksLe pew.
alt.slackPosting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.goatheadSubGenius and Orange Grain religious issues.
alt.smokersPuffing on tobacco.
alt.smokers.cigarsFrom stogies to cubans.
alt.smokers.cigars.clubhouseCigar discussion, club.
alt.smokers.cigars.cubanDiscussion of Cuban cigars.
alt.smokers.cigars.flameA place for the bickering, squabbling, and childish attacks.
alt.smokers.cigars.marketplaceCigars and cigar-related merchandise.
alt.smokers.cigars.reviewsno description available
alt.smokers.cigars.smokingThe finer points of cigar smoking, storing, aging and other.
alt.smokers.pipesBriars, meerschaums, and calabashes. smell is enough to kill ya.
alt.smurfsno description available
alt.snail-mailMail sent on paper. Some people still do that.
alt.snertThis group is about snerts. Those damn snerts.
alt.snetterStudy of the Snetter
alt.snowmobilesFor bikers who don't like two wheels in snow and ice. of Social Security benefits
alt.society.anarchySocieties without rulers.
alt.society.atiThe Activist Times Digest. (Moderated)
alt.society.boomersDiscussion forum for the baby boom generation
alt.society.civil-disobDiscussions on civil disobedience.
alt.society.civil-libertySame as alt.society.civil-liberties.
alt.society.conservatismSocial, cultural, and political conservatism.
alt.society.fruitopiaDiscord, but not Eris.
alt.society.futuresMusing on where we're all headed.
alt.society.generation-xLifestyles of those born 1960-early-1970s.
alt.society.labor-unionsTheory and practise of labor unions.
alt.society.liberalismLiberal political research, news and debate
alt.society.mental-healthKeeping your marbles in the modern world.
alt.society.nottinghamDiscussion about Nottingham or its people.
alt.society.outsiders.ukforum for 'outsider' groups and individuals
alt.society.revolutionEspousing Jeffersonian ideals.
alt.society.sovereignIndependence in society.
alt.society.zeitgeistAdult discussion of current events, love, music.
alt.soft-sys.avantgono description available
alt.soft-sys.corel.drawThe Corel Draw graphics package.
alt.soft-sys.tooltalkDiscussion of ToolTalk related issues. voltage from the sun's energy. of practical solar thermal energy use.
alt.solaris.x86Sun's Solaris on Intel x86 compatible computers.
alt.solipsismno description available
alt.sollyFor (ex) employee of Dr Solomon's Software
alt.soulmatesRichard Bach and his herculean odds.
alt.sounds.answering.machinesno description available
alt.sounds.midi.originalsno description available
alt.sourcesAlternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.sources.amigaTechnically-oriented Amiga PC sources.
alt.sources.amiga.dDiscussion of technically-oriented Amiga PC sources.
alt.sources.dDiscussion of posted sources.
alt.sources.indexPointers to source code in alt.sources.*. (Moderated)
alt.sources.macSource code for Apple Macintosh computers.
alt.sources.patchesReposted patches from non-.bugs groups.
alt.sources.wantedRequests for source code.
alt.spamWhat is that stuff that doth jiggle in the breeze?
alt.spirituality.circleSpirituality from a personal/experiential vantage.
alt.spirituality.druidmodern earth/nature-oriented path of celtic heritage.
alt.spirituality.radical-faerieDiscussion of gay spirituality.
alt.spleenVenting as a biological function. place where Air-Gun enthusiasts can interact. paintball-style game with low velocity airguns. to build that perfect body . the gutter again. alt.suicide with rubber bands. what you've done to the wall!, military and recreational rebreather diving. dog fighting issues. group for drag racing enthusiasts everywhere soccer and dizzy little men. related news, organize race meetings. for the roses: breeding, betting on & racing horses. race handicapping systems & strategies. of the sport of Korfball. splatball with infrared lasers., you're it. amusement. your balls into your pockets for fun. LASER game. aspects of indoor racquetball and related sports. description available Snooker Centre. About all aspects of snooker. world-wide among German speaking people., coaching advice, and discussion on. Pulling, the Most Power Motorsport instead.
alt.sports.badmintonDiscussion about badminton. Braves major league baseball. fans talk Arizona Diamondbacks Orioles major league baseball. Red Sox major league baseball. Angles major league baseball. of baseball cards. White Sox major league baseball. Cubs major league baseball. Reds major league baseball. Indians major league baseball. Rockies major league baseball. Tigers major league baseball. Marlins major league baseball. Astros major league baseball. City Royals major league baseball. Angeles Dodgers major league baseball. Brewers major league baseball. Twins major league baseball. Expos major league baseball. East Baseball Talk York Mets baseball talk. York Yankees baeball talk. As major league baseball. Phillies baseball talk. Pirates major league baseball. Diego Padres major league baseball talk. Mariners major league baseball. Francisco Giants baseball talk.. Louis Cardinals baseball talk. Bay Devil Rays. Rangers major league baseball. Blue Jays baseball talk. about Washington DC pro baseball description available Celtics NBA basketball. Bulls NBA basketball. Cavaliers NBA talk Mavericks NBA basketball. Nuggets Pro BasketBall Team. Pistons NBA basketball talk. State Warriors NBA basketball. Houston Rockets NBA team. Pacers NBA basketball talk. Angeles Lakers NBA basketball talk. Bucks NBA basketball talk. Timberwolves NBA basketball. Jersey Nets NBA Basketball Magic NBA basketball talk. 76ers NBA basketball talk. Suns NBA basketball talk. Trailblazers NBA talk. Antonio Spurs NBA basketball talk. Kings NBA basketball talk. Sonics NBA talk. Raptors NBA talk. Jazz NBA basketball talk. Grizzlies NBA talk. York Knicks NBA basketball talk. Big 10 college athletic conference. Conference USA college athletic conference. League athletics. at Michigan colleges. discussing Notre Dame sports Sports plus a whole lot more of college sports in the Pac 10. at the University of Kentucky. description available of Texas at Austin Athletics football (US-style, not soccer). description available Vikings NFL football talk. description available Cardinals NFL football talk. Falcons NFL football talk.'s franchise NFL football talk. Bills NFL football talk. Panthers NFL football talk. Bears NFL football talk. Bengals NFL football talk. Browns NFL football talk. Cowboys NFL football talk. Broncos NFL football talk. Lions NFL football talk. Bay Packers NFL football talk. Oilers NFL football talk. member of the NFL family. Colts NFL football talk. Jaguars NFL football talk. City Chiefs NFL football talk. Angeles Raiders NFL football talk. Dolphins NFL football talk. England Patriots NFL football talk. Orleans Saints NFL football talk. York Giants NFL football talk. York Jets NFL football talk. Raiders. Eagles NFL football talk. Steelers NFL football talk. Diego Chargers NFL football talk. Seahawks NFL football talk. Francisco 49ers NFL football talk. Louis Rams NFL football talk. Bay Bucaneers NFL football talk. for fans of the Oilers NFL franchise. Redskins NFL football talk.
alt.sports.gymnasticsGymnastic competitions. Hockey League discussions Hockey League. Hockey League. of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Bruins NHL hockey talk. Sabres NHL hockey talk. Hurricanes NHL Hockey Blackhawks NHL hockey talk. Flames NHL hockey talk. Avalanche NHL hockey talk. Stars NHL hockey talk. Redwings NHL hockey talk. Oilers NHL hockey talk. Panthers NHL hockey talk. Angeles Kings NHL hockey talk. of the Minnesota Wild NHL hockey team. Canadiens NHL hockey talk. Jersey Devils NHL hockey talk. York Islanders NHL hockey talk. York Rangers NHL hockey talk. Senators NHL hockey talk. Flyers NHL hockey talk. Penguins NHL hockey talk. Jose Sharks NHL hockey talk. Louis Blues NHL Hockey of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Maple Leafs NHL hockey talk. Canucks NHL hockey talk.. Captials NHL hockey talk. Jets NHL hockey talk. Hockey League.
alt.sports.kitesurfingForum for the discussion of the sport of kitesurfing. description available football club. newsgroup to discuss Celtic FC. of Derby County FC., European style., British style. FA Carling Premiership. description available description available of the soccer team. description available description available soccer and related topics. and views about Sunderland AFC. description available of worldcup98.
alt.sports.sportsno description available
alt.sports.spursFor fans of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
alt.stagecraftTechnical theatre issues.
alt.stampsfor stamp collectors
alt.starfleet.rpgStarfleet role playing stories.
alt.startrekno description available
alt.startrek.booksno description available
alt.startrek.borgGalactic spam.
alt.startrek.creativeStories and parodies related to Star Trek.
alt.startrek.creative.all-agesno description available (Moderated)
alt.startrek.creative.eroticaLustful stories set in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderatedErotic fan fiction & discussion. (Moderated)
alt.startrek.klingonAcK! What is that thing on your head?!
alt.startrek.lcarsThe LCARS interface as seen the startrek shows.
alt.startrek.role-playingMessage-Based Star Trek Role Playing
alt.startrek.rpg.gscUsed by a Startrek RPG Organisation for giving information to members and playin
alt.startrek.vs.babylon5Star Trek and Babylon 5 goes head to head.
alt.startrek.vs.battlestar-galacticano description available
alt.startrek.vs.starwarsno description available
alt.steinberg.cubaseDiscussion of Cubase and Steinberg Products.
alt.stop.spammingUse instead.
alt.strange.daysno description available
alt.stupidno description available
alt.stupidityDiscussion about stupid newsgroups.
alt.sufiAwakening to marriage of the sacred to everyday life.
alt.suicide.finalsno description available
alt.suicide.holidayTalk of why suicides increase at holidays.
alt.suicide.methodsDiscussions about how to do yourself in.
alt.suicide.recoveryRecovery from having committed suicide.
alt.suit.att-bsdiAT&T's lawsuits against BSDI.
alt.super.nesUse instead.
alt.supportDealing with emotional situations & experiences. and information of Addisons Disease. pro-adoption advocates. (Moderated) with agoraphobia and its many challenges. Alzheimers and related dementing disorders. description available for people who have panic attacks. description available (Moderated) people with stiff joints. with labored breathing. Deficit Disorder. group for ADD/ADHD & family in the UK. and discussion about the Autism spectrum. can be as awful as sexism or racism. the concerns of birthparents. Personality Disorder Support. of breast implants. & support for breastfeeding. for victims of Religious Exclusion. aid for people with cancer. for those diagnosed and their carers. men with prostate cancer. of information about Celiac Disease. Palsy support. for families involved with CPS. by choice support group. who don't have OR want children. (Moderated) group for those with chronic pain. description available for sufferers of ulcerative colitis. and information for Crossdressers. and information for transgenderists and support for Dental Phobics. and mood disorders. asd members to flame each other. serious depression problems. support. (Moderated) aspects of anti-depressant drugs in use worldwide. those proactively fighting. resource. (Moderated) that comes and goes. younger depressives. of original writing. group for developmental delayed children. Group for Diabetes for kids w/diabetes and their families. for diabetics within the UK. enlightenment through weight loss. the Fit-For-Life diet program. loss by low-calorie diet and exercise. of low-carbohydrate diets. of low fat diets. of the Paleolithic Diet concept. of the use of anorectic drugs in obesity. information and support. Zone 30/40/30 Diet and relationship issues of the disabled and their partners. issues relating to disabled people. issues, treatment & research. persons with dissociative disorders. of marital breakups. description available dyspraxics and parents with dyspraxic children. cyberspace support group for dystonia. over the edge about weight loss. support group. support. is fundamental. people talk about fluffy things group for people with food allergies. who are foster parents. for and by people with glaucoma. group for the grieving. those grieving the loss of their pet. those who have lost someone to suicide. of migraine and headache ailments. group for hearing impaired. on medications, remedies, and treatments. support group. support group herpes. instability support group. for hypertension patients and doctors for the discussion of various drugs and side effects. support (low blood sugar). for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome. Dysfunction Discussion Area. urinary tract disease interstitial cystitis. and advice for intergender individuals. disorders (TMJ) support group."Cup check....*WHACK*!" description available people deal with kidney problems. of all forms, and information exchange, for staff and carers working with people with learning dificulties individuals with learning disabilities.'s not easy being green. of loneliness experienced in isolated positions. support group. syndrome support group. of the problems and joys of marriage. Chemical Sensitivity. women through menopause. in a relationship with a woman going through menopause. with multiple sclerosis. support group for muscular dystrophy. those with narcolepsy, a serious sleep disorder. issues relating to second-hand smoke. description available to treat obesity. overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Disorder. (Moderated) Brittle Bone Disease and resources for people with ostomies. endocrine disorder PCO, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. for those with personality disorders. and rants of life free of pets Polio Syndrome discussion area. forum for survivors of rape. description available is a support group for people support for schizophrenics. and support on all aspects of self-harm. of interest to short people, er, , well, maybe I will post, after all. parenting solutions and support. of the sinuses. description available the skin-disease psoriasis. of the skin disease vitiligo all types of sleep disorders. Xenophobes. and information on sex reassignment. with step parents. over the nicotine addiction. for people who stutter. of Prozac & all other SSRIs. of interest to tall people. with thyroid gland problems. with ringing ears and other head noises. for folks with Tourette's Syndrome. Stress Disorder. and post vasectomy support group. life from a wheelchair or scooter.
alt.surfingRiding the ocean waves.
alt.surfing.bodyboardA mini-surfboard for playing in the ocean.
alt.surfing.europeDiscussion relevant to surfing in Europe.
alt.surfing.europe.ukDiscussion relevant to surfing in the UK.
alt.surfing.longboardFor the discussion and posting of all things pertaing to longboard surfing.
alt.surrealismSurrealist ideologies and their influences.
alt.survivalTo stay alive...anytime...anywhere...
alt.sustainable.agricultureSuch as the Mekong delta before Agent Orange.
alt.swingersFor those involved or interested in the swinging lifestyle.
alt.sys.amiga.demosCode and talk to show off the Amiga.
alt.sys.amiga.miamiDiscussion on Miami the leading TCPIP stack for Amiga computers
alt.sys.amiga.thorGroup for the multipurpose offline reader THOR.
alt.sys.amiga.uucp.patchesPatches for AmigaUUCP.
alt.sys.hp48no description available
alt.sys.iclInternational Computers Limited hardware and software.
alt.sys.intergraphSupport for Intergraph machines.
alt.sys.mac.newuser-helpA forum for Macintosh users new to the internet.
alt.sys.pc-clone.acerAcer computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaqDiscussion of Compaq computers.
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq.serversTo discuss Compaq File Servers.
alt.sys.pc-clone.dellDell computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.micronA PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.packardbellFor discussion of Packard Bell Systems.
alt.sys.pdp10The trusty old PDP 10.
alt.sys.pdp11The trusty old PDP 11.
alt.sys.pdp8The trusty old PDP 8.
alt.sys.perqPERQ graphics workstations.
alt.sys.sunTechnical discussion of Sun Microsystems products.
alt.sys.unisysno description available
alt.sysadmin.recoveryGetting over the trauma of system administration. (Moderated) gang talk complete bollocks please ! to live effectively without the automobile. description available per la internacia lingvo., grandpa, grandma, grandkids. lighthearted place for discussions concerning Koreans.'s Fresh Start Club. (Moderated) of royalty and nobility. people seeking a self sufficient lifestyle. people in their twenties talk about the weather. and other winter weather phenomena.
alt.tarotYour destiny is in the cards.
alt.tastelessTruly disgusting.
alt.tasteless.jokesSometimes insulting rather than disgusting or humorous. description available stories of technical support. (Moderated) of use and setting up sci.engr instead. technologies that failed to sell. description available much of your life stored on plastic cards.
alt.teens.adviceA place for teens to get advice.
alt.teens.gayDiscussion of being a gay teenage boy
alt.teens.intelligent.insanityno description available
alt.teens.penpalsFor teens to advertise for/find penpals. NO SEX ADS!
alt.teens.poetry.and.stuffUse rec.arts.poems instead.
alt.telescopes.meadeA forum for Meade telescopes.
alt.telescopes.meade.lx200Discussion of Meade's LX200 telescope.
alt.tennisUse instead. description available
alt.testAlternative subnetwork testing.
alt.text.dwbDiscussion of the AT&T Documenter's WorkBench.
alt.thebirdThe Great Speckled Bird
alt.thebird.copwatchCopWatch collects reports of police/related
alt.thebird.hippieThe hippie forum, from the 60s to now.
alt.theosophyTeaching about God & the world based on mystic insight.
alt.thinkquestThinkQuest online scholarship competition team's forum.
alt.thought.southernDiscussions of Southern conservative political thought.
alt.timewasters.roddelGossip for the Dutch group The TimeWasters
alt.toolkits.xviewThe X windows XView toolkit.
alt.torontono description available
alt.tortureRemarkably insightful group name. toy sensation of 1998! Joe! The G.I.Joe/Action Force action figures. toy line of the 1980s. Prime is my hero. My-Little-Pony collectors, fans. robots to vehicles and back again. fan fiction stories. for Transformers toys
alt.traditional.witchcraftDiscussion of non-Pagan/Wicca based WitchCraft.
alt.transgenderedBoys will be girls, and vice-versa.
alt.travelno description available discussion of travel/tourism in Canada and discussions about Greek holidays.,advice,discussion of New Orleans ride board go to Montreal for pizza --- from Albany? on air travel to and from Scotland traveller's forum for Scotland's capital city. of air travel in the UK. description available
alt.treasure.huntingFinding lost riches.
alt.tropsnartno description available
alt.trucks.chevyno description available
alt.trucks.fordPurpose to discuss Ford trucks.
alt.true-crimeCriminal acts around the world. the fans that refuse to die of the NBC Sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun. of the TV show 7th Heaven to the 80s hit series The A-team. collectors and fans of the 80's show ALF. about ABC action-adventure series Alias description available relating to TV's Ally McBeal about "Ally McBeal" with a UK theme. television series Amazing Race about the television show American Idol Roddenberry's Andromeda syndicated series. from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spielberg's Animaniacs! of the new "The Antagonists" TV show. all incarnations of The Avengers instead. description available's everywhere. Now appearing in several alt groups. sort of science and comedy show. huh huh huh uh uh huh uh huh. of "Beverly Hills 90210" TV show. description available discussion of big brother Tv show in australia description available CBS soap opera The Bold & The Beautiful.'s the story of a lovely lady. of the FOX-TV show starring Bruce Campbell. show on WB Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. writing for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. about the carnivale tv show. about the Cartoon Network on Cable description available of cult Australian soap Prisoner Cell Block H of TV show "Charmed". discussion on the television show Clueless. description available them on the boob tube and off the net. Scene Investigation, forensic drama series. MTV cartoon, Daria. Cameron's Dark Angel series. Truth Is Stranger (SF/conspiracy). the fans that refuse to die Show Dawsons Creek. description available's Deadwood. newsgroup for the new hit TV show animated show "Dexter's Laboratory". live action animated sitcom. of the TV series "Dragnet" of the TV show, Duckman the discussion of CTV's Due South. fiction based on CTV's Due South. series "Earth: Final Conflict". on television series emergency of the television show E.R. and fanfic discussions about the TV Series "ER". discussion of the TV show Family Guy television show "Farscape" and its characters. group concerning WB TV show "Felicity".'s show, "Fifteen", etc. related to the television show. of Food Network shows and personalities. Forever Knight television programme. Grammer as Frasier. of NBC's comedy Friends. television show "Futurama". look at these wonderful prizes. description available's serio-comic mother/daughter-relationship drama. description available the Hercules TV-series of the hit tv show Heroes was only one, then a bad sequel, now a tv show. fanfiction. of the TV series and stars. TV series Home and Away. on the hit ABC sitcom Home Improvement. shotgun does an impressive job of destroying a TV. discussion of Fox TV's _House M.D._ Looocceeee, I'm ho-ome! minutes to sell you a vacuum hair cutting system. cult television show Iron Chef. description available on the TV show Joan of Arcadia Wars aka Scrapheap Challenge Kids in the Hall comedy skits. about Knight Rider. of LA Law. the weekly broadcast TV drama. Law & Order television programme. series Lexx:The Dark Zone Stories. variety. new adventures of the man from Krypton, Superman. regarding the TV Show called Lost people really love their televisions. Selleck stars as a hunky private investigator. for comedy sitcom about boy genius like a good comedy about war and dying. will kill ya. fights and sleaziness, Wednesdays on FOX. of the Chris Carter TV series 'Millennium'. all incarnations of Mission: Impossible., you robots! Down in front! group relating to the practice of MSTing.) want my MTV. Piggy on the tube."Married... With Children". So-Called Life and Operation Life Support. fans of the NAVY NCIS televsion show. Australian TV series "Neighbours". of the NBC sitcom Newsradio. first network for kids. the TV show with moss growing on it. fans of the NYPD Blue TV show. soap one life to live description available's Oz television show. of Fox's Party of Five. NBC soap opera Passions and its performers. in Rome...discuss Picket Fences. of the tv show, politically incorrect. WB's "Popular" and cast. soap port charles Powerpuff Girls cartoon show. of NBC's TV show Pretender. Prisoner television series from years ago. show "Profiler". discuss popular tv show of the MTV programme "The Real World". reality shows like survivor, big brother, etc 3-D animation. British sci-fi/comedy show. change from Lassie, eh? Rules, MTV series. Robotech animated SF TV series. he won't do windows. group is for fans of the tv show Roswell. program Sabrina The Teenage Witch. by the Bell, a sitcom for teens. fans of the SciFi Channel fans of TV/movie actor Scott Bakula. (Second City TV) & alumni discussions sea adventures in the future. funny guy. action Asian SF/Fantasy discussion, etc. "The Sentinel", a sci-fi cop show. of the show "7 Days". discussion of shaggable TV babes.'t have a cow, man! HBO series Six Feet Under.'s Sliders. stories in the Slider's show environment.'s series Smallville. Night Live, older but not better. of HBO's The Sopranos. description available Fox TV show "Space: Above And Beyond" of Space Cases and related topics Space 9. Fiction Star Trek show 'Enterprise'. Trek: The Next Generation. original Star Trek series. Star Trek universe show: Voyager. fiction sequel to Stargate SG1. Series Stargate-SG1. CBS series Survivor show. night wars on the major networks. description available about the television show The Apprentice description available by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. ABC television series. legal drama from David E. Kelley. description available!!! political drama about the US President's staff. the fans of the TV show "Thirdwatch". about the "Tiny Toon Adventures" show. appreciation and speculation. description available show called "TV Nation". childrens TV series, "Tweenies". counter terrorism drama on Fox. about the popular (and unusual) TV show. about the TV show "Veronica Mars" popular syndicated TV series "Viper". description available the TV show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'. and Grace, a comedy on NBC Sandpiper Air Frequent Flyers. series "The Wonder Years". coverup conspiracies., analysis, and critique of X-Files. (Moderated) writings for the The X-Files. of the virutal town, X-Ville. of the "Xena: Warrior Princess" TV show. of bisexual subtext of Xena TV show. not limited to Xena and Gabrielle. fiction for the show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. fiction based upon subtext in the Xena: Warrior Princess television series. Connie Dobbs clone, her tv show, and her double Xs. Soap Opera 'The Young and the Restless'. Zero Four Chat
alt.ufcno description available
alt.ufo.reportsUse alt.paranet.ufo instead. about A-level exams. description available culture. chat about the city of Edinburgh. description available county of Essex, England description available description available description available of Universities in the United Kingdom Net oldbies international discussion.
alt.ultra-conservatives.crazies-with-gunsno description available
alt.umr.student.babbleBabble and inanity from UMR students.
alt.undergroundno description available
alt.univ.collegiate.ukDiscussion of/between collegiate UK universities.
alt.unix.geeksThe playpen for hardcore Unix Geeks!
alt.unix.wizardsLike comp.unix.wizards, only unmoderated.
alt.usa.disasterAbout September 11 2001 events.
alt.usage.englishEnglish grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.usage.english.neologismno description available
alt.usage.germanQuestions and answers about the German language.
alt.usage.spanishThe Spanish language.
alt.usenet.kooksI have a theory about why we have such crazy theories.
alt.usenet.legends.duabDiscussion of Usenet personality & discussion of usenet providers.
alt.usenet.offline-readerGetting your fix offline.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agentForte, Inc.'s Agent offline readers.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modifiedModify the headers within the Forte Agent news reader.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.xananewsXanaNews discussion group
alt.usenet.recoveryUsenet junkies.
alt.usenet.surveyssurveys and questionnaires conducted via usenet
alt.uu.announceAnnouncements of Usenet University.
alt.uu.comp.miscDiscussion of the Usenet University Computer Department.
alt.uu.comp.os.linux.questionsUsenet University helps with LINUX.
alt.uu.futureDoes Usenet University have a viable future?
alt.uu.lang.esperanto.miscLearning Esperanto at the Usenet University.
alt.uu.lang.miscDiscussion of the Usenet University Language Department.
alt.uu.lang.russian.miscLearning Russian at the Usenet University.
alt.uu.math.miscLearning math at the Usenet University.
alt.uu.misc.miscMiscellaneous departments of Usenet University.
alt.uu.toolsTools useful in self-education and distance learning.
alt.uu.virtual-worlds.miscLearning about virtual worlds & virtual reality.
alt.vacation.las-vegasEverything you always wanted to know about Vegas.
alt.vampyresDiscussion of vampires and related writings, films, etc. description available description available aspects of digital TV including HDTV. of the DivX/Mpeg4 format. of Digital Video Disk hardware and software. and Creating DVDs of DVD software (Movies etc.). of the technical aspect of DVD. & DVD-RW Equipment & Media. players and selections available for them. help and discussoin group. and support for the ReplayTV. TV Receiver TIVO. description available satellite communications. of sound systems for video platform setups. of legally copied videos. group dedicated to VHS PAL format. of vcrs, and videos.
alt.videogames.neo-geono description available
alt.videos.bootlegsIllegally made tapes of commercial events.
alt.vietnam.veteransno description available concerning various Australian visas. on visas pertaining to US. IS visas. Volkswagen Beetle.
alt.waisThe Wide Area Information Service.
alt.wanadoo.forumno description available
alt.wanted.moslem.gayno description available
alt.wanted.moslem.menno description available
alt.wanted.moslem.womenno description available
alt.warNot just collateral damage.
alt.war.civil.usaDiscussion of the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865).
alt.war.mercenarytopics related to mercenaries, covert operatives
alt.war.miscDiscuss wars without a specific newsgroup.
alt.war.nuclearDiscussions and debates regarding the morality and purpose of mass-destruction arsenals in today's world.
alt.war.pow-miaDiscussion of POW-MIA issues and policy
alt.war.terrorismDiscuss the "war" on terrorism.
alt.war.vietnamDiscussion of all aspects of the Vietnam War. the great war ww1 1914-1918. future large wars. ww2 1939-1945.
alt.webhostingno description available
alt.websitesGeneral forum about all internet websites.
alt.weddingUse instead.
alt.weembaTalk & flames about the one & only Weemba.
alt.what-theno description available
alt.whatthehackAbout the hacking event WTH (What The Hack)
alt.wheel.of.timeno description available
alt.whineWhy me?
alt.whistleblowingWhistleblowing on fraud, abuse and other corruption.
alt.wholesaleno description available
alt.windowsno description available of Microsofts Windows Me of Microsofts Windows 2000 description available
alt.windows95Use* instead.
alt.windows98Booster for local server-problems concerning this group's sudden
alt.winsockWindows Sockets.
alt.winsock.ivcDisscussion of Internet Voice Chat
alt.winsock.programmingProgramming Windows Sockets.
alt.winsock.trumpetThe Trumpet newsreader.
alt.winsock.voiceFor the discussion of Winsock voice communication
alt.wiredWired Magazine.
alt.wisdomA newsgroup for sharing bits of popular and personal wisdom.
alt.witchcraftno description available
alt.wolvesDiscussing pure wolves.
alt.wolves.hybridWolf-dogs and other crosses.
alt.woodworkingGeneral newsgroup for woodworking
alt.woodworking.marketplaceMarketplace for personal woodworking items
alt.woodworking.plansWoodworking plans and projects shared-world project "Taeis".
alt.wrestling.wwfno description available
alt.writingno description available
alt.writing.fiction.horrorThe writing process
alt.writing.scamsScams and fraud in the writing industry
alt.www.affiliateInternet Affiliate Programs.
alt.www.authoringno description available
alt.www.authoring.homesiteAllaire's web editor.
alt.www.marketingno description available
alt.www.sitesWhich site is the best?
alt.www.webguildWeb Development Guilds, Web Development and Design.
alt.www.webmasterTo discuss the many issues today's webmasters face.
alt.www.webmaster.adsAds of interest to webmasters.
alt.x-files.rpgAn X-Files Roleplaying Game
alt.x.yno description available
alt.year.1976no description available
alt.yogaAll forms and aspects of yoga.
alt.yoganandano description available
alt.yowieno description available
alt.zenIt is.
alt.zinesSmall magazines, mostly noncommercial.
alt.zombieno description available
ar.adminDiscusion sobre administracion de los grupos
ar.anunciosAnuncios de interes general
ar.ciencia-ficcionSobre Ciencia Ficcion
ar.cienciasDiscusion sobre ciencias en general
ar.ciencias.astronomiaDiscusion sobre Astronomia
ar.ciencias.fisicaDiscusion sobre Fisica
ar.compTemas generales de computacion
ar.comp.windozeSobre M$Windoze
ar.configDiscusion para la creacion de grupos nuevos
ar.drogasUna pesadilla de nuestra epoca
ar.gtuaGrupo de Trabajo de Usenet Argentina
ar.jodaEste grupo realmente es para joder
ar.linuxLINUX el unico SO verdadero
ar.nuevosPara los usuarios nuevos
ar.odio-aDescargue su odio aqui
ar.personalesBusqueda de personas afines
ar.politicos.corruptosSobre los unicos que sobran en este pais
ar.pruebasLas PRUEBAS deben hacerse aqui
ar.recRecreacion y ocio en general
ar.rock-and-rollRock, rock y rock
ar.sexoEs muy obvio de que trata este grupo
at.anzeigen.arbeitsmarktStellengesuche und -angebote. (Moderated) Hard- und Software. Hard- und Software., nicht speziell PC oder Mac.
at.anzeigen.fahrzeuge.autoAngebot und Nachfrage zu PKWs und Kombis.
at.anzeigen.fahrzeuge.motorradKauf und Verkauf von motorisierten Zweiraedern.
at.anzeigen.fahrzeuge.sonstigesMarkt fuer sonstige Fahrzeuge.
at.anzeigen.kontakteSuche von Menschen. (Moderated)
at.anzeigen.mitfahrboerseAngebot und Suche von Mitfahrgelegenheiten.
at.anzeigen.sonstigesAnzeigen, die nirgendwo anders hinpassen.
at.anzeigen.telekommTelefon, Handy, Fax und Co.
at.anzeigen.veranstaltungVeranstaltungen in Oesterreich.
at.anzeigen.wohnenfuer den privaten Wohnungsmarkt.
at.freizeit.autoTechnik, Fahren, Geschichte und Zukunft von Automobilen.
at.freizeit.filmKritiken und Diskussion rund um Filme und Kinos.
at.freizeit.motorradRund ums Motorrad in Oesterreich.
at.freizeit.nonsensNonsens made in Austria.
at.freizeit.rollenspieleAbhaltung von Rollenspielen.
at.freizeit.sf.sonstigesScience Fiction aller Art.
at.freizeit.sf.startrekStar Trek in Oesterreich.
at.freizeit.sonstigesFreizeitthemen ohne eigene Newsgruppe.
at.freizeit.sportOesterreichischer Freizeit- und Profi-Sport.
at.gesellschaft.finanzenGeld, Finanzen und Anlagen in Oesterreich.
at.gesellschaft.humorSachen zum Lachen.
at.gesellschaft.kontakteAnbandeln in Oesterreich.
at.gesellschaft.politikDiskussionen ueber oesterreichische Politik.
at.gesellschaft.rechtRechtsfragen und Justiz in Oesterreich.
at.gesellschaft.sonstigesGesellschaftliche Themen in Oesterreich.
at.gesellschaft.studiumStudierende und Interessierte.
at.gesellschaft.zivildienstZivildienst in Oesterreich.
at.internet.breitbandBreitbanddienste in Oesterreich.
at.internet.providerProvider und Online-Dienste in Oesterreich.
at.internet.sonstigesInternet in Oesterreich.
at.linuxEntwicklung und Nutzung von Linux.
at.medien.fernsehenFernsehen in Oesterreich.
at.medien.radioRadio in Oesterreich.
at.medien.sonstigesAndere Medien in Oesterreich.
at.region.grazVerschiedenes aus und um Graz und Umgebung.
at.region.noeForum fuer das Bundesland Niederoesterreich.
at.sonstigesSonstige oesterreichrelevante Themen.
at.telekomm.mobilMobilkommunikation in Oesterreich.
at.telekomm.sonstigesTelekommunikation in Oesterreich.
at.telekomm.technik.isdnHilfe bei Problemen mit ISDN in Oesterreich.
at.telekomm.technik.sonstigesTelekommunikationstechnik in Oesterreich.
at.testZum Testen von Einstellungen und Newsanbindung.
at.tuwien.generalAllgemeine TU-Wien weite Diskussionen.
at.tuwien.hardwareDiskussionen ueber Computer HW an der TU-Wien.
at.tuwien.softwareDiskussionen ueber Computer SW an der TU-Wien.
at.tuwien.studentDiskussionsforum fuer die StudentInnen der TU-Wien.
at.univie.clubClub der Universitaet Wien.
at.univie.edvNicht nur fuer Mitteilungen des EDV-Zentrums.
at.univie.publizistikDiskussionen zum Publizistikstudium.
at.usenet.announceAnkuendigungen von RfDs und CfVs, sonstiges. (Moderated)
at.usenet.cancel-reportsSpam-Cancel Berichte. (Moderated)
at.usenet.einsteigerUsenet-Einsteiger fragen und erhalten Antworten.
at.usenet.gruppenMitbestimmung ueber Newsgroups der at-Hierarchie.
at.usenet.infosInformationen fuer Usenet-Einsteiger. (Moderated)
at.usenet.missbrauchFehlverhalten in der at-Hierarchie.
at.usenet.schmankerlDas Beste aus dem oesterreichischen Usenet. (Moderated)
at.usenet.sonstigesSonstige Themen zum at-Usenet.
at.verkehr.bahnBahnen in Oesterreich.
at.verkehr.sonstigesAnderer Verkehr in Oesterreich.
at.verkehr.strasseStrassenverkehr in Oesterreich.
atl.arnoAtlanta Regional Network Organization (ARNO).
atl.forsaleno description available
atl.generalItems of general interest in Atlanta, GA.
atl.housingDiscussion pertaining to housing in Atlanta, Georgia.
atl.jobsJobs in Atlanta, GA.
atl.olympicsThe Olympics in Atlanta, GA.
atl.resumesResumes in Atlanta, GA.
atl.singlesDiscussion area for greater Atlanta singles.
atl.testTesting in Atlanta, GA. advertisements. for sale (no commercial ads). & parts for sale & wanted in Australia. for new computer hardware for used or second hand, wanted and available. resumes. seeking people. wanted (no commercial ads).
aus.arts.animeJapanese animation, movies, TV shows and DVDs
aus.arts.comicsFans, writers & artists of comic books in Australia. of big-screen cinema in the home.
aus.aviationPlanes, gliders, flying, etc.
aus.aviation.airspaceAirspace Design and Management in Australia.
aus.booksAustralian discussion of books.
aus.bushwalkingBushwalking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
aus.businessAustralian Business issues
aus.carsPetrol heads. of four wheel driving.
aus.censorshipCensorship in Australia.
aus.commsDiscussion about communications in general.
aus.comms.mobileMobile communications in Australia.
aus.comms.videoconVideoconferencing - compressed video.
aus.computersMisc computer types.
aus.computers.aiAI discussions.
aus.computers.amigaDiscussions about Commodore Amiga computers.
aus.computers.cdromCD-ROM about the IBM pc & clones.
aus.computers.javaAustralian Java users.
aus.computers.linuxThe Linux operating system.
aus.computers.logic-progLogic Programming.
aus.computers.macMacintosh computers and software.
aus.computers.os2The OS/2 operating system.
aus.computers.parallelParallel computing.
aus.computers.sunSun computers and software.
aus.computers.texThe TeX typesetting system.
aus.consumersConsumer Products/Services in Australia
aus.culture.chinasoc.culture.china redistributed.
aus.culture.gothicThe Gothic subculture in Australia
aus.culture.hellenicHellenic culture in Australia.
aus.culture.lesbigayGay and bisexual life.
aus.culture.naturistFor sun lovers of Australia
aus.culture.true-blueTrue-Blue Australian culture group.
aus.culture.ultimoInner-city life.
aus.dvdDigital Versatile Disk in Australia.
aus.educationHelping educators in Australia. Technologies in Biology Teaching. Open Learning program.
aus.electronicsElectronics hobbyists and engineers.
aus.environment.conservationInformation and discussion of conservation issues.
aus.environment.miscMiscellaneous environmental issues.
aus.familyAustralian Family Discussion.
aus.filmsMovies, Cinema, TV.
aus.flameAbusive noise, posted by morons.
aus.flame.gareth-powellAustralia's favourite computer journalist.
aus.flame.usaCareful, reasoned criticism of the United States of America.
aus.foodAustralian food: its cooking and consumption!
aus.gamesDiscussions of games. game of Bridge. of Australian network gaming of role playing games.
aus.gardensGardens and gardening in Australia.
aus.generalGeneral information, announcements, etc.
aus.hi-fiHi-Fi Issues.
aus.historyAustralian history and world history from an Australian perspective
aus.investInvestment and other financial matters.
aus.jokesJokes, humour, and boring trivia.
aus.legalLegal issues. moderated Australian and New Zealand legal group. (Moderated)
aus.mathematicsMathematics teaching and research.
aus.mbioMolecular biology. quality of journalism and media in Australia.
aus.motorcyclesDiscussion of motorcycles and motorcycling.
aus.musicMusic and related issues. access. of resources available on the net. the discussion of the X.500 Directory. Relay Chat in Australia. systems, addressing, and etc. of Australian USENET news system. of all aspects of Australian Internet policy of local & international net links. Australian Computer Society. Australian Computer Society book reviews. - Association of Consulting Structural Engineers Inc - Australian Unix User Group. Web Publishers' Association, Inc. Frontiers Australia. Informatics Association of Australia related matters. Management Association of Australia related matters. System Administrators' Guild. in Australia forum for the W.A. Internet Association.
aus.personalsPersonal ads.
aus.petsAustralasian pet owners, and their pets.
aus.photoPhotography, video, etc.
aus.politicsPolitics, debates, rational(?) arguments.
aus.politics.gunsGun control in Australia techniques (packet etc) in Amateur Radio. Radio. Institute Civil Emergency Network. broadcast radio. Band radio in Australia frequency tips & tricks for monitoring in Aust. preparation for on-air professionals.
aus.railRailways and trains, both actual and model.
aus.rail.modelsModel railways and trains.
aus.rec.climbingDiscussion of climbing in Australia.
aus.religionDiscussions of, or related to, religions.
aus.religion.christianChristianity and issues relevant to Christianity
aus.religion.islamDiscussion of Islam and relevant issues
aus.religion.judaismDiscussion of matters pertinent to Australian Jewry.
aus.religion.spiritualismMediumship, guides, healing, spiritism, spirits etc.
aus.scienceDiscussion of science in Australia Defence forces - air, land and sea. Service discussions.
aus.sfAustralian discussion of SF&F literature, media, fandom.
aus.sf.babylon5The TV series _Babylon 5_. Trek_, old and new.
aus.snowWinter sports in Australia.
aus.sportGeneric discussions of sport. Rules football. of Australian cricket. of fishing in Australia sports including ultimate frisbee and disc golf. of golf as it relates to Australia sports. of pro-wrestling as it relates to Australia. League football. of sailing in Australia diving. shooting sports involving firearms. aspects of Touch Football and Touch Rugby in Australia.
aus.stats.sDiscussions of the S data analysis & graphics software.
aus.studentsGoing to school in Australia.
aus.students.overseasAustralian students abroad, students from abroad in Australia., The Universe, And Everything.
aus.testFor test messages.
aus.theatreThe theatre.
aus.transportTransportation infrastructure and vehicles.
aus.tvTelevision. of the TV show Buffy and related topics. television. Television in Australia discussion of pay television within Australia. of reality television shows as they relate to Australia of "X-Files" and related subjects.
austin.announceAnnouncements of general interest in Austin. (Moderated)
austin.autosCare and (mis)use of automobiles in Austin, TX.
austin.flameAbusive noise, posted by morons in and about Austin, TX.
austin.foodEating, cooking, and culinary delights in Austin, TX.
austin.forsaleStuff for sale in and around Austin, TX.
austin.gardeningAustin and USDA Zone 8 gardening related discussions.
austin.generalItems of general interest in Austin, TX.
austin.internetThe Internet and Internet-related issues in Austin, TX.
austin.jobsJobs available, wanted, and discussion in Austin, TX.
austin.musicAustin's greatest export. Society for Creative Anachronism in Austin, TX.
austin.personalsHow to meet someone in Austin, TX.
austin.politicsPolitics in Austin, TX.
austin.talkTalk, gossip, and chatter in Austin, TX.
austin.testUSENET testing in Austin, TX.
austin.usenet.configUSENET policy and configuration in Austin, TX.
austin.usenet.statsUSENET statistics in Austin, TX.
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop.contentno description available
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop.customer-galleryno description available
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop.customizationno description available
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop.visualizationno description available
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop.wishesAutodesk Architectural Desktop
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop2004-dtno description available
autodesk.aec.arch-desktop3-dtno description available Land Development Desktop Land Development Desktop
autodesk.arch-desktopno description available
autodesk.arch-desktop.nlno description available
autodesk.autocad.2000-2000i-2002.archiveno description available
autodesk.autocad.2004no description available
autodesk.autocad.2005no description available
autodesk.autocad.2006no description available
autodesk.autocad.2007no description available
autodesk.autocad.connectivityASE, SQL, OLE, ADE
autodesk.autocad.customer-filesFile Attachments
autodesk.autocad.customizationVisual LISP, AutoLISP and General Customization Issues
autodesk.autocad.customization.dotnetno description available
autodesk.autocad.customization.vbaVisual Basic Customization
autodesk.autocad.digitize-displayPointing-Devices and Displays
autodesk.autocad.draftingDrafting Techniques
autodesk.autocad.dynamicblocksno description available
autodesk.autocad.networkNetworking and License Management
autodesk.autocad.objectarxno description available
autodesk.autocad.print-plotPrinting and Plotting
autodesk.autocad.r12-r13-r14.archiveno description available
autodesk.autocadelectricalno description available
autodesk.autocadltno description available
autodesk.autocadmechanicalno description available
autodesk.building.systemsno description available description available
autodesk.buzzsawno description available
autodesk.buzzsaw.developerno description available
autodesk.civil3dno description available
autodesk.civil3d.customizationno description available
autodesk.civil3d.wishesno description available description available
autodesk.dwfno description available
autodesk.dwf.viewerno description available
autodesk.dwg.trueviewno description available
autodesk.expresstoolsAutoCAD Express Tools
autodesk.extensions.generalno description available
autodesk.fmno description available
autodesk.fmdesktopno description available description available
autodesk.gisdesignserver.generalno description available
autodesk.idrop.technologyno description available
autodesk.intentno description available
autodesk.inventorno description available
autodesk.inventor.customer-filesno description available
autodesk.inventor.customizationno description available description available
autodesk.locationlogic.developerno description available description available description available description available
autodesk.mapguide.developerno description available
autodesk.mapguide.generalAutodesk MapGuide
autodesk.mapguide.wishesno description available
autodesk.mechanicaldesktopno description available
autodesk.public_worksno description available
autodesk.rasterdesignno description available
autodesk.revit.apino description available
autodesk.revit.customer-galleryno description available
autodesk.revitbuildingno description available
autodesk.revitstructureno description available
autodesk.revitsystemsno description available
autodesk.streamline.supportno description available
autodesk.survey-productsno description available
autodesk.vaultno description available
autodesk.vizno description available
autodesk.viz.vizionsno description available
az.configno description available
az.forsaleno description available
az.generalno description available
az.internetno description available
az.jobsno description available
az.politicsno description available
az.swusrgrpno description available
az.teensno description available
az.testno description available
az.wantedno description available
ba.announceAnnouncements of general interest to all readers. (Moderated)
ba.artArt in and around the Bay Area.
ba.bicyclesBicycling in and around the Bay Area.
ba.broadcastBay Area TV/Radio issues.
ba.configMeta-discussion regarding the ba.* hierarchy.
ba.consumersExperiences with retail outlets in the bay area.
ba.danceDiscussion about local dance events.
ba.foodBay Area restaurants and eating places.
ba.gardensGardening, methods and results in the Bay Area.
ba.generalAnnouncements of general interest to all readers.
ba.helping-handVolunteer/Donor Action newsgroup. (Moderated)
ba.internetDiscussions about Bay Area Internet connectivity. Postings from agencies in the Bay Area. involving contract employment with agencies. involving contract employment. Postings in the Bay Area. about the job market in the Bay Area. Postings for Bay Area Jobs. Sale/Wanted: Computers and software. Sale/Rent/Wanted: Housing, land, roommates. Sale/Wanted: Miscellaneous. Sale/Wanted: Autos, cycles, trucks, etc.
ba.motorcyclesBay area motorcycle issues.
ba.motssNewsgroup for Bay Area motss'ers.
ba.mountain-folkLiving in the hills and mountains around the Bay Area.
ba.musicMusical events in the Bay Area. events in the Bay Area.
ba.personalsPersonals adds of Bay Area interest.
ba.politicsPolitical topics of interest to Bay Area readers.
ba.seminarsAnnouncements of Bay Area seminars.
ba.singlesLocal newsgroup for single people.
ba.smartvalleySmart Valley project- BA Information Infrastructure.
ba.sportsDiscussion of sports in the Bay Area.
ba.startupStartup businesses in the Bay Area. (Moderated)
ba.testTests of 'ba' distribution (Some sites autorespond).
ba.transportationDiscussion of Bay Area transit/commute/driving issues.
ba.weatherNational Weather Service updates.
basicworld.public.basicprono description available
basicworld.public.eventsno description available
basicworld.public.vb.allgemeinno description available
basicworld.public.vb.ceno description available
basicworld.public.vb.datenbankno description available
basicworld.public.vb.dotnet.betano description available
basicworld.public.vb.installationno description available
basicworld.public.vb.netzwerkno description available
basicworld.public.vb.oopno description available
basicworld.public.vb.start-developingno description available
basicworld.public.vb.toolsno description available
basicworld.public.vb.winapino description available
basicworld.public.vb.xmlno description available
basicworld.public.wildsiteno description available
bc.admin.announcebc hierarchy administrative posts. (Moderated)
bc.adslA discussion group about ADSL internet connections/services.
bc.bcnetThe British Columbian network. Columbia's Northern Capital.
bc.configbc.* hierarchy maintenance.
bc.cyclingDiscussion regarding bicycling in British Columbia, Canada
bc.generalItems of general interest in British Columbia.
bc.jobsJobs in British Columbia. news statistics in British Columbia.
bc.politicsPolitics in British Columbia.
bc.unixTalk about Unix in British Columbia.[British Columbia] Environment Canada forecasts.
bc.wirelessDiscussion on open wireless access in bc.
be.absurdAlle absurditeiten door elkaar
be.announceBelangrijke aankondigingen (Moderated)
be.artsOver de kunst(en) in Belgi
be.arts.comicsOver stripverhalen in het algemeen
be.burgerrechtenOver burgerrechten in het algemeen
be.commercialCommercile postings
be.compOver computers in het algemeen
be.comp.gamesOver computerspelletjes uitgebracht in Belgi
be.comp.hardwareDiscussies over computer hardware
be.comp.internetOver het Internet in Belgi (algemeen)
be.comp.internet.designOver het ontwerpen van websites/webpagina's
be.comp.internet.ircDiscussies over en rond Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
be.comp.networkingAlgemene discussies over netwerken
be.comp.os.linuxOver het Linux besturingssysteem
be.comp.os.unixAlgemene informatie over Unix-gebaseerde besturingssystemen
be.comp.os.windowsOver het Windows besturingssysteem
be.comp.programmingOver programmeren en het ontwerpen van software
be.comp.securityOver computerveiligheid en -onveiligheid
be.comp.sys.macOver de Macintosh computers
be.educationOver opvoeding, scholen en universiteiten in Belgi
be.filmOver films en filmvertoningen in Belgi
be.financeDiscussies omtrent financin in Belgi
be.forsaleNiet-commercile advertenties advertenties over computer hardware advertenties over computer software
be.graphicsOver grafisme en infografisme in Belgi
be.historyOver historische feiten
be.immoOver immobilin in Belgi
be.jobsOp zoek naar een werkgever of een werknemer?
be.jokesGrappen, plezier en humor
be.miscDiversen - Algemeen
be.musicOver muziek in Belgi en Belgische muziek
be.politicsOver politiek in Belgi en het buitenland
be.providersOver Belgische Internet Providers
be.providers.freenetOver het Freenet Project
be.radioOver radio en radioluisteren in Belgi
be.rec.motorcyclesOver motorfietsen en alles errond
be.rec.photographyAbout photography
be.scienceOver wetenschap en wetenschappelijk onderzoek electronica in het algemeen
be.sfOver Science Fiction in het algemeen
be.soc.handicapDiscussies over mindervaliden en gehandicapten
be.sportOver sport(beoefening) in Belgi (algemeen) basketbal in Belgi Belgische voetbal volleybal in Belgi
be.telecomOver telecommunicatie in Belgi
be.testVoor test-doeleinden
be.tvOver televisie en -programma's in Belgi
be.youthOver de Belgische jeugd
bih.altno description available
bih.alt.hackBH hakeri
bih.alt.miscRazne, alternativne teme...
bih.alt.mp3O MP3-u i o MP3 pjesmama
bih.alt.sexSex, sex i opet...
bih.comp.commRacunarske komunikacije...
bih.comp.diskusijeDiskusije o racunarima...
bih.comp.hardwareHardware racunara...
bih.comp.igreRacunarske igre i rasprave o njima...
bih.comp.linuxLinux i sve vezano za njega...
bih.comp.macMacintosh Hardware i Software...
bih.comp.miscSve ostalo vezano za racunare
bih.comp.networksRacunarske mreze
bih.comp.sigurnostSigurnost racunarskih sistema
bih.comp.softwareRacunarski programi
bih.comp.unixUNIX operativni sistem
bih.comp.windowsMS Windows-i svih vrsta
bih.internetSve vezano za Internet
bih.internet.blogno description available
bih.internet.ftpFtp serveri i informacije o njima
bih.internet.ircIRC serveri
bih.internet.miscRazne Internet teme
bih.internet.providersInternet Provideri u BiH
bih.internet.wwwDiskusije o WWW-u
bih.mag.miscRasprave o casopisima
bih.misc.grafikano description available
bih.misc.jobsPotraznja-ponuda za posao
bih.misc.oglasi.hardwareno description available
bih.misc.telefonijaTelefonija u BiH
bih.misc.telefonija.gsmMobiteli i diskusije o GSM-u
bih.misc.telefonija.isdnISDN u BiH bih grupa grupe, informacije i diskusije o njima o novim bih grupama novim korisnicima Internet Service Provider description available
bih.rec.audioZa audiofile...
bih.rec.automobiliAutomobili i automobilizam u BiH
bih.rec.biciklino description available
bih.rec.filmFilm u BiH
bih.rec.gastronomijano description available
bih.rec.humorHumor, vicevi...
bih.rec.kladjenjeno description available
bih.rec.knjigeBiH knjizevnost
bih.rec.musicMuzika i sve vezano za nju description available
bih.rec.photoZa ljubitelje fotografije
bih.rec.radiono description available description available
bih.rec.sportDiskusije o sportu description available description available
bih.rec.turizamTurizam u BiH
bih.rec.tvTelevizija, tv programi description available
bih.sciNauka u BiH
bih.sci.elektronikano description available
bih.sci.medicinaSamo ime kaze
bih.sci.miscno description available
bih.sci.psihologijaPsyho i psiholozi
bih.soc.kulturaDiskusije iz kulture
bih.soc.medijiBH mediji
bih.soc.politikaBiH politicke teme
bih.soc.religijaReligija u BiH, rasprave svih vrsta
bih.testBiH grupa za testiranje
bionet.agroforestryAgroforestry research.
bionet.announceAnnouncements of widespread interest to biologists. (Moderated)
bionet.audiologyResearch on audiology and hearing science (Moderated)
bionet.biology.cardiovascularCardiovascular research
bionet.biology.computationalComputer and mathematical applications. (Moderated)
bionet.biology.deepseaDeep-sea marine biology, oceanography & geology research (Moderated)
bionet.biology.grassesResearch into the biology of grasses.
bionet.biology.n2-fixationBiological nitrogen fixation research.
bionet.biology.symbiosisResearch in symbiosis (Moderated)
bionet.biology.tropicalResearch in tropical biology.
bionet.biology.vectorsResearch & control of arthropods which transmit disease. (Moderated)
bionet.biophysicsThe science and profession of biophysics.
bionet.celegansResearch in Caenorhabditis elegans & related nematodes (Moderated)
bionet.cellbiolCell biology research.
bionet.cellbiol.cytonetCytology research.
bionet.cellbiol.insulinBiology and chemistry of insulin and related receptors (Moderated)
bionet.chlamydomonasResearch on Chlamydomonas and other green algae (Moderated)
bionet.diagnosticsProblems and techniques in all fields of diagnostics (Moderated)
bionet.diagnostics.prenatalResearch in prenatal diagnostics
bionet.drosophilaResearch into the biology of fruit flies. (Moderated)
bionet.ecology.physiologyResearch and education in physiological ecology (Moderated)
bionet.emf-bioInteractions of EM fields with biological systems. (Moderated)
bionet.generalGeneral BIOSCI discussion.
bionet.genome.arabidopsisInformation about the Arabidopsis project (Moderated)
bionet.genome.autosequencingResearch and support on automated DNA sequencing (Moderated)
bionet.genome.chromosomesMapping/sequencing of eucaryote chromosomes. (Moderated)
bionet.genome.gene-structureGenome and chromatin structure and function (Moderated)
bionet.genomes.markersMolecular markers, microsatellites and AFLPs. (Moderated)
bionet.glycosciCarbohydrate and glycoconjugate molecules. (Moderated)
bionet.immunologyResearch in immunology. information theory. openings in the biological sciences. (Moderated) for employment in the biological sciences.
bionet.journals.letters.biotechniquesDiscussion from Biotechniques. (Moderated)
bionet.journals.noteAdvice on dealing with journals in biology.
bionet.maizeResearch on maize (Moderated)
bionet.metabolic-regKinetics and thermodynamics at the cellular level. (Moderated)
bionet.microbiologyThe science and profession of microbiology.
bionet.microbiology.biofilmsResearch on microbial biofilms (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.ageingResearch into cellular and organismal ageing. (Moderated) applications to biological databases. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.embldatabankInfo about the EMBL Nucleic acid database. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.evolutionDiscussions about research in molecular evolution (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.gdbMessages to and from the GDB database staff. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.genbankInfo about the GenBank Nucleic acid database. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.gene-linkageResearch into genetic linkage analysis. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.genearraysGene array & micro array technology. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.genome-programThe International Human Genome Project (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.hivResearch into the molecular biology of HIV.
bionet.molbio.methds-reagntsRequests for information and lab reagents.
bionet.molbio.molluscsResearch on mollusc DNA. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.proteinsResearch on proteins and protein databases.
bionet.molbio.proteins.7tms_rResearch on G-protein coupled receptor systems (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.proteins.fluorescentFluorescent proteins and bioluminescence
bionet.molbio.rapdResearch on Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA.
bionet.molbio.recombinationResearch on the recombination of DNA or RNA (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.yeastMolecular Biology and Genetics of Yeast (Moderated)
bionet.molec-modelPhysical and chemical aspects of molecular modelling. radicals in biology and medicine. (Moderated)
bionet.molecules.p450Research on cytochrome P450
bionet.molecules.peptidesResearch involving peptides (Moderated)
bionet.molecules.repertoiresGeneration and use of libraries of molecules. (Moderated)
bionet.mycologyResearch on mycology (Moderated)
bionet.neuroscienceResearch issues in the neurosciences.
bionet.neuroscience.amyloidAlzheimer's disease & related disorders (Moderated)
bionet.organisms.pseudomonasResearch on the genus Pseudomonas.
bionet.organisms.schistosomaDiscussions about Schistosoma research (Moderated)
bionet.organisms.urodelesResearch on urodele amphibians. (Moderated)
bionet.organisms.zebrafishResearch on Zebrafish (Daniorerio) (Moderated)
bionet.parasitologyResearch into parasitology. (Moderated)
bionet.photosynthesisResearch into photosynthesis. (Moderated)
bionet.plantsResearch into plant biology.
bionet.plants.educationEducation issues in plant biology. (Moderated)
bionet.plants.signaltransducResearch on plant signal transduction (Moderated)
bionet.population-bioPopulation biology research. Federation for Clinical Research (Moderated) Institute of Biological Sciences. (Moderated) Society announcements. (Moderated) Society of Microbiologists announcements. (Moderated) American Vascular Biology Organization. (Moderated)
bionet.protistaDiscussion on protists (protozoa, algae, zoosporic fungi) (Moderated)
bionet.softwareInformation about software for biology. (Moderated) by users of genome DBs using ACEDB. (Moderated) about using the GCG software. Retrieval System (SRS) software. (Moderated) Staden molecular sequence analysis software. (Moderated) resources for biologists. (Moderated) software for 3D macromolecular structure determination
bionet.structural-nmrStructural NMR of Macromolecules (Moderated)
bionet.toxicologyResearch in toxicology (Moderated)
bionet.users.addressesWho's who in Biology. (Moderated)
bionet.virologyResearch into virology. (Moderated)
bionet.women-in-bioDiscussion of issues related to women in biology (Moderated)
bionet.xtallographyResearch into protein crystallography. (Moderated)
bit.adminbit.* newgroups discussions.
bit.generalDiscussions relating to BitNet/Usenet.
bit.listproc.stockphotoStock Photography Industry (Moderat
bit.listserv.allmusicDiscussions on all forms of Music.
bit.listserv.amigos-unipDiscussion of Universidade Paulista.
bit.listserv.autismAutism List
bit.listserv.banyan-lBanyan Vines Network Software Discussions.
bit.listserv.blues-lBlues Music List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.calc-tiTexas Instruments Gra
bit.listserv.candle-lCandle Products Discussion List.
bit.listserv.catalaCatalan Discussion List.
bit.listserv.christiaPractical Christian Life.
bit.listserv.cics-lCICS Discussion List.
bit.listserv.cinema-lDiscussions on all forms of Cinema.
bit.listserv.cloaks-daggersStudy of Intelligence (Modera
bit.listserv.cocoTandy Color Computer List.
bit.listserv.db2-lDB2 Data Base Discussion List.
bit.listserv.deaf-lDeaf List.
bit.listserv.down-synDowns Syndrome Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.dsshe-lDisabled Student Services in Higher Education.
bit.listserv.edtechEDTECH - Educational Technology. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.gaynetGayNet Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.geodesicList for the Discussion of Buckminster Fuller.
bit.listserv.geographGeography List.
bit.listserv.hellasThe Hellenic Discussion List. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.hungaryHungarian Discussion List. Mainframe Discussion List.
bit.listserv.ibmtcp-lIBM TCP/IP List.
bit.listserv.idms-lCA-IDMS Discussions.
bit.listserv.ispf-lISPF Discussion Group.
bit.listserv.mla-lMusic Library Association. Poster List. Discussion List. - New List Announcements. (Moderated)
bit.listserv.openbsd-pfDiscussion of OpenBSD Packet Filter.
bit.listserv.qualrs-lQualitative Research of the Human Sciences.
bit.listserv.sganetStudent Government Global Mail Network.
bit.listserv.skepticDiscussion of Extraor
bit.listserv.slovak-lSlovak Discussion List.
bit.listserv.snurse-lInternational Nursing Student Group.
bit.listserv.sqlinfoForum for SQL/DS and Related Topics.
bit.listserv.techwr-lTechnical Writers.
bit.listserv.toolb-lAsymetrix Toolbook List.
bit.listserv.transplantTransplant Recipients List. Discussions.
bit.listserv.tsorexxREXX for TSO List.
bit.listserv.umich.cssaDiscussion of CSSA and related items.
bit.listserv.vbtrainVisual Basic to create e-learning.
bit.listserv.vse-lIBM VSE/ESA Discussion List. Care World. Technology and Africa.
biz.books.technicalTechnical Books - Offers & Requirements (Moderated)
biz.caucusBusiness Related Political Discussions (Moderated)
biz.clarinetAnnouncements about ClariNet. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.sampleSamples of ClariNet newsgroups. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.web.sampleSample ClariNet news in HTML format. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.web.xcache.largeLarge images used in .web.sample. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.web.xcache.smallSmall images used in .web.sample. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.bizBusiness from the ClariNet e.News. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.livingLifestyle and Entertainment. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.sportsSports from the ClariNet e.News. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.techwireComputers, Science, and Technology. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.topTop News from the ClariNet e.News. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.usaNews of the U.S.A. from the e.News. (Moderated)
biz.clarinet.webnews.worldWorld News from the e.News. (Moderated)
biz.comp.accountingDialogue: Accounting Software & Procedures (Moderated)
biz.comp.mcsMacro Computer Solutions, Inc. news and information (Moderated)
biz.comp.telebitSupport of the Telebit modem.
biz.comp.telebit.netblazerThe Telebit Netblazer.
biz.configBiz Usenet hierarchy configuration and administration.
biz.controlBiz hierarchy control information and messages.
biz.digex.announceAnnouncements from Digex. (Moderated) Equipment Corp News & Announcements (Moderated) Newsletter, Catalog, & Journal Articles (Moderated)
biz.ecommerceInternet retailer forum (Moderated)
biz.generalDialogue: business operations and offerings. (Moderated)
biz.healthcareDiscussion for healthcare professionals (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.discussionComputer Market Forum (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.macMacintosh Hardware and Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.otherOther computer Hardware/Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.pc-clonePC-Clone Hardware/Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.computers.workstationWorkstation Hdw/Software (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.discussionbiz.marketplace Issues Forum (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.internationalIntl import-export. (Moderated) import-export.d (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.investorsInvestment and Stocks Forum (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.non-computerNon-Computer Merchandising (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.real-estateReal Estate Investment Forum (Moderated) services postings (Moderated) Services Forum (Moderated) Offered/Wanted (Moderated)
biz.marketplace.web-designWeb Page Designer Forum (Moderated)
biz.oreilly.announceNew offerings from O'Reilly and Associates. (Moderated)
biz.pagesatFor discussion of the Pagesat Satellite Usenet Newsfeed
biz.pagesat.weatherPagesat Satellite Weather Postings.
biz.stolenPostings about stolen merchandise. (Moderated)
biz.tadpole.sparcbookDiscussions on the Sparcbook portable computer.
biz.testBiz newsgroup test messages.
bln.announce.fubMitteilungen betreffend Freie Universitaet. (Moderated)
bln.announce.fub.dDiskussionen ueber Belange der FU und Artikel in bln.announce.fub.
bln.announce.fub.publizistikInstitut fuer Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft.
bln.announce.fub.zedatMitteilungen des Rechenzentrums der Freien Universitaet. (Moderated)
bln.announce.fub.zedat.dDiskussionen ueber Belange der ZEDAT und Postings in bln.announce.fub.zedat.
bln.announce.tub.csAnkuendigungen des FB Informatik der TU. (Moderated)
bln.announce.tub.cs.dDiskussionen ueber Postings in bln.announce.tub.cs.
bln.announce.tub.cs.studiumInformatikstudium an der TU-Berlin.
bln.announce.tub.mathAnkuendigungen des FB Mathematik der TU. (Moderated)
bln.announce.tub.zrzMitteilungen betreffend die ZRZ der TU. (Moderated)
bln.announce.tub.zrz.dDiskussionen ueber Belange der ZRZ der TU.
bln.comp.miscsonstige computertechnische Themen.
bln.comp.pcDOS, Windows Diskussionen, Hardware usw.
bln.freizeit.essenRezepte, Bezugsquellen, Gaststaetten.
bln.humorWitze, Gags, Raetsel.
bln.jugend.kontakteKontakte knuepfen und halten.
bln.jugend.reisenAustausch, Reisen und Begegnungen.
bln.jugend.schuleBerliner Schule und allem drumherum.
bln.jugend.talkJugendliche talken ueber sich und die Welt.
bln.kulturKultur / Veranstaltungen.
bln.kultur.tuerkischInformationsaustausch tuerkisch sprechender Usenetnutzer. Informatik fuer E-Techniker. Informatik 1 an der TU Berlin. Informatik 2 an der TU Berlin. Informatik 3 an der TU Berlin. Informatik 4 an der TU Berlin.
bln.marktVerkaufsangebote und -gesuche in Berlin und Umgebung.
bln.markt.arbeitStellenangebote und -gesuche in Berlin und Umgebung.
bln.medienRund um die Berliner Medienlandschaft.
bln.miscallgemeine Berliner Themen. und Newslinks. - UUCP, NNTP, News usw.
bln.politikPolitik in Berlin.
bln.politik.rassismusInfos, Texte und Termine zum Thema Rassismus.
bln.termineVeranstaltungstermine - Wissenschaft, Kultur usw.
bln.testTestgruppe - Achtung: Reflektoren.
bln.verkehrVerkehrswesen in Berlin und im Umland.
bne.forsaleItems for sale (no commercial ads).
bne.generalGeneral discussion, announcements etc.
bne.jokesJokes, humour and boring trivia.
bne.seminarAnnouncements of educational events in Queensland.
bne.testFor all test articles.
bne.wantedItems wanted (no commercial ads).
borland.public.announceno description available
borland.public.bdeno description available
borland.public.bdn.codecentralno description available
borland.public.bdn.qualitycentralno description available
borland.public.bdn.websiteno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.console-ddeditorno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.ejbno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.ejb-cmpno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.embeddedno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.install-examplesno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.jbuilderno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.messagingno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.namingno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.otherno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.performance-clusteringno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.securityno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.servlet-jsp-tomcatno description available
borland.public.bes.appserver.transactions-jdbc-connectorsno description available
borland.public.bes.visibrokerno description available
borland.public.bes.webno description available
borland.public.caliber-rm.generalno description available
borland.public.caliber-rm.sdkno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.announceno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.compilersno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.corbano description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.database.dbexpressno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.database.sqlserversno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.debuggersno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.deploymentno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.documentationno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.ideno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.internationalizationno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.jobsno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.language.cno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.language.cppno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.migrationno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.mobileno description available description available description available description available description available description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.opentoolsapino description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.platforms.linuxno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.platforms.otherno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.platforms.solarisno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.platforms.windowsno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.preview.compilerno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.preview.designerno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.preview.wxno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.projectmanagementno description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.studentsno description available description available
borland.public.cbuilderx.thirdpartytoolsno description available
borland.public.codewrightno description available
borland.public.conferenceno description available
borland.public.conference-auno description available
borland.public.corbano description available
borland.public.cpp.announceno description available
borland.public.cpp.borlandcppno description available
borland.public.cpp.ideno description available
borland.public.cpp.owlno description available
borland.public.cpp.turbocppno description available
borland.public.cpp.turbodebuggerno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.activexno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.announceno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.clx.components.usingno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.clx.components.writingno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.commandlinetoolsno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.database.adono description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.database.dbexpressno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.database.interbaseexpressno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.deploymentno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.documentationno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.graphicsno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.ideno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.internationalizationno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.internet.socketno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.internet.webno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.jobsno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.language.basmno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.language.cppno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.migrationno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.ms_compatibilityno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.multimediano description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.nativeapino description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.oodesignno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.opentoolsapino description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.rtlno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.studentsno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.thirdpartytoolsno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.upgradeno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.vcl.components.usingno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.vcl.components.writingno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.webservices.soapno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.webservices.uddino description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.webservices.wsdlno description available
borland.public.cppbuilder.xmlno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.adodotnet.bdpno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.adodotnet.discussionno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.alm.defineno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.alm.sourcecontrolno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.announceno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.aspdotnet.components.usingno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.aspdotnet.components.writingno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.aspdotnet.generalno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.cilno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.clrno description available description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.compilerno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.deploymentno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.documentationno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.graphicsno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.ide.debuggerno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.ide.designerno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.ide.editorno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.ide.generalno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.ide.htmldesignerno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.ide.opentoolsapino description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.internationalizationno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.janevano description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.jobsno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.language.csharpno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.language.vbdotnetno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.modeldrivenarchitecture.econo description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.modeldrivenarchitecture.thirdpartyno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.modeldrivenarchitecture.visualizationno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.modeldrivenarchitecture.xmino description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.multimediano description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.oodesignno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.studentsno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.thirdparty.componentoneno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.thirdparty.generalno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.thirdparty.wiseowlno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.vs-interoperabilityno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.webservicesno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.winforms.controls.usingno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.winforms.controls.writingno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.winforms.generalno description available
borland.public.csharpbuilder.xmlno description available
borland.public.datasnapno description available
borland.public.delphi.activex.controls.usingno description available
borland.public.delphi.activex.controls.writingno description available
borland.public.delphi.announceno description available
borland.public.delphi.as400no description available
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borland.public.delphi.aspdotnet.components.writingno description available
borland.public.delphi.aspdotnet.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.aspdotnet.ideno description available
borland.public.delphi.aspnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.clx.components.usingno description available
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borland.public.delphi.commandlinetoolsno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.adono description available
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borland.public.delphi.database.bdpno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.dbexpressno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.desktopno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.dotnetno description available
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borland.public.delphi.database.interbaseexpressno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.multi-tierno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.sqlserversno description available
borland.public.delphi.database.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.deploymentno description available
borland.public.delphi.documentationno description available
borland.public.delphi.dotnetPreviewno description available
borland.public.delphi.graphicsno description available
borland.public.delphi.ideno description available
borland.public.delphi.ide.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.ide.htmldesignerno description available
borland.public.delphi.internationalizationno description available
borland.public.delphi.internationalization.dotnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.internationalization.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.internationalization.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.internet.isapi-webbrokerno description available
borland.public.delphi.internet.websnapno description available
borland.public.delphi.internet.winsockno description available
borland.public.delphi.jobsno description available
borland.public.delphi.language.basmno description available
borland.public.delphi.language.delphi.dotnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.language.delphi.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.language.delphi.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.language.objectpascalno description available
borland.public.delphi.migrationno description available
borland.public.delphi.modeldrivenarchitecture.econo description available
borland.public.delphi.modeldrivenarchitecture.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.modeldrivenarchitecture.thirdpartyno description available
borland.public.delphi.multimediano description available
borland.public.delphi.nativeapino description available
borland.public.delphi.nativeapi.clrno description available
borland.public.delphi.nativeapi.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.netpreview.aspnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.netpreview.clrno description available
borland.public.delphi.netpreview.compilerno description available
borland.public.delphi.netpreview.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.delphi.netpreview.rtlno description available
borland.public.delphi.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.delphi.oleautomationno description available
borland.public.delphi.oodesignno description available
borland.public.delphi.opentoolsapino description available
borland.public.delphi.reporting-chartingno description available
borland.public.delphi.rtlno description available
borland.public.delphi.rtl.dotnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.rtl.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.rtl.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.studentsno description available
borland.public.delphi.teamsourceno description available
borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.intrawebno description available
borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.modelmakerno description available
borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.ravereportsno description available
borland.public.delphi.upgradeno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.usingno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.using.dotnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.using.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.using.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.writingno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.writing.dotnetno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.writing.generalno description available
borland.public.delphi.vcl.components.writing.win32no description available
borland.public.delphi.visibrokerno description available
borland.public.delphi.webservices.soapno description available
borland.public.delphi.webservices.uddino description available
borland.public.delphi.webservices.wsdlno description available
borland.public.delphi.winforms.controls.usingno description available
borland.public.delphi.winforms.controls.writingno description available
borland.public.delphi.xmlno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.databaseno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.debuggerno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.deploymentno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.documentationno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.ideno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.language.phpno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.thirdpartytoolsno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.vclforphp.components.usingno description available
borland.public.delphiphp.vclforphp.components.writingno description available
borland.public.install.bcppno description available
borland.public.install.caliber-rmno description available
borland.public.install.cbuilderxno description available
borland.public.install.cppbuilderno description available
borland.public.install.csharpbuilderno description available
borland.public.install.delphino description available
borland.public.install.delphiphpno description available
borland.public.install.interbaseno description available
borland.public.install.jbuilderno description available
borland.public.install.jdatastoreno description available
borland.public.install.kylixno description available
borland.public.install.optimizeitno description available
borland.public.install.starteamno description available
borland.public.install.togetherno description available
borland.public.interbase.bugdiscussionno description available
borland.public.interbase.generalno description available
borland.public.interbase.ibconsoleno description available
borland.public.interbase.interclientno description available
borland.public.interbase.opensourceno description available
borland.public.interbase.replicationno description available
borland.public.interbase.sqlno description available
borland.public.interbase.thirdpartyno description available
borland.public.janevano description available
borland.public.jbuilder.announceno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.applet-issuesno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.as400no description available
borland.public.jbuilder.compilerno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.corba-rmino description available
borland.public.jbuilder.databaseno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.dbswingno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.debuggerno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.deploymentno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.documentationno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.ejbno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.ideno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.optimizeit.codecoverageno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.optimizeit.profilerno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.optimizeit.requestanalyzerno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.optimizeit.threaddebuggerno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.p2pno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.project-migrationno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.projectassistno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.eclipse.teaminsightno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.enterpriseno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.handheldno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.ideno description available description available description available description available
borland.public.jbuilder.javabeans.usingno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.javabeans.writingno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.jbclno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.jobsno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.linuxno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.macintoshno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.micro.mobilesetno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.multi-lingual-appsno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.opentoolsno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.servlets-jspno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.studentsno description available description available
borland.public.jbuilder.thirdpartytoolsno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.upgradeno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.webservicesno description available
borland.public.jbuilder.xmlno description available
borland.public.jdatastoreno description available
borland.public.kylix.announceno description available
borland.public.kylix.clx.components.usingno description available
borland.public.kylix.clx.components.writingno description available
borland.public.kylix.commandlinetoolsno description available
borland.public.kylix.database.dbexpressno description available
borland.public.kylix.database.desktopno description available
borland.public.kylix.database.interbaseexpressno description available
borland.public.kylix.database.multi-tierno description available
borland.public.kylix.database.sqlserversno description available
borland.public.kylix.deploymentno description available
borland.public.kylix.distros-compatibilityno description available
borland.public.kylix.documentationno description available
borland.public.kylix.graphicsno description available
borland.public.kylix.ideno description available
borland.public.kylix.internationalizationno description available
borland.public.kylix.internet.socketsno description available
borland.public.kylix.internet.webno description available
borland.public.kylix.jobsno description available
borland.public.kylix.language.basmno description available
borland.public.kylix.language.cppno description available
borland.public.kylix.language.objectpascalno description available
borland.public.kylix.linuxapino description available
borland.public.kylix.marketingno description available
borland.public.kylix.migrationno description available
borland.public.kylix.multimediano description available
borland.public.kylix.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.kylix.oodesignno description available
borland.public.kylix.opensourceno description available
borland.public.kylix.opentoolsapino description available
borland.public.kylix.rtlno description available
borland.public.kylix.studentsno description available
borland.public.kylix.thirdpartytoolsno description available
borland.public.kylix.upgradeno description available
borland.public.kylix.webservices.soapno description available
borland.public.kylix.webservices.uddino description available
borland.public.kylix.webservices.wsdlno description available
borland.public.kylix.xmlno description available description available
borland.public.optimizeit.generalno description available
borland.public.optimizeit.integrationno description available description available
borland.public.optimizeit.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.optimizeit.servertraceno description available
borland.public.starteam.generalno description available
borland.public.starteam.sdkno description available
borland.public.tasmno description available
borland.public.teamsourceno description available
borland.public.testno description available
borland.public.together.auditsandmetricsno description available
borland.public.together.documentationno description available
borland.public.together.edition.controlcenterno description available
borland.public.together.edition.eclipseno description available
borland.public.together.edition.jbuilderno description available
borland.public.together.edition.msvisualstudiono description available
borland.public.together.edition.sapnetweaverno description available
borland.public.together.edition.solono description available
borland.public.together.edition.websphereno description available
borland.public.together.integrationsno description available
borland.public.together.j2eeno description available
borland.public.together.modelingno description available
borland.public.together.non-technicalno description available
borland.public.together.patternsno description available
borland.public.turbopascalno description available
borland.public.uidesignno description available
boulder.adsItems for sale and rooms to let by Boulder residents.
boulder.generalDiscussion by residents of or about Boulder, Co.
boulder.pkDiscussions about The Promise Keepers.
brasil.anunciosGeneral announcements of interest to all.
brasil.cienciano description available
brasil.ciencia.capesno description available
brasil.ciencia.cnpqThe CNPQ, an NSF like organization.
brasil.ciencia.computacaoDiscusion of computation.
brasil.ciencia.matematicaDiscussions of mathematics.
brasil.computacaono description available
brasil.computacao.paralelaParallel Computing
brasil.ecologiaDiscussion concerning the environment & ecology.
brasil.esportes.formula1Discussions about Formula/1 racing
brasil.esportes.futebolDiscussions about soccer/football.
brasil.esportes.voleibolDiscussions about volleyball.
brasil.geralUnmoderated general discussion group.
brasil.noticiasbrasil noticias
brasil.politicaDiscussion of Brazilian and World Politics.
brasil.testeTest group for the brasil hierarchy.
brasil.unixDiscussions of UNIX* and UNIX* like OSs.
braunschweig.crosspostingInteressantes aus anderen Foren.
braunschweig.kaufrauschSuche und Biete in Braunschweig und Umgebung.
braunschweig.kommerziellesAngebote von hiesiegen Firmen.
braunschweig.listen_plaeneEinmalige und regelmaessige Informationen.
braunschweig.netgameno description available
braunschweig.newfilesWas die Mailboxen so bieten.
braunschweig.os2no description available
braunschweig.politischesPolitische Themen.
braunschweig.sysopsHick/Hack zwischen den Sysops.
braunschweig.testno description available
bremnet.aktuellesBremNet: Aktuelles fuer Alle, Bremen live...
bremnet.bremersceneBremNet: Veranstaltungen in Bremen
bremnet.flirtBremNet: Flirten im BremNet
bremnet.hexenBremNet: Frauenthemen
bremnet.infopoolBremNet: Hier werden automatisch die letzten Meldungen gepostet. (read only)
bremnet.jobsBremNet: Stellenangebote und Stellengesuche
bremnet.linuxBremNet: Die Bremer Linuxgrupps, Linux im Bremnet!
bremnet.mailboxwerbungBremNet: Regionale Mailboxwerbung (read only)
bremnet.musikBremNet: Diskussion, Musik, Yuppiesongs
bremnet.politikBremNet: Politische Themen
bremnet.secondhandBremNet: private An- und Verkauf, regional
bremnet.shoppingBremNet: Kommerzielle Anbieter (read only)
bremnet.userdreckBremNet: Beschimpfungen nonstop, User gegen User!
bremnet.userhilfeBremNet: Hilfe fuer jeden User (Nicht nur Computer)
bremnet.usertreffenBremNet: Regionale Usertreffen
ca.answersAll the answers for California. (Moderated)
ca.drivingCalifornia freeways and backroads.
ca.earthquakesWhat's shakin' in California.
ca.environmentEnvironmental concerns in California.
ca.forsaleThings for sale in California.
ca.generalOf general interest to readers in Calfornia only.
ca.newsUSENET status and usage in California. or proposed newsgroups for ca.* (California).
ca.politicsPolitical topics of interest to California readers only.
ca.seminarsSeminars in California.
ca.testTests of 'ca' (California) distribution articles.
ca.unixUnix discussion/help in California.
ca.usenetDiscussion of Usenet/news administration in California.
ca.wantedFor Sale/Wanted postings throughout California.
ca.waterInfo on California water & Internet issues.
cakewalk.audiono description available
cakewalk.beginnersno description available
cakewalk.coffeehouseno description available
cakewalk.generalno description available
calgary.announceno description available
calgary.forsaleForsale group for people in Calgary, AB, Canada.
calgary.generalno description available
calgary.testno description available
cam.announceLocal events announciation for Cambridge, UK
cam.miscOther topics related to Cambridge, UK
cam.sugCambridge Sun Users Group
cam.transporttransport related matters
can.arts.sfCanadian Speculative Fiction.
can.atlantic.bizCommercial postings withing Atlantic Canada.
can.atlantic.forsalePersonal items for sale or wanted within Atlantic Canada.
can.atlantic.generalGeneral discussions within Atlantic Canada.
can.aviation.miscGeneral Aviation in Canada.
can.aviation.rgsAir Cadet Gliding Program, news and views in Canada
can.canet.statsUSENET statistics from major CA*Net NNTP sites. agency discussions in Canada. net commerce discussions in Canada. by/about/within the Asian-Canadian Community about military-community life.
can.configManaging the Canadian can.* newsgroups.
can.consumersConsumer interests, product reviews etc. in Canada.
can.domainCA-DOM discussion and announcements.
can.englishAbout the English-speaking population (in English).
can.forsaleno description available
can.francaisAbout the Francophone population (in French).
can.generalItems of general interest to Canadians.
can.internet.highspeedConsumer highspeed Internet access.
can.jobsJobs in Canada. jobs in Canada. (Moderated)
can.legalCanadian law and legal matters. issues in Canada. radio broadcasting discussions.
can.military-bratsBy and about current and former dependents of the Canadian Military
can.motssGay/lesbian/bi issues in Canada.
can.newprodNew products/services of interest to Canadian readers. Information Processing Society. Canadian organizations.
can.politicsCanadian politics.
can.rec.boatingDiscussions on recreational boating.
can.rec.fishingDiscussions on recreational fishing.
can.rec.huntingAdvocacy group for discussing hunting and trapping in Canada.
can.rec.motorcyclesRecreational motorcycling and related topics in Canada.
can.schoolnet.arts.dramaDrama studies in elementary/secondary schools.
can.schoolnet.arts.musicMusic studies in elementary/secondary schools.
can.schoolnet.biomed.jrSchoolNet Biology and Medecine for elementary students.
can.schoolnet.biomed.srSchoolNet Biology and Medecine for high school students. talk by elementary echool SchoolNet students. talk by high school SchoolNet students. talk by SchoolNet teachers.
can.schoolnet.chem.jrSchoolNet Chemistry for elementary students.
can.schoolnet.chem.srSchoolNet Chemistry for high school students.
can.schoolnet.comp.jrSchoolNet Computer Science for elementary students.
can.schoolnet.comp.srSchoolNet Computer Science for high school students.
can.schoolnet.eng.jrSchoolNet Engineering for elementary students.
can.schoolnet.englishEnglish elementary/secondary schools curriculum.
can.schoolnet.firefightersProfession of firefighting and fire prevention.
can.schoolnet.math.jrSchoolNet Mathematics for elementary students.
can.schoolnet.math.srSchoolNet Mathematics for high school students.
can.schoolnet.projects.callsSchoolNet CFPs, project announcements.
can.schoolnet.projects.discussSchoolNet project discussion.
can.scout-guideno description available
can.sun-strokeSun Microsystems Users in Canada. about Canadian English or French, depending. about Canadian gun owners, non-owners, and laws. about/from Canadian smokers.
can.taxesDiscussion of how to pay or not pay taxes in Canada.
can.testTesting USENET in Canada. student issues in Canada
can.usrgroupUnix user group information in Canada.
can.uucpCanadian uucp problems.
can.uucp.mapsCanadian UUCP maps are posted here. (Moderated)
canb.announceno description available
canb.forsaleFor sale or wanted in Canberra, Australia.
canb.generalMiscellaneous topics related to Canberra, Australia.
canb.politicsPolitics in Canberra, Australia.
canb.testTest group for the canb.* hierarchy.
cern.afsAndrew File System at CERN
cern.aix6000CERN news on IBM R6000 workstations
cern.alphaDiscussion list on OpenVMS and OSF/1 Alpha machines
cern.apInformation on AP
cern.asApplication Software
cern.asisApplication Software Installation Server.
cern.astronomy-clubCERN Astronomy Club.
cern.atariNew software selection, descriptions
cern.autocadInformation on modifications to the AutoCAD user interface (Moderated)
cern.basketThe CERN basketball team news
cern.c++Discussions and announcements about c++
cern.caseatCASE for Accelerator and Technical Applications
cern.cernCERN Users' office (Moderated)
cern.cernmppParallel Processing activity at CERN
cern.cernspNews oriented towards the users of CERNSP (SP2).
cern.childrenChild care, Nursery, Transport, Help
cern.cmcCERN Micro Club
cern.cmzCode Management using Zebra
cern.commCERN communication issues
cern.computingImportant infos concerning Computing at CERN in General (Moderated)
cern.coopinCOOPIN News system (Moderated)
cern.cplearInformation on CPLEAR
cern.cseComputing Support for Engineering at CERN
cern.csfCentral Simulation Facility
cern.dazixDazix-related issues
cern.delrichDELphi combined RICH detector
cern.dsimconfConferencing for DELPHI simulation
cern.dspDiscussions and announcements about digital-signal processors.
cern.dxplusNews on the DIGITAL Public Login Unix Service.
cern.elcutNotes de Coupure Electricite
cern.elpoolNews from the Research Sector Electronics Pool
cern.equipmentEquipment for sale inside CERN
cern.estEST division news (Moderated)
cern.factorylinkForum to exchange ideas and folklore about this product.
cern.fieldbus.canCANbus, CAN application layer protocols,projects, problems at CERN.
cern.fieldbus.profibusProfibus fieldbus, projects, problems at CERN.
cern.fieldbus.worldfipWorldFIP fieldbus, Projects, Problems and Contacts at CERN.
cern.footCERN Forum for Object-Oriented Technology.
cern.gatti.questionsForum Association sur l'exposition Gatti (Moderated)
cern.geantGEANT discussion list
cern.generalInformation of general interest.
cern.h1cernInformation on H1CERN
cern.hepdataGeneral news about the Durham-RAL database programme
cern.hepdbHEPDB discussion list
cern.heplibHEPLIB Discussion Group
cern.hepmixJoint discussion list for HEPVM and HEP(UN)IX
cern.hepvmHEPVMx discussion list
cern.hpCERN news on Hewlett-Packard computers
cern.hpplusNews on the HP Public Login Unix Service
cern.itIT Divisional forum for open exchange of ideas
cern.javaDiscussions on Java at CERN
cern.labviewLabview mailing list gated into local group
cern.lepLEP Operation
cern.lfatmenLFATMEN discussion list
cern.lhcstudyInformation on LHCSTUDY
cern.lhcwgInformation on LHCWG
cern.linuxCERN Linux Users Queries and Answers.
cern.lynxPostings about LynxOS
cern.macCERN news on Apple computers
cern.madMethodic Accelerator Design program
cern.mailElectronic mail at CERN
cern.marketItems for sale
cern.matlabMATLAB at CERN - User Forum
cern.misInformation on MIS
cern.na34Information on NA34
cern.na44NA44 News system
cern.na49.softwareNA49 software connections from home to CERN.
cern.newmassStrangelet search using TOF
cern.niceDiscussion of Novell and support of the PC/Windows environment (Moderated)
cern.nice.infoGeneral information about the NICE service at CERN (Moderated)
cern.nice.supportNICE Support Newsgroup and Frequently Asked Questions.
cern.nice2000Discussion and support of the PC/Windows 2000 environment (Moderated)
cern.nomadNeutrino Oscillation MAgnetic Detector (WA96)
cern.nomad.daqData Acquisition system for NOMAD
cern.objectivityGeneral announcements concerning Objectivity at CERN.
cern.onlineLiaison meetings of ONLINE
cern.oracleORACLE News system (Moderated)
cern.os9CERN news on the os9 OS
cern.osfForum for users of OSF software
cern.parcCERN news on PaRC Cluster.
cern.peruabout science in Peru
cern.plc.schneiderProgrammable Logic controller from Schneider.
cern.plc.siemensProgrammable Logic controller from SIEMENS.
cern.printingPrinting at CERN
cern.psPS News system (Moderated) on modifications performed on the PS control system.
cern.pvssLHC supervisory controls and data acquisition product
cern.radioAmateur Radio Club
cern.rootNews group discussing all aspects of the ROOT data analysis system.
cern.rstbReadout System Test Bench news
cern.sciSCalable Interface news (Moderated) about UNIX security at CERN.
cern.sgiGeneral news on Silicon Graphics Workstations at CERN.
cern.shiftScalable Heterogeneous Integrated FaciliTy.
cern.skiclubLatest infos about the Ski Club's activities and outings
cern.slSPS/LEP division and LEP control system modifications, upgrades, problems etc.
cern.slapNews for CERN, SL Division, Accelerator Physics Group.
cern.softballSoftball club news.
cern.spain.debateDebate in the Spanish community of CERN
cern.spsInformation on SPS
cern.sscSuperconducting Super Collider newsletter
cern.staffStaff Association / Association du Personnel
cern.studentSocial life at CERN (students, fellows and everybody else)
cern.sunCERN news on SUN computers
cern.talkCERN chatterbox
cern.telecomInformation on external services and networks (Moderated)
cern.testTest group
cern.test.modTest group (Moderated)
cern.testnewsAliased to cern.test
cern.testnewskeuAliased to cern.test
cern.texDiscussion of TEX/LATEX problems at CERN
cern.thTheory Division announcements
cern.tisTechnical Inspection and Safety commission
cern.trainingInformation on courses organized by education service (Moderated)
cern.ua1Information on UA1
cern.ua2Information on UA2
cern.ultrixULTRIX-related news at CERN
cern.unixGeneral Unix-related matters
cern.usInformation on US
cern.vaxmanagersTopics for CERN VAX System Managers
cern.vaxusersAliased to cern.vms
cern.vmNews oriented towards the users of CERNVM
cern.vmeVME-bus matters
cern.vmnewsAliased to cern.vm
cern.vmsRelayed VMS news
cern.vmtodcVM to Distributed Computing issues
cern.volleyballCern Volleyball Club Season's Activities and Results
cern.vox_populiAliased to cern.voxpop
cern.voxpopVox Populi, letters to the CNL editor
cern.vxcernInformation of the VXCERN (VXCRNA/B/Z) cluster
cern.vxengInformation of the VXENG cluster
cern.wgswgCN division WorkGroup services working group operating system at CERN and in HEP
cern.www.announceWorld-Wide Web product announcements
cern.www.talkWorld-Wide Web discussion list
cern.xenewsInformation on XENEWS
cern.xiExperiment Wa97
cern.xnWA77 and WA85
cern.xsoftCross-software at CERN
cern.xtermX Terminal support
cern.yccCERN's sailing club
cern.yenewsInformation on YENEWS
ch.adminAdministration of the ch.* hierarchy
ch.bulletin.avalancheBulletins of the ISL Davos
ch.bulletin.chancelbotstatus reports of the CHancelbot
ch.commTelecommunication in Switzerland.
ch.compComputer related topics
ch.comp.networksNetwork technology and security
ch.comp.os.linuxLinux and Unix in general MS-Windows operating system
ch.marketWant to buy/sell to buy/sell computers and peripherals a job
ch.recGeneral info about recreational activity
ch.soc.lawDiscussion on law in Switzerland
ch.soc.politicsPolitics, especially swiss politics
ch.talkDiscussions in general.
ch.testA place for test postings
chi.eatsGroup for discussion of Chicagoland restaurants.
chi.forsaleChicago area for-sale notices.
chi.generalGeneral discussions, Chicago area, not forsale/wanted.
chi.internetDiscussion of Net offerings in Chicagoland.
chi.jobsJobs being offered throughout the Chicagoland area.
chi.mailDiscussion of Chicago area email issues.
chi.mediaDiscussions on Chicago-area Radio, Television and Print Media. for automated site Netnews statistics postings.
chi.personalsChicagoans seeking other Chicagoans.
chi.placesGroup for announcements of Chicago area events.
chi.politicsPolitical issues at all levels in and around Chicago
chi.testGroup for test message that don't need to go International!
chi.wantedChicago area wanted (not for-sale) notices.
chi.weatherChicagoland weather reports.
chile.ciencia.miscAnuncios, consultas y discusion de topicos relacionados con la ciencia.
chile.comp.internetDiscusion general sobre Internet en Chile.
chile.comp.macDiscusion, preguntas y respuestas sobre computadores Macintosh.
chile.comp.miscTemas miscelaneos sobre computacion.
chile.comp.multimediaMedios y formatos analogo/digitales de multimedios.
chile.comp.pcDiscusion, preguntas y respuestas acerca de PC compatibles.
chile.comp.pdaDiscusion sobre los distintos PDAs.
chile.comp.programacionDiscusion sobre lenguajes de programacion.
chile.comp.unixConsultas y discusion sobre sistemas Unix.
chile.comp.wwwAsuntos de World Wide Web - edicion, anuncios, etcetera.
chile.gruposDiscusion para la creacion y borrado de grupos nacionales.
chile.grupos.anunciosAnuncios relativos a la jerarquia chile. (Moderated)
chile.mercado.electricosCompraventa de artefactos electricos.
chile.mercado.hardwareCompraventa de hardware (equipos, piezas, partes...).
chile.mercado.juegosCompraventa de juegos.
chile.mercado.miscCompraventa miscelanea.
chile.mercado.softwareCompraventa de software en general.
chile.mercado.trabajosOfertas y requerimientos de trabajo. (Moderated)
chile.mercado.vehiculosCompraventa de vehiculos.
chile.rec.animeDiscusion sobre Anime y Manga.
chile.rec.cfDiscusion sobre ciencia ficcion.
chile.rec.cineConversaciones sobre cine.
chile.rec.cocinaRecetas, trucos y triquin~uelas de la cocina.
chile.rec.comicsInformacion y discusion sobre comics.
chile.rec.deportes.ajedrezAjedrez en Chile.
chile.rec.deportes.futbolFutbol en Chile.
chile.rec.deportes.miscLos demas deportes.
chile.rec.fotografiaDiscusion sobre fotografia y tecnica fotografica.
chile.rec.humorHumor :-) .
chile.rec.ircDiscusion y comentarios sobre IRC (Internet Relay Chat). de Juegos de Cartas Coleccionables (JCC). juegos. sobre los juegos de rol (RPGs).
chile.rec.literaturaOpiniones y creaciones literarias.
chile.rec.mascotasDiscusion sobre los animales domesticos.
chile.rec.mecanica-popularConversacion sobre mecanica para aficionados.
chile.rec.miscRecreacion miscelanea.
chile.rec.musica.metalTertulia sobre el Rock Pesado >:) .
chile.rec.musica.miscLa musica en Chile y el mundo.
chile.rec.radioDiscusion sobre la radio en Chile.
chile.rec.sexoComentarios y consultas generales sobre sexo. (Moderated)
chile.rec.tvDiscusion sobre television.
chile.rec.vehiculosDiscusion sobre vehiculos motorizados.
chile.soc.censuraEn Chile, la censura XX XXX XXXXXX.
chile.soc.consumidorInformacion/discusion sobre productos y servicios.
chile.soc.legalDialogos, debate y consultas de temas legales.
chile.soc.lenguajeUso, abuso y apologia del lenguaje hablado o escrito.
chile.soc.miscTemas miscelaneos sobre la sociedad.
chile.soc.politicaDe la politica chilena y sus participantes.
chile.soc.religionLas distintas religiones de nuestro mundo.
chile.soc.saludConsultas, anuncios y temas de salud.
chile.testHACER LAS PRUEBAS AQUI! *Este* es el newsgroup de pruebas.
chile.varios.miscAsuntos miscelaneos.
chinese.compno description available
chinese.comp.softwarediscussion of Chinese softwares and Chinese computing
chinese.newsgroups.announceno description available (Moderated)
chinese.newsgroups.answersno description available (Moderated)
chinese.newsgroups.discussionfor discussions of new groups creation/deletion
chinese.newsgroups.newusersfor postings by new users
chinese.rec.magazinesno description available
chinese.rec.magazines.multiworlddiscussion on WWW magazine multiworld
chinese.rec.miscmiscellaneous recreatonal discussion
chinese.rec.sportssports activities and comments etc talks in Chinese talks in Chinese
chinese.testgroup for testing Chinese posts
chinese.text.unicodefor flaming in Chinese
christnet.adminChristnet-usenet administrative group.
christnet.bibleBible Research and Talk. (Moderated) the book of Revelations. (Moderated)
christnet.christianlifeApplied Christianity. (Moderated)
christnet.christnewsYour News on the Christian Scene. (Moderated)
christnet.ethicsChristian Scripture and Ethics. (Moderated)
christnet.evangelicalThe Good News of the Gospel. (Moderated)
christnet.generalGeneral address - public e-mail. (Moderated)
christnet.healing.herbsDiscussion Group for Herbal Medicians. (Moderated)
christnet.ladiesDiscussion Group for Christian Ladies. (Moderated)
christnet.philosophyPhilosophy in Christianity. (Moderated)
christnet.poetryChristian Poetry. (Moderated)
christnet.prayerPrayer and Counsel. (Moderated)
christnet.religionDiscussion of Religious Ideas. (Moderated)
christnet.theologyChristian Theology. (Moderated)
christnet.writersDiscussion Group for Christian Writers. (Moderated)
cn.announceCN.*һԹ (Moderated)
cn.answersCN.*ľ (Moderated)
cn.bbs.admin.announcecn.bbs.*Ҫ (Moderated)
cn.bbs.admin.listscn.bbs.*ͳб¼ (Moderated)
cn.bbs.admin.lists.tvӽĿԤ (Moderated)
cn.bbs.admin.lists.weathercn.bbs.*Ԥ (Moderated)
cn.bbs.campus.tsinghua.news廪ѧ (Moderated)
cn.bbs.comp.lang.visual-basicVisual Basic
cn.comp.lang.phpno description available
cn.comp.lang.vbVisual Basic
cn.comp.lang.vcVisual C
cn.comp.os.win2000Windows 2000ϵͳ
cn.comp.os.win9xWindows 9xϵͳ(95, 98)
cn.comp.os.winxpWindows XPϵͳ
cn.comp.wwwworld wide web ά
cna.agriculture.domesticno description available
cna.agriculture.foreignno description available
cna.agriculture.mainlandno description available description available description available description available description available
cna.congress.domesticno description available
cna.congress.foreignno description available
cna.economics.domesticno description available
cna.economics.foreignno description available
cna.economics.listsno description available
cna.economics.mainlandno description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available
cna.judiciary.domesticno description available
cna.judiciary.foreignno description available
cna.judiciary.mainlandno description available
cna.local.congressno description available
cna.local.governmentno description available
cna.military.domesticno description available
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cna.military.mainlandno description available
cna.misc.xxno description available
cna.misc.yyno description available
cna.misc.zzno description available
cna.overseas.domesticno description available
cna.overseas.foreignno description available
cna.overseas.mainlandno description available
cna.politics.domesticno description available
cna.politics.foreignno description available
cna.politics.mainlandno description available
cna.rec.domesticno description available
cna.rec.foreignno description available
cna.rec.mainlandno description available
cna.religion.domesticno description available
cna.religion.foreignno description available
cna.religion.mainlandno description available
cna.stock.domesticno description available
cna.stock.foreignno description available
cna.stock.listsno description available
cna.stock.mainlandno description available description available description available description available - KnsDX
cna.transport.domesticno description available
cna.transport.foreignno description available
cna.transport.mainlandno description available
cna.weatherno description available
co.adsColorado related advertisements. related biking events.
co.boulder.kgnuKGNU-FM Boulder Community Radio.
co.configPlanning related to co.* hierarchy.
co.consumersColorado consumer discussions.
co.cos.adsColorado Springs general advertising.
co.cos.generalColorado Springs general discussion.
co.cos.jobsColorado Springs jobs and employment.
co.denver.generalDenver general discussions.
co.foodColorado food and restaurant discussion.
co.fort-collins.adsFort Collins general advertising.
co.fort-collins.generalFort Collins general discussions.
co.fort-collins.musicFort Collins music discussions.
co.generalColorado general discussions.
co.jobsColorado jobs and employment.
co.mediaColorado media.
co.politicsColorado state-wide politics.
co.testco.* hierarchy test group.
codewarrior.embeddedDiscussion of Codewarrior Embedded products.
codewarrior.embedded.hiwareDiscussion of Codewarrior Embedded Hiware products.
codewarrior.gamesDiscussion of Codewarrior products for Games.
codewarrior.javaDiscussion of Codewarrior products for Java. of Codewarrior products for embedded Java.
codewarrior.linuxDiscussion of Codewarrior products for Linux.
codewarrior.macDiscussion of Codewarrior products for Mac.
codewarrior.palmDiscussion of Codewarrior products for Palm.
codewarrior.symbianDiscussion of Codewarrior products for Symbian.
codewarrior.windowsDiscussion of Codewarrior products on Win 95/98/2000.
comp.admin.policyDiscussions of site administration policies.
comp.aiArtificial Intelligence. (Moderated) about artificial life. document understanding technologies. research, algorithms and software. of Artificial Intelligence to Education. set theory, aka fuzzy logic. intelligence in games and game-playing. algorithms in computing. & abstracts of the Journal of AI Research. (Moderated) published by the Journal of AI Research. (Moderated) language processing by computers. aspects of neural networks. aspects of Artificial Intelligence. systems and other artificial intelligence shells. Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated)
comp.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
comp.apps.spreadsheetsSpreadsheets on various platforms.
comp.archComputer architecture.
comp.arch.arithmeticImplementing arithmetic on computers/digital systems.
comp.arch.bus.vmebusHardware and software for VMEbus Systems.
comp.arch.embeddedEmbedded computer systems topics.
comp.arch.fpgaField Programmable Gate Array based computing systems.
comp.arch.hobbyistHomebrew digital electronics design. (Moderated)
comp.arch.storageStorage system issues, both hardware and software.
comp.archives.adminIssues relating to computer archive administration. about Windows archives. (Moderated) Microsoft Windows archives.
comp.archives.msdos.announceAnnouncements about MSDOS archives. (Moderated)
comp.archives.msdos.dDiscussion of materials available in MSDOS archives.
comp.bbs.majorbbsSupport & discussion of The Major BBS from Galacticomm.
comp.bbs.miscAll aspects of computer bulletin board systems.
comp.bbs.tbbsThe Bread Board System bulletin board software.
comp.bbs.tsxTSX BBS discussions.
comp.bbs.waffleThe Waffle BBS and USENET system on all platforms.
comp.benchmarksDiscussion of benchmarking techniques and results.
comp.bugs.2bsdReports of UNIX* version 2BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.4bsdReports of UNIX version 4BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.miscGeneral UNIX bug reports and fixes (incl V7, uucp).
comp.bugs.sys5Reports of USG (System III, V, etc.) bugs.
comp.cad.autocadAutoDesk's AutoCAD software.
comp.cad.cadenceUsers of Cadence Design Systems products.
comp.cad.compassCompass Design Automation EDA tools.
comp.cad.i-deasSDRC I-DEAS Masters Series software.
comp.cad.microstationMicroStation CAD software and related products.
comp.cad.microstation.programmerDeveloping software in Microstation CAD. Technology's Pro/Engineer design package.
comp.cad.solidworksSolidWorks newsgroup.
comp.cad.synthesisResearch and production in the field of logic synthesis.
comp.client-serverTopics relating to client/server technology.
comp.cog-engCognitive engineering.
comp.compilersCompiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated)
comp.compilers.lccThe lcc C Compiler and related topics. Java Compiler Compiler and related topics. of compilers and tools with PCCTS.
comp.compressionData compression algorithms and theory.
comp.compression.researchDiscussions about data compression research. (Moderated)
comp.constraintsConstraint processing and related topics. data as a corporate asset: stds & methds.
comp.databasesDatabase and data management issues and theory.
comp.databases.adabasADABAS Database topics in general.
comp.databases.berkeley-dbThe Berkeley DB libraries.
comp.databases.btrievePervasive Software client/server development.
comp.databases.filemakerTechnical discussions about FileMaker.
comp.databases.guptaGupta SQLWindows client-server development. resolution with DB2 database products.
comp.databases.informixInformix database management software discussions.
comp.databases.ingresIssues relating to INGRES products. Windows' relational database system, Access.'s SQL Server and related products.
comp.databases.mysqlMySQL RDBMS technical discussions.
comp.databases.objectObject-oriented paradigms in database systems.
comp.databases.olapAnalytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS. jobs, etc. related topics. database administration/server topics. software tools/applications.
comp.databases.paradoxBorland's database for DOS & MS Windows.
comp.databases.pickPick-like, post-relational, database systems.
comp.databases.postgresqlPGSQL Relational Database Management System.
comp.databases.progressThe Progress 4GL & RDBMS.
comp.databases.rdbThe relational database engine RDB from DEC.
comp.databases.revelationAll products produced by Revelation Software.
comp.databases.sybaseImplementations of the SQL Server.
comp.databases.theoryDiscussing advances in database technology.
comp.databases.visual-dbaseDatabase discussions using Visual dBASE.
comp.databases.xbase.codebaseCodeBase and its related products.
comp.databases.xbase.foxFox Software's xBase system and compatibles.
comp.databases.xbase.miscDiscussion of xBase (dBASE-like) products.
comp.dcom.cablingCabling selection, installation and use.
comp.dcom.cell-relayForum for discussion of Cell Relay-based products.
comp.dcom.faxFax hardware, software, and protocols.
comp.dcom.frame-relayTechnology and issues regarding frame relay networks.
comp.dcom.isdnThe Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
comp.dcom.isdn.capiCAPI - the Common ISDN Application Interface.
comp.dcom.lans.ethernetDiscussions of the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
comp.dcom.lans.fddiDiscussions of the FDDI protocol suite.
comp.dcom.lans.miscLocal area network hardware and software.
comp.dcom.lans.token-ringInstalling and using token ring networks.
comp.dcom.modemsData communications hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modems.cableCable modems and internet access via cable tv. Testing and Analysis Procedures and Results. management methods and applications.
comp.dcom.sdh-sonetDiscuss the SDH and SONET technology.
comp.dcom.serversSelecting and operating data communications servers.
comp.dcom.sys.bay-networksBay Networks hardware, software, other products.
comp.dcom.sys.ciscoInfo on Cisco routers and bridges.
comp.dcom.sys.nortelNortel telecommunications products and systems.
comp.dcom.telecomTelecommunications digest. (Moderated)
comp.dcom.telecom.techDiscussion of technical aspects of telephony.
comp.dcom.videoconfVideo conference technology and applications.
comp.dcom.voice-over-ipVoice Over IP technology.
comp.dcom.vpnVirtual Private Network Technology.
comp.dcom.wanAll topics concerned with wide area networking.
comp.dcom.xdslDiscussion area for different DSL technologies.
comp.distributedDistributed Resource Sharing and Applications.
comp.doc.managementDocument Management technologies.
comp.doc.techreportsLists of technical reports. (Moderated)
comp.dspDigital Signal Processing using computers.
comp.editorsTopics related to computerized text editing.
comp.eduComputer science education. assisted languages instruction issues.
comp.emacsEMACS editors of different flavors.
comp.emacs.xemacsBug reports, questions and answers about XEmacs.
comp.emulators.announceEmulator news, FAQs, announcements. (Moderated)
comp.emulators.apple2Emulators of Apple // systems.
comp.emulators.cbmEmulators of C-64, C-128, PET, and VIC-20 systems.
comp.emulators.freemwareOpen source PC Virtualisation software. of game console systems.
comp.emulators.mac.executorARDI's Mac emulator, Executor.
comp.emulators.miscEmulators of miscellaneous computer systems. free MS-Windows emulator under X.
comp.fontsTypefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. use of visual art in games., sound, speech production. gameplay and rules systems. news, project management, jobs. algorithms for games. info on programming games. used in producing computer graphics. aspects of computer animation. 3D graphics in Inventor. Programmer Interface issues, methods. OpenGL 3D application programming interface. PEXlib application programming interface. graphics software from Alias Research. Application Visualization System. modeling, animation and raytracing package. graphics software applications.'s Visualization Data Explorer (DX)., answers, tips and suggestions. GNU Image Manipulation Program. gnuplot interactive function plotter. IRIS Explorer, aka MVE.'s Lightwave3D & related topics., answers, tips and suggestions. Shop Pro in general. Photoshop techniques & help. applications and products. graphics software products. software products, problems, etc. graphics miscellany.'s 3D Studio software. comparisons, approaches, methods. software, tools and methods. interface & shading language. on scientific visualization.
comp.groupwareSoftware & hardware for shared interactive environments.
comp.groupware.groupwiseNovell's Groupwise product (Wordperfect Office).
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.adminLotus Notes system administration.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.appsApplication software for Lotus Notes.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.miscLotus Notes related discussions.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmerProgramming for Lotus Notes.
comp.home.automationHome automation devices, setup, sources, etc.
comp.human-factorsIssues related to human-computer interaction (HCI).
comp.infosystemsAny discussion about information systems.
comp.infosystems.gisAll aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
comp.infosystems.gopherDiscussion of the Gopher information service.
comp.infosystems.harvestHarvest information discovery and access system.
comp.infosystems.hypergThe Hyper-G network hypermedia system and applications.
comp.infosystems.interpediaThe Internet Encyclopedia.
comp.infosystems.intranetIntranet topics.
comp.infosystems.kiosksInformational and transactional kiosks. (Moderated)
comp.infosystems.searchAll aspects of search technology.
comp.infosystems.waisThe Z39.50-based WAIS full-text search system.
comp.infosystems.www.advocacyComments and arguments over the best and worst.
comp.infosystems.www.announceWorld-Wide Web announcements. (Moderated)
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgiCGI Programming. (Moderated)
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.htmlWriting HTML for the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.imagesUsing images, imagemaps on the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.miscMiscellaneous Web authoring issues. site design philosophy.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheetsLayout/presentation on the WWW.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.toolsPrograms to help authoring Websites.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.macWeb browsers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.miscWeb browsers for other platforms. browsers for MS Windows.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.xWeb browsers for the X-Window system.
comp.infosystems.www.databasesWeb Database Integration.
comp.infosystems.www.miscMiscellaneous World Wide Web discussion.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.macWeb servers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.miscWeb servers for other platforms. servers for MS Windows and NT.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.unixWeb servers for UNIX platforms.
comp.internet.libraryDiscussing electronic libraries. (Moderated) of network happenings. (Moderated)
comp.ivideodiscInteractive videodiscs -- uses, potential, etc.
comp.lang.adaDiscussion about Ada*.
comp.lang.aplDiscussion about APL.
comp.lang.asm.x86Bulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated)
comp.lang.asm370Programming in IBM System/370 Assembly Language.
comp.lang.awkThe AWK programming language.
comp.lang.basic.miscOther dialects and aspects of BASIC.
comp.lang.basic.powerbasicPowerBasic Inc. programming languages.
comp.lang.basic.realbasicREALBasic programming discussion.
comp.lang.basic.visual.3rdpartyAdd-ins for Visual Basic.
comp.lang.basic.visual.databaseDatabase aspects of Visual Basic.
comp.lang.basic.visual.miscVisual Basic in general.
comp.lang.betaThe object-oriented programming language BETA.
comp.lang.cDiscussion about C.
comp.lang.c++The object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.c++.ledaAll aspects of the LEDA library.
comp.lang.c++.moderatedTechnical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.c.moderatedThe C programming language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.clarionTechnical discussion of Clarion programming.
comp.lang.clipperClipper and Visual Objects programming languages.
comp.lang.clipper.visual-objectsCA-Visual Objects developer system.
comp.lang.closCommon Lisp Object System discussions.
comp.lang.cobolThe COBOL language and software.
comp.lang.dylanFor discussion of the Dylan language.
comp.lang.eiffelThe object-oriented Eiffel language.
comp.lang.forthDiscussion about Forth.
comp.lang.forth.macThe CSI MacForth programming environment.
comp.lang.fortranDiscussion about FORTRAN.
comp.lang.functionalDiscussion about functional languages.
comp.lang.haskellPolymorphically-typed lazy purely-functional programming.
comp.lang.hermesThe Hermes language for distributed applications.
comp.lang.iconTopics related to the ICON programming language.
comp.lang.idlIDL (Interface Description Language) related topics.
comp.lang.idl-pvwaveIDL and PV-Wave language discussions. Graphics API's for the Java language. for and criticism of the Java System. re the Java System. (Moderated) software components (JavaBeans). relating to Java and CORBA., java.sql, JDBC, ODBC. toolkits and windowing: AWT, IFC etc. problems, catch-all first aid., native methods, hardware. in the Java language. issues raised by Java., browsers, compilers, other tools.
comp.lang.javascriptNetscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language.
comp.lang.labviewLabview Software Discussion Group.
comp.lang.limboThe Inferno OS's Limbo programming language.
comp.lang.lispDiscussion about LISP.
comp.lang.lisp.mclDiscussing Apple's Macintosh Common Lisp.
comp.lang.logoThe Logo teaching and learning language.
comp.lang.miscDifferent computer languages not specifically listed.
comp.lang.mlML languages including Standard ML, CAML, Lazy ML, etc. (Moderated)
comp.lang.modula2Discussion about Modula-2.
comp.lang.modula3Discussion about the Modula-3 language.
comp.lang.mumpsThe M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general.
comp.lang.oberonThe Oberon language and system.
comp.lang.objective-cThe Objective-C language and environment.
comp.lang.pascal.ansi-isoPascal according to ANSI and ISO standards.
comp.lang.pascal.borlandBorland's Pascal.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.advocacyContentious issues related to Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.announceDelphi related announcements. (Moderated)
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.miscGeneral component issues.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.usageUsing pre-written components.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.writingWriting Delphi components.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.databasesDatabase aspects of Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.miscGeneral issues with Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.macMacintosh based Pascals.
comp.lang.pascal.miscPascal in general and ungrouped Pascals.
comp.lang.perl.announceAnnouncements about Perl. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.miscThe Perl language in general.
comp.lang.perl.moderatedPerl language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.modulesUse and development of Perl modules.
comp.lang.perl.tkUsing Tk (and X) from Perl.
comp.lang.phpPHP, server side scripting.
comp.lang.pl1PL/I language discussions.
comp.lang.popPop11 and the Plug user group.
comp.lang.postscriptThe PostScript Page Description Language.
comp.lang.prologDiscussion about PROLOG.
comp.lang.pythonThe Python computer language.
comp.lang.python.announceAnnouncements about the Python language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.rexxThe REXX command language.
comp.lang.rubyThe Ruby dynamic OO programming language.
comp.lang.satherThe object-oriented computer language Sather.
comp.lang.schemeThe Scheme Programming language.
comp.lang.scheme.scshSCSH - the Scheme Shell.
comp.lang.smalltalkDiscussion about Smalltalk 80.
comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacyDiscussion of Smalltalk Language pros/cons.
comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphinThe Dolphin variant of the Smalltalk language.
comp.lang.tclThe Tcl programming language and related tools.
comp.lang.tcl.announceAnnouncements about Tcl. (Moderated)
comp.lang.verilogDiscussing Verilog and PLI.
comp.lang.vhdlVHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87.
comp.lang.visualGeneral discussion of visual programming languages. (Moderated)
comp.lang.vrmlVirtual Reality Modeling Language discussion.
comp.lang.xharbourxHarbour programming, Clipper, and xBase.
comp.lsiLarge scale integrated circuits.
comp.lsi.cadElectrical Computer Aided Design.
comp.lsi.testingTesting of electronic circuits.
comp.mail.elmDiscussion and fixes for the ELM mail system.
comp.mail.eudora.macEudora email software for Macintosh. email software for MS Windows.
comp.mail.headersGatewayed from the Internet header-people list.
comp.mail.imapDiscussion of IMAP-based mail systems.
comp.mail.list-admin.policyPolicy issues in running mailing lists.
comp.mail.list-admin.softwareSoftware used in the running of mailing lists.
comp.mail.mhThe UCI version of the Rand Message Handling system.
comp.mail.mimeMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions of RFC 1341.
comp.mail.miscGeneral discussions about computer mail.
comp.mail.mushThe Mail User's Shell (MUSH).
comp.mail.muttThe Mutt E-Mail Client.
comp.mail.pegasus-mail.miscPegasus Mail for DOS and Macs, and Mercury Mail. of Pegasus Mail for Windows.
comp.mail.pineThe PINE mail user agent.
comp.mail.sendmailConfiguring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.smailAdministering & using the smail email transport system.
comp.mail.uucpMail in the uucp network environment.
comp.mail.zmailThe various Z-Mail products and their configurability.
comp.miscGeneral topics about computers not covered elsewhere.
comp.multimediaInteractive multimedia technologies of all kinds. as components in MIDI music systems. use of computers in music. use of Computers in Music Research and Composition. (Moderated)
comp.newprodAnnouncements of new products of interest. (Moderated)
comp.objectObject-oriented programming and languages.
comp.object.corbaOMG CORBA standard.
comp.object.logicIntegrating object-oriented and logic programming.
comp.object.moderatedA moderated forum for Object-oriented issues. (Moderated) about the Association for Computing Machinery. Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail. (Moderated) of computing and social responsibility. Equipment Computer Users' Society newsgroup. of EFF goals, strategies, etc. and announcements about the IEEE & its members. International Student Society for Neural Networks. of Lisp Users related discussions. about/for the The Sun User's Group. Association activities. Association events and announcements. lodging during Usenix conferences. of Personal Computer User Groups. a user group. for user group meetings and events. group discussions in general. group newsletter Production.
comp.os.aosTopics related to Data General's AOS/VS.
comp.os.chorusCHORUS microkernel issues, research and developments.
comp.os.coherentDiscussion and support of the Coherent operating system.
comp.os.cpmDiscussion about the CP/M operating system.
comp.os.geos.miscGEOS O/S by Geoworks in general.
comp.os.geos.programmerGEOS O/S Programming in general.
comp.os.infernoThe Inferno network operating system from Lucent.
comp.os.lantasticThe LANtastic network operating system.
comp.os.linux.advocacyBenefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
comp.os.linux.alphaLinux on Digital Alpha machines.
comp.os.linux.announceAnnouncements important to the Linux community. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.answersFAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.development.appsWriting Linux applications, porting to Linux.
comp.os.linux.development.systemLinux kernels, device drivers, modules.
comp.os.linux.embeddedLinux operating system on embedded hardware.
comp.os.linux.hardwareHardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
comp.os.linux.m68kLinux operating system on 680x0 Amiga, Atari, VME.
comp.os.linux.miscLinux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
comp.os.linux.networkingNetworking and communications under Linux.
comp.os.linux.portableLinux OS on portable PCs.
comp.os.linux.powerpcLinux systems running on PowerPC microprocessors.
comp.os.linux.securitySecurity and the GNU/Linux Operating System.
comp.os.linux.setupLinux installation and system administration.
comp.os.linux.xLinux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.
comp.os.linux.xboxLinux on Xbox.
comp.os.lynxDiscussion of LynxOS and Lynx Real-Time Systems.
comp.os.machThe MACH OS from CMU & other places.
comp.os.magic-capEverything about General Magic's Magic Cap OS.
comp.os.minixDiscussion of Tanenbaum's MINIX system.
comp.os.miscGeneral OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere. and debate about Microsoft Windows. communication applications. DOS&Win3 apps in Win95. financial & tax software. applications. programs for Win3.x. programs for Win95. email applications. Winsock applications. news applications. word-processing applications. Windows CE operating system. discussions about Windows issues. and other networks. RAS networking. and TCP/IP networking. to Novell, TCP/IP, other nets.' built-in networking. NT system administration. NT network administration. NT Security topics. NT advocacy arguments. NT announcements. (Moderated) discussion about Windows NT. and beta Windows NT versions. NT hardware setup. NT software setup. NT BackOffice. NT software compatibility. NT system services software. versions of Windows., dialogs and VBXs., graphics and printing. management issues. Microsoft Windows. programming. programming. NT driver development., COM and DDE programming. development for Windows. Development tools. development for Windows. programming. VxD and driver development. Windows programming interfaces. Viewer development., hardware, and driver issues in Win3.x., hardware, and driver issues in Win95. adapters and drivers for Windows. Topics about Windows 95. and Configuration of Windows 95.
comp.os.msdos.4dosThe 4DOS command processor for MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.appsDiscussion of applications that run under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.desqviewQuarterDeck's Desqview and related products.
comp.os.msdos.djgppDOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment.
comp.os.msdos.mail-newsAdministering mail & network news systems under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.miscMiscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmerProgramming MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovisionBorland's text application libraries.
comp.os.netware.announceNetware announcements. (Moderated)
comp.os.netware.connectivityConnectivity products (TCP/IP, SAA, NFS, MAC).
comp.os.netware.miscGeneral Netware topics.
comp.os.netware.securityNetware Security issues.
comp.os.os2.advocacySupporting and flaming OS/2.
comp.os.os2.announceNotable news and announcements related to OS/2. (Moderated)
comp.os.os2.appsDiscussions of applications under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.betaAll aspects of beta releases of OS/2 systems software.
comp.os.os2.bugsOS/2 system bug reports, fixes and work-arounds.
comp.os.os2.commModem/Fax hardware/drivers/apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.ecomstationSerenity Systems operating system eComStation.
comp.os.os2.gamesRunning games under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.mail-newsMail and news apps/utils (on- & offline) under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.marketplaceForsale/wanted; shopping; commercial ads; job postings.
comp.os.os2.miscMiscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system.
comp.os.os2.moderatedOS/2 usage tips, info, discussion. (Moderated)
comp.os.os2.multimediaMulti-media on OS/2 systems.
comp.os.os2.networking.miscMiscellaneous networking issues of OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.serverAdministration of NetWare, Warp Server, etc.
comp.os.os2.networking.tcp-ipTCP/IP under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.wwwWorld Wide Web (WWW) apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.programmer.miscProgramming OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.oopProgramming system objects (SOM, WPS, etc).
comp.os.os2.programmer.portingPorting software to OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.toolsCompilers, assemblers, interpreters under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.scitechReal-time, engineering/CAD, sciences, etc.
comp.os.os2.setup.miscInstalling/configuring OS/2; misc. hardware/drivers.
comp.os.os2.setup.storageDisk/Tape/CD-ROM hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.setup.videoBase video hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.utilitiesGeneral purpose utils (shells/backup/compression/etc).
comp.os.os9Microware's OS-9 real-time operating system.
comp.os.parixForum for users of the parallel operating system PARIX.
comp.os.plan9Plan 9 from Bell Labs. (Moderated)
comp.os.psosThe realtime operating system pSOS+.
comp.os.qnxUsing and developing under the QNX operating system.
comp.os.researchOperating systems and related areas. (Moderated)
comp.os.rstsTopics related to the PDP-11 RSTS/E operating system.
comp.os.tpfIssues of the TPF and MVS/TPF Operating Systems. (Moderated)
comp.os.vmsDEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS.
comp.os.vxworksThe VxWorks real-time operating system.
comp.os.xinuThe XINU operating system from Purdue (D. Comer).
comp.parallelMassively parallel hardware/software. (Moderated)
comp.parallel.mpiMessage Passing Interface (MPI).
comp.parallel.pvmThe PVM system of multi-computer parallelization.
comp.patentsDiscussing patents of computer technology. (Moderated)
comp.periphsPeripheral devices.
comp.periphs.printersInformation on printers.
comp.periphs.scannersTechnical discussion of scanners and imaging devices.
comp.periphs.scsiDiscussion of SCSI-based peripheral devices.
comp.programmingProgramming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
comp.programming.contestsAnnouncements & results of programming contests.
comp.programming.literateLiterate programming and LP tools. (Moderated)
comp.programming.threadsAll issues about multithreaded programming.
comp.protocols.appletalkApplebus hardware & software.
comp.protocols.dicomDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
comp.protocols.dns.bindBerkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). (Moderated)
comp.protocols.dns.opsDNS operations (where not BIND specific). (Moderated)
comp.protocols.dns.stdDNS standards activities, including IETF. (Moderated)
comp.protocols.ibmNetworking with IBM mainframes.
comp.protocols.isoThe ISO protocol stack.
comp.protocols.kerberosThe Kerberos authentication server.
comp.protocols.kermit.announceKermit announcements. (Moderated)
comp.protocols.kermit.miscKermit protocol and software.
comp.protocols.miscVarious forms and types of protocol.
comp.protocols.nfsDiscussion about the Network File System protocol.
comp.protocols.pppDiscussion of the Internet Point to Point Protocol.
comp.protocols.smbSMB file sharing protocol and Samba SMB server/client.
comp.protocols.snmpThe Simple Network Management Protocol.
comp.protocols.tcp-ipTCP and IP network protocols.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domainsTopics related to Domain Style names.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpcTCP/IP for IBM(-like) personal computers.
comp.protocols.time.ntpThe network time protocol.
comp.publish.cdrom.hardwareHardware used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.cdrom.multimediaSoftware for multimedia authoring & publishing.
comp.publish.cdrom.softwareSoftware used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.electronic.developerElectronic publishing developer tools.
comp.publish.electronic.end-userElectronic publishing end-user tools.
comp.publish.electronic.miscGeneral electronic publishing issues.
comp.publish.prepressElectronic prepress.
comp.realtimeIssues related to real-time computing.
comp.research.japanThe nature of research in Japan. (Moderated)
comp.risksRisks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)
comp.robotics.miscAll aspects of robots and their applications.
comp.robotics.researchAcademic, government & industry research in robotics. (Moderated) from the CERT about security. (Moderated) pertaining to network firewall security. Security Service Application Program Interface. issues of computers and networks. PGP versions, utils and such. (Moderated) and its implications. related resources, information and more. of PGP, bug reports and help. signing, encryption and decryption using PGP. secure remote login and tunneling tools. of Unix security.
comp.simulationSimulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.societyThe impact of technology on society.
comp.society.developmentComputer technology in developing countries.
comp.society.futuresEvents in technology affecting future computing.
comp.society.privacyEffects of technology on privacy. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.aceACE programming, porting, and systems.'s visual development environment. Development. of Forte development software. Client/Server App Development. forum on SAP software.
comp.soft-sys.dceThe Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).
comp.soft-sys.gis.esriESRI GIS software and system implementation.
comp.soft-sys.khorosThe Khoros X11 visualization system.
comp.soft-sys.math.mapleMaple computer mathematics discussion group.
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematicaMathematica discussion group. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.math.scilabScientific software package Scilab.
comp.soft-sys.matlabThe MathWorks calculation and visualization package.
comp.soft-sys.middleware.bea-tuxedoTechnical forum on BEA TUXEDO software. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.middleware.opendocOpenDoc and its related technologies.
comp.soft-sys.octaveGNU Octave, language for numerical computations.
comp.soft-sys.powerbuilderApplication development tools from PowerSoft.
comp.soft-sys.ptolemyThe Ptolemy simulation/code generation environment.
comp.soft-sys.sasThe SAS statistics package.
comp.soft-sys.shazamThe SHAZAM econometrics computer program.
comp.soft-sys.stat.spssThe statistical program package SPSS.
comp.soft-sys.stat.systatThe statistical program package SYSTAT.
comp.soft-sys.wxwindowsDiscussions related to wxWindows framework. Engineering and related topics. script software. (Moderated) management, tools and procedures. Programming discussions., using, & writing non-English software. licensing technology. of software metrics., organizational and other software patterns. announcements. (Moderated) of shareware. (Moderated) of shareware. (Moderated) aspects of testing computer systems. 2000 compliance: projects and issues. of Y2K, similar bugs. (Moderated)
comp.sources.bugsBug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
comp.sources.dFor any discussion of source postings.
comp.sources.gamesPostings of recreational software. (Moderated) reports and fixes for posted game software.
comp.sources.testersFinding people to test software.
comp.sources.wantedRequests for software and fixes.
comp.specification.larchLarch family of formal specification languages.
comp.specification.miscFormal specification methods in general.
comp.specification.zDiscussion about the formal specification notation Z.
comp.speech.researchSpeech technology research issues.
comp.speech.usersIssues related with using current speech technology.
comp.std.announceAnnouncements about standards activities. (Moderated)
comp.std.cDiscussion about C language standards.
comp.std.c++Discussion about C++ language, library, standards. (Moderated)
comp.std.internatDiscussion about international standards.
comp.std.lispUser group (ALU) supported standards. (Moderated)
comp.std.miscDiscussion about various standards.
comp.std.unixDiscussion for the P1003 committee on UNIX. (Moderated)
comp.std.wirelessExamining standards for wireless network technology. (Moderated)
comp.sw.componentsSoftware components and related technology.
comp.sys.3b1Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.acorn.advocacyWhy Acorn computers and programs are better.
comp.sys.acorn.announceAnnouncements for Acorn and ARM users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.acorn.appsAcorn software applications.
comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpuExtra CPUs in Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.gamesDiscussion of games for Acorn machines.
comp.sys.acorn.hardwareAcorn hardware.
comp.sys.acorn.miscAcorn computing in general.
comp.sys.acorn.networkingNetworking of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.programmerProgramming of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.alliantInfo and discussion about Alliant computers.
comp.sys.amiga.advocacyWhy an Amiga is better than XYZ.
comp.sys.amiga.announceAnnouncements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
comp.sys.amiga.applicationsMiscellaneous applications.
comp.sys.amiga.audioMusic, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
comp.sys.amiga.cd32Technical and computing talk for Commodore Amiga CD32.
comp.sys.amiga.datacommMethods of getting bytes in and out.
comp.sys.amiga.emulationsVarious hardware & software emulators.
comp.sys.amiga.gamesDiscussion of games for the Commodore Amiga.
comp.sys.amiga.graphicsCharts, graphs, pictures, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.hardwareAmiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.introductionGroup for newcomers to Amigas.
comp.sys.amiga.marketplaceWhere to find it, prices, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.miscDiscussions not falling in another Amiga group.
comp.sys.amiga.morphosAll about Amiga-compatible MorphOS.
comp.sys.amiga.multimediaAnimations, video, & multimedia.
comp.sys.amiga.networkingAmiga networking software/hardware.
comp.sys.amiga.programmerDevelopers & hobbyists discuss code.
comp.sys.amiga.reviewsReviews of Amiga software, hardware. (Moderated)
comp.sys.amiga.uucpAmiga UUCP packages.
comp.sys.amstrad.8bitAmstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.
comp.sys.apolloApollo computer systems.
comp.sys.apple2Discussion about Apple II micros.
comp.sys.apple2.commApple II data communications.
comp.sys.apple2.gnoThe AppleIIgs GNO multitasking environment.
comp.sys.apple2.marketplaceBuying, selling and trading Apple II equipment.
comp.sys.apple2.programmerProgramming on the Apple II.
comp.sys.apple2.usergroupsAll about Apple II user groups.
comp.sys.armThe ARM processor architecture and support chips.
comp.sys.atari.8bitDiscussion about 8 bit Atari micros.
comp.sys.atari.advocacyAttacking and defending Atari computers.
comp.sys.atari.announceAtari related hard/software announcements. (Moderated)
comp.sys.atari.programmerProgramming on the Atari computer.
comp.sys.atari.stDiscussion about 16 bit Atari micros. discussions of Atari ST hard/software.
comp.sys.attDiscussions about AT&T microcomputers. BeOS is better/worse than XYZ. product announcements. (Moderated) getting your Be{Box,OS} working. BeOS/BeBox related topics. related to BeOS programming.
comp.sys.cbmDiscussion about Commodore micros.
comp.sys.cdcControl Data Corporation Computers (e.g., Cybers).
comp.sys.convexConvex computer systems hardware and software.
comp.sys.decDiscussions about DEC computer systems.
comp.sys.dec.microDEC Micros (Rainbow, Professional 350/380).
comp.sys.encoreEncore's MultiMax computers.
comp.sys.handheldsHandheld computers and programmable calculators.
comp.sys.harrisHarris computer systems, especially real-time systems.
comp.sys.hp.appsDiscussion of software and apps on all HP platforms.
comp.sys.hp.hardwareDiscussion of Hewlett Packard system hardware.
comp.sys.hp.hpuxIssues pertaining to HP-UX & 9000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp.miscIssues not covered in any other comp.sys.hp.* group.
comp.sys.hp.mpeIssues pertaining to MPE & 3000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp48Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators. AS/400 miscellaneous topics. "classic" IBM PC and compatibles of the 1980s. programs which showcase programmer skill. games on PCs. (non-rpg) games on PCs. for all PC gamers. (Moderated) simulators on PCs. clone games wanted and for sale. not covered by other PC groups. computer games devoted to naval warfare. games on the PC. space flight simulation games. of sports games for the IBM PC. games on PCs. based on historical conflicts. drives and interfaces for the PC., cache, memory chips, etc. & communication cards for the PC. PC hardware topics. hardware & equipment for the PC. drives & other PC storage devices. IBM PC computer & clone systems. cards & monitors for the PC. about IBM personal computers. related to IBM's RT computer. for a particular soundcard. about using soundcards with games. in general. and sound questions using soundcards. questions about pc soundcards. hardware, any vendor. System/34, System/36, System/38 diverse topics.
comp.sys.intelDiscussions about Intel systems and parts.
comp.sys.intergraphIntergraph hardware and software products.
comp.sys.isisThe ISIS distributed system from Cornell.
comp.sys.laptopsLaptop (portable) computers.
comp.sys.laptops.thinkpadIBM/Lenovo line of laptop computers.
comp.sys.m6809Discussion about 6809's.
comp.sys.m68kDiscussion about 68k's.
comp.sys.m88kDiscussion about 88k-based computers.
comp.sys.mac.advocacyThe Macintosh computer family compared to others.
comp.sys.mac.announceImportant notices for Macintosh users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.mac.appsDiscussions of Macintosh applications.
comp.sys.mac.commDiscussion of Macintosh communications.
comp.sys.mac.databasesDatabase systems for the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.digestApple Macintosh: info&uses, but no programs. (Moderated) games for the Macintosh. games for the Macintosh. simulator gameplay on the Mac. games for sale and trade. games not covered in other groups. games on the Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.graphicsMacintosh graphics: paint, draw, 3D, CAD, animation.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.miscGeneral Mac hardware topics not already covered.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.storageAll forms of Mac storage hardware and media.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.videoVideo input and output hardware on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.hypercardThe Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
comp.sys.mac.miscGeneral discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.oop.macapp3Version 3 of the MacApp object oriented system.
comp.sys.mac.oop.miscObject oriented programming issues on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.oop.powerplantMetrowerks' PowerPlant (CodeWarrior) Framework.
comp.sys.mac.oop.tclSymantec's THINK Class Library for object programming.
comp.sys.mac.portablesDiscussion particular to laptop Macintoshes.
comp.sys.mac.printingAll about printing hardware and software on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarriorMacintosh programming using CodeWarrior.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.gamesMacintosh game programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.helpHelp with Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.infoFrequently requested information. (Moderated)
comp.sys.mac.programmer.miscOther issues of Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.toolsMacintosh programming tools.
comp.sys.mac.scitechUsing the Macintosh in scientific & technological work.
comp.sys.mac.systemDiscussions of Macintosh system software.
comp.sys.mac.wantedPostings of "I want XYZ for my Mac."
comp.sys.mentorMentor Graphics products & the Silicon Compiler System.
comp.sys.mipsSystems based on MIPS chips.
comp.sys.miscDiscussion about computers of all kinds.
comp.sys.msxThe MSX home computer system.
comp.sys.ncrDiscussion about NCR computers. merits of Network Computers. relating to Network Computers. (Moderated) Computers and related topics.
comp.sys.newton.announceNewton information posts. (Moderated)
comp.sys.newton.marketplaceNewton-specific forsale, wanted & jobs.
comp.sys.newton.miscMiscellaneous discussion about Newton systems.
comp.sys.newton.programmerDiscussion of Newton software development. NeXT religion. related to the NeXT computer system. (Moderated) and solutions for known NeXT bugs. the physical aspects of NeXT computers. hardware, software and jobs. discussion about the NeXT computer system. related programming issues., use and availability of NeXT programs. related to NeXT system administration.
comp.sys.northstarNorthstar microcomputer users.
comp.sys.nsc.32kNational Semiconductor 32000 series chips.
comp.sys.oricOric computers (Oric1, Atmos, Telestrat, et cetera).
comp.sys.palmtopsSuper-powered calculators in the palm of your hand.
comp.sys.palmtops.pilotThe Pilot handheld computer.
comp.sys.penInteracting with computers through pen gestures.
comp.sys.powerpc.advocacyWhy the PowerPC is Good/Evil (delete one).
comp.sys.powerpc.miscMiscellaneous questions about PowerPC processors.
comp.sys.powerpc.techProgramming and architecture of PowerPC processors.
comp.sys.primePrime Computer products.
comp.sys.proteonProteon gateway products.
comp.sys.psion.announceAnnouncements of Psion related products. (Moderated)
comp.sys.psion.appsDiscussion about Psion specific programs.
comp.sys.psion.commDiscussions about Psion communications.
comp.sys.psion.marketplaceBuy and sell Psion computers and accessories.
comp.sys.psion.miscDiscussion about miscellaneous Psion related topics.
comp.sys.psion.programmerDiscussion about Psion programming.
comp.sys.psion.reviewsReviews about anything related to Psion computers. (Moderated)
comp.sys.pyramidPyramid 90x computers.
comp.sys.ridgeRidge 32 computers and ROS.
comp.sys.sequentSequent systems, (Balance and Symmetry).
comp.sys.sgi.adminSystem administration on Silicon Graphics's Irises.
comp.sys.sgi.announceAnnouncements for the SGI community. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sgi.appsApplications which run on the Iris.
comp.sys.sgi.audioAudio on SGI systems.
comp.sys.sgi.bugsBugs found in the IRIX operating system.
comp.sys.sgi.graphicsGraphics packages and issues on SGI machines.
comp.sys.sgi.hardwareBase systems and peripherals for Iris computers.
comp.sys.sgi.marketplaceSGI-specific for sale, wanted and jobs.
comp.sys.sgi.miscGeneral discussion about Silicon Graphics's machines.
comp.sys.sinclairSinclair computers, eg. the ZX81, Spectrum and QL.
comp.sys.stratusStratus products, incl. System/88, CPS-32, VOS and FTX.
comp.sys.sun.adminSun system administration issues and questions.
comp.sys.sun.announceSun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.appsSoftware applications for Sun computer systems.
comp.sys.sun.hardwareSun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.sun.miscMiscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
comp.sys.sun.wantedPeople looking for Sun products and support.
comp.sys.tahoeCCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
comp.sys.tandemTandem computers and related environments.
comp.sys.tandyDiscussion about Tandy computers: new & old.
comp.sys.tiDiscussion about Texas Instruments.
comp.sys.transputerThe Transputer computer and OCCAM language.
comp.sys.unisysSperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.
comp.sys.wearablesWearable computers and their applications. (Moderated)
comp.sys.xeroxXerox 1100 workstations and protocols.
comp.sys.zenith.z100The Zenith Z-100 (Heath H-100) family of computers.
comp.terminalsAll sorts of terminals.
comp.textText processing issues and methods.
comp.text.desktopTechnology & techniques of desktop publishing.
comp.text.frameDesktop publishing with FrameMaker.
comp.text.interleafApplications and use of Interleaf software.
comp.text.pdfAdobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format technology.
comp.text.sgmlISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages.
comp.text.texDiscussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros.
comp.text.xmlThe Extensible Markup Language (XML).
comp.theoryTheoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automataDiscussion of all aspects of cellular automata. Retrieval topics. (Moderated)
comp.unix.adminAdministering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.advocacyArguments for and against Unix and Unix versions.
comp.unix.aixIBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.amigaMinix, SYSV4 and other *nix on an Amiga.
comp.unix.auxThe version of UNIX for Apple Macintosh II computers.
comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc386BSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.announceAnnouncements pertaining to BSD/OS. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.miscBSD/OS operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announceAnnouncements pertaining to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.miscFreeBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.miscBSD operating systems.
comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.announceAnnouncements pertaining to NetBSD. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.miscNetBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.announceOpenBSD announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.miscThe OpenBSD operating system.
comp.unix.cdeThe Common Desktop Environment.
comp.unix.crayCray computers and their operating systems.
comp.unix.dos-under-unixMS-DOS running under UNIX by whatever means.
comp.unix.internalsDiscussions on hacking UNIX internals.
comp.unix.largeUNIX on mainframes and in large networks.
comp.unix.machtenThe MachTen operating system and related issues.
comp.unix.miscVarious topics that don't fit other groups.
comp.unix.pc-clone.16bitUNIX on 286 architectures.
comp.unix.pc-clone.32bitUNIX on 386 and 486 architectures.
comp.unix.programmerQ&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.questionsUNIX neophytes group.
comp.unix.sco.announceSCO and related product announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.sco.miscSCO Unix, Systems, and Environments.
comp.unix.sco.programmerProgramming in and for SCO Environments.
comp.unix.shellUsing and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.solarisDiscussions about the Solaris operating system.
comp.unix.sys3System III UNIX discussions.
comp.unix.sys5.miscVersions of System V which predate Release 3.
comp.unix.sys5.r3Discussing System V Release 3.
comp.unix.sys5.r4Discussing System V Release 4.
comp.unix.tru64Running, owning and administering Tru64 UNIX.
comp.unix.ultrixDiscussions about DEC's Ultrix.
comp.unix.unixware.miscProducts of Novell's Unix Systems Group.
comp.unix.user-friendlyDiscussion of UNIX user-friendliness.
comp.unix.xenix.miscGeneral discussions regarding XENIX (except SCO).
comp.unix.xenix.scoXENIX versions from the Santa Cruz Operation.
comp.virusComputer viruses & security. (Moderated) Garnet user interface development environment. InterViews object-oriented windowing system. issues about windowing systems. Network extensible Windowing System. (Moderated) about the Open Look GUI. SUIT user-interface toolkit. the TeleUSE UI Builder. and augmenting the UIM/X UI Builder. about the X Window System. Window System announcements. (Moderated) and using, not programming, applications for X. XFree86 window system and others. of the X toolkit. K Desktop Environment. Motif GUI for the X Window System.
control.checkgroupsPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.ihavePseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.newgroupPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.rmgroupPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.sendmePseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.sendsysPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
control.senduunamePseudo-group where news system directives are filed
control.versionPseudo-group where news system directives are filed.
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corel.enterprise.igrafx_discussionCorel Ctech - corel.enterprise.igrafx_discussion CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech - CTech -
corel.testCorel CTech - corel.test
creative.corporateno description available
creative.emu.products.apsno description available
creative.gamesno description available
creative.lavano description available
creative.linuxno description available
creative.miscno description available
creative.musicno description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.annihilatorno description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.annihilator2no description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.bansheeno description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.banshee.linuxno description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.riva_tnt2no description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.riva_tnt2_ultrano description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.savage4no description available
creative.products.3d_blaster.voodoo2no description available description available
creative.products.dvd.encoreno description available
creative.products.dvd.miscno description available
creative.products.ensoniq.audiopcino description available
creative.products.graphics_blaster.riva_tntno description available
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creative.products.nomadno description available
creative.products.sound_blaster.audigyno description available
creative.products.sound_blaster.aweno description available
creative.products.sound_blaster.liveno description available description available description available
creative.products.sound_blaster.pci128no description available
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creative.products.speakersno description available
creative.products.unified-betano description available
creative.products.video_blaster.moviemakerno description available
creative.products.video_blaster.webcamno description available description available
creative.read_me_firstno description available
creative.testno description available
cz.answersFAQ - casto kladene otazky a odpovedi. (Moderated)
cz.comp.amigaSoftware, hardware, novinky v oblasti pocitacu Amiga
cz.comp.cstexSkupina pro ceske a slovenske uzivatele TeXu
cz.comp.databases.miscno description available
cz.comp.editorsDiskuse o textovych editorech skupina o hre Counter-Strike
cz.comp.grafikaSkupina pro zajemce o pocitacovou grafiku
cz.comp.ibmpcSoftware a hardware pro PC (krome siti a Windows)
cz.comp.lang.basic.visualProgramovani ve Visual Basicu
cz.comp.lang.javaDiskuse o programovani v jazyce Java
cz.comp.lang.perlDiskuse o programovani v jazyce Perl
cz.comp.lang.phpno description available
cz.comp.lang.pythonKonference o programovacim jazyku Python
cz.comp.lang.xmlDiskuse o jazyku XML a souvisejicich technologiich
cz.comp.linuxDiskuse o OS Linux
cz.comp.linux.czmanTvorba ceskych manualovych stranek pro Linux
cz.comp.linux.debianDiskusni skupina projektu Debian CZ/SK
cz.comp.linux.redhat-czKonference o vyvoji ceske varianty Red Hat Linuxu
cz.comp.linux.suseKonference o SuSE Linuxu
cz.comp.linux.talkDiskuse o problemech souvisejicich s OS Linux
cz.comp.macDiskuse o pocitacich Macintosh
cz.comp.mail.sendmailDiskuse o programu sendmail o technologii ASP - Active Server Pages o MS Exchange Serveru o MS SQL Serveru o Visual Studiu .NET
cz.comp.multimediaSkupina pro zajemce o multimedia
cz.comp.os2Diskusni skupina o systemu OS/2
cz.comp.securityCeska konference o pocitacove bezpecnosti (Moderated)
cz.comp.sgiDiskuse o pracovnich stanicich SGI
cz.comp.text.docbookKonference o Docbook DTD a souvisejicich nastrojich
cz.comp.vmsKonference o OpenVMS o aplikacich MS (Word, Excel,...) o programu MS Mail o MS Windows (3.1, 3.11, W95) o Windows NT a diskuse o zneuziti Internetu novinek v ceskem Internetu o mistnich problemech v siti na strednich skolach v Ceske republice podpora cestiny a dalsich jazyku v Internetu o pouzivani site typu Internet o Novell Netware 2.x - 4.x o moznostech pripojeni do Internetu v CR Internetu v CR (Moderated) o Internetu pro sirsi verejnost pro TCP/IP a jejich konfigurace o sluzbe WWW pro spravce news serveru pro uzivatele sluzby Network News
cz.rec.fotoFotografie, fotografovani - zkusenosti, material, prislusenstvi
cz.rec.gunsDiskuse o palnych zbranich, soucasnych i historickych description available
cz.rec.sportDiskuse o vsech druzich sportu
cz.rec.startrekno description available
cz.rec.startrek.prekladno description available
cz.sci.alifeno description available
cz.sci.architektno description available (Moderated) description available
cz.sci.evoluce-kreaceDiskusni skupina o kreaci a evoluci
cz.sci.informatics.announce.seminarPrednasky o informatice z (No posting)
cz.sci.informatics.contactKybernetika, informatika, aplik. mat., simulace apod. a praxe znalostniho (knowledge) managementu a praxe projektoveho a procesniho managementu onkologicka iniciativa, progresivni onkologie (Moderated)
cz.soc.announcePozvanky na spolecenske akce, oznameni
cz.soc.carolina-csCarolina, zpravodajstvi stud. zurnalistiky (Moderated)
cz.soc.christianSite, skolstvi, medicina, ... z hlediska krestanstvi
cz.soc.cimrmanJara da Cimrman - zivot, dilo, objevy
cz.soc.hrad.infoInformacni servis Kancelare prezidenta republiky (Moderated)
cz.soc.mensaCeska odmoz organizece Mensa
cz.soc.miscDiskuse o spolecenskem deni
cz.soc.orientVychodni mysleni, laska, zivotosprava atd.
cz.soc.pen-friendsNavazovani kontaktu pro dopisovani otevrenych, svobodnych skol
cz.talkDuta vrba, lamparna; tlakani o vsem moznem o problemu drog o politice o sci-fi a fandomu
cz.testTestovaci skupina pro hierarchii cz - Ceska republika
cz.zamestnani.hledamHledani zamestnani (nabizim svoji pracovni silu :-)
cz.zamestnani.nabidkyNabidky zamestnani (mam pro vas praci)
dc.bikingBicycles and biking in the Washington DC Metro area.
dc.configCreating & propagating groups in the Washington dc.* hierarchy.
dc.diningDining in the Washington, DC area.
dc.drivingHighway travel around Washington DC. equipment and computer peripherals. wanted and forsale in the Washington DC area.
dc.generalItems of general interest to the Washington, DC area.
dc.housingHousing in the Washington, DC area.
dc.jobsJob offerings and jobs wanted around Washington, DC.
dc.mediaNewspapers, radio and TV in the DC area.
dc.musicMusic-related issued in the DC area. area Linux users group announcements etc.
dc.politicsDiscussion group for D.C. area local politics.
dc.redskinsThe Washington Redskins pro football team.
dc.romanceRomance for couples and singles in the USA's capital area.
dc.smithsonianSmithsonian related events in the Washington, DC area.
dc.testTesting in the Washington, DC area.
dc.urban-planningDiscussion of transportation, land use in the DC area
de.admin.infosInfotexte zum Netz. (Moderated)
de.admin.listsFuer Statistiken. (Moderated)
de.admin.miscAllgemeine Themen zum Netz. gegen Netzmissbrauch. (Moderated) Netzmissbrauch. im Usenet., CFVs, Zwischen- und Endergebnisse. (Moderated) ueber (neue) Newsgruppen. Themen rund um NetNews. und Einspruchsdiskussion. Forum
de.adobe.devcornerEntwickler Forum
de.adobe.digitalvideoVideo Solutions Forum
de.adobe.epaperePaper Forum
de.adobe.fotografie.forumFotografie Forum
de.adobe.printPrint Forum
de.adobe.webWeb Forum
de.alt.0dTest von Bots.
de.alt.adminNeue de.alt-Newsgroups und deren Verbreitung.
de.alt.animeJapanische Zeichentrickfilme.
de.alt.arnoooEigenwilliges Verhalten.
de.alt.astrologieSterndeuter und Horoskope.
de.alt.augenoptikAuge - Brille - Kontaktlinse. die Freunde des Parkwunders.
de.alt.comicsRund um Comics.
de.alt.comm.datentausch-dienstePeer-to-peer: Wie du mir, so ich dir.
de.alt.comm.mgettyDiscussion about the unix fax software mgetty+sendfax (english).
de.alt.comp.cygwin+coUnix meets MS Windows. Standardsoftware SAP R/3.
de.alt.dummschwatzFuer die duemmsten und inhaltsleersten Postings.
de.alt.etc.koerperpflegeVon Aloe Vera bis Zahnseide.
de.alt.etc.wunschgewichtHier kriegst Du Dein Fett weg. und Discountkultur. Essen. der fruehaufstehenden Radiohoerer. der letzten Hoffnung der dt. Fernsehunterhaltung. Hogwarts-Universum. fuer unterwegs nach Apfel-Art. und Unsinn von Werbung. Aufzucht, Pflege und Knuddeln. um die Scheibenwelt!!! ueber den Musiker Prince. virtuelle Motorradfahrervereinigung RRR. in jeder Form. aus Mittelerde.
de.alt.flameFuer diejenigen die es nicht lassen koennen :-).
de.alt.folklore.computerAnekdoten ueber Computer und ihre Benutzer.
de.alt.folklore.ddrNiemand hat die Absicht, eine Newsgroup zu errichten!
de.alt.folklore.urban-legendsDie Spinne in der Yucca-Palme.
de.alt.folklore.usenetAlte Kabalen & neue Anekdoten. Freeman! an Game Boy, Playstation & Co. mit dem Pinguin. Spiel Quake von id Software. Spiel der Koenige. 3-D Spiel Unreal von Epic.
de.alt.gruppenkasperEndlosdiskussionen, Haarspaltereien etc.
de.alt.hoerfunkHoerfunk: Radio, Programme, Sendungen etc.
de.alt.mudAlles ueber Multi-User-Dungeons. und Musik des Hip-Hop. Blues zur freien Musik. Rock, Metal aller Art und Verwandtes.
de.alt.naturheilkundeDiskussion naturheilkundlicher Therapien.
de.alt.netdigestAktueller und klassischer Humor aus allen Netzen und IRC. (Moderated)
de.alt.paranormalUebernatuerliches, Unerklaerbares, Raetselhaftes. zwischen radio-scanner(Funkempfaenger)-Besitzern.
de.alt.rec.ascii-artPunkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich ...
de.alt.rec.digitalfotografieDigitalkameras und Zubehoer.
de.alt.rec.fantasyMagische Welten und ihre Schoepfer.
de.alt.rec.getraenkeProst! mir die Welt.
de.alt.rec.wissenQuizspiele und Trivia.
de.alt.recovery.scientistWissen macht nichts.
de.alt.recovery.webauthorWill markup for food.
de.alt.soc.aufmerksamkeitsdefizitADS, ADHS und Verwandtes.
de.alt.soc.kniggeHoeflichkeit und gutes Benehmen im wirklichen Leben.
de.alt.soc.lesbischwulSchwule, Bisexuelle, Lesben und ihr Leben.
de.alt.soc.punkKultur, Musik und Leben der Punks.
de.alt.soc.transgenderedTransvestismus, Transsexualitaet, TG,
de.alt.soc.verschwoerungMitlesen verboten! dem MTB ueber Stock und Stein. es sagt einer Pingpong! in der kalten Jahreszeit.
de.alt.sysadmin.recoveryAlles, was Systembetreuer aufmuntert. Gedanken, unverbluemt. B-). der Usenet Kasper aller Art. reibe ich mich mit Genuss.
de.alt.technik.gpsNavigation - Trabanten zeigen uns den Weg.
de.alt.technik.miscWie funktioniert denn das?
de.alt.technik.waffenFunktionsweise, Herstellung, (Nicht-)Anwendung.
de.alt.testTests im de.alt-Teilnetz. Achtung Reflektoren! die amerikanische Fernseh-Serie: M*A*S*H.
de.alt.ufoUnidentifizierte fliegende Objekte und ihre Freunde.
de.alt.umfragenUmfragen im Netz und Diskussionen darueber.
de.alt.windsurfenSegel an Bretter genagelt.
de.answersFundgruppe fuer regelmaessige deutschspr. USENET-Artikel. (Moderated)
de.comm.abuseMissbraeuchliche Nutzung von Fax, Telefon, SMS etc.
de.comm.anbieter.festnetz.miscSonstiges zu Tk-Anbietern im Festnetz (z.B. Service).
de.comm.anbieter.festnetz.tarifeTarife von Tk-Anbietern im Festnetz.
de.comm.anbieter.miscService und Tarife sonstiger/gemischter Angebote.
de.comm.anbieter.mobilService und Tarife von Tk-Anbietern im Mobilfunk.
de.comm.chatsystemsChat-Systeme, IRC: Technik, Benutzung und Suchtbekaempfung.
de.comm.funk.amateurTechnik und Betriebstechnik des Amateurfunks.
de.comm.funk.cbCB-Funk und anderer Jedermannsfunk.
de.comm.funk.miscSonstige Funkthemen.
de.comm.funk.vereineFunkvereine und ihre Aktivitaeten.
de.comm.geraete.analog.miscSonstiges zum Plain Old Telephone System.
de.comm.geraete.analog.modemDatenfernuebertragung im analogen Netz.
de.comm.geraete.isdn.computerISDN-Karten/-Adapter fuer Computer.
de.comm.geraete.isdn.miscAlles sonstige zu ISDN-Geraeten. und a/b-Adapter im ISDN.
de.comm.geraete.miscSonstige Kommunikations-Geraete.
de.comm.geraete.mobil.miscSonstige mobile Endgeraete und Zubehoer.
de.comm.geraete.mobil.nokiaBesonderheiten der Nokia-Geraete.
de.comm.geraete.mobil.pagerPagingsysteme wie Skyper, Scall, Telmi usw.
de.comm.geraete.mobil.siemensBesonderheiten der Siemens-Geraete.
de.comm.infosystems.miscSonstige Informationssysteme (Hyper-G, gopher, WAIS).
de.comm.infosystems.suchmaschinenFinden und gefunden werden.
de.comm.infosystems.www.authoring.miscWebseiten, (X)HTML, CSS und mehr.
de.comm.infosystems.www.pages.announceAnkuendigungen von Web-Seiten. (Moderated)
de.comm.internet.commerceUnternehmensaktivitaeten im Internet.
de.comm.internet.infrastrukturRouter, Topologie und Administrativa.
de.comm.internet.miscSonstige Themen zum Internet ausser Infosystems.
de.comm.internet.telefonieVoice over IP (VoIP).
de.comm.miscKommunikation: Hardware, Protokolle und Probleme.
de.comm.protocols.miscSonstige Protokolle (IPX, DECnet, Appletalk etc).
de.comm.provider.mailZugangsunabhaengige E-Mail-Dienste.
de.comm.provider.metronetDas ist metronet, das geht hier net.
de.comm.provider.miscProvider und Online-Dienste ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comm.provider.serverHousing, Mietserver, Vserver, Rackspace.
de.comm.provider.status"Das Internet ist kaputt!" "Bei mir tut's aber!".
de.comm.provider.sucheInternetzugangs- und Providersuche.
de.comm.provider.t-onlineOnline-Dienst T-Online.
de.comm.provider.tarifeKosten und Qualitaet von Internetzugaengen.
de.comm.provider.usenetZugangsunabhaengige News-Dienste.
de.comm.provider.webspaceSpeicherplatz und Umleitung im WWW. und Mails mit 40tude Dialog. WWW nach Microsoft-Art. und Pointpaket CrossPoint fuer MS-DOS. und Mail mit Forte (Free) Agent. News- und Mailclient im Emacs. Server, der Proxy-, HTTP- und Mailserver. und Hilfsprogramme. Mail (PMail/WinPMail). mit der Fledermaus. und -zustellung. ohne eigene Gruppe. mit der Netscape-Gecko-Engine. und News auf Basis von Mozilla. Mozilla/Netscape-Themen., ungetestete Versionen. und Hilfsprogramme., Installation, Administration. und News nach Microsoft-Art. und -Administration.
de.comm.technik.dslNetzwerkverbindung und -zugang per DSL.
de.comm.technik.isdnISDN-Grundlagen (NT, Verkabelung, Protokoll).
de.comm.technik.miscSonstige Kommunikations-Grundlagen und -Technik.
de.comm.technik.mobilTechnik der Mobilkommunikations-Netze.
de.comm.uucpUUCP: Protokolle, Programme und Probleme.
de.comp.advocacyMein(e) Computer/Software ist besser als deine(r).
de.comp.audioVerarbeitung von Audiodaten am Computer.
de.comp.cadComputer Aided Design und Verwandtes inkl. Programmierung.
de.comp.datenbanken.miscDatenbanken aller Art. Software MS Access.
de.comp.datenbanken.mysqlRelationale Datenbanken mit MySQL.
de.comp.editorenText- und Hexeditoren.
de.comp.gnuSoftware der Free Software Foundation (GNU's Not Unix).
de.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboard.amdAMD-CPUs und passende Mainboards.
de.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboard.intelIntel-CPUs und passende Mainboards.
de.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboard.miscProzessoren und Mainboards.
de.comp.hardware.druckerDrucker und Plotter.
de.comp.hardware.graphikGrafikkarten und Co.
de.comp.hardware.kuehlung+laermdaemmungWaerme und Laerm bei Computern.
de.comp.hardware.laufwerke.brennerCD-Brenner und DVD-Brenner. Scheiben am Computer.
de.comp.hardware.laufwerke.miscSonstige Laufwerke.
de.comp.hardware.miscSonstige Computer-Hardware.
de.comp.hardware.monitoreComputer-Displays aller Art.
de.comp.hardware.netzwerke.miscVerkabeln, Vernetzen, Verschalten.
de.comp.hardware.netzwerke.wirelessWLAN, Bluetooth und Funknetze.
de.comp.hardware.scannerVom Blatt auf den Monitor.
de.comp.lang.assemblerProgrammierung in Assembler.
de.comp.lang.cDie Programmiersprache C (ISO, ANSI, K&R).
de.comp.lang.delphi.datenbankenLokale und Server-DBs, ODBC und BDE.
de.comp.lang.delphi.miscBorlands Delphi, Anwendung + Programmierung.
de.comp.lang.delphi.non-techAllgemeinere Diskussionen.
de.comp.lang.forthForth, Anwendungen in Forth, Forth-Hardware.
de.comp.lang.funktionalFunktionales Programmieren.
de.comp.lang.iso-c++ISO-konformes C++. (Moderated)
de.comp.lang.javaDie Programmiersprache Java.
de.comp.lang.javascriptProgrammiersprache JavaScript.
de.comp.lang.miscAlle Programmiersprachen ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comp.lang.pascalPascal, inkl. Turbo-.
de.comp.lang.perl.cgiCGI-Programme in der Programmiersprache Perl.
de.comp.lang.perl.miscPerl (von Larry Wall).
de.comp.lang.php.datenbankenVerwendung von PHP mit Datenbanken.
de.comp.lang.php.installationInstallation und Konfiguration.
de.comp.lang.php.miscSonstige Fragen zu Anwendung und Programmierung.
de.comp.lang.php.netzprotokolleProgrammierung von und mit Netzprotokollen.
de.comp.lang.pythonProgrammieren mit Python.
de.comp.lang.rubyProgrammieren mit Ruby, Ruby on Rails usw.
de.comp.miscUebrige Computerthemen.
de.comp.objektObjektorientierte Logik, Methodik und Techniken. SmartSuite der Firma Lotus. allgemein. Office-Pakete. StarOffice-Themen. und Formeln.
de.comp.os.beDas Betriebssystem BeOS auf allen Plattformen.
de.comp.os.miscDiverse Betriebssysteme (z.B. MVS, RTOS). -> Programme. Betriebssysteme der MS-Windows-Familie. -> Netzwerkumgebung. unter MS-Windows. -> Hardware.
de.comp.os.msdosMS-DOS und kompatible Betriebssysteme.
de.comp.os.os2.appsDiskussion ueber Programme fuer OS/2.
de.comp.os.os2.miscAllgemeines zum Betriebssystem OS/2.
de.comp.os.os2.networkingNetzwerkbetrieb mit OS/2.
de.comp.os.os2.programmerProgrammieren fuer das Betriebssystem OS/2.
de.comp.os.os2.setupInstallation des Betriebssystems OS/2.
de.comp.os.unix.apps.gnomeDas GNU Network Object Model Environment.
de.comp.os.unix.apps.kdeDas K Desktop Environment.
de.comp.os.unix.apps.miscDie Anwendungen von Unix.
de.comp.os.unix.bsdGottes eigenes Betriebssystem.
de.comp.os.unix.linux.hardwareHardwarefragen zu Linux.
de.comp.os.unix.linux.infosInformationen zu Linux. (Moderated)
de.comp.os.unix.linux.isdnISDN4Linux: Geraete, Treiber, Anwendungen.
de.comp.os.unix.linux.miscAlles, was sich nicht anders einordnen laesst.
de.comp.os.unix.miscUnix-Systeme ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.comp.os.unix.networking.miscRund um Netzwerke und Kommunikation.
de.comp.os.unix.networking.sambaUnix tanzt Samba - mit Windows & Co.
de.comp.os.unix.programmingProgrammierung unter Unix.
de.comp.os.unix.shellShell, Skripte und Tools.
de.comp.os.unix.x11Alles zum X Window System unter Unix.
de.comp.os.vmsOpenVMS und VAX/VMS (Betriebssystem von DEC), FreeVMS. trotz Netz. und Datensicherheit., Wuermer, Trojanische Pferde usw., insbesondere auf Computern. ohne eigene Gruppe., Freeware und Public Domain.
de.comp.standardsComputerstandards und ihre Auswirkungen.
de.comp.sys.amigaAllgemeine Themen des Rechners Amiga.
de.comp.sys.atariAtaris, kompatible Systeme und Emulatoren.
de.comp.sys.handhelds.miscTragbare Mini-Computer allgemein.
de.comp.sys.handhelds.newtonDie Newton-Technologie von Apple.
de.comp.sys.handhelds.palm-pilotPalm, PalmPilot und Pilot von 3Com & Co.
de.comp.sys.handhelds.psionDie Psion-Serie und andere Geraete von Psion Inc. mit Windows CE von Microsoft.
de.comp.sys.mac.internetDer Mac und das Internet.
de.comp.sys.mac.lokale-netzeMacs im (lokalen) Netzwerk.
de.comp.sys.mac.miscDiskussion zum Mac.
de.comp.sys.mac.programmierenProgrammieren am und fuer den Mac.
de.comp.sys.mac.socUsertreffen, Erfahrungsberichte, Szene-Tratsch.
de.comp.sys.miscAndere Systeme.
de.comp.sys.nextRund um NeXT-Technologie.
de.comp.sys.notebooksComputer fuer moderne Nomaden.
de.comp.sys.novellRund um Novell NetWare.
de.comp.text.dtpDesktop Publishing (DTP).
de.comp.text.miscTextverarbeitung und elektronisches Publizieren allgemein. Word in der Praxis.
de.comp.text.pdfMehr als Acrobat.
de.comp.text.texTeX, LaTeX & Co.: Fragen und Antworten, Diskussion und Codeschnipsel.
de.comp.text.xmlXML, Extensible Markup Language. und Video am Computer.
de.etc.bahn.announceTermine, Software, Web-Seiten.
de.etc.bahn.bahnpolitikBahnen zwischen Politik und Wirtschaft.
de.etc.bahn.eisenbahntechnikFahrzeug-, Infrastruktur- und Bautechnik.
de.etc.bahn.historischBahnen aus alten Zeiten.
de.etc.bahn.miscBahnthemen ohne Spezialgruppe.
de.etc.bahn.stadtverkehrStrassenbahn, U-Bahn, S-Bahn.
de.etc.bahn.tarif+servicePreise und Dienste.
de.etc.beruf.miscBerufsbezogene Fragestellungen.
de.etc.fahrzeug.autoTechnik, Fahren, Geschichte und Zukunft.
de.etc.fahrzeug.miscSonstige Fahrzeuge.
de.etc.finanz.banken+brokerDie mit dem grossen Geld spielen.
de.etc.finanz.boerseGeschehen an Wertpapierboersen.
de.etc.finanz.miscInfos zu & Diskussion ueber Geld & Anlagen.
de.etc.handel.auktionshaeuserDrei, zwei, eins - meins?
de.etc.handel.miscWas kostet die Welt?
de.etc.handel.versandhaeuserWie aus dem Katalog.
de.etc.haushaltHaushaltsfuehrung, -tips und -geraete.
de.etc.landwirtschaftAckerbau, Nutztierhaltung, Agrarpolitik.
de.etc.listsKurze und lange Listen zu allen Themen.
de.etc.militaerAusruestung, Taktik, Strategie und Anekdoten.
de.etc.miscAlles, was woanders nicht hinpasst.
de.etc.notfallrettungAlles ueber mediz. und techn. Rettung, Brand- & Katastrophenschutz.
de.etc.postBriefe, Paeckchen, Pakete.
de.etc.schreiben.lyrikSelbstgeschriebene Lyrik und Kritiken.
de.etc.schreiben.miscSonstige Themen und Infotexte ueber das Schreiben.
de.etc.schreiben.prosaSelbstgeschriebene Prosa und Kritiken.
de.etc.selbsthilfe.angstAngst und Panikattacken.
de.etc.selbsthilfe.gehoerOhrgeraeusche und verwandte Krankheitsbilder.
de.etc.selbsthilfe.miscHilfe zur Selbsthilfe.
de.etc.selbsthilfe.missbrauchVerarbeitung von Missbrauch. (Moderated)
de.etc.sprache.deutschDie deutsche Sprache: Fragen, Antworten und Diskussionen.
de.etc.sprache.klassischLatein, Griechisch und Hebraeisch.
de.etc.sprache.miscDas Sammelbecken fuer andere Sprachen. in IT-Berufen. (Moderated)
de.markt.arbeit.biete.miscStellenangebote. (Moderated)
de.markt.arbeit.dKommentare, Fragen, Diskussionen.
de.markt.arbeit.sucheStellengesuche. (Moderated)
de.markt.arbeit.vermittlerStellenangebote und -gesuche durch Vermittler. (Moderated)
de.markt.buecherBuecher aller Art.
de.markt.commAngebote/Gesuche aus der Telekommunikation.
de.markt.comp.handheldsHandhelds (Palm, Psion etc.) und Zubehoer.
de.markt.comp.hardware.cpu+mainboardCPUs, Mainboards, Kuehler
de.markt.comp.hardware.graphikGrafikkarten, Monitore und Zubehoer.
de.markt.comp.hardware.laufwerkeLaufwerke aller Art.
de.markt.comp.hardware.miscAngebote/Gesuche fuer EDV-Hardware allgemein.
de.markt.comp.miscSonstige computerbezogene Angebote/Gesuche.
de.markt.comp.softwareAngebote/Gesuche fuer Software.
de.markt.fahrzeug.autoAngebote und Gesuche zu Autos.
de.markt.fahrzeug.miscAngebote und Gesuche zu sonstigen Fahrzeugen.
de.markt.miscAngebote/Gesuche. Aussagekraeftige Themen bitte!
de.markt.musikAngebote/Gesuche im Musikbereich.
de.markt.spiele.computerComputer- und Konsolenspiele.
de.markt.spiele.miscSpiele aller Art (ausser Computerspiele).
de.markt.tiereTiere abgeben und finden.
de.markt.wohnenAngebote/Gesuche fuer Wohnraum (Kauf und Miete).
de.newusers.infosInfos und periodische Postings fuer neue User. (Moderated)
de.newusers.questionsHilfe zum Usenet. (Moderated) Computer Club: Kreativer Umgang mit Technik. der weltweite Verein fuer Spass mit der Intelligenz. ohne eigene Gruppe. Organisationen ohne eigene Gruppe. und Organisation der SPD.
de.rec.alpinismusAlpinismus in allen seinen Erscheinungsformen.
de.rec.bodyartTattoos, Piercings und andere Koerpermodifikationen.
de.rec.buecherRund ums Buch.
de.rec.denksportDenksport aller Art.
de.rec.drachenDrachen (kites), die an Leinen geflogen werden.
de.rec.fahrradAlles rund um's Fahrrad. im Wohnzimmer. (Moderated) ab! Nicht nur im Kino.
de.rec.fotografieFotografie, EBV und verwandte Themen.
de.rec.gartenGartenbau und Zimmerpflanzen.
de.rec.geocachingSachensuchen mit Satellitenunterstuetzung.
de.rec.heimwerkenDoityourself, Tips, Heimwerken.
de.rec.hoerspielHoerspiele im Radio und auf Tontraegern.
de.rec.kunst.miscDarstellende, bildende und sonstige Kunst allgemein.
de.rec.kunst.theaterTheater, Schauspiel, Komoedie usw.
de.rec.luftfahrtUeber den Wolken.
de.rec.mampfAlles, was mit Essen und Trinken etc. zu tun hat.
de.rec.miscDiverse Themen im Bereich Freizeit.
de.rec.modelle.bahnAlles ueber Modellbahnen.
de.rec.modelle.miscBau von und Spiel mit Modellen.
de.rec.motorradAlles rund ums Motorrad.
de.rec.motorrollerAlles rund um Motorroller.
de.rec.musik.elektronischElektronische Musik.
de.rec.musik.klassikWerke, Komponisten, Darbietende.
de.rec.musik.machenMusizieren und Musikinstrumente.
de.rec.musik.miscMusikbezogene Themen.
de.rec.musik.rechercheTitel, Texte, Noten: Suche, Identifikation und Analyse.
de.rec.musik.rock+popRockmusik, Popmusik, Rhythm and Blues.
de.rec.orakelForum zur Veroeffentlichung der konzentrierten Weisheit des Orakels. (Moderated)
de.rec.outdoorsAbseits der Zivilisation - naturnahe Freizeitbeschaeftigungen. Camping. Reisethemen.
de.rec.sammelnAlles ums Sammeln.
de.rec.sf.babylon5.miscDie SF-Fernsehserie "Babylon 5".
de.rec.sf.miscSonstiges im Bereich Speculative Fiction (Phantastik).
de.rec.sf.perry-rhodanPerry Rhodan, die groesste Weltraumserie.
de.rec.sf.stargateStargate - Kommando SG1.
de.rec.sf.startrek.10vorneSmalltalk bei Guinan.
de.rec.sf.startrek.enterpriseKirk, Picard & Co.
de.rec.sf.startrek.miscStar-Trek-Themen ohne eigene Gruppe.
de.rec.sf.startrek.technologieDie Technologie von Star Trek.
de.rec.sf.starwarsThemen zum Star Wars-Universum.
de.rec.spiele.brett+kartenBrett-, Karten- und Wuerfelspiele. und Treten, was das Zeug haelt. ohne eigene Gruppe., Renn-, U-Boot- etc. und Taktik. rund um Computerspiele.
de.rec.spiele.miniaturenMiniaturenspiele und -tabletops.
de.rec.spiele.miscSonstige Spiele aller Art.
de.rec.spiele.rpg.miscPen&Paper-Rollenspiele ohne eigene Gruppe., Selbstverteidigung und Meditation. Puck ist eine schwarze Scheibe! Ball ist rund. und Haengegleiten. Schlaeger und ein Ball. Recreation bis Aggro., Laufen, Rennen, Gehen und mehr. abgelaufene Woche. unterwegs. allgemein. Formel1-Rennsportserie. Motorsport-Serien. und alles, was dazugehoert. zum Sporttauchen.
de.rec.tanzRund ums Tanzen in allen Formen.
de.rec.tiere.hundeRund um den Hund.
de.rec.tiere.katzenAlles, was mit Katzen zu tun hat.
de.rec.tiere.miscAlles rund um Tiere allgemein.
de.rec.tiere.pferdeAlles rund um Pferde.
de.rec.tiere.rattenDomestizierte und wildlebende Ratten.
de.rec.tiere.terraristikTerraristik und Herpetologie.
de.rec.tiere.voegelUnsere gefiederten Freunde. Bann der Daemonen., Schauspieler, Hintergruende. glotz TV. folgt. Groenings Welt: Simpsons, Futurama ... und Technik fuer Fernsehen und Video.
de.sci.alternativEntgegen der herrschenden Lehrmeinung.
de.sci.architekturArchitektur, Bauwesen und Staedtebau.
de.sci.astronomieAstronomie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.biologieBiologie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.chemieChemie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.electronicsElektronik in Theorie und Praxis.
de.sci.genealogieFamilienforschung und verwandte Themen.
de.sci.geoGeowissenschaften (inkl. Geographie).
de.sci.informatik.kiKuenstliche Intelligenz.
de.sci.informatik.miscWissenschaftliche Themen rund um Informatik., VDE-Normung und elektrische Sicherheit.
de.sci.mathematikReine und angewandte Mathematik.
de.sci.medizin.allergieRund ums Thema Allergie.
de.sci.medizin.miscRund um die Medizin.
de.sci.medizin.psychiatriePsychiatrische Themen im Trialog.
de.sci.meteorologieWetter, Klima und Meteorologie.
de.sci.miscDiverse Themen aus der Wissenschaft.
de.sci.paedagogikPaedagogik als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.philosophiePhilosophie als Wissenschaft.
de.sci.raumfahrtMissionen, Technik, Forschung.
de.sci.soziologieSozialwissenschaften und Soziologie.
de.sci.theologieReligionswissenschaften und Theologie.
de.soc.arbeitNews und Diskussionen zum Thema Arbeit.
de.soc.arbeitslosArbeits- oder Erwerbslosigkeit.
de.soc.drogenRauschmittel, Nutzen und Gefahren.
de.soc.familie.kinderDie lieben Kleinen.
de.soc.familie.miscFamilie heute.
de.soc.familie.vaeterAspekte des Vaterseins. (Moderated)
de.soc.gleichberechtigungMaenner und Frauen, ihre Rechte und Pflichten.
de.soc.handicapAlles zum Thema Behinderung.
de.soc.jugendarbeitInformationen und Anregungen zur Kinder- und Jugendgruppenarbeit.
de.soc.kontakte.freizuegigPrivate freizuegige Kontaktanzeigen.
de.soc.kontakte.miscSonstige private Kontaktanzeigen.
de.soc.kultur.japanDas Land der aufgehenden Sonne.
de.soc.kultur.miscKulturelle Themen.
de.soc.medien.miscMedien, Publizistik, Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit.
de.soc.medien.rundfunkfinanzierungSchon GEZahlt?
de.soc.menschenrechteAktuelle Situation, Aufrufe, Aktionen und Meinungen.
de.soc.miscDiverse gesellschaftliche Themen.
de.soc.netzkultur.miscSonstige Netzkultur- und Netzpolitik-Themen.
de.soc.netzkultur.umgangsformenHoeflichkeit im Netz.
de.soc.pflichtdiensteWehrdienst, Zivildienst, KDV und Ersatzdienste.
de.soc.politik.miscSonstige politische Diskussionen.
de.soc.politik.textePolitische Texte und Dokumente.
de.soc.recht.arbeit+sozialesArbeitsrecht und soziale Sicherung.
de.soc.recht.datennetzeJuristische Aspekte der Datenkommunikation.
de.soc.recht.familie+erbenEhe-, Partnerschafts-, Familien- und Erbrecht.
de.soc.recht.marken+urheberMarken-, Patent- und Urheberrecht.
de.soc.recht.miscDiskussion um Rechtsfragen.
de.soc.recht.steuern+buchfuehrungSteuerrecht und Rechnungslegung.
de.soc.recht.strafrechtKeine Strafe ohne Gesetz.
de.soc.recht.strassenverkehrStaendige Vorsicht und Ruecksichtnahme.
de.soc.recht.wohnenJuristisches zu Miete und Wohneigentum.
de.soc.schuleFuer das Leben lernen wir.
de.soc.seniorenAltenarbeit, -hilfe, -forschung, -politik.
de.soc.studiumStudium, Studienbedingungen usw.
de.soc.subkultur.bdsmSadomasochisten - Szene & Rituale.
de.soc.subkultur.gothicDie schwarze Szene: Musik, Mode, Lifestyle und mehr.
de.soc.subkultur.miscSonstige Subkulturen.
de.soc.umweltInfos zu und sachliche Diskussion ueber Umweltfragen.
de.soc.verkehrAutos sowie umweltfreundlichere Verkehrsmittel.
de.soc.weltanschauung.buddhismusAlles ueber Buddhismus.
de.soc.weltanschauung.christentumFragen zum Christentum allgemein.
de.soc.weltanschauung.islamIslam als Religion und Kultur.
de.soc.weltanschauung.miscAlles was nicht in den anderen d.s.w-Gruppen passt.
de.soc.weltanschauung.scientologyRund um die Organisation Scientology.
de.soc.wirtschaftWirtschaft allgemein.
de.soc.zensurZensur. Liebhaber des Unsinnigen, Hintergruendigen, Bizarren. etc. ueber Witze. Kinder und Jugendliche. Geschlechtlichkeit. Endlosthemen. ;-). (Liebes-)Beziehungen. man zur Zeit spricht.
de.testTests. Vorsicht Reflektoren!
demon.advertsPersonal and commercial adverts by Demon members
demon.adverts.dDiscussion area for demon.adverts
demon.announceDemon Internet announcements (Moderated)
demon.answersFAQs relating to the Demon Service (Moderated)
demon.archives.announceNews uploaded to (Moderated)
demon.archives.dDiscussion of Uploads
demon.gamesDiscussion of Online Games running on Demon's servers.
demon.homepages.advertsAnnouncements of the contents of Homepages at Demon.
demon.homepages.authoringThe creation of homepages at Demon Internet.
demon.ip.cppnewsFor users of the Cppnews package
demon.ip.developersDevelopers of s/w for use with Demon
demon.ip.discoveriesDiscoveries on the Net
demon.ip.supportGeneral support issues support issues support issues support issues of Microsoft's IE4 with Demon Internet. support issues description available to Demon Internet with Windows NT. description available issues specific to other platforms support issues related announcements (Moderated) support issues support issues'95 IP support issues. description available
demon.ip.winsockFor users of Winsock
demon.ip.winsock.dicsDICS PD software to access Demon Internet
demon.ip.wwwWorld Wide Web Related Discussion
demon.localLocal chatter
demon.newsDiscussion/proposals for Demon groups Internet Nederland announcements. (Moderated) Dutch chatter. of Online Games running on Demon NL servers. about hardware. of Demon homepages. and letting off steam. discussions about software. about and problems with software. Dutch Service support issues. about technical subjects.
demon.popsWhere to request a new PoP on your doorstep
demon.salesDemon sales announcements (Moderated)
demon.sales.dDiscussion area for demon.sales
demon.securitySecurity/encryption related issues posting public keys (e.g. PGP)
demon.serviceComplaints, Praise etc. at the Level of Service
demon.service.homepagesDemon Internet Ltd. homepages service issues.
demon.service.isdnDiscussions about a possible ISDN service description available description available description available description available description available description available description available
demon.testTest messages
demon.ticketsno description available
dk.adminDiskussion om danske nyhedsgrupper
dk.admin.netiketteDebat om netikette paa dk-grupperne.
dk.admin.netmisbrugDiskussion af netmisbrug (email, usenet etc.)
dk.admin.opslagOpslag om nye grupper paa dk.* (Moderated)
dk.boligAlle boligrelaterede emner.
dk.edb.andre-emnerAlle edb relaterede emner uden anden gruppe.
dk.edb.cad2D/3D produktudvikling i CAD systemer.
dk.edb.databaseDatabaser i almindelighed. af Microsoft Access og relaterede tools.
dk.edb.grafikDiskussion af computerbaseret grafik.
dk.edb.hardwareErfaringsudveksling omkring hardware
dk.edb.hardware.baerbarEmner vedr. baerbare computere.
dk.edb.hardware.bundkortBundkort/Motherboard relaterede emner.
dk.edb.hardware.casemoddingOmbygning af pc-kabinetter og andet edb-udstyr.
dk.edb.hardware.drevLagermedie/drev relaterede emner. emner.
dk.edb.hardware.drev.dvdDVD-relaterede emner.
dk.edb.hardware.grafikkortGrafikkort-relaterede emner.
dk.edb.hardware.overclockingForum for overclockere om overclocking.
dk.edb.hardware.serverDiskussion af hardware til centrale EDB-installationer.
dk.edb.hardware.skaermDebat om computerskaerme
dk.edb.hardware.stoejReducering af stoejgener i forbindelse med EDB
dk.edb.internetBlandet internet-stof, konfiguration og drift af Apache servere. for brugere af browsere. og protokoller (ICQ, MSN, Jabber o.lign.) for brugere af mail og newsklienter. og newsklienten Microsoft Outlook Express.
dk.edb.internet.udbyderePositive og negative erfaringer, nye ydelser
dk.edb.internet.udbydere.webhotelErfaringsudveksling og debat om webhoteller.
dk.edb.internet.udbydere.xdslErfaringsudveksling og debat om xDSL forbindelser.
dk.edb.internet.webdesignProblemer med og fremstilling af websider.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.clientsideJavascript og andre scriptsprog i webbrowsere.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.flashFlash (swf) filer der bruges til webdesign
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.frontpageWebsider lavet med Microsoft FrontPage & FP-extensions.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.htmlHTML-koder - grundlaget for produktion af hjemmesider.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.ris+rosKonstruktiv kritik af websiders design og indhold.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.serversideServerside webudvikling - herunder CGI, SSI, PHP, m.m.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.serverside.aspProduktion af websider ved brug af active server pages.
dk.edb.internet.webdesign.serverside.phpProduktion af websider ved brug af php
dk.edb.macForum for danske brugere af MacOS kompatible computere
dk.edb.netvaerkLAN/MAN/WAN, topologier, protokoller, hard- og software
dk.edb.netvaerk.stortNetvaerk. Teori, design, admin, hardware og software.
dk.edb.netvaerk.traadloestTraadloese netvaerksteknologier.
dk.edb.netwareMaalrettet snak om Novell Netware produkter og tjenester.
dk.edb.os2Diskussion, spoergsmaal, svar og info om OS/2
dk.edb.programmeringProgrammering - metoder, redskaber og problemer
dk.edb.programmering.basicBASIC og Visual Basic - metoder, redskaber og problemer.
dk.edb.programmering.basic.visual-basicMicrosoft Visual basic programmering.
dk.edb.programmering.cProgrammering i C, C++ og Objective-C.
dk.edb.programmering.dotnetDiskussion af programmering til .Net Framework.
dk.edb.programmering.javaProgrammering i Java (sprog, platform, JavaOS)
dk.edb.programmering.pascalPascal og Delphi: Metoder, redskaber og problemer.
dk.edb.programmering.perlPerl programmering - metoder, redskaber og problemer. Office i almindelighed
dk.edb.regnearkRegneark i almindelighed.
dk.edb.sikkerhedForum til debat af alle former for edb-sikkerhed.
dk.edb.sikkerhed.virusDebat om computer-virus.
dk.edb.sysadminAdministration af stoerre/centrale EDB-installationer.
dk.edb.system.andre-systemerFor systemer uden egen undergruppe.
dk.edb.system.lomme-pcForum for pda- og hpc-brugere. Windows. server og services. Terminal Services og add-on produkter
dk.edb.system.unixDiskussion, spoergsmaal og svar om Unix.
dk.edb.system.unix.hardwareKonfiguration af hardware og drivere til unix.
dk.edb.tekstTekstbehandling i almindelighed. for Word-brugere (fra alle "niveauer" og systemer)
dk.edb.videoredigeringFor alle med interesse for redigering af film og video
dk.erhvervErhvervsrelateret stof for forskellige erhvervsgrupper.
dk.erhverv.direkte-salgFor interesserede og aktive i multi-level-marketing.
dk.familie.barnOm boernerelaterede emner
dk.forbrugerDiskussion og information for forbrugere
dk.forbruger.offentlig-serviceSamspil mellem borgere og myndigheder.
dk.fritid.bilLoest og fast vedroerende biler.
dk.fritid.campingForum for campister
dk.fritid.dragerOm flyvning og bygning m.m. af drager (kites) i snor(e)
dk.fritid.dykningDebat om dykkerrelaterede emner
dk.fritid.dyrOplevelser med - og pleje af - dyr.
dk.fritid.dyr.akvariumAkvarier, akvariefisk og andre emner i akvariehobbyen.
dk.fritid.dyr.hestHesterelaterede emner for ryttere og avlere.
dk.fritid.dyr.hundOm hunde, udstillinger og andet om racen.
dk.fritid.dyr.katErfaringer, gode raad og historier om katte.
dk.fritid.filateliForum for frimaerkesamlere og posthistorikere.
dk.fritid.fotoEmner omkring fotografering.
dk.fritid.foto.billedsnakEmner om det fotografiske billede.
dk.fritid.foto.indkoebEmner vedroerende indkoeb af fotoudstyr.
dk.fritid.hamradioEmner af interesse for licenserede radioamatoerer
dk.fritid.hus-og-haveOm hus, lejlighed og have
dk.fritid.jagtJagtrelaterede emner
dk.fritid.jernbanerJernbane- og modeljernbanerelaterede emner.
dk.fritid.jernbaner.modelModeljernbanerelaterede emner.
dk.fritid.knallertDiskussion vedr. knallert og scooter op til og med 45.
dk.fritid.lystfiskeriOn-line konference for lystfiskere
dk.fritid.motorcykelmotorcykelrelaterede emner
dk.fritid.ornitologiForum for fritids-fuglekiggere
dk.fritid.rejseRejse Forum
dk.fritid.rollespilDansk rollespil, spoergsmaal, erfaringer, og scenarier.
dk.fritid.spejderGruppen skal bruges til at diskutere spejderting i.
dk.generalGenerel information
dk.helbredDebat om sundhed og helbred.
dk.helbred.behandling.alternativAlt. behandling, plantemedicin, akupunktur, healing etc.
dk.helbred.handicapForum for debat og dialog om handicaprelaterede emner.
dk.helbred.misbrugForum for diskussion af diverse former for misbrug.
dk.helbred.slankInspiration til fedtfattige madvaner og sund levevis.
dk.helbred.sorg+kriseHjaelp til selvhjaelp til mennesker i sorg og krise.
dk.kulturModergruppe for kulturrelaterede emner.
dk.kultur.billedkunstDebat om emnet billedkunst.
dk.kultur.filmOm film, TV-serier og beslaegtede emner
dk.kultur.litteraturForum for laesere af skoenlitteratur.
dk.kultur.mad+drikkeAlt vedroerende mad og drikke
dk.kultur.musikFor musikere og musikelskere
dk.kultur.musik.klassiskKlassisk musik, musikhistorie, nyheder om koncerter og
dk.kultur.musik.produktionForum for aktive musikere indenfor alle musikgenrer.
dk.kultur.sciencefictionAlt om science fiction (boeger, film, drama, tv osv...)
dk.kultur.sprogDansk og fremmede maal, sprogproblemer og sprogpolitik
dk.kultur.tegneserierDiskussion af tegneserierelaterede emner
dk.livssynDiskussion af alle typer livssyn
dk.livssyn.kristendomForum for kristendom og kristendomsrelaterede emner
dk.livssyn.newageInspirations- og debatforum for nyreligioesitet.
dk.lokalsamfundEmner relateret til et lokalsamfund.
dk.lokalsamfund.bornholmOm Bornholm, bornholmere og alt andet om oeen.
dk.lokalsamfund.fynEmner relateret til Fyn.
dk.lokalsamfund.oeresundLokalstof for Oeresundsregionen.
dk.marked.kommercielKommerciel handel med effekter der ikke har egen gruppe
dk.marked.kommerciel.edbErhvervsmaessig handel med edb-udstyr & software.
dk.marked.kommerciel.engrosForum for handel mellem virksomheder.
dk.marked.kommerciel.lystfiskeriKommerciel handel m.v. med produkter til lystfiskere.
dk.marked.privatPrivat handel med effekter der ikke har sin egen gruppe
dk.marked.privat.baadPrivat koeb og salg af baade og baadudstyr.
dk.marked.privat.bilPrivat handel med biler og udstyr til biler
dk.marked.privat.bilstereoHandel med bilstereo udstyr.
dk.marked.privat.blad+bogPrivat handel med boeger, blade og lignende
dk.marked.privat.boerneudstyrPrivat handel med baby- og boerneudstyr.
dk.marked.privat.boligPrivat handel og udlejning af boliger
dk.marked.privat.campingPrivat handel med campingvogne, camp-let, combicamp, autocampere, telte og udstyr hertil.
dk.marked.privat.cykelPrivat handel med cykler og cykeludstyr.
dk.marked.privat.dyrPrivat handel med dyr og artikler til dyr
dk.marked.privat.dyr.akvariumPrivat koeb/salg af akvarieudstyr, fisk og planter
dk.marked.privat.dyr.hestHandel med varer og tjenesteydelser til hestesport
dk.marked.privat.edbPrivat handel med edb-udstyr & software.
dk.marked.privat.edb.eksternPrivat handel med eksternt edb-udstyr.
dk.marked.privat.edb.internPrivat handel med edb-udstyr til indvendig montage i en computer.
dk.marked.privat.edb.macPrivat handel med software og udstyr til Mac computere
dk.marked.privat.edb.pcPrivat handel med samlede edb-systemer.
dk.marked.privat.edb.softwarePrivat handel med software.
dk.marked.privat.elektronikloesdele+maalegrejHandel med elektronikloesdele/-komponenter/-maaleudstyr.
dk.marked.privat.fotoPrivat handel med fotografisk relaterede artikler.
dk.marked.privat.hamradioHandel med amatoerradio & relateret udstyr.
dk.marked.privat.hus-og-haveForum til koeb og salg af udstyr til huset og haven.
dk.marked.privat.jernbanerPrivat handel med jernbane- og modeljernbaneeffekter.
dk.marked.privat.knallertPrivat handel med Knallerter, reservedele, udstyr etc.
dk.marked.privat.lystfiskeriPrivat koeb/salg af lystfiskerudstyr/tilbehoer.
dk.marked.privat.moeblerPrivat handel med moebler.
dk.marked.privat.motorcykelPrivat handel med motorcykler, reservedele, udstyr etc.
dk.marked.privat.motorcykel.stumpemarkedKoeb og salg af mindre reservedele for private MC-ister
dk.marked.privat.musikPrivat handel med musik paa lp, cd, baand, m.m. handel med radioer og musikanlaeg.
dk.marked.privat.spil.computerPrivat handel med computer spil.
dk.marked.privat.spil.konsolPrivat handel med konsoller, udstyr og software
dk.marked.privat.telefonPrivat handel med telefoner, udstyr og tilbehoer.
dk.marked.privat.telefon.mobilPrivat handel med mobiltelefoner, udstyr og tilbehoer
dk.marked.privat.telefon.mobil.unlockPrivat handel med unlocking og udstyr hertil. handel med tv og videoudstyr. for folk der vil handle DVD.
dk.medierGenerel mediedebat, aviser, blade, netmedier
dk.medier.radioRadiosending, musik, teknik, udsendelser, vaerter, branchestof, lovgivning, lytning m.m.
dk.medier.tvTV relaterede emner i relation til mediet.
dk.naturAlle natur relaterede emner.
dk.opslagOpslagstavlen i dk.*-hierarkiet.
dk.opslag.foredragAnnonceringer af foredrag af enhver art
dk.opslag.internetAnnoncering af Internet begivenheder/sites i Danmark
dk.opslag.personligeEt dansk forum for kontaktannoncer.
dk.opslag.stillingerStillingsannoncer og ansoegninger
dk.pengeOekonomi, investering, budgettering og andet om penge.
dk.penge.investeringGruppen har til sigte at fungere som et ikke kommercielt alternativ til.
dk.politikDebat om politik generelt
dk.politik.indvandringDanmarks og danskernes forhold til "de fremmede"
dk.politik.miljoeForum for alle emner relateret til miljoepolitik.
dk.politik.trafikDanske trafikrelaterede problemer, loesninger og forslag.
dk.politik.ungdomDebat om dansk ungdomspolitik
dk.snakAlt mellem himmel og jord. (a danish chat group)
dk.snak.mudderkastningTil skaenderier, flamewars og personlige diskussioner. der er off-topic.
dk.snak.seksualitetSnak om erotik, sex og seksualitet.
dk.snak.snikForum for hyggelig smaasnak.
dk.snak.vittighederForum for udveksling af vittigheder.
dk.spil.andre-emnerKortspil, braetspil og andre ikke-elektroniske spil
dk.spil.computerAnmeldelser, hjaelp, bugs, cheats m.m. om og til spil emner. og udstyr til specialiserede spillemaskiner til at afvikle backups m.m. til konsoller til sammenligning og forslag af odds og tips.
dk.sportDiskussion af sport generelt og emner relateret til cykling., kampe og spillere i dansk og int. fodbold., kampe og spillere i engelsk liga og cupfodbold og international Ishockey. Kampe, spillere og klubber. kampsport som karate, aikido, judo, taekwondo osv. og international motorsport hockey, stunt, turloeb og motion paa rulleskoejter. volleyball-interesserede
dk.teknik.bilTeknisk snak om biler
dk.teknik.dvdTeknikken bag DVD apparater, formater og skiver.
dk.teknik.elPraktiske og teorietiske emner inden for el-omraadet.
dk.teknik.elektronikElektronik-relaterede emner.
dk.teknik.energiDiskussion af tekniske aspekter ved energiproduktion.
dk.teknik.htpcFor HTPC/MPC, audio-, video- og teknikinteresserede.
dk.teknik.lydTeknik bag (god) lydgengivelse.
dk.teknik.lyd.bilstereoBilstereo. Udstyr, konkurrencer, installationer. der kan relateres til radioscannere.
dk.teknik.satellitModtagelse af satellitsignaler, bl.a. dekodning.
dk.teknik.satellit.navigationSatellitnavigationssystemer, f.eks. GPS
dk.teknik.telefoniTelefoni af alle slags, fastnet og mobil.
dk.teknik.telefoni.ipDiskussion om IP-telefoni.
dk.teknik.telefoni.isdnISDNtelefoni af alle slags.
dk.teknik.telefoni.mobilMobiltelefoni af alle slags.
dk.teknik.telefoni.mobil.unlockErfaringer med og debat om unlock af mobiltelefoner bag tv og video.
dk.testTil test af news postings
dk.undervisningUndervisningsrelaterede emner.
dk.undervisning.fjernErfarings- og ideudveksling i forb. m. fjernundervisning.
dk.undervisning.folkeskoleFolkeskolerelaterede emner.
dk.velkommenBegynd her hvis du er ny i nyhedsgrupperne.
dk.videnskabDiskussion af videnskabelig forskning og viden
dk.videnskab.historieHistorie debat.
dk.videnskab.historie.genealogiEmner af interesse for slaegtsforskere
dk.videnskab.historie.lokalhistorieDebat om lokalhistoriske emner
dk.videnskab.juraJuridiske emner.
dk.videnskab.oekonomiDiskussion af samfunds- og erhvervsoekonomiske teorier.
dk.videnskab.psykologiErfaringsudveksling og diskussion om psykologi
dk.videnskab.religionVidenskabelig debat om verdens religioner.
dk.videnskab.sundhedDiskussion af sundhedsrelaterede emner.
dk.videnskab.teologiTeologisk debat.
ed.accommodationno description available
ed.followupFollowups to ed.general.
ed.generalGeneral interest, Edinburgh systems.
ed.linuxno description available
ed.prologDiscussions on prolog, Edinburgh systems.
ed.reviewReviews of events in Edinburgh.
ed.sourcesSources, distribution Edinburgh systems.
ed.testTest messages, Edinburgh systems.
ed.unix-wizardsUnix discussions, Edinburgh systems.
ed.vrVirtual reality for folks at Edinburgh University. Windows, Edinburg systems.
ee.arvutid.ajaviideArvutimngud ja meelelahutus
ee.arvutid.cadArvutijoonestamine ja seonduv
ee.arvutid.disainNewsgroup disaini ja kujunduse kohta
ee.arvutid.kuulutusArvutitega seotud kuulutusteleht.
ee.arvutid.macMacintosh-arvutite kasutajad
ee.arvutid.messMess, mess, mess ....
ee.arvutid.microsoftMS tooted
ee.arvutid.msxMSX arvutid ja nendega seonduv.
ee.arvutid.riistvaraArvutite riistvara alased jutud
ee.arvutid.teatedArvutialased teated. (Moderated)
ee.arvutid.turvalisusTurvalisus ja privaatsus arvutivrkudes
ee.arvutid.unixEESTI UNIXi JUTUTUBA
ee.arvutid.unix.bsdBSD perekond
ee.arvutid.unix.linux.installLinuxi installimine
ee.arvutid.unix.linux.poliitikaLinuxi poliitikajutt
ee.arvutid.unix.linux.teatedMT Eesti Linux teated. (Moderated)
ee.arvutid.vaidlusArvutialased vaidlused
ee.arvutid.vestlusArvutialane vestlusring
ee.arvutid.wwwVaba vestlus WWW vallast
ee.arvutid.www.webmastersEesti Webmasterid
ee.audioHeli [taas]esitusega seotud jutukesed.
ee.autoAuto-teemalne vestluslist rattad veavad... volkswagenist
ee.budoIdamaiste vitlusviisidega seonduv
ee.bullshitno comments...
ee.elistE-LISTi peegeldus uudistes. (Moderated)
ee.estnetEesti arvutisidet ksitlev uudisgrupp
ee.estnet.kylateeEesti regionaalse andmeside grupp
ee.euroEurodiskussioon ja -info.
ee.haridus.hringHaridusring (Moderated)
ee.hobi.aeronautikaTahaks lennata...
ee.hobi.akvaristikaVestlused akvaariumi teemadel
ee.hobi.elektroonikaElektroonika huvilised
ee.hobi.lemmikloomadJutte loomadest
ee.hobi.orienteerumineOrienteerumise huvilised
ee.hobi.purjelaudTeise nimega windsurfing.
ee.hobi.rpg.dragonrollimngude- ja fantasyteemaline vestlus ning teated.
ee.hobi.veloKik jalgratastest.
ee.jutupaunikOPILASTE LIST
ee.jututubalihtsalt jututuba...
ee.keelKeelealane vestlus ja keelenu
ee.keemiaKeemia vestlusring
ee.kirjasobradkirjasprade otsimised ja leidmised
ee.koolid.kutseKutsekoolide info
ee.kultuur.teatedKultuuriteated ja -kuulutused (Moderated)
ee.kultuur.vestlusVaba *kultuurne* vestlus
ee.militaarVestlus militaarteemadel
ee.mootorratasMoto-teemalne vestluslist.
ee.muusikaVestlus muusikast ja kigest, mis sellega seondub
ee.newsUSENET Eestis
ee.poliitika.vestlusPoliitikateemalised vestlused
ee.prog.delphiKik Borland Delphiga seonduv
ee.regionaal.valgamaaValgamaa info ja arutelu
ee.sideTelekommunikatsioon eestis
ee.side.raadioRinghlingust eestis ja mujal
ee.side.rlanJuhtmeteta andmeside
ee.side.tehnikaTelekommunikatsiooni ja sidetehnika alane vestlus
ee.side.vaidlusSidealased vaidlused kurikatest suusatamisest uisutamisest
ee.tarbija.kaitseTarbijate kaitsmise grupp
ee.tervis.vestlusTerviseteemalised vestlused
ee.testEesti testgrupp
ee.turvalisusldised turvateemad
ee.ut.ajaluguAjalooteemaline vestlus ja info
ee.ut.akuT Arvutuskeskuse Uudised
ee.ut.arst.infoT Arstiteaduskonna infolist
ee.ut.arst.teadusArstiteadlaste ja -ppejudude teadusprobleemid
ee.ut.arvutivorkT Arvutivrk
ee.ut.filosoofiaT filosoofia list
ee.ut.infoT info (Moderated)
ee.ut.juura.infoT igusteaduskonna info
ee.ut.juura.vestlusT igusteaduskonna vestluslist
ee.ut.kaugkoolitusT kaugkoolitusalane info ja diskussioon
ee.ut.majandusT Majandusteemalised vestlused ja teated
ee.ut.matemaatikaT Matemaatikateaduskond
ee.ut.matemaatika.atiT Arvutiteaduse Instituut
ee.ut.matemaatika.statistikaT Matemaatilise Statistika Instituut
ee.ut.sotsteadT Sotsiaalteaduskond
ee.ut.sotstead.avylT Sotsioloogia osakonna Avatud likool
ee.ut.sotstead.essda.newsEstonian Social Science Data Archive news
ee.ut.sotstead.essda.onlineComments to the Estonian Social Science Online
ee.ut.sotstead.esta.aruteluSotsiaalteaduste teemasid kajastav diskussioon
ee.ut.sotstead.socioT sotsioloogia osakond
ee.ut.studT Tudengijutt
ee.ut.teenused.ftpT anonmne ftp server (Moderated)
ee.ut.teenused.mboneMBone teated
ee.ut.teenused.varundusT varundusteenus (Moderated) for computer related items. adverts with an English flavour. seeking people.
england.announceAnnouncements relevant to people in England. (Moderated)
england.announce.discussDiscussions about announcements. business of being an entrepreneur. business discussion.
england.chatGeneral topics for discussion.
england.comp.miscAbout computer-related issues in general.
england.culture.booksEnglish discussion of books.
england.culture.theatreThe English theatre.
england.current-events.generalDiscussion of England-related news items. learning/teaching the English Language. relating to English education. matters of interest for teachers.
england.genealogy.miscGenealogy discussion concerning England.
england.history.miscHistorical discussion concerning England. market for jobs offered. market for jobs wanted.
england.legalEnglish law and legal issues.
england.local.londonLondon, the capital city of England. discussion of Media in England. talk about the music of England. and support for newusers. and management of the england hierarchy. of trades union organizations.
england.people.royaltyDiscussion of English royalty.
england.politics.conservativeDiscussion of conservative politics.
england.politics.europeDiscussion on all aspects of European politics.
england.politics.immigrationThe politics of immigration.
england.politics.miscGeneral English political discussion.
england.rec.gardeningGardens and gardening in England.
england.rec.petsEnglish pet owners, and their pets.
england.religion.christianDiscussion of the Christian faith.
england.religion.islamDiscussion of the Islamic faith.
england.religion.miscDiscussion about faith and religion in general. of English test cricket. Football in England. United Football Club. of English sport. Rugby Union.
england.testTest postings.
england.writingDiscussion of all forms of writing.
es.charla.actualidadTemas de actualidad.
es.charla.conexion.miscInformacion de los usuarios sobre problemas de conexion.
es.charla.conexion.tarifa-planaGrupo Plataforma Tarifa Plana.
es.charla.cooperacionCoordinacion de grupos alternativos, ONG's.
es.charla.depresionCharla informal sobre trastornos depresivos.
es.charla.economia.bolsaDiscusiones sobre La Bolsa.
es.charla.economia.contabilidadDiscusiones sobre contabilidad.
es.charla.economia.miscDiscusion sobre temas de economia.
es.charla.educacion.drogasPrevencion drogodependencias, mundo escolar.
es.charla.educacion.educ-fisicaDiscusiones sobre Educacion Fisica.
es.charla.educacion.miscCuestiones sobre educacion.
es.charla.educacion.traficoDiscusion tecnica sobre trafico y examenes de conducir.
es.charla.enfermedad.cancerCharla e informacion sobre la enfermedad de cancer.
es.charla.enfermedad.diabetesDiscusiones sobre diabetes.
es.charla.enfermedad.miscCharla e informacion sobre enfermedades.
es.charla.enfermeriaDiscusion sobre Enfermeria.
es.charla.gastronomiaDiscusiones sobre temas gastronomicos. de temas relacionados con el colectivo homosexual.
es.charla.medio-ambienteCharla sobre el medio ambiente.
es.charla.miscAsuntos y debates informales varios.
es.charla.moteroscharla de aficionados a las motos en general.
es.charla.motorTemas relacionados con el mundo del motor.
es.charla.politica.miscDebates sobre politica. Temas polticos varios.
es.charla.religioncharla sobre religion, que no chachara sobre religiones.
es.charla.sexoEl nombre ya es bastante explicito.
es.charla.sindicalGrupo de debate sobre asuntos de interes sindical.
es.ciencia.astrofisica.miscAstronoma y ciencias del cosmos.
es.ciencia.astrofisica.telescopiosTelescopios, observacion y fotografia.
es.ciencia.electronicaDiscusiones sobre electronica y robotica.
es.ciencia.enologiaDiscusiones sobre el mundo del vino.
es.ciencia.fisicaDiscusion de temas relacionados con Ciencias Fisicas.
es.ciencia.marketingdudas y consultas sobre casos de marketing.
es.ciencia.matematicasDiscusion sobre problemas y temas matematicos.
es.ciencia.medicina.miscDiscusion sobre temas de interes medico.
es.ciencia.meteorologiaDiscusion sobre temas de meteorologia.
es.ciencia.miscDebates sobre ciencia.
es.ciencia.quimicasSolo sobre C.C: Quimicas.
es.comp.amigaDebates sobre ordenadores Amiga.
es.comp.artes-graficasDiscusiones de Preimpresion Digital y Artes Graficas. varios sobre bases de datos. de Datos Access de Microsoft.
es.comp.cad.autocadAutoCAD y otros programas de CAD.
es.comp.cad.miscSobre disen~o asistido por ordenador en general.
es.comp.emuladoresProgramas emuladores.
es.comp.hackersDiscusion sobre hackering, cracking y phreacking. grabadoras y regrabadoras de CDROM.
es.comp.hardware.miscDiscusion sobre hardware informatico.
es.comp.infografiaDiscusiones sobre infografia 2D y 3D.
es.comp.infosistemas.bbsBBS (Bulletin Boards Systems) .
es.comp.infosistemas.internetTemas diversos acerca de la red internet.
es.comp.infosistemas.miscDiscusiones sobre sistemas de informacion.
es.comp.infosistemas.www.miscDebates sobre temas relacionados con la World Wide Web.
es.comp.infosistemas.www.paginas-webCreacin de pginas Web.
es.comp.ingenieria.softwareIngenieria del software.
es.comp.lenguajes.cDiscusion sobre el lenguaje C.
es.comp.lenguajes.c++Discusion sobre el lenguaje C++.
es.comp.lenguajes.delphiGrupo general para el entorno DELPHI.
es.comp.lenguajes.javaDiscusiones sobre el lenguaje java.
es.comp.lenguajes.miscSobre lenguajes de programacion en general.
es.comp.lenguajes.phpProgramacion en lenguaje PHP.
es.comp.lenguajes.texSobre el lenguaje Tex/LaTex.
es.comp.lenguajes.visual-basicForo de Visual Basic.
es.comp.macintosh.miscSobre los Macs y su mundo.
es.comp.miscTemas varios sobre computacion.
es.comp.msxDiscusiones sobre ordenadores MSX.
es.comp.os.linux.anunciosAnuncios en espaol para usuarios de Linux (Moderated)
es.comp.os.linux.instalacionInstalacion y administracion de sistemas linux.
es.comp.os.linux.miscTemas diversos sobre linux.
es.comp.os.linux.programacionProgramacion, compilacion, etc en linux.
es.comp.os.linux.redesRedes de comunicaciones bajo linux.
es.comp.os.miscSistemas opertivos varios. general para MS-Windows. en MS-Windows.
es.comp.os.unixSobre los sistemas operativos Unix.
es.comp.programasSolicitar programas.
es.comp.redes.adslDiscusin sobre lneas y servicios ADSL.
es.comp.redes.miscTemas diversos sobre redes de comunicaciones.
es.comp.seguridad.miscTemas varios sobre seguridad, encriptacion, etc.
es.comp.seguridad.pgpDiscusion sobre criptografia con PGP.
es.comp.seguridad.soDiscusiones sobre seguridad en sistemas operativos.
es.comp.sistemas.consolas.psxSobre videoconsolas Sony PlayStation.
es.comp.sistemas.miscSistemas informaticos (plataformas) varios.
es.comp.sistemas.pdaDiscusiones sobre PDAs: Palm, Pocket PC...
es.comp.sistemas.sinclairOrdenadores Sinclair.
es.comp.virusVirus informaticos..
es.humanidades.arteTemas de discusion sobre arte.
es.humanidades.derechoDebates sobre asuntos juridicos.
es.humanidades.filosofiaDiscusiones sobre Filosofa en general.
es.humanidades.gramaticaForo para debatir cuestiones gramaticales.
es.humanidades.literaturaLiteratura, en castellano.
es.humanidades.miscTemas varios sobre humanidades.
es.humanidades.psicologiaDiscusiones y noticias sobre Psicologa.
es.misc.anuncios.compra-ventaAnuncios de compra/venta de objetos.
es.misc.anuncios.miscAnuncios varios de interes general.
es.misc.anuncios.trabajo.demandasDemandas de trabajo en Espan~a.
es.misc.anuncios.trabajo.miscAnuncios varios sobre trabajo.
es.misc.anuncios.trabajo.ofertasOfertas de trabajo en Espan~a.
es.misc.publicidadDiscusiones sobre los anuncios y sobre la publicidad. la gestion de news. de news, nuevos grupos, etc. (Moderated) sobre grupos de news. varios sobre las news. generales sobre las news.
es.rec.aviacionDiscusiones sobre aviacion en general.
es.rec.bricolajeTodo sobre las reparaciones caseras.
es.rec.cineTratamiento de temas relacionados con el cine.
es.rec.cine-en-casaDiscusiones sobre cine en casa.
es.rec.coleccionismoDiscusion e intercambio entre coleccionistas.
es.rec.comicsTodo lo relacionado con el mundo de los comics.
es.rec.deportes.atletismogrupo sobre atletismo.
es.rec.deportes.aventuraDeportes de montan~a y aventura.
es.rec.deportes.baloncestoBaloncesto (ACB, NBA,...) y temas afines.
es.rec.deportes.buceoBuceo deportivo.
es.rec.deportes.esquiDiscusion sobre esqui.
es.rec.deportes.futbolGrupo para la discusion de temas futbolisticos.
es.rec.deportes.miscComentarios, discusiones, etc. sobre cualquier deporte.
es.rec.deportes.motorDeportes de brrrrrrm brrrrrrm.
es.rec.deportes.mountain-bikeTodo lo referente al mountain-bike.
es.rec.deportes.nauticaTodo lo relacionado con la Nautica.
es.rec.ficcion.miscDiscusiones sobre Ciencia Ficcion, Fantasia y Terror.
es.rec.ficcion.starwarsTodo lo relacionado con la serie StarWars.
es.rec.fotografiaGrupo dedicado al mundo de la fotografia.
es.rec.jardineria.bonsaiTertulias sobre el cuidado de bonsais.
es.rec.jardineria.miscTodo sobre el cuidado de plantas y jardines. lo relacionado con este juego de tablero. de arcade (mata-todo) por ordenador. de aventura por ordenador. el juego de ordenador Hattrick. de ordenador en general. de simulacion por ordenador. de vuelo. sobre distintos juegos de estrategia para ordenador. varios. sobre juegos de Rol y afines.
es.rec.laboresDiscusiones sobre labores como punto de cruz, ganchillo, etc.
es.rec.mangaTodo lo relacionado con el Manga, Anime y cultura Japonesa.
es.rec.mascotas.exoticasTodo lo referente a mascotas exoticas.
es.rec.mascotas.gatosTodo lo referente a felinos.
es.rec.mascotas.miscCharla sobre perros, gatos y otras mascotas.
es.rec.mascotas.pecesDiscusion sobre temas de acuariofilia.
es.rec.mascotas.perrosTodo lo referente a perros.
es.rec.miscTemas varios sobre recreacion.
es.rec.modelismocharla sobre modelismo y radio control.
es.rec.motor.4x4Sobre vehculos a motor de traccin total.
es.rec.musica.alternativasDiscusion sobre musicas alternativas.
es.rec.musica.bluesDiscusiones y articulos sobre musica Blues.
es.rec.musica.clasicaGrupo dedicado al mundo de la musica clasica.
es.rec.musica.grupos.beatlesIntercambio de informacion sobre los Beatles.
es.rec.musica.grupos.miscTemas varios sobre grupos musicales.
es.rec.musica.jazzDiscusion sobre la musica de jazz.
es.rec.musica.miscGrupo dedicado a la musica hecha en Espan~a.
es.rec.musica.technoDiscusion sobre el estilo de musica techno.
es.rec.naturismoDiscusion sobre naturismo y nudismo social. sobre radioaficion y temas afines. varios sobre radio.
es.rec.trenesInformacion y noticias sobre los ferrocarriles. los concursos televisivos. analogicos / digitales y derivados. varios sobre television. la series de television o teleseries.
es.rec.viajesViajes por Espan~a. Video. lo referente al mundo de la edicion de video. diversos sobre equipos, formatos, etc. de video.
es.soc.consumidorDebates sobre derechos y obligaciones de los consumidores
es.soc.cultura.miscTemas varios sobre cultura.
es.soc.cultura.sin-tabacoApoyo para intentar dejar de fumar.
es.soc.cultura.teatroGrupo para tratar temas de teatro hispano.
es.soc.militarDiscusiones sobre el mundo militar.
es.soc.miscTemas varios sobre sociedad y asuntos sociales. sobre el trabajo policial.
es.tecnica.arquitecturaDiscusiones sobre arquitectura.
es.tecnica.ingenieria.telecoSobre Ingenieria de telecomunicaciones.
es.tecnica.miscTemas varios sobre tecnica y tecnologia.
es.tecnica.redes.telefonia.movilDiscusiones sobre telefonia movil.
es.tecnica.sonidoTodo lo referente a la ingenieria/tecnica de sonido.
esp.bienvenidaBienvenidos a esp.*! (Moderated)
esp.charla.actualidadTemas de actualidad internacional.
esp.charla.ecologismoProteccin de la naturaleza en nuestro planeta.
esp.charla.politicaPoltica internacional.
esp.charla.religionCharla sobre religin.
esp.charla.sexoDiscusin franca sobre sexo.
esp.ciencia.biologiaDiscusin sobre biologa.
esp.ciencia.miscDiscusin general sobre ciencia.
esp.comp.miscDiscusin general sobre computadoras.
esp.comp.programas.p2pProgramas peer-to-peer.
esp.comp.sistemas.macintoshDiscusin tcnica sobre Macintosh.
esp.comp.sistemas.miscOtros sistemas computacionales.
esp.comp.sistemas.pcDiscusin tcnica sobre IBM PC-compatibles. sobre el sistema operativo Linux. general sobre el sistema operativo Linux. en el sistema operativo Linux. e Internet con el sistema operativo Linux. sobre los dems sistemas operativos. de Microsoft y sus varias versiones.
esp.humanidades.historiaHistoria internacional e iberoamericana.
esp.humanidades.miscTemas miscelneos sobre las humanidades.
esp.mercado.hardwareCompro/vendo mquinas, accesorios, partes.
esp.mercado.softwareCompro/vendo programas.
esp.mercado.trabajosBusco/tengo empleo. de la jerarqua. (Moderated) sobre la jerarqua. (Moderated) frecuentemente hechas. (Moderated) general sobre la jerarqua. de creacin/reorganizacin de grupos. pelcula! y creaciones literarias. formas de arte. msica ligera / nada nos libra / nada ms queda.
esp.rec.cfCiencia-ficcin. de desempeo de rol en ordenador o consola.
esp.rec.deportes.futbolEl rey de los deportes, pasin de multitudes.
esp.rec.deportes.miscLos dems deportes. libros de Harry Potter por J. K. Rowling. obra de J.R.R. Tolkien.
esp.rec.humorChistes, zoquetadas, y humor en general.
esp.rec.juegosJuegos de todo tipo.
esp.rec.miscRecreacin general.
esp.rec.viajesPara discutir turismo y viajes hechos o por hacer.
esp.soc.derechos-humanosDerechos humanos y sus violaciones.
esp.testHAGAN LAS PRUEBAS AQU! *Este* es el grupo de pruebas.
esp.test-moderadoPara pruebas de grupos moderados. (Moderated)
esp.variosAsuntos que no sean cubiertos en ningun otro grupo esp.*.
europa.ecologiaEnvironment/Umwelt/Miljoe/Okruzhaiushchaia sreda/Ymparisto.
europa.generalInteresse general/Allgemeines/Obshchee/Yleista.
europa.intro+faqBenvenite/Welcome/Willkommen/Priom (Moderated)
europa.linguas.germanic.nordNordiske/Scandinavian spraak/languages.
europa.novasActualitates/Current events/Tagesthemen/Novosti/Ajankohtaista.
europa.rec.nomicNomic joco/Spiel/game/juego/jeu/gioco/igra.
europa.unionEuropean Union/UE/EU/Evropeiskii Soiuz/Euroopan Unioni.
europa.union.euroMoneta commun/SingleCurrency/Waehrung/Edinaia valiuta.
fa.alifeno description available
fa.alpha-osf-managersno description available
fa.amd-workersno description available
fa.analytic-philosophyno description available
fa.anarchy-listno description available
fa.arachnetno description available
fa.artmoralno description available description available
fa.atari.stzmagazineno description available
fa.ayn-randno description available description available description available
fa.beta-usrgroupno description available
fa.big-internetno description available
fa.biomed-lno description available
fa.bionomicsno description available
fa.bmesno description available
fa.camlno description available
fa.cdplus-lno description available
fa.cmcno description available
fa.configno description available
fa.ctheoryno description available
fa.cybermindno description available
fa.cybsys-lno description available
fa.cypherpunksno description available
fa.decstation-managersno description available
fa.deosno description available
fa.deos.newsno description available
fa.disney-comicsno description available
fa.eaplsno description available
fa.edupageno description available
fa.ejflpno description available
fa.exmh.usersno description available
fa.femuscleno description available
fa.fiction-of-philosophyno description available
fa.firearmsno description available
fa.firewallno description available
fa.flyfishno description available
fa.framersno description available
fa.freebsd.announceno description available
fa.freebsd.bugsno description available
fa.freebsd.currentno description available
fa.freebsd.cvs-allno description available
fa.freebsd.cvs-cvsrootno description available
fa.freebsd.hackersno description available
fa.freebsd.hardwareno description available
fa.freebsd.questionsno description available
fa.freebsd.scsino description available
fa.freebsd.securityno description available
fa.freebsd.stableno description available
fa.future-cultureno description available
fa.gaelic-lno description available
fa.genetics.humanno description available
fa.gwmno description available
fa.gwm.talkno description available
fa.haskellno description available
fa.hottno description available
fa.hpvno description available
fa.humanistno description available
fa.hurd-announceno description available
fa.hylafaxno description available
fa.iaidono description available
fa.ietf-822no description available
fa.ietf-nntpno description available
fa.ietf-smtpno description available description available description available description available description available description available
fa.ingresno description available
fa.intercomno description available
fa.interviewsno description available
fa.irc.ircd3no description available
fa.irc.operlistno description available
fa.isabelleno description available
fa.iso10646no description available
fa.kclno description available
fa.kotfno description available
fa.l-mathno description available
fa.larch-interestno description available
fa.libernetno description available
fa.libernet.dno description available
fa.linearno description available
fa.linkersno description available
fa.linux.680x0no description available
fa.linux.adminno description available
fa.linux.alertno description available
fa.linux.alphano description available
fa.linux.appsno description available
fa.linux.configsno description available
fa.linux.debianno description available
fa.linux.docno description available
fa.linux.gccno description available
fa.linux.hamsno description available
fa.linux.i8086no description available
fa.linux.kernelno description available
fa.linux.laptopsno description available
fa.linux.mcano description available
fa.linux.msdosno description available
fa.linux.netno description available description available
fa.linux.normalno description available
fa.linux.openglno description available
fa.linux.pkgno description available
fa.linux.pppno description available
fa.linux.qagno description available
fa.linux.scsino description available
fa.linux.securityno description available
fa.linux.serialno description available
fa.linux.seyonno description available
fa.linux.smpno description available
fa.linux.sparcno description available
fa.linux.standardsno description available
fa.linux.tapeno description available
fa.linux.wordno description available
fa.linux.x11no description available
fa.loutno description available
fa.macintosh.tclno description available
fa.mapleno description available
fa.mathematicano description available
fa.mcluhanno description available
fa.mind-lno description available
fa.mmatrix-lno description available
fa.modesty-blaiseno description available
fa.motif-talkno description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available description available
fa.nano description available
fa.nafips-lno description available
fa.netbsd.bugsno description available
fa.netbsd.current-usersno description available
fa.netbsd.helpno description available
fa.netbsd.portable-pppno description available
fa.netbsd.ports.alphano description available
fa.netbsd.ports.amigano description available
fa.netbsd.ports.generalno description available
fa.netbsd.ports.m68kno description available
fa.netbsd.ports.x68kno description available
fa.netbsd.source-changesno description available description available description available description available description available description available
fa.netbsd.usersno description available
fa.nettinfono description available description available
fa.nexusno description available description available
fa.nordpostno description available
fa.nsp-lno description available
fa.oldnorsenetno description available
fa.openbsd.announceno description available
fa.openbsd.bugsno description available
fa.openbsd.ipv6no description available
fa.openbsd.miscno description available
fa.openbsd.ppcno description available
fa.openbsd.source-changesno description available
fa.openbsd.techno description available
fa.openbsd.wwwno description available
fa.paglia-lno description available
fa.pd-gamesno description available
fa.philos-lno description available
fa.poisedno description available
fa.postgresno description available
fa.pp-peopleno description available description available
fa.psycheno description available
fa.psyche-lno description available
fa.psyche.dno description available
fa.psychology.aps-studno description available
fa.psychology.behavior-analysisno description available
fa.psychology.businessno description available
fa.psychology.cognitiveno description available
fa.psychology.industrialno description available
fa.psychology.industrial.forumno description available
fa.psychology.macintoshno description available
fa.psychology.organizational.eawop-forumno description available
fa.psychology.personal-constructno description available
fa.psychology.personality.entpno description available
fa.psychology.personality.intpno description available
fa.psychology.psychtalkno description available
fa.publishno description available
fa.ripe-mapno description available
fa.scino description available
fa.shogino description available
fa.sloveniano description available
fa.smlno description available description available
fa.sun-flashno description available
fa.sun-managerno description available
fa.sun-pubno description available
fa.sysadm-listno description available
fa.tcl-usersno description available
fa.technocultureno description available
fa.technomadsno description available
fa.testno description available
fa.tex.fontinstno description available
fa.thinknet.adornono description available
fa.thinknet.autopoiesisno description available
fa.thinknet.bakhtinno description available
fa.thinknet.batailleno description available
fa.thinknet.baudrillardno description available
fa.thinknet.buddhist-philosophyno description available
fa.thinknet.chinese-philosophyno description available
fa.thinknet.clustersno description available
fa.thinknet.creativityno description available
fa.thinknet.deleuze.slowreadingno description available
fa.thinknet.derridano description available
fa.thinknet.dialognet-adminno description available
fa.thinknet.dialognet-announceno description available
fa.thinknet.dialognet-moderatorsno description available
fa.thinknet.dialognet-rulesno description available
fa.thinknet.feyerabend.slowreadingno description available
fa.thinknet.foucaultno description available
fa.thinknet.foucault.slowreadingno description available
fa.thinknet.girardno description available
fa.thinknet.hegelno description available
fa.thinknet.heidegger.slowreadingno description available
fa.thinknet.husserlno description available
fa.thinknet.kristevano description available
fa.thinknet.lacanno description available
fa.thinknet.literature-philosophyno description available
fa.thinknet.marx.slowreadingno description available
fa.thinknet.merleau-pontyno description available
fa.thinknet.mindbodyno description available
fa.thinknet.myth-philosophyno description available
fa.thinknet.nietzsche.slowreadingno description available
fa.thinknet.nihilismno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-announceno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-discussionno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-significano description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-talk-fourno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-talk-oneno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-talk-threeno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-talk-twono description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-topicsno description available
fa.thinknet.pc1-triviano description available
fa.thinknet.philosophyno description available
fa.thinknet.process-philosophyno description available
fa.thinknet.sartreno description available description available
fa.thinknet.sufino description available
fa.thinknet.surrealismno description available description available
fa.thinknet.taoismno description available
fa.thinknet.wittgensteinno description available
fa.thinknet.zenno description available description available
fa.troth-lno description available
fa.typographyno description available
fa.virtpsyno description available
fa.weightsno description available
fa.wishperdno description available
fa.www.html-wgno description available
fa.x11-3dno description available
fa.xformsno description available
fa.ximageno description available
fa.xiteno description available
fa.xvideono description available
ffm.adminEs spricht der Admin. (Moderated)
ffm.ausgehenFrankfurt geht aus.
ffm.fundgrubeSuchen, finden, bieten, feilschen.
ffm.internetReinkommen, klarkommen, rumkommen.
ffm.jobsWer hat was, wer will was?
ffm.kontakteEs sucht es.
ffm.miscWas sonst nirgends passt.
ffm.talkLaber, Suelz, Dumschwall.
ffm.testNur fuer Tests.
ffm.weltuntergangEs kommt!
fido.ger.abfahrerUeber Abfahrer/Raver und elektronische Musik.
fido.ger.antifaPro antifascism.
fido.ger.atariDiscussing ATARI Computers (Hardware/Software).
fido.ger.bwinfBundeswettbewerb Informatik.
fido.ger.fastfoodFastfood und Schnellimbisse.
fido.ger.fidosoft.apointSupport-Echo fuer die Pointsoftware APoint.
fido.ger.fussballDiskussionen ueber Fussball.
fido.ger.kommerzKommerzielle Angebote! KEIN FIDO-ECHO.
fido.ger.linuxDas Betriebssystem Linux.
fido.ger.magieMagie und Schamanismus.
fido.ger.movieFilme, Kino, Video, Hollywood., Kino, Video, Hollywood aus dem Bereich Phantastik.
fido.ger.pfadfinderAlles zum Thema Pfadfinder. ueber den Radiosender SWR3.
fido.ger.religionTalking about religious Topics.
fido.ger.rhodanPerry Rhodan / Atlan / SF-Literatur Talk.
fido.ger.t-onlineT-Online - ISP und Online-Service.
fido.ger.themenparksFreizeit- und Themenparks. AAA.SUPPORT (Moderated) ABAKAN.GAME.AUTOSTOP (Moderated)
fido7.adinf.supportFidonet ADINF.SUPPORT - ADINF virus detector (Moderated)
fido7.aids-arcFidonet AIDS/ARC (Moderated)
fido7.aids-hivFidonet AIDS-HIV (Moderated)
fido7.aids.dataFidonet AIDS.DATA (Moderated)
fido7.aids.dialogueFidonet AIDS.DIALOGUE (Moderated)
fido7.aids.drugsFidonet AIDS.DRUGS (Moderated)
fido7.aids.frFidonet AIDS.FR (Moderated)
fido7.aids.lawFidonet AIDS.LAW (Moderated)
fido7.aids.nlFidonet AIDS.NL (Moderated)
fido7.aids.spiritualFidonet AIDS.SPIRITUAL (Moderated)
fido7.aids.womenFidonet AIDS.WOMEN (Moderated)
fido7.alex.echoFidonet ALEX.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.alf-s.home.localFidonet ALF'S.HOME.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.amm.linksFidonet AMM.LINKS (Moderated)
fido7.amm.robotsFidonet AMM.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.andrushatnik.pvtFidonet ANDRUSHATNIK.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.angarsk.generalFidonet ANGARSK.GENERAL - ӣ (Moderated)
fido7.announce.f2000Fidonet ANNOUNCE.2000 (Moderated)
fido7.announce.newgroupsFidonet ANNOUNCE.NEWGROUPS - newgroup/rmgroup/checkgroups (Moderated)
fido7.anti.humanFidonet ANTI.HUMAN (Moderated)
fido7.arjz.supportFidonet ARJZ.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.asian-nm.pvtFidonet ASIAN_NM.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.asy-s.talkFidonet ASY'S.TALK - for friends of Asy Patrysheva (Moderated)
fido7.asy.infoFidonet ASY.INFO - info from Asy Patrysheva (Moderated) AT.BEER (Moderated) AT.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.atom.infoFidonet ATOM.INFO (Moderated)
fido7.atom.pvtFidonet ATOM.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.aus.jokesFidonet AUS.JOKES (Moderated)
fido7.aviation.teamFidonet AVIATION.TEAM (Moderated)
fido7.avp.supportFidonet AVP.SUPPORT (Moderated) BABY.MAIL.PVT [Read Only] (Moderated) BABY.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.bbslist.supportFidonet BBSLIST.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.before.sysopka.afterFidonet BEFORE.SYSOPKA.AFTER (Moderated)
fido7.bel.digestFidonet BEL.DIGEST (Moderated)
fido7.bel.filesFidonet BEL.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.bel.generalFidonet BEL.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.bel.jewsFidonet BEL.JEWS (Moderated)
fido7.bink.plusFidonet BINK.PLUS - Bink/+ (Moderated) BINK.PLUS.E - Bink/+ (English) (Moderated)
fido7.binkdFidonet BINKD (Moderated)
fido7.binkley.rusFidonet BINKLEY.RUS - generic BinkleyTerm (Moderated)
fido7.bk.talksFidonet BK.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.blackmetalFidonet BLACKMETAL (Moderated)
fido7.blc.gate.ukraineFidonet BLC.GATE.UKRAINE (Moderated)
fido7.bocharoff.must.dieFidonet BOCHAROFF.MUST.DIE [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.bocharov.rulezzFidonet BOCHAROV.RULEZZ [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.bongFidonet BONG (Moderated)
fido7.bpack.supportFidonet BPACK.SUPPORT - BPACK (Moderated)
fido7.brake-s.mailer.supportFidonet BRAKE'S.MAILER.SUPPORT (Moderated) BYNK.SUPPORT.RUS (Moderated) CA.ECHO (Moderated) CAFE.ANONIM (Moderated)
fido7.calm.deliriumFidonet CALM.DELIRIUM (Moderated)
fido7.calm.echoFidonet CALM.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.capricorn.drugsFidonet CAPRICORN.DRUGS (Moderated)
fido7.cardinal.pvtFidonet CARDINAL.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.castle.infoFidonet CASTLE.INFO (Moderated)
fido7.castle.therronFidonet CASTLE.THERRON (Moderated)
fido7.cb.radioFidonet CB.RADIO (Moderated)
fido7.cbx.telecomFidonet CBX.TELECOM (Moderated)
fido7.cherlite.pvtFidonet CHERLITE.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.christianosFidonet CHRISTIANOS (Moderated)
fido7.cka3ka.ctpahhoe.mectoFidonet CKA3KA.CTPAHHOE.MECTO (Moderated)
fido7.combats.ruFidonet COMBATS.RU - (Moderated)
fido7.crazy-loversFidonet CRAZY_LOVERS - Crazy lovers (Moderated)
fido7.crazy.travelsFidonet CRAZY.TRAVELS (Moderated)
fido7.crimea.talkFidonet CRIMEA.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.cris.fileechoFidonet CRIS.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.cris.hardFidonet CRIS.HARD (Moderated)
fido7.cris.langFidonet CRIS.LANG (Moderated)
fido7.cris.talkFidonet CRIS.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.cris.testFidonet CRIS.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.ctepba.clubFidonet CTEPBA.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.ctpaha.betpaFidonet CTPAHA.BETPA (Moderated)
fido7.ctpahhoe.mectoFidonet CTPAHHOE.MECTO - CTPAHHOE MECTO (Strange place) (Moderated)
fido7.danger.atomFidonet DANGER.ATOM (Moderated)
fido7.dark.echoFidonet DARK.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.dec-fan.pvtFidonet DEC_FAN.PVT (Moderated) DELTA.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.demex.newsFidonet DEMEX.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.demo.designFidonet DEMO.DESIGN - Demo programs design (Moderated)
fido7.demo.dessign.uueFidonet DEMO.DESSIGN.UUE (Moderated)
fido7.dig.fidotechFidonet DIG.FIDOTECH [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.dig.fileechoFidonet DIG.FILEECHO [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.dig.hackerFidonet DIG.HACKER [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.dig.linuxFidonet DIG.LINUX [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.dig.modemFidonet DIG.MODEM [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.dn.allfixFidonet DN.ALLFIX (Moderated)
fido7.dn.debateFidonet DN.DEBATE (Moderated)
fido7.dn.fileechoFidonet DN.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.dn.gamesFidonet DN.GAMES (Moderated)
fido7.dn.intimFidonet DN.INTIM (Moderated)
fido7.dn.longlink-hubFidonet DN.LONGLINK&HUB (Moderated)
fido7.dn.musicFidonet DN.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.dn.netgamesFidonet DN.NETGAMES (Moderated)
fido7.dn.studentFidonet DN.STUDENT (Moderated)
fido7.dn.talksFidonet DN.TALKS (Moderated) DN.TECH_QA (Moderated) DN.TECH_QA_HOME (Moderated)
fido7.dn.testFidonet DN.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.dnz.humorFidonet DNZ.HUMOR (Moderated)
fido7.donbassFidonet DONBASS (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.booksFidonet DONBASS.BOOKS (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.commerceFidonet DONBASS.COMMERCE (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.fileechoFidonet DONBASS.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.flirtFidonet DONBASS.FLIRT (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.gamesFidonet DONBASS.GAMES (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.internetFidonet DONBASS.INTERNET (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.maniakFidonet DONBASS.MANIAK (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.musicFidonet DONBASS.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.netgameFidonet DONBASS.NETGAME (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.networkFidonet DONBASS.NETWORK (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.ottyagFidonet DONBASS.OTTYAG (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.talkFidonet DONBASS.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.testFidonet DONBASS.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.unixFidonet DONBASS.UNIX (Moderated)
fido7.donbass.virusFidonet DONBASS.VIRUS (Moderated)
fido7.dr.esperantoFidonet DR.ESPERANTO (Moderated)
fido7.eagle-s.echoFidonet EAGLE'S.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.eagle-s.technical.supportFidonet EAGLE'S.TECHNICAL.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.echobman.rusFidonet ECHOBMAN.RUS - Echobman program (Moderated)
fido7.edgecityFidonet EDGECITY (Moderated)
fido7.eleven.filesFidonet ELEVEN.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.eleven.talksFidonet ELEVEN.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.elf.caFidonet ELF.CA (Moderated)
fido7.enet.softFidonet ENET.SOFT (Moderated)
fido7.english-tutorno description available (Moderated)
fido7.eropFidonet EROP (Moderated)
fido7.esib.fileechoFidonet ESIB.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.esib.gamesFidonet ESIB.GAMES (Moderated)
fido7.esib.generalFidonet ESIB.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.esib.humorFidonet ESIB.HUMOR (Moderated)
fido7.esib.programmingFidonet ESIB.PROGRAMMING (Moderated)
fido7.esib.sexFidonet ESIB.SEX (Moderated)
fido7.esib.testFidonet ESIB.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.esib.test.computerFidonet ESIB.TEST.COMPUTER (Moderated)
fido7.esib.virtual.worldFidonet ESIB.VIRTUAL.WORLD (Moderated)
fido7.esib.vplanetsFidonet ESIB.VPLANETS (Moderated)
fido7.esperanto.rusFidonet ESPERANTO.RUS - Esperanto (Moderated)
fido7.evil.mp3Fidonet EVIL.MP3 (Moderated) EXPRESS.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f.comp.pvt.sexFidonet F.COMP.PVT.SEX - sex (Moderated)
fido7.f1072.compnewsFidonet 1072.COMPNEWS [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.f1072.compnews.talkFidonet 1072.COMPNEWS.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.f109.pvtFidonet 109.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f115.linkFidonet 115.LINK (Moderated)
fido7.f13.pvtFidonet 13.PVT (Moderated) 130.LINK.PVT (Moderated) 130.LINK.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.f140.pvtFidonet 140.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f140.robotsFidonet 140.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f144.announceFidonet 144.ANNOUNCE (Moderated)
fido7.f144.echoFidonet 144.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.f144.linksFidonet 144.LINKS (Moderated)
fido7.f144.statisticsFidonet 144.STATISTICS (Moderated)
fido7.f146.pvtFidonet 146.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f157.pvtFidonet 157.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f157.robotsFidonet 157.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f157.testFidonet 157.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.f159.pvtFidonet 159.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f1592.pvtFidonet 1592.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f199.robotsFidonet 199.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f201.pvtFidonet 201.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f201.robotsFidonet 201.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f204.pvtFidonet 204.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f204.robotsFidonet 204.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f21.newsFidonet 21.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.f214.announceFidonet 214.ANNOUNCE (Moderated)
fido7.f214.echoFidonet 214.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.f214.pvtFidonet 214.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f231.pvtFidonet 231.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f268.pvtFidonet 268.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f268.robotsFidonet 268.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f269.localFidonet 269.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.f269.officialFidonet 269.OFFICIAL (Moderated)
fido7.f269.robotsFidonet 269.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f269.xlaFidonet 269.XLA (Moderated)
fido7.f306.pvtFidonet 306.PVT (Moderated) 308.RADIO.ROKS (Moderated)
fido7.f350.localFidonet 350.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.f352.pvtFidonet 352.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f366.pvtFidonet 366.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f392.localFidonet 392.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.f400.fileFidonet 400.FILE (Moderated)
fido7.f400.linkFidonet 400.LINK (Moderated) 400.LINK.BRIDGE (Moderated)
fido7.f400.sysopFidonet 400.SYSOP (Moderated)
fido7.f400.testFidonet 400.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.f400.test.newFidonet F400.TEST.NEW - Test group (Moderated)
fido7.f41.echoFidonet 41.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.f41.filesFidonet 41.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.f41.vgaplanetsFidonet 41.VGAPLANETS (Moderated)
fido7.f413.pvtFidonet 413.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f431.pvtFidonet 431.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f431.techinfoFidonet 431.TECHINFO (Moderated)
fido7.f441.robotsFidonet 441.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.f441.statFidonet 441.STAT (Moderated)
fido7.f443.linksFidonet 443.LINKS (Moderated)
fido7.f443.officialFidonet 443.OFFICIAL (Moderated)
fido7.f487.talkFidonet 487.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.f5026-18.infoFidonet 5026-18.INFO (Moderated)
fido7.f50314.localFidonet 50314.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.f68.downlinkFidonet 68.DOWNLINK (Moderated)
fido7.f68.pulseFidonet 68.PULSE (Moderated)
fido7.f68.pvtFidonet 68.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f68.techinfoFidonet 68.TECHINFO (Moderated)
fido7.f69.pvtFidonet 69.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f6i.supportFidonet 6I.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.f75.pvtFidonet 75.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.f871.filteredFidonet 871.FILTERED [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.far.developmentFidonet FAR.DEVELOPMENT (Moderated)
fido7.far.supportFidonet FAR.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.fe-helpFidonet FE_HELP (Moderated)
fido7.fe.businessFidonet FE.BUSINESS (Moderated)
fido7.fe.chainikFidonet FE.CHAINIK (Moderated)
fido7.fe.fileechoFidonet FE.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.fe.gameFidonet FE.GAME (Moderated)
fido7.fe.generalFidonet FE.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.fe.os2Fidonet FE.OS2 (Moderated)
fido7.fe.q-aFidonet FE.Q&A (Moderated)
fido7.fformat.supportFidonet FFORMAT.SUPPORT - FFORMAT program support (Moderated) FIDO_122.PVT (Moderated) FIDO_122.ROBOTS (Moderated) FIDO.ANYWHERE - Fidonet software on non-MS/DOS (Moderated) FIDO.REGISTRATION - fidonet assoc. registration (Moderated)
fido7.fidonet.historyFidonet FIDONET.HISTORY - History of FidoNet in Russia (Moderated)
fido7.filefix.f199Fidonet FILEFIX.199 (Moderated)
fido7.filgen.supportFidonet FILGEN.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.filtered.humorFidonet FILTERED.HUMOR (Moderated)
fido7.fiolent.talksFidonet FIOLENT.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.francophone.russeFidonet FRANCOPHONE.RUSSE (Moderated) FREE.CODERS (Moderated)
fido7.freudFidonet FREUD (Moderated)
fido7.friends.pvt.talksFidonet FRIENDS.PVT.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.ftned.rusFidonet FTNED.RUS (Moderated)
fido7.galaxy.gameFidonet GALAXY.GAME - Galaxy PBM run by Zelax (Moderated)
fido7.ger.rusFidonet GER.RUS.ALL (Moderated)
fido7.german.rusFidonet GERMAN.RUS (Moderated)
fido7.german.rus.deutschFidonet GERMAN.RUS.DEUTSCH (Moderated)
fido7.gpc.mailcommanderFidonet GPC.MAILCOMMANDER - GPC Mailcommander prgm. (Moderated)
fido7.graphlog.supportFidonet GRAPHLOG.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.greyrat-tech.f403Fidonet GREYRAT_TECH.403 (Moderated)
fido7.greyrat.f403Fidonet GREYRAT.403 (Moderated)
fido7.greyrat.linkFidonet GREYRAT.LINK (Moderated) GROUP.BLIN (Moderated) GROUP.DM.SQCC (Moderated) GROUP.TECHNOLOGY (Moderated)
fido7.gss.beta.testingFidonet GSS.BETA.TESTING [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.gss.generalFidonet GSS.GENERAL [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.gss.partossFidonet GSS.PARTOSS [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.guitar.songsFidonet GUITAR.SONGS [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.guitar.songs.filteredFidonet GUITAR.SONGS.FILTERED (Moderated)
fido7.guitar.songs.talkFidonet GUITAR.SONGS.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.hackingFidonet $HACKING$ (Moderated)
fido7.helloFidonet HELLO (Moderated)
fido7.hfro.localFidonet HFRO.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.hippy.talksFidonet HIPPY.TALKS (Moderated) HOT.BAZAAR (Moderated)
fido7.hottab.linksFidonet HOTTAB.LINKS (Moderated) HOUSE.OF.FIRE (Moderated)
fido7.houston.fileechoFidonet HOUSTON.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.houston.humorFidonet HOUSTON.HUMOR (Moderated)
fido7.houston.softhardFidonet HOUSTON.SOFTHARD (Moderated)
fido7.houston.talksFidonet HOUSTON.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.humor.filteredFidonet HUMOR.FILTERED - selected humor (Moderated)
fido7.humor.otherFidonet HUMOR.OTHER (Moderated) ID.ECHO (Moderated) ID.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.ifmailFidonet IFMAIL - ifmail fidonet software (Moderated)
fido7.ifmail.plusFidonet IFMAIL.PLUS (Moderated)
fido7.imail-helpFidonet IMAIL_HELP (Moderated)
fido7.inec.linksFidonet INEC.LINKS (Moderated) INFO.LINK (Moderated) INFO.PROG (Moderated)
fido7.interlink.programmingFidonet INTERLINK.PROGRAMMING (Moderated)
fido7.interlink.talkFidonet INTERLINK.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.irc.fidorusFidonet IRC.FIDORUS (Moderated)
fido7.iskra.fileechoFidonet ISKRA.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.isra.rusFidonet ISRA.RUS (Moderated)
fido7.iv.echoFidonet IV.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.iv.generalFidonet IV.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.iv.musicFidonet IV.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.iv.planetsFidonet IV.PLANETS (Moderated)
fido7.iv.pvt.exchFidonet IV.PVT.EXCH (Moderated)
fido7.izh.drinkFidonet IZH.DRINK (Moderated)
fido7.ja-moscowFidonet JA_MOSCOW - Link Japan-Moscow (Moderated)
fido7.jet.phrasesFidonet JET.PHRASES [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kaktus.talkFidonet KAKTUS.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.kazan.generalFidonet KAZAN.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.kharkovFidonet KHARKOV (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.anekdotFidonet KHARKOV.ANEKDOT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.announceFidonet KHARKOV.ANNOUNCE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.anomalFidonet KHARKOV.ANOMAL (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.aon.clubFidonet KHARKOV.AON.CLUB (Moderated) KHARKOV.AS.UKRAINIAN.CITY (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.atsFidonet KHARKOV.ATS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.authorsFidonet KHARKOV.AUTHORS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.aviation.imagesFidonet KHARKOV.AVIATION.IMAGES (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.balkaFidonet KHARKOV.BALKA [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.balka.newFidonet KHARKOV.BALKA.NEW (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.balka.pvtFidonet KHARKOV.BALKA.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.beerFidonet KHARKOV.BEER (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.blacklogFidonet KHARKOV.BLACKLOG (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.blinFidonet KHARKOV.BLIN (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.blin.testFidonet KHARKOV.BLIN.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.bratkiFidonet KHARKOV.BRATKI (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.bridgeFidonet KHARKOV.BRIDGE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.businessFidonet KHARKOV.BUSINESS (Moderated) KHARKOV.BUSINESS.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.buying.proposalsFidonet KHARKOV.BUYING.PROPOSALS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.carFidonet KHARKOV.CAR (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.catsFidonet KHARKOV.CATS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.chainikFidonet KHARKOV.CHAINIK (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.chgkFidonet KHARKOV.CHGK (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.chuFidonet KHARKOV.CHU (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.commerceFidonet KHARKOV.COMMERCE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.commerce.prmrFidonet KHARKOV.COMMERCE.PRMR (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.cultureFidonet KHARKOV.CULTURE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.delphiFidonet KHARKOV.DELPHI (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.doomFidonet KHARKOV.DOOM (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.educationFidonet KHARKOV.EDUCATION (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.englFidonet KHARKOV.ENGL (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.filesFidonet KHARKOV.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.foreign.languagesFidonet KHARKOV.FOREIGN.LANGUAGES (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.foxFidonet KHARKOV.FOX (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.friendsFidonet KHARKOV.FRIENDS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.ftpFidonet KHARKOV.FTP (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.gamerFidonet KHARKOV.GAMER (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.gortransportFidonet KHARKOV.GORTRANSPORT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.halyavaFidonet KHARKOV.HALYAVA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.hardw.pvtFidonet KHARKOV.HARDW.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.hiphopFidonet KHARKOV.HIPHOP (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.hireFidonet KHARKOV.HIRE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.hobbitFidonet KHARKOV.HOBBIT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.htmlFidonet KHARKOV.HTML (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.imagesFidonet KHARKOV.IMAGES (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.internetFidonet KHARKOV.INTERNET (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.internet.htmlFidonet KHARKOV.INTERNET.HTML (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.internet.providerFidonet KHARKOV.INTERNET.PROVIDER (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.jobFidonet KHARKOV.JOB (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.khtureFidonet KHARKOV.KHTURE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.knowhowFidonet KHARKOV.KNOWHOW (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.kuznetsovFidonet KHARKOV.KUZNETSOV (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.lawsFidonet KHARKOV.LAWS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.linuxFidonet KHARKOV.LINUX (Moderated) KHARKOV.MEDIA.EXCHANGE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.medicFidonet KHARKOV.MEDIC (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.mobilaFidonet KHARKOV.MOBILA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.mobileFidonet KHARKOV.MOBILE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.modaFidonet KHARKOV.MODA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.musicFidonet KHARKOV.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.naezdFidonet KHARKOV.NAEZD (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.netgameFidonet KHARKOV.NETGAME (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.os2Fidonet KHARKOV.OS2 (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pickupFidonet KHARKOV.PICKUP (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pidarFidonet KHARKOV.PIDAR (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.planetsFidonet KHARKOV.PLANETS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pointFidonet KHARKOV.POINT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.politicaFidonet KHARKOV.POLITICA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.politicsFidonet KHARKOV.POLITICS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.proolyovkaFidonet KHARKOV.PROOLYOVKA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.psychologyFidonet KHARKOV.PSYCHOLOGY (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.balkaFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.BALKA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.delphiFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.DELPHI (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.hardwFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.HARDW (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.magickFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.MAGICK (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.newsFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.talksFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.pvt.trepFidonet KHARKOV.PVT.TREP (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.rastaFidonet KHARKOV.RASTA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.rockFidonet KHARKOV.ROCK (Moderated) KHARKOV.S.AUDIO-VIDEO (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.s.computersFidonet KHARKOV.S.COMPUTERS (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.s.machineryFidonet KHARKOV.S.MACHINERY (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.searchingFidonet KHARKOV.SEARCHING (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.semenyakaFidonet KHARKOV.SEMENYAKA (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.sexFidonet KHARKOV.SEX (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.softwareFidonet KHARKOV.SOFTWARE (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.spectrumFidonet KHARKOV.SPECTRUM (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.sportFidonet KHARKOV.SPORT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.starFidonet KHARKOV.STAR (Moderated) KHARKOV.STAR.INFO (Moderated) KHARKOV.STAR.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.studentFidonet KHARKOV.STUDENT (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.tormozFidonet KHARKOV.TORMOZ (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.tppFidonet KHARKOV.TPP (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.turistFidonet KHARKOV.TURIST (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.univerFidonet KHARKOV.UNIVER (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.unixFidonet KHARKOV.UNIX (Moderated)
fido7.kharkov.zooFidonet KHARKOV.ZOO (Moderated)
fido7.kherson.nightFidonet KHERSON.NIGHT (Moderated) KI.EV.TOR.MOZ (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.allfix.announceFidonet KIEV.ALLFIX.ANNOUNCE (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.anecdotFidonet KIEV.ANECDOT - Anecdotes (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.anekdotFidonet KIEV.ANEKDOT [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.animeFidonet KIEV.ANIME - // ӣ . (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.atsFidonet KIEV.ATS (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.babyFidonet KIEV.BABY (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.bikeFidonet KIEV.BIKE (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.blackwhiteFidonet KIEV.BLACKWHITE (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.boba.ebFidonet KIEV.BOBA.EB (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.booksFidonet KIEV.BOOKS - . (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.carsFidonet KIEV.CARS (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.chainikFidonet KIEV.CHAINIK [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.chainik.fidoFidonet KIEV.CHAINIK.FIDO [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.chainik.hardFidonet KIEV.CHAINIK.HARD [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.chainik.softFidonet KIEV.CHAINIK.SOFT [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.clubFidonet KIEV.CLUB (Moderated) KIEV.COMPUTER_WORLD (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.delphiFidonet KIEV.DELPHI (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.exchangeFidonet KIEV.EXCHANGE (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.fileechoFidonet KIEV.FILEECHO - packages search and announcements (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.flameFidonet KIEV.FLAME - flames (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.friendsFidonet KIEV.FRIENDS (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.gamesFidonet KIEV.GAMES - . (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.guitarFidonet KIEV.GUITAR (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.halyavaFidonet KIEV.HALYAVA (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.homeFidonet KIEV.HOME (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.jobFidonet KIEV.JOB (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.kharkovskyFidonet KIEV.KHARKOVSKY (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.moneyFidonet KIEV.MONEY [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.mp3Fidonet KIEV.MP3 (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.musicFidonet KIEV.MUSIC (Moderated) KIEV.MUSIC.EXCHANGE (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.netgamesFidonet KIEV.NETGAMES - Network games (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.pdano description available (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.petsFidonet KIEV.PETS (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.pointFidonet KIEV.POINT (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.prog.pascalFidonet KIEV.PROG.PASCAL (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.schoolFidonet KIEV.SCHOOL (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.sexFidonet KIEV.SEX (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.sportFidonet KIEV.SPORT (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.studentsFidonet KIEV.STUDENTS (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.videoFidonet KIEV.VIDEO (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.xchg.audvidFidonet KIEV.XCHG.AUDVID [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.xchg.cdFidonet KIEV.XCHG.CD [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.xchg.compFidonet KIEV.XCHG.COMP [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.xchg.infoFidonet KIEV.XCHG.INFO [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.kiev.xchg.otherFidonet KIEV.XCHG.OTHER [Read Only] (Moderated) KITCHEN.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.klm.logsFidonet KLM.LOGS (Moderated)
fido7.kmr.fileechoFidonet KMR.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.kmr.gameFidonet KMR.GAME (Moderated)
fido7.kmr.generalFidonet KMR.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.kmr.softwFidonet KMR.SOFTW (Moderated)
fido7.kmr.versesFidonet KMR.VERSES (Moderated) KN.BANK (Moderated) KN.COMMONPLACE (Moderated) KN.FILEFIND (Moderated) KN.FORWARD (Moderated) KN.HARDWARE (Moderated) KN.HOLIDAY (Moderated) KN.NAEZD (Moderated) KN.POLITIC (Moderated) KN.SOFTWARE (Moderated)
fido7.krs.businessFidonet KRS.BUSINESS (Moderated)
fido7.krs.fileechoFidonet KRS.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.krs.flameFidonet KRS.FLAME (Moderated)
fido7.krs.flirtFidonet KRS.FLIRT (Moderated)
fido7.krs.generalFidonet KRS.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.krs.linkFidonet KRS.LINK (Moderated)
fido7.krs.testFidonet KRS.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.kus-ka.talksFidonet KUS'KA.TALKS - Olga Ipatows's friends (Moderated)
fido7.kwachi.prileteliFidonet KWACHI.PRILETELI (Moderated)
fido7.lars.allfixFidonet LARS.ALLFIX (Moderated)
fido7.layder.freedomFidonet LAYDER.FREEDOM (Moderated) LEARNING.TO.SWIM (Moderated)
fido7.links.f322Fidonet LINKS.322 (Moderated)
fido7.links.f49Fidonet LINKS.49 (Moderated)
fido7.links.f54Fidonet LINKS.54 (Moderated)
fido7.links.fwsFidonet LINKS.FWS (Moderated)
fido7.lobnya.talksFidonet LOBNYA.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.local.f153Fidonet LOCAL.153 (Moderated)
fido7.local.f290Fidonet LOCAL.290 (Moderated)
fido7.local.f441Fidonet LOCAL.441 (Moderated)
fido7.local.f50Fidonet LOCAL.50 (Moderated)
fido7.lotsman.localFidonet LOTSMAN.LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.lugansk.commerceFidonet LUGANSK.COMMERCE (Moderated)
fido7.lugansk.filesFidonet LUGANSK.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.lugansk.gamesFidonet LUGANSK.GAMES (Moderated)
fido7.lugansk.musicFidonet LUGANSK.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.lugansk.soft-hardFidonet LUGANSK.SOFT&HARD (Moderated)
fido7.lugansk.talksFidonet LUGANSK.TALKS (Moderated) LV.ORACLE (Moderated)
fido7.lviv.filesFidonet LVIV.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.lviv.talksFidonet LVIV.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.mac.creatureFidonet MAC.CREATURE - ̣ ?.. - ! (Moderated)
fido7.madi.tuFidonet MADI.TU (Moderated)
fido7.madness.artFidonet MADNESS.ART (Moderated)
fido7.mar.tmFidonet MAR.TM (Moderated)
fido7.mariupol.talkesFidonet MARIUPOL.TALKES (Moderated)
fido7.max.freiFidonet MAX.FREI (Moderated)
fido7.max.klochkovFidonet MAX.KLOCHKOV - Max Klochkov's friends talks (Moderated)
fido7.maximus.planetsFidonet MAXIMUS.PLANETS (Moderated) MED.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.memento.moriFidonet MEMENTO.MORI (Moderated)
fido7.mentant.newsFidonet MENTANT.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.mentant.robotsFidonet MENTANT.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.mfe.allfix.mailFidonet MFE.ALLFIX.MAIL (Moderated)
fido7.mfe.softFidonet MFE.SOFT - Moscow fileecho backbone (Moderated) MG.BUSINESS (Moderated) MGSP.MGVK.ARMY.MO (Moderated)
fido7.miem.talkFidonet MIEM.TALK - MIEM students (Moderated)
fido7.mik-localFidonet MIK_LOCAL (Moderated)
fido7.mikdim.linkFidonet MIKDIM.LINK (Moderated)
fido7.mikdim.robotsFidonet MIKDIM.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.mikdim.testFidonet MIKDIM.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.mindo.announce.antisexFidonet MINDO.ANNOUNCE.ANTISEX [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.minkevich.talkFidonet MINKEVICH.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.mistress.pvtFidonet MISTRESS.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.mistress.rukodelieFidonet MISTRESS.RUKODELIE (Moderated)
fido7.mistress.rusFidonet MISTRESS.RUS - talks of sysop's wives (Moderated)
fido7.mistress.z1Fidonet MISTRESS.Z1 (Moderated)
fido7.mixed.alcoholFidonet MIXED.ALCOHOL (Moderated)
fido7.mj.clubFidonet MJ.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.mkt-dn.orgtechFidonet MKT-DN.ORGTECH (Moderated)
fido7.mkt-dn.otherFidonet MKT-DN.OTHER (Moderated)
fido7.mntrack.supportFidonet MNTRACK.SUPPORT (Moderated) MO.ADVICE (Moderated) MO.AEROPORT - 5020/47 links talks (Moderated) MO.AESC (Moderated) MO.AKADEMICHESKAYA (Moderated) MO.ANTI.DOG (Moderated) MO.APARTMENT (Moderated) MO.APARTMENTS (Moderated) MO.APARTMENTS.TALK (Moderated) MO.ARBAT (Moderated) MO.BABKA (Moderated) MO.BABY.MGSU (Moderated) MO.BALASHIKHA (Moderated) MO.BBS (Moderated) MO.BEER - beer drinkers talks (Moderated) MO.BELYAEVO (Moderated) MO.BICYCLE (Moderated) MO.BIKE (Moderated) MO.BOOKS.WANTED (Moderated) MO.BOOTOVO (Moderated) MO.CARS (Moderated) MO.CARS.AUDI_VW (Moderated) MO.CARS.AUDIO (Moderated) MO.CARS.AZLK (Moderated) MO.CARS.NIVA (Moderated) MO.CARS.OFFROAD (Moderated) MO.CARS.OKA (Moderated) MO.CARS.REPAIR (Moderated) MO.CARS.SAMARA.CLUB (Moderated) MO.CARS.STREETRACING (Moderated) MO.CARS.WORK (Moderated) MO.CARS.ZAZ (Moderated) MO.CELLULAR.MTC (Moderated) MO.CENTER (Moderated) MO.CHERTANOVO (Moderated) MO.CHERYOMUSHKI (Moderated) MO.COMBAT.ARTS (Moderated) MO.COMTEK (Moderated) MO.CSKA (Moderated) MO.D&D.AD&D - Dungeons and Dragons etc. (Moderated) MO.DEC - DEC computers (Moderated) MO.DEGUNINO (Moderated) MO.ECHO - general talks (Moscow) (Moderated) MO.ECONOMICS (Moderated) MO.EXTREME.BOARDS (Moderated) MO.FIFA (Moderated) MO.FILE.ATTACH (Moderated) MO.FILE.FIND (Moderated) MO.FOOTBALL (Moderated) MO.FOOTBALL.ASM (Moderated) MO.GANG (Moderated) MO.GO (Moderated) MO.GOLYANOVO (Moderated) MO.GOLYANOVO.RACING (Moderated) MO.GOOD.FILES (Moderated) MO.GOOD.PEOPLE.TALKS (Moderated) MO.GORBUSHKA (Moderated) MO.GRAFFITI (Moderated) MO.GUSAR (Moderated) MO.HALYAVA (Moderated) MO.HALYAVA.SALE (Moderated) MO.HALYAVA.WANTED (Moderated) MO.HARDCORE (Moderated) MO.HARDW.REPAIR.WANTED - Request for HW fixing (Moderated) MO.HI-FI (Moderated) MO.HOROSHEVO-MNEVNIKI (Moderated) MO.HOROSHOVO-MNEVNIKI (Moderated) MO.HOVRINO (Moderated) MO.INTERNET.HALYAVA (Moderated) MO.IZMAILOVO (Moderated) MO.IZMAILOVO.TALK (Moderated) MO.JOB - job seeking and offering (Moderated) MO.JOB.HALTURA (Moderated) MO.JOB.SERVICE (Moderated) MO.JOB.TALK - Talk on job proposals (Moderated) MO.JOURFAK (Moderated) MO.JUNGLE (Moderated) MO.KOMTEK (Moderated) MO.KONKOVO (Moderated) MO.KRASNOGORSK (Moderated) MO.KRASNOGORSK.TALK (Moderated) MO.KRIK (Moderated) MO.KRYLATSKOE (Moderated) MO.KUNCEVO (Moderated) MO.KUZMINKI (Moderated) MO.LAN.CONSTRUCTION (Moderated) MO.LEFORTOVO (Moderated) MO.LENINGRADKA (Moderated) MO.LENINSKY.PROSPECT (Moderated) MO.LIMONOZOVO (Moderated) MO.LIVE (Moderated) MO.LUBLINO (Moderated) MO.MAI - MAI students (Moderated) MO.MAKE.MONEY (Moderated) MO.MAKE.MONEY.FAST (Moderated) MO.MAKET.TALKS (Moderated) MO.MAMI (Moderated) MO.MANDOS (Moderated) MO.MARYINO (Moderated) MO.MARYINO.MP3 (Moderated) MO.MEI (Moderated) MO.MELISS (Moderated) MO.MEPHI (Moderated) MO.MEPHI.B (Moderated) MO.MESI (Moderated) MO.METALLICA (Moderated) MO.METRO_UNIVERSITET (Moderated) MO.MGAPI (Moderated) MO.MGATU (Moderated) MO.MGGU (Moderated) MO.MGIMO (Moderated) MO.MGIU (Moderated) MO.MGND (Moderated) MO.MGPU (Moderated) MO.MGTA (Moderated) MO.MGUPP (Moderated) MO.MIEM.PREPOD (Moderated) MO.MIEM.TALK (Moderated) MO.MIIGAIK (Moderated) MO.MIREA - MIREA students [Read Only] (Moderated) MO.MITINKA (Moderated) MO.MITINO (Moderated) MO.MITXT (Moderated) MO.MMA (Moderated) MO.MMK (Moderated) MO.MPGU (Moderated) MO.MSTU (Moderated) MO.MSTUCA (Moderated) MO.MSUAB (Moderated) MO.MSUF (Moderated) MO.MTUSI (Moderated) MO.MUSIC.ELECTRO (Moderated) MO.MUSIC.EXCHANGE - music record exchange (Moderated) MO.MUSIC.MP3 (Moderated) MO.NAGATINO (Moderated) MO.NAGATINO.FREE (Moderated) MO.NAGORNAYA (Moderated) MO.NASHE.RADIO (Moderated) MO.NOVOGIREEVO (Moderated) MO.NOVOKOSINO (Moderated) MO.OCHAKOVO (Moderated) MO.OLIMP_DEREVNYA (Moderated) MO.ONEGOD - Monotheistic religions (Moderated) MO.OPEN.RADIO (Moderated) MO.OREKHOVO (Moderated) MO.OS2.PROG (Moderated) MO.OTHERNET (Moderated) MO.OTRADNOE (Moderated) MO.PAGANISHE (Moderated) MO.PARTY (Moderated) MO.PARTY.HALYAVA (Moderated) MO.PECHATNIKI (Moderated) MO.PELMENI (Moderated) MO.PEREDELKINO (Moderated) MO.PEROVO (Moderated) MO.PHRASES - Phrases (Moderated) MO.PHYSICS (Moderated) MO.PHYSTECH (Moderated) MO.PICKUP (Moderated) MO.PITER (Moderated) MO.PLESHKA (Moderated) MO.POGANISHE (Moderated) MO.POOL (Moderated) MO.PORNO.VIDEO (Moderated) MO.PREOBRAGENKA (Moderated) MO.PRESENT (Moderated) MO.PRESNYA (Moderated) MO.PROEZDNOY (Moderated) MO.PXTY (Moderated) MO.QUESTIONS (Moderated) MO.RALLY (Moderated) MO.RAMENKI (Moderated) MO.RAMENSKOE (Moderated) MO.RASTACULTURE (Moderated) MO.REIKI (Moderated) MO.REPAIR (Moderated) MO.RESTAURANT (Moderated) MO.REUTOVO (Moderated) MO.ROLLERS (Moderated) MO.RSUH (Moderated) MO.RUDN (Moderated) MO.SAILS (Moderated) MO.SALE - No commerce (Moderated) MO.SALE.BATTERY (Moderated) MO.SALE.TALKS (Moderated) MO.SHEREMETYEVO (Moderated) MO.SHOPS (Moderated) MO.SILVER.ARROWS (Moderated) MO.SKI - Ski (Moderated) MO.SOFT.EXCHANGE (Moderated) MO.SOFTEXCHANGE - noncommercial software exchange (Moderated) MO.SOKOLINKA (Moderated) MO.SOKOLNIKI (Moderated) MO.SOLNTSEVO (Moderated) MO.SOLNTSEVO-PEREDELKINO (Moderated) MO.STANKIN (Moderated) MO.STORY (Moderated) MO.STROGINO (Moderated) MO.SYSOEFF - literature magazine (Moderated) MO.SYSOEFF.TALKS - About Sysoeff magazine (Moderated) MO.TAGANKA (Moderated) MO.TALK - general talks (Moscow) (Moderated) MO.TCL (Moderated) MO.TECH (Moderated) MO.TEPLY.STAN - General talks (Moderated) MO.TIMIRYAZEVSKAYA (Moderated) MO.TOURISM (Moderated) MO.TOURISM.EXCH (Moderated) MO.TRANSPORT (Moderated) MO.TRASH (Moderated) MO.TSARITSINO (Moderated) MO.TUSHINO (Moderated) MO.TV (Moderated) MO.UNIVERSITY - Moscow university (Moderated) MO.UZ&UNIVER (Moderated) MO.VDNH (Moderated) MO.VIDEOMOVIES (Moderated) MO.VIDNOE (Moderated) MO.VIETNAMKA (Moderated) MO.VIKHINO (Moderated) MO.WANTED [Read Only] (Moderated) MO.WEATHER (Moderated) MO.WELCOME.NET (Moderated) MO.XPICSEX.TALK (Moderated) MO.YASENEVO (Moderated) MO.ZGRAD - Zelenograd chat (Moderated) MO.ZGRAD.CARS (Moderated) MO.ZGRAD.FINDFIRST (Moderated) MO.ZGRAD.MIEE (Moderated) MO.ZGRAD.TALK (Moderated) MO.ZHUKOVSKY (Moderated) MO.ZMS.SCENEZONE (Moderated) MO.ZNATOK (Moderated)
fido7.mockbaFidonet MOCKBA (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.audiovideoFidonet MOLDOVA.AUDIOVIDEO (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.bankFidonet MOLDOVA.BANK (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.bektopFidonet MOLDOVA.BEKTOP (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.beyondFidonet MOLDOVA.BEYOND (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.businessFidonet MOLDOVA.BUSINESS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.carsFidonet MOLDOVA.CARS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.cfgFidonet MOLDOVA.CFG (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.chainikFidonet MOLDOVA.CHAINIK (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.cmexFidonet MOLDOVA.CMEX (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.communicationsFidonet MOLDOVA.COMMUNICATIONS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.computersFidonet MOLDOVA.COMPUTERS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.consumerFidonet MOLDOVA.CONSUMER (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.dtpFidonet MOLDOVA.DTP (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.echoFidonet MOLDOVA.ECHO [Read Only] (Moderated) MOLDOVA.FIDO.HISTORY (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.filesFidonet MOLDOVA.FILES (Moderated) MOLDOVA.FM.RADIO (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.gameFidonet MOLDOVA.GAME (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.general.chatFidonet MOLDOVA.GENERAL.CHAT (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.happy.birthday.f2.uFidonet MOLDOVA.HAPPY.BIRTHDAY.2.U (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.internetFidonet MOLDOVA.INTERNET (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.jobFidonet MOLDOVA.JOB (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.languagesFidonet MOLDOVA.LANGUAGES (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.lawFidonet MOLDOVA.LAW (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.mistressFidonet MOLDOVA.MISTRESS (Moderated) MOLDOVA.NEW.FILES (Moderated) MOLDOVA.NEW.POINT [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.newsFidonet MOLDOVA.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.os2Fidonet MOLDOVA.OS2 (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.pascalFidonet MOLDOVA.PASCAL (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.petsFidonet MOLDOVA.PETS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.planetsFidonet MOLDOVA.PLANETS (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.pointFidonet MOLDOVA.POINT (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.priceFidonet MOLDOVA.PRICE (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.sneerFidonet MOLDOVA.SNEER (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.softFidonet MOLDOVA.SOFT (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.studentFidonet MOLDOVA.STUDENT (Moderated) MOLDOVA.TECH.999 (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.testingFidonet MOLDOVA.TESTING (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.tvFidonet MOLDOVA.TV (Moderated) MOLDOVA.TV&SAT (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.unixFidonet MOLDOVA.UNIX (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.uueFidonet MOLDOVA.UUE (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.videoclubFidonet MOLDOVA.VIDEOCLUB (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.vpaFidonet MOLDOVA.VPA (Moderated)
fido7.moldova.youthFidonet MOLDOVA.YOUTH (Moderated)
fido7.monkey.islandFidonet MONKEY.ISLAND (Moderated) MOSCOW_OKLAHOMA (Moderated) MOSCOW.ON-LINE (Moderated) MOSCOW.PVT (Moderated) MOTO.MAGAZIN (Moderated) MP.LAZY (Moderated) MP.LINK (Moderated)
fido7.mstu.talksFidonet MSTU.TALKS (Moderated) MU.GENERAL (Moderated) MU.RED_BURDA (Moderated)
fido7.n5020.autotestFidonet N5020.AUTOTEST (Moderated)
fido7.n5020.boneFidonet N5020.BONE [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.n5020.crisisFidonet N5020.CRISIS [Read Only] (Moderated) N5020.NEW.NODES (Moderated)
fido7.n5020.pointFidonet N5020.POINT (Moderated)
fido7.n5020.point.talkFidonet N5020.POINT.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.n5025.cellularFidonet N5025.CELLULAR (Moderated)
fido7.n5026.infoFidonet N5026.INFO (Moderated)
fido7.n5026.roboFidonet N5026.ROBO (Moderated)
fido7.n5028.echoFidonet 5028.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.n5039.delphiFidonet 5039.DELPHI (Moderated)
fido7.n5039.echoFidonet 5039.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.n5039.firewallsFidonet 5039.FIREWALLS (Moderated)
fido7.n5039.interestFidonet 5039.INTEREST (Moderated)
fido7.n5039.musicFidonet 5039.MUSIC (Moderated) 5039.NEWS.WEATHER (Moderated) 5039.NEWS.WWW.ANNOUNCE (Moderated)
fido7.n5039.robotFidonet 5039.ROBOT (Moderated)
fido7.n5049.os2Fidonet 5049.OS2 (Moderated)
fido7.n5050.filesFidonet N5050.FILES (Moderated) N5050.GAME.DOOM (Moderated)
fido7.n5050.generalFidonet N5050.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.n5050.notifyFidonet N5050.NOTIFY (Moderated)
fido7.n5050.os2Fidonet N5050.OS2 (Moderated)
fido7.n5050.vpFidonet N5050.VP (Moderated)
fido7.n5050.xFidonet N5050.X (Moderated)
fido7.n50509.generalFidonet N50509.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.commonFidonet N5053.COMMON (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.exchangeFidonet N5053.EXCHANGE (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.filesFidonet N5053.FILES (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.gamesFidonet N5053.GAMES (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.musicFidonet N5053.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.os2Fidonet N5053.OS2 (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.programmingFidonet N5053.PROGRAMMING (Moderated)
fido7.n5053.wareFidonet N5053.WARE (Moderated)
fido7.n5060.talksFidonet N5060.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.nd.talkFidonet ND.TALK - NetDialogue talks (Moderated)
fido7.net467.talksFidonet NET467.TALKS (Moderated) NEWS.ANSWERS (Moderated)
fido7.nice.sourcesFidonet NICE.SOURCES - Nice C sources (Moderated)
fido7.nice.sources.dFidonet NICE.SOURCES.D - Nice C sources talks (Moderated)
fido7.night.talksFidonet NIGHT.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.nikolaev.bazarFidonet NIKOLAEV.BAZAR (Moderated)
fido7.nikolaev.computersFidonet NIKOLAEV.COMPUTERS (Moderated)
fido7.nikolaev.fileechoFidonet NIKOLAEV.FILEECHO (Moderated)
fido7.nikolaev.joyFidonet NIKOLAEV.JOY (Moderated)
fido7.nikolaev.sysopFidonet NIKOLAEV.SYSOP (Moderated)
fido7.nikolaev.talksFidonet NIKOLAEV.TALKS (Moderated) NO.CARRIER - general (Moderated)
fido7.nonprofit.technologyFidonet NONPROFIT.TECHNOLOGY (Moderated)
fido7.nordlink.talkFidonet NORDLINK.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.nordlink.wantedFidonet NORDLINK.WANTED (Moderated)
fido7.nsk.cheersFidonet NSK.CHEERS (Moderated)
fido7.nsk.generalFidonet NSK.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.nsk.jobFidonet NSK.JOB (Moderated) NSK.MUSIC.EXCHANGE (Moderated)
fido7.nsk.planetsFidonet NSK.PLANETS (Moderated)
fido7.nsk.softFidonet NSK.SOFT (Moderated)
fido7.nv.echoFidonet NV.ECHO (Moderated)
fido7.obec.f3bohFidonet OBEC.3BOH (Moderated)
fido7.obec.filteredFidonet OBEC.FILTERED [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.obec.pactetFidonet OBEC.PACTET (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.broadcastFidonet ODESSA.BROADCAST (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.gameFidonet ODESSA.GAME (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.jokerFidonet ODESSA.JOKER (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.musicFidonet ODESSA.MUSIC (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.netgameFidonet ODESSA.NETGAME (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.talksFidonet ODESSA.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.odessa.unixFidonet ODESSA.UNIX (Moderated)
fido7.old-nick-s.magazineFidonet OLD_NICK'S.MAGAZINE - literatue magazine (Moderated)
fido7.omni.nethackFidonet OMNI.NETHACK (Moderated)
fido7.omni.newsFidonet OMNI.NEWS (Moderated)
fido7.os.developmentFidonet OS.DEVELOPMENT (Moderated) PARADOX.LINK.ECHO (Moderated) PARTY.BULLS (Moderated) PARTY.CLUBS (Moderated) PARTY.DJ (Moderated) PARTY.DRINK (Moderated) PARTY.DRUGS (Moderated) PARTY.EXTREME (Moderated) PARTY.FASHION (Moderated) PARTY.FORWARDS (Moderated) PARTY.HE_&_SHE (Moderated) PARTY.MUSIC (Moderated) PARTY.NEWS (Moderated) PARTY.POSTER (Moderated) PARTY.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.pavlograd.talksFidonet PAVLOGRAD.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.pc.codingFidonet PC.CODING (Moderated)
fido7.peheccahcFidonet PEHECCAHC (Moderated)
fido7.pepsiFidonet PEPSI (Moderated)
fido7.perm.os2Fidonet PERM.OS2 (Moderated) PHONE.SERVER (Moderated) PK.MADMED - MadMED program (Moderated) PK.SQAFIX - SqaFix program (Moderated)
fido7.podolsk.talkFidonet PODOLSK.TALK (Moderated) POLICOM.PRO.INFO (Moderated)
fido7.postmastersFidonet POSTMASTERS - Admin topics of fido7 hierarchy (Moderated)
fido7.profi.cpmFidonet PROFI.CPM - "Profi" (Z80) computer (Moderated)
fido7.programming.pearlsFidonet PROGRAMMING.PEARLS [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.programming.pearls.auditoriumFidonet PROGRAMMING.PEARLS.AUDITORIUM [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pskov.testFidonet PSKOV.TEST (Moderated)
fido7.pulp.boxingFidonet PULP.BOXING (Moderated)
fido7.pvt-hckFidonet PVT$HCK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.anime.subtitleno description available (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.arseniy.apache.fedoroffFidonet PVT.ARSENIY.APACHE.FEDOROFF (Moderated) PVT.ART.PHOTO.TALK (Moderated) PVT.ART.PHOTO.UUE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.autostopFidonet PVT.AUTOSTOP (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.bala-gunFidonet PVT.BALA_GUN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.balakovoFidonet PVT.BALAKOVO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.baniFidonet PVT.BANI (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.baranov.clubFidonet PVT.BARANOV.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.bibirevoFidonet PVT.BIBIREVO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.birulevoFidonet PVT.BIRULEVO (Moderated) PVT.BLACK_ARROW (Moderated) PVT.BLACK.METAL [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.bootsmanFidonet PVT.BOOTSMAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.bootsman.fwdFidonet PVT.BOOTSMAN.FWD (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.bootsman.robotsFidonet PVT.BOOTSMAN.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.calcio.clubFidonet PVT.CALCIO.CLUB (Moderated) PVT.CAR.EXCH (Moderated) PVT.CAT.CLUB (Moderated) PVT.CAT.CLUB.TALKS (Moderated) PVT.CAT.STORY (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.christmasFidonet PVT.CHRISTMAS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.clubFidonet PVT.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.commerceFidonet PVT.COMMERCE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.commgateFidonet PVT.COMMGATE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.conanFidonet PVT.CONAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.coolFidonet PVT.COOL (Moderated) PVT.COOL.FORWARDS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.copycatFidonet PVT.COPYCAT (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.cpssFidonet PVT.CPSS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.crazy.english.talksFidonet PVT.CRAZY.ENGLISH.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.crazy.homeFidonet PVT.CRAZY.HOME (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.demexFidonet PVT.DEMEX (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.detslFidonet PVT.DETSL (Moderated) PVT.DEV.UNIQUE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.dismember.supportFidonet PVT.DISMEMBER.SUPPORT (Moderated) PVT.DOG.AFGAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.dreamersFidonet PVT.DREAMERS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.dreamers.artFidonet PVT.DREAMERS.ART (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.duneFidonet PVT.DUNE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.end.of.the.worldFidonet PVT.END.OF.THE.WORLD (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.esoteric.clubFidonet PVT.ESOTERIC.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.evilFidonet PVT.EVIL (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.apartmentFidonet PVT.EXCH.APARTMENT (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.audiovideoFidonet PVT.EXCH.AUDIOVIDEO - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated) PVT.EXCH.BLACK.LOG - Noncommercial exchange [Read Only] (Moderated) PVT.EXCH.BLACK.LOG.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.carsFidonet PVT.EXCH.CARS - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.cdFidonet PVT.EXCH.CD (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.cellularFidonet PVT.EXCH.CELLULAR [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.commFidonet PVT.EXCH.COMM - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.compFidonet PVT.EXCH.COMP - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.computerFidonet PVT.EXCH.COMPUTER - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.computersFidonet PVT.EXCH.COMPUTERS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.el.partsFidonet PVT.EXCH.EL.PARTS - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.mobileFidonet PVT.EXCH.MOBILE - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.notebookFidonet PVT.EXCH.NOTEBOOK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.notebooksFidonet PVT.EXCH.NOTEBOOKS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.otherFidonet PVT.EXCH.OTHER - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.pcFidonet PVT.EXCH.PC - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.pricelistFidonet PVT.EXCH.PRICELIST - Noncommercial exchange [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.pricelist.compFidonet PVT.EXCH.PRICELIST.COMP [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.serviceFidonet PVT.EXCH.SERVICE [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exch.talkFidonet PVT.EXCH.TALK - Noncommercial exchange (Moderated) PVT.EXCHANGE.COMPUTER (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exlerFidonet PVT.EXLER (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.exler.filteredFidonet PVT.EXLER.FILTERED (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f1Fidonet PVT.1 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f113Fidonet PVT.113 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f2020Fidonet PVT.2020 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f301Fidonet PVT.301 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f317.lamerz.talkFidonet PVT.317.LAMERZ.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f450.forwardsFidonet PVT.450.FORWARDS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f48Fidonet PVT.48 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.f79.scorpion.bbsFidonet PVT.79.SCORPION.BBS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.fidolookFidonet PVT.FIDOLOOK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.flirtFidonet PVT.FLIRT - flirt (NO marital advert.!) (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.floridaFidonet PVT.FLORIDA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.forexFidonet PVT.FOREX (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.formula1Fidonet PVT.FORMULA1 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.freeloveFidonet PVT.FREELOVE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.gentlemen.clubFidonet PVT.GENTLEMEN.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.girlsFidonet PVT.GIRLS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.golos.offFidonet PVT.GOLOS.OFF (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.hackersFidonet PVT.HACKERS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.hardw.max2plusFidonet PVT.HARDW.MAX2PLUS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.hardw.pc.x86.cpuFidonet PVT.HARDW.PC.X86.CPU (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.highhillFidonet PVT.HIGHHILL (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.homeFidonet PVT.HOME (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.horses.clubFidonet PVT.HORSES.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.humorFidonet PVT.HUMOR [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.iba.robots.talksFidonet PVT.IBA.ROBOTS.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.incorporatedFidonet PVT.INCORPORATED (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.interlanFidonet PVT.INTERLAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.internet.urlFidonet PVT.INTERNET.URL (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.irisha.talkFidonet PVT.IRISHA.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.ivanyanFidonet PVT.IVANYAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.jackFidonet PVT.JACK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.kam-nhFidonet PVT.KAM-NH (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.labudaFidonet PVT.LABUDA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.lawFidonet PVT.LAW - Law (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.lbcat.talkFidonet PVT.LBCAT.TALK [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.lehinFidonet PVT.LEHIN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.lwsFidonet PVT.LWS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.m.c.techFidonet PVT.M.C.TECH (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mafiaFidonet PVT.MAFIA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.marinaisFidonet PVT.MARINAIS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.max.clubFidonet PVT.MAX.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.medvedkovoFidonet PVT.MEDVEDKOVO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.melodic.metalFidonet PVT.MELODIC.METAL (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.metal.clubFidonet PVT.METAL.CLUB (Moderated) PVT.METAL.CLUB.SUPPORT (Moderated) PVT.MF.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.miesFidonet PVT.MIES (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mike.f477Fidonet PVT.MIKE.477 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.minkevichFidonet PVT.MINKEVICH (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mistress.clubFidonet PVT.MISTRESS.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.moonFidonet PVT.MOON (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mouse.clubFidonet PVT.MOUSE.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mp3Fidonet PVT.MP3 (Moderated) PVT.MS.SATAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mute.ravenFidonet PVT.MUTE.RAVEN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.mykeFidonet PVT.MYKE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.nechaevkaFidonet PVT.NECHAEVKA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.niichavoFidonet PVT.NIICHAVO [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.nimnullFidonet PVT.NIMNULL (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.nishtyakiFidonet PVT.NISHTYAKI (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.notaxFidonet PVT.NOTAX - Minimize taxes (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.octpobFidonet PVT.OCTPOB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.octpob.dFidonet PVT.OCTPOB.D (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.odintsovoFidonet PVT.ODINTSOVO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.onan.oldFidonet PVT.ONAN.OLD (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.orgiyaFidonet PVT.ORGIYA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.orionFidonet PVT.ORION (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.otradnoeFidonet PVT.OTRADNOE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.owl.clubFidonet PVT.OWL.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.paganFidonet PVT.PAGAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.pandaFidonet PVT.PANDA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.points-partyFidonet PVT.POINTS-PARTY (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.polisFidonet PVT.POLIS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.pretty.clubFidonet PVT.PRETTY.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.pricesFidonet PVT.PRICES (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.proolFidonet PVT.PROOL (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.psychodelicFidonet PVT.PSYCHODELIC (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.psychodelic.hfFidonet PVT.PSYCHODELIC.HF (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.quiet.placeFidonet PVT.QUIET.PLACE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.rangerFidonet PVT.RANGER [Read Only] (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.ranger.technoFidonet PVT.RANGER.TECHNO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.rpgprojectFidonet PVT.RPGPROJECT (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.russian.z1Fidonet PVT.RUSSIAN.Z1 (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.saddevils.landFidonet PVT.SADDEVILS.LAND (Moderated) PVT.SALE_&_EXCHANGE (Moderated) PVT.SALE_&_EXCHANGE.TALK (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.schumacherFidonet PVT.SCHUMACHER (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.scoutFidonet PVT.SCOUT (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.secret.gardenFidonet PVT.SECRET.GARDEN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.shakhtyor.teamFidonet PVT.SHAKHTYOR.TEAM (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.shamanFidonet PVT.SHAMAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.shaman.howtoFidonet PVT.SHAMAN.HOWTO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.silver.dreamFidonet PVT.SILVER.DREAM (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.silver.dream.robotsFidonet PVT.SILVER.DREAM.ROBOTS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.skl.tacticsFidonet PVT.SKL.TACTICS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.skull.c0derFidonet PVT.SKULL.C0DER (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.slipgateFidonet PVT.SLIPGATE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.sound.proFidonet PVT.SOUND.PRO (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.sova.clubFidonet PVT.SOVA.CLUB (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.sysopFidonet PVT.SYSOP (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.tctubeFidonet PVT.TCTUBE (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.tighina.good.chatFidonet PVT.TIGHINA.GOOD.CHAT (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.ultrasoundFidonet PVT.ULTRASOUND (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.ut5ude.packetFidonet PVT.UT5UDE.PACKET (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.utopiaFidonet PVT.UTOPIA (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.victoryFidonet PVT.VICTORY (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.viriiFidonet PVT.VIRII (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.virtual.supportFidonet PVT.VIRTUAL.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.yasFidonet PVT.YAS (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.zelimhanFidonet PVT.ZELIMHAN (Moderated)
fido7.pvt.zhorik.yoFidonet PVT.ZHORIK.YO! (Moderated)
fido7.qaz.allfixFidonet QAZ.ALLFIX (Moderated)
fido7.qaz.pvtFidonet QAZ.PVT (Moderated)
fido7.qmail.supportFidonet QMAIL.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.r46.b.buyFidonet R46.B.BUY (Moderated)
fido7.r46.b.changeFidonet R46.B.CHANGE (Moderated)
fido7.r46.b.saleFidonet R46.B.SALE (Moderated)
fido7.r46.b.talksFidonet R46.B.TALKS (Moderated)
fido7.r46.b.techFidonet R46.B.TECH (Moderated)
fido7.r46.exchFidonet R46.EXCH (Moderated)
fido7.r46.gameFidonet R46.GAME (Moderated)
fido7.r46.generalFidonet R46.GENERAL (Moderated)
fido7.r46.talksFidonet R46.TALKS - Region 46 (Ukraine and Moldova) free talks. (Moderated)
fido7.r50.crisisFidonet R50.CRISIS - c pc r50 (Moderated)
fido7.radiomaxFidonet RADIOMAX.ALL (Moderated)
fido7.radiomax.hitparadeFidonet RADIOMAX.HITPARADE (Moderated)
fido7.rar.supportFidonet RAR.SUPPORT (Moderated)
fido7.rc.infoservFidonet RC.INFOSERV (Moderated)
fido7.rc.jobsFidonet RC.JOBS (Moderated)
fido7.real.siberian.manFidonet REAL.SIBERIAN.MAN (Moderated)
fido7.real.siberian.valenokFidonet REAL.SIBERIAN.VALENOK - H cpc (Moderated)
fido7.real.speccyFidonet REAL.SPECCY (Moderated)
fido7.robots.f49Fidonet ROBOTS.49 (Moderated)
fido7.rockabilly.f50sFidonet ROCKABILLY.50S (Moderated)
fido7.rockwell.modemFidonet ROCKWELL.MODEM (Moderated)
fido7.rou.bchinskyFidonet ROU.BCHINSKY (Moderated) RU.ABCB (Moderated) RU.ABOUT.LIFE (Moderated) RU.ACAD (Moderated) RU.ACCOUNTING (Moderated) RU.ACM (Moderated) RU.ACTIVE.WORLDS (Moderated) RU.ACTIVEPAGES (Moderated) RU.ACUPUNCTURE (Moderated) RU.AD&D.TRANSLATE (Moderated) RU.ADOBE.PHOTOSHOP (Moderated) RU.ADSL (Moderated) RU.ADV_FTNSOFT.C2M (Moderated) RU.ADV_FTNSOFT.GATES (Moderated) RU.ADVERTISEMENT (Moderated) RU.AEROSPORT (Moderated) RU.AFTER.INSTITUTE (Moderated) RU.AGE.OF.BATTLES (Moderated) RU.AGNI (Moderated) RU.AGNY (Moderated) RU.AHEKDOT (Moderated) RU.AI (Moderated) RU.AIRSOFT (Moderated) RU.AKEB.TEXT.GAME (Moderated) RU.ALF (Moderated) RU.ALGORITHMS - Algorithms (Moderated) RU.ALIEN.SUPPORT (Moderated) RU.ALKASHI.OFFLINE (Moderated) RU.ALLERGY (Moderated) RU.ALLFIX (Moderated) RU.ALLFIX_HELP (Moderated) RU.ALONE.TALK (Moderated) RU.ALTERNATE (Moderated) RU.AMADEUS (Moderated) RU.AMIGA (Moderated) RU.AMIGA.TALKS (Moderated) RU.AN-CLUB (Moderated) RU.ANARCHY (Moderated) RU.ANASTASIA (Moderated) RU.ANECDOT (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT - anecdotes only (no shtirlitz!) [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT.DIGEST [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT.FILTERED [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT.FREE (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT.OPPOSITION (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT.TALKS (Moderated) RU.ANEKDOT.THE.BEST [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ANGEL (Moderated) RU.ANIMATION (Moderated) RU.ANIME (Moderated) RU.ANIME.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.ANIME.EVA (Moderated) RU.ANIME.GAMES (Moderated) RU.ANIME.POKEMON (Moderated) RU.ANIME.RANMA (Moderated) RU.ANIME.SAILOR (Moderated) RU.ANIME.TALKS (Moderated) RU.ANOMALIA (Moderated) RU.ANTENN (Moderated) RU.ANTHROPOLOGY (Moderated) RU.ANTI-ANTISEX (Moderated) RU.ANTI-ECOLOGY (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.ANTI-MENT (Moderated) RU.ANTI-MONEY (Moderated) RU.ANTI-NALOGI (Moderated) RU.ANTI-NET (Moderated) RU.ANTI-PICKUP (Moderated) RU.ANTI-RELIGION (Moderated) RU.ANTI-RELIGION.CLUB (Moderated) RU.ANTI.ARMY (Moderated) RU.ANTI.ATS [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ANTI.ATS.TALKS [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ANTI.BEER (Moderated) RU.ANTI.GAY (Moderated) RU.ANTI.LUKIANENKO (Moderated) RU.ANTI.NATO (Moderated) RU.ANTI.SKL (Moderated) RU.ANTI.SPICE.GIRLS (Moderated) RU.ANTI.ZAMANSKY (Moderated) RU.ANTICHRIST (Moderated) RU.ANTIFIPS (Moderated) RU.ANTIGOP (Moderated) RU.ANTIHUNT (Moderated) RU.ANTIISLAM (Moderated) RU.ANTILJ (Moderated) RU.ANTIMODERATOR (Moderated) RU.ANTISEX - Against sex before marriage (Moderated) RU.ANTISEX.PEARLS (Moderated) RU.ANTISPAM (Moderated) RU.ANTIVIZA (Moderated) RU.AON - Telephone caller ID recognition (Moderated) RU.AON.ATS (Moderated) RU.AON.MODEM (Moderated) RU.AON.ROM - Telephone caller ID recognition (Moderated) RU.APACHE (Moderated) RU.APPLE (Moderated) RU.AQUANAVT (Moderated) RU.AQUARIA (Moderated) RU.AQUARIA.HARDW (Moderated) RU.ARCHERY (Moderated) RU.ARGUS [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ARGUS.DEVEL [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ARIA (Moderated) RU.ARMY - How to avoid army (Moderated) RU.ARMY.PHRASES (Moderated) RU.ART (Moderated) RU.AS400 (Moderated) RU.ASKETISM (Moderated) RU.ASM.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.ASM.WIN32 (Moderated) RU.ASTRO.FLIGHT (Moderated) RU.ATHEISM (Moderated) RU.ATS (Moderated) RU.AUTO (Moderated) RU.AUTOPILOT (Moderated) RU.AUTOSTOP (Moderated) RU.AUTOSTOP.FILTERED [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.AUTOSTOP.INFO [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.AVIA.TALKS (Moderated) RU.AVIATION - aviation (Moderated) RU.AWK - AWK utility (Moderated) RU.BABY - Babies (Moderated) RU.BABY.EDUCATION (Moderated) RU.BABY.MAIL [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.BABY.MEDIC (Moderated) RU.BABY.TEXT (Moderated) RU.BABYLON5 (Moderated) RU.BABYLON5.AROUND (Moderated) RU.BABYLON5.GAME (Moderated) RU.BACHELORS (Moderated) RU.BAIKA (Moderated) RU.BALLROOM.DANCE (Moderated) RU.BANK_SUPPORT - Computers in banks (Moderated) RU.BANK_SUPPORT.POST (Moderated) RU.BANK_TECHNOLOGY - Computers in banks (Moderated) RU.BANK.TECHNOLOGY (Moderated) RU.BANKS (Moderated) RU.BANNERS.EXCH (Moderated) RU.BANYA (Moderated) RU.BARDAK - general talk (Moderated) RU.BASIC (Moderated) RU.BATTLETECH (Moderated) RU.BBSNEWS - BBS news (Moderated) RU.BBSNEWS.LIST (Moderated) RU.BBSNEWS.TALK - BBS news (Moderated) RU.BBSOFTWARE.OTHER (Moderated) RU.BEATLE.CLUB - Beatles fans (Moderated) RU.BEE.MUSIC (Moderated) RU.BEER - beer drinkers (Moderated) RU.BESPREDEL (Moderated) RU.BEST (Moderated) RU.BESTSOFT (Moderated) RU.BIBLE (Moderated) RU.BIGBLUE (Moderated) RU.BILLIARD (Moderated) RU.BINKD (Moderated) RU.BIOLOGY (Moderated) RU.BIOTECH (Moderated) RU.BISEXUALS (Moderated) RU.BLACK.HUMOR (Moderated) RU.BLUES (Moderated) RU.BNC (Moderated) RU.BODUN (Moderated) RU.BODYBUILDING (Moderated) RU.BOMOND.RHYME (Moderated) RU.BOOKMAKER (Moderated) RU.BOOKS.COMPUTING - books on computing (Moderated) RU.BOOKS.MYSTIC (Moderated) RU.BOOKS.TALK (Moderated) RU.BORLAND.AO (Moderated) RU.BORLANDC (Moderated) RU.BOTCHKAREV.BEER (Moderated) RU.BOWLING (Moderated) RU.BRATVA (Moderated) RU.BRIEF - brief editor (Moderated) RU.BRIGADA (Moderated) RU.BRITNEY.SPEARS (Moderated) RU.BRUCE.WILLIS (Moderated) RU.BUG - program errors (Moderated) RU.BULANOVA (Moderated) RU.BULGAKOV (Moderated) RU.BURIME (Moderated) RU.BURIME.TALKS (Moderated) RU.BUS (Moderated) RU.BUSINESS (Moderated) RU.C# (Moderated) RU.CAD.KOMPAS (Moderated) RU.CAKEWALK (Moderated) RU.CALCULATOR (Moderated) RU.CAMCORDER (Moderated) RU.CAREER (Moderated) RU.CARS (Moderated) RU.CARS.ALARM (Moderated) RU.CARS.AUDI (Moderated) RU.CARS.AUDIO (Moderated) RU.CARS.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.CARS.CUSTOM (Moderated) RU.CARS.DAEWOO (Moderated) RU.CARS.DRIVING (Moderated) RU.CARS.4X4 (Moderated) RU.CARS.FORD (Moderated) RU.CARS.FOREIGN (Moderated) RU.CARS.FOREIGN.4X4 (Moderated) RU.CARS.GAS (Moderated) RU.CARS.GAZ&UAZ (Moderated) RU.CARS.JAPAN (Moderated) RU.CARS.LADA (Moderated) RU.CARS.MERCEDES (Moderated) RU.CARS.MOSCVICH (Moderated) RU.CARS.TALKS (Moderated) RU.CARS.TRAVEL (Moderated) RU.CARS.TUNING (Moderated) RU.CARS.UAZ (Moderated) RU.CASTANEDA (Moderated) RU.CASTLE.CM (Moderated) RU.CAT&DOG (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.CATS (Moderated) RU.CB.RADIO (Moderated) RU.CBUILDER (Moderated) RU.CBUILDER.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.CCMAIL - CC (Moderated) RU.CD.RECORD (Moderated) RU.CDROM - CD-ROM (Moderated) RU.CEBEP.TALKS (Moderated) RU.CELEBRATION (Moderated) RU.CELLPHONES (Moderated) RU.CELLPHONES.SAMSUNG (Moderated) RU.CELLULAR.PROG (Moderated) RU.CELTIC (Moderated) RU.CERTIFICATION (Moderated) RU.CGI (Moderated) RU.CGI.C (Moderated) RU.CGI.PERL (Moderated) RU.CGI.PERL.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.CGP (Moderated) RU.CHARMED (Moderated) RU.CHARMSIADA (Moderated) RU.CHEMISTRY.UNLIMITED (Moderated) RU.CHILDS - Kids talks (Moderated) RU.CHRISTIANITY - Chrisianity (Moderated) RU.CHUDIKS (Moderated) RU.CINEMA (Moderated) RU.CINICK (Moderated) RU.CISCO (Moderated) RU.CIVIL.SMOKE (Moderated) RU.CLARION - Calrion database (Moderated) RU.CLIPPER - Clipper DBMS (Moderated) RU.C-- (Moderated) RU.COFFEE.CLUB - Culture and general talks (Moderated) RU.COLLECTION (Moderated) RU.COLLECTORS (Moderated) RU.COMMUNITY (Moderated) RU.COMPOSE.PC (Moderated) RU.COMPRESS - Compression algorythms and programs (Moderated) RU.COMPUTER.ALL (Moderated) RU.COMPUTER.CLUB (Moderated) RU.COMPUTER.HISTORY - (Moderated) RU.COMPUTER.HUMOR (Moderated) RU.COMPUTER.LIFE (Moderated) RU.COMPUTERRA (Moderated) RU.CONAN.THE.BARBARIAN (Moderated) RU.CONCEPTIO (Moderated) RU.CONGRATULATIONS - congratulations to netters (Moderated) RU.CONSOLES (Moderated) RU.CONSULTING (Moderated) RU.COPYER (Moderated) RU.COPYRIGHT (Moderated) RU.CORBINA (Moderated) RU.CORELDRAW! (Moderated) RU.COUNTER-STRIKE (Moderated) RU.CPP (Moderated) RU.CPP.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.CREATIVE.JANE.CLUB (Moderated) RU.CREMATORIUM (Moderated) RU.CROSSWORD (Moderated) RU.CRYPT - Cryptography (Moderated) RU.CULTURE - Culture (Moderated) RU.CUPOLA (Moderated) RU.CUSTOMS (Moderated) RU.CYBERPUNK (Moderated) RU.CYBORG (Moderated) RU.D_P.SOFTWARE (Moderated) RU.DACHA (Moderated) RU.DAGESTAN (Moderated) RU.DANCE (Moderated) RU.DANYA.HUMOR - p p p p (Moderated) RU.DARKFORCES (Moderated) RU.DARKNESS (Moderated) RU.DAVID.BOWIE (Moderated) RU.DBMS.CACHE (Moderated) RU.DEATH (Moderated) RU.DED (Moderated) RU.DEEP-PURPLE (Moderated) RU.DEIR (Moderated) RU.DELPHI - Delphi (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.DB (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.INFO (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.INTERNET (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.MASTER (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.REPORTS (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.TALK (Moderated) RU.DELPHI.UUE (Moderated) RU.DENDROFILIA (Moderated) RU.DEPRESSION (Moderated) RU.DESIGN (Moderated) RU.DETKI (Moderated) RU.DETSL.LOH (Moderated) RU.DHARMA (Moderated) RU.DIABET (Moderated) RU.DIALECTICS (Moderated) RU.DIARY (Moderated) RU.DIARY.DISCUSSION (Moderated) RU.DICAPRIO (Moderated) RU.DIGITAL.VIDEO - ӣ p (Moderated) RU.DIRECTX (Moderated) RU.DJ (Moderated) RU.DJ.PC (Moderated) RU.DJATLOV (Moderated) RU.DMTIC (Moderated) RU.DNET (Moderated) RU.DOGS (Moderated) RU.DOOM.METAL (Moderated) RU.DOS (Moderated) RU.DOS.BASIC (Moderated) RU.DOSUG (Moderated) RU.DOTNET (Moderated) RU.DREADLOCKS (Moderated) RU.DREAM - Dreams (Moderated) RU.DREAM.TALKS (Moderated) RU.DRUGS - Drugs (Moderated) RU.DSP (Moderated) RU.DTP - desktop publishing (Moderated) RU.DTP.FONTS - Desktop publishing (Moderated) RU.DUEL.RHYME - Poetic duels (Moderated) RU.DVD (Moderated) RU.DVD-RIP (Moderated) RU.DVMMAIL (Moderated) RU.DX.RADIO (Moderated) RU.DYNAMO (Moderated) RU.E.LETTER (Moderated) RU.EASTERN.EUROPE (Moderated) RU.ECHO_RULES - Rules of all fido7* groups (Moderated) RU.ECHOLIST [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.ECHOMAIL (Moderated) RU.ECHOPROCESSORS - Fidonet echoprocessors (Moderated) RU.ECOMSTATION (Moderated) RU.EGOISM (Moderated) RU.EGYPT (Moderated) RU.EJAY (Moderated) RU.ELECTRONIC (Moderated) RU.ELINECOM.TALK (Moderated) RU.ELVIS (Moderated) RU.EMACS (Moderated) RU.EMBEDDED (Moderated) RU.EMINEM (Moderated) RU.EMULATORS.ALL (Moderated) RU.ENCHANTED.FOREST (Moderated) RU.ENGINE.PROG (Moderated) RU.ENGLISH - English as foreign (Moderated) RU.ENGLISH.TRANSLATOR (Moderated) RU.ENTOMOLOGY (Moderated) RU.EQUESTRIAN (Moderated) RU.ERICSSON (Moderated) RU.EROFEEV (Moderated) RU.EROTIC.TEXT (Moderated) RU.ESLI (Moderated) RU.ESOTERIC (Moderated) RU.ESPANOL (Moderated) RU.ETYMOLOGY (Moderated) RU.EURODANCE (Moderated) RU.EVRAZIA (Moderated) RU.EXCEL (Moderated) RU.EXCH.BABYSTUFF (Moderated) RU.EZO (Moderated) RU.1CSOFT (Moderated) RU.3DFX (Moderated) RU.3DS&LW (Moderated) RU.4DOS - 4DOS (Moderated) RU.FACTOR2 (Moderated) RU.FAMILY (Moderated) RU.FANTASY - Fantasy (Moderated) RU.FANTASY.ALT (Moderated) RU.FAQEM_UP (Moderated) RU.FAR (Moderated) RU.FASTECHO (Moderated) RU.FASTUUE (Moderated) RU.FASTUUE.TALK (Moderated) RU.FATE (Moderated) RU.FAX - FAX hard- and software (Moderated) RU.FDECHO - FrontDoor program (Moderated) RU.FEDOROV (Moderated) RU.FHMAIL (Moderated) RU.FIDO&FSB (Moderated) RU.FIDO-PICKUP (Moderated) RU.FIDO.INTERNET (Moderated) RU.FIDO.NEXTGEN (Moderated) RU.FIDO.WWW (Moderated) RU.FIDOMAN (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.ALLSTARS (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.DIGEST (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.TODAY [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.FIDONET.YO (Moderated) RU.FIDORULEZZ (Moderated) RU.FIDOSCHOOL (Moderated) RU.FIGHT.FOR.PEACE (Moderated) RU.FILE.APPSND (Moderated) RU.FILE.SYSTEMS (Moderated) RU.FILE.XSND.MIDI (Moderated) RU.FILE.XSND.MOD (Moderated) RU.FILE.XSND.PATCH (Moderated) RU.FILE.XSND.S3M (Moderated) RU.FILE.XSND.XM (Moderated) RU.FILEECHOPROCESSORS - Fidonet fileechoprocessors (Moderated) RU.FILEFORMAT (Moderated) RU.FILK (Moderated) RU.FILM (Moderated) RU.FIND.GIRLFRIEND (Moderated) RU.FINSOFT - financial software (Moderated) RU.FIPS (Moderated) RU.FIPS.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.FISHING (Moderated) RU.FISHING.CLUB (Moderated) RU.FITNESS (Moderated) RU.FLAME (Moderated) RU.FLASH (Moderated) RU.FLEETSTREET (Moderated) RU.FLOPPYNET (Moderated) RU.FLYSOFT (Moderated) RU.FM.RADIO (Moderated) RU.FM.REKLAMA (Moderated) RU.FMAIL (Moderated) RU.FMOB (Moderated) RU.FMOB.TALKS (Moderated) RU.FOOBAR (Moderated) RU.FOOTBALL.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.FOREIGNER (Moderated) RU.FORMULA.RACING (Moderated) RU.FOTO.PICKUP (Moderated) RU.FOXPRO - Foxpro DBMS (Moderated) RU.FRANCE (Moderated) RU.FREE.MIND (Moderated) RU.FREE.PASCAL (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.FREEFOLK (Moderated) RU.FREELOVE (Moderated) RU.FREGATE (Moderated) RU.FTN.DEVELOP (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.FTN.WINSOFT (Moderated) RU.FTRACK (Moderated) RU.FURRY (Moderated) RU.FUTURAMA (Moderated) RU.FUTURE (Moderated) RU.GAME (Moderated) RU.GAME.ADOM (Moderated) RU.GAME.ALLODS (Moderated) RU.GAME.BLIZZARD (Moderated) RU.GAME.BRIDGE (Moderated) RU.GAME.CDROM (Moderated) RU.GAME.CHEAT (Moderated) RU.GAME.CREATION (Moderated) RU.GAME.DEATHMATCH (Moderated) RU.GAME.DESIGN - video-game talks (Moderated) RU.GAME.DIABLO (Moderated) RU.GAME.DIABLO.STUFF (Moderated) RU.GAME.DOOM - video-game talks (Moderated) RU.GAME.DOOM.INFO (Moderated) RU.GAME.DOOM.UUE - video-game talks (Moderated) RU.GAME.DOOM3 (Moderated) RU.GAME.DUKE (Moderated) RU.GAME.ECONOMIC (Moderated) RU.GAME.ELITE (Moderated) RU.GAME.ELMA (Moderated) RU.GAME.3D-SHOOTER (Moderated) RU.GAME.FALLOUT (Moderated) RU.GAME.FALLOUT.MOD (Moderated) RU.GAME.FLIGHT - flying video-game talks (Moderated) RU.GAME.FLIGHT.PEACEFUL (Moderated) RU.GAME.FORTRESS (Moderated) RU.GAME.GTA (Moderated) RU.GAME.HALF-LIFE (Moderated) RU.GAME.HEROES (Moderated) RU.GAME.LINEAGE (Moderated) RU.GAME.LIONHEAD (Moderated) RU.GAME.MIGHT&MAGIC (Moderated) RU.GAME.MMORPG (Moderated) RU.GAME.MOD.MAKING (Moderated) RU.GAME.MODEM - videogames over modem (Moderated) RU.GAME.MUD - MUD games (Moderated) RU.GAME.MUD.RUS (Moderated) RU.GAME.NEWS (Moderated) RU.GAME.NFS (Moderated) RU.GAME.PBM (Moderated) RU.GAME.QUAKE (Moderated) RU.GAME.QUAKE.II (Moderated) RU.GAME.QUAKE.III [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.GAME.QUAKE.QC (Moderated) RU.GAME.QUEST (Moderated) RU.GAME.RPG - role playing games talks (Moderated) RU.GAME.RPG.CLUB (Moderated) RU.GAME.RPG.SPACE (Moderated) RU.GAME.SACRED (Moderated) RU.GAME.SPHERE (Moderated) RU.GAME.SPIDERWEB - Spiderweb Software (Moderated) RU.GAME.STARCRAFT (Moderated) RU.GAME.STRATEGY (Moderated) RU.GAME.STRATEGY.RT (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.GAME.THESIMS (Moderated) RU.GAME.TOMB.RAIDER (Moderated) RU.GAME.TRANSPORT (Moderated) RU.GAME.ULTIMA (Moderated) RU.GAME.UNREAL (Moderated) RU.GAME.VANGERS (Moderated) RU.GAME.WARCRAFT (Moderated) RU.GAME.WORMS (Moderated) RU.GAMELAND (Moderated) RU.GAMES (Moderated) RU.GAMES.PEOPLE.PLAY (Moderated) RU.GAY_CLUB (Moderated) RU.GAY.N (Moderated) RU.GAY.TALK (Moderated) RU.GEMTOSS.BETA (Moderated) RU.GEOLOGY (Moderated) RU.GEOSYSTEM (Moderated) RU.GIPERBOREYA (Moderated) RU.GIRLS (Moderated) RU.GLUM (Moderated) RU.GNU (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.GOLDED - GoldEd program (Moderated) RU.GOLOVOLOMKA (Moderated) RU.GOOD.JEANS (Moderated) RU.GORDON (Moderated) RU.GOTHIC (Moderated) RU.GPMAIL (Moderated) RU.GREENPEACE (Moderated) RU.GREGORY.KLIMOV (Moderated) RU.GROB (Moderated) RU.GUARD (Moderated) RU.GUITAR - Guitar music (Moderated) RU.GUITAR.BASS (Moderated) RU.GUITAR.SOFT (Moderated) RU.GUITAR.TAB (Moderated) RU.HACKER - hacker's talks [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HACKER.ALT (Moderated) RU.HACKER.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.HACKER.DUMMY (Moderated) RU.HACKER.FILTERED (Moderated) RU.HACKER.UUE - hacker's talks (Moderated) RU.HACKZONA (Moderated) RU.HALYAVA (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.AHTEHHA [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.BARDAKRU [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.CONTESTRU [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.DX_BISTRO [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.FLYHAM [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.HAMPUTER [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.HAMRU [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.RARES [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.RDXN [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.RRC_IOTA [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.RUSSIANDX [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.SATVHF [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.URCONTEST [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.URDX [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HAM-REFLECTORS.URHAMFEST [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.HARDW - computer hardware talks (Moderated) RU.HARDW.CHECK - computer hardware talks (Moderated) RU.HARDW.PC.CASE&PSU (Moderated) RU.HARDWARE.BIOTECHNOLOGY (Moderated) RU.HARDWARE.REPAIR.TRICKS (Moderated) RU.HARRINGTON (Moderated) RU.HARRY.POTTER (Moderated) RU.HATE (Moderated) RU.HDD.REMONT (Moderated) RU.HE&SHE (Moderated) RU.HEINLEIN (Moderated) RU.HELGOR (Moderated) RU.HHGTTG - HHGTTG translation to Russian (Moderated) RU.HI-FI.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.HIP-HOP (Moderated) RU.HIPPIES (Moderated) RU.HISTORY (Moderated) RU.HOBBY (Moderated) RU.HOKKU (Moderated) RU.HOME (Moderated) RU.HOME_CINEMA (Moderated) RU.HOME.LAN (Moderated) RU.HOOLIGANS (Moderated) RU.HORSE (Moderated) RU.HOT.DOG (Moderated) RU.HRG.SCENE (Moderated) RU.HSMODEMS - high speed modems talks (Moderated) RU.HTML.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.HTML.PROFY (Moderated) RU.HUMOR (Moderated) RU.HUMOR.RELIG (Moderated) RU.HUMORIST (Moderated) RU.HUNTER (Moderated) RU.HUSKY (Moderated) RU.HUSKY.DEVEL (Moderated) RU.HUTOR.FILTERED [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.IDA (Moderated) RU.IDEA (Moderated) RU.IDIOTIZM (Moderated) RU.ILLUSION - Everything is just illusion (Moderated) RU.IMHO (Moderated) RU.IMMORTALITY (Moderated) RU.INDIA (Moderated) RU.INFERNO.LIVE (Moderated) RU.INFORMATICA (Moderated) RU.INSTALLERS (Moderated) RU.INSURANCE (Moderated) RU.INTELLECTUAL.GAMES (Moderated) RU.INTERNET - Internet (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.BUSINESS (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.CONNECTION (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.FAQ (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.FILTERED (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.GETWEB (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.HTML (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.SERVICE (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.SOFT (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.TESTED (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.THINGS (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.HALYAVA.XXX (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.ICQ (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.IRC (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.LAW (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.MONEY (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.MOSCOW (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.MP3 (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.NELEGAL (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.NETSCAPE (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.P2P (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.PROGRAMMING (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.PROMOTION (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.PROVIDER (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.PROVIDER.PRICE (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.SEARCH (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.SECURITY (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.SEX (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.SOFT (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.SPEDIA (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.TECHNOLOGY (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.WWW (Moderated) RU.INTERNET.WWW.NEWS (Moderated) RU.INTERSQUISH (Moderated) RU.INTRANET (Moderated) RU.INVALIFE (Moderated) RU.IP.EXCHANGE (Moderated) RU.IRC.CCCP (Moderated) RU.ISTINA (Moderated) RU.ITALIA (Moderated) RU.ITRAX (Moderated) RU.IZONE (Moderated) RU.JA (Moderated) RU.JAH.RASTAFARI (Moderated) RU.JAPAN (Moderated) RU.JAVA (Moderated) RU.JAVA.CHAINIK (Moderated) RU.JAVASCRIPT (Moderated) RU.JEWELLERY (Moderated) RU.JORDAN (Moderated) RU.JUMP - Skydiving (Moderated) RU.JUNG [Read Only] (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.KASCHENKO (Moderated) RU.KASHIN (Moderated) RU.KATE_BUSH (Moderated) RU.KAZAKHSTAN (Moderated) RU.KEEN (Moderated) RU.KIN-DZA-DZA (Moderated) RU.KING-FIX (Moderated) RU.KINO-NOT-FOR-ALL (Moderated) RU.KIPELOV (Moderated) RU.KISH (Moderated) RU.KITSTAT (Moderated) RU.KLAD (Moderated) RU.KMAIL (Moderated) RU.KOROLEV (Moderated) RU.KRAPIVIN (Moderated) RU.KRAPIVIN.CLUB (Moderated) RU.KREM (Moderated) RU.KRSNA (Moderated) RU.KYLIX (Moderated) RU.LA.FEMME.NIKITA (Moderated) RU.LAN.NW (Moderated) RU.LAW_FACULTY (Moderated) RU.LAZAREV (Moderated) RU.LEFT.LINK (Moderated) RU.LEM (Moderated) RU.LES (Moderated) RU.LESBIAN (Moderated) RU.LEVEL.DESIGN (Moderated) RU.LEXICON [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.LHP (Moderated) RU.LIBRARY (Moderated) RU.LIMP_BIZKIT (Moderated) RU.LIMTIC (Moderated) RU.LINGUIST (Moderated) RU.LINGVA_LATINA (Moderated) RU.LINGVO (Moderated) RU.LINK.ALT (Moderated) RU.LINUX - Linux OS (Moderated) RU.LINUX.CHAINIK (Moderated) description available (Moderated) RU.LINUX.GAMES (Moderated) RU.LINUX.TALKS (Moderated) RU.LISP (Moderated) RU.LITURGICA (Moderated) RU.LIVE.CYBERPUNK (Moderated) RU.LIVEJOURNAL (Moderated) RU.LOKOMOTIV.MOSCOW (Moderated) RU.LOLITA (Moderated) RU.LOTUS (Moderated) RU.LOVE (Moderated) RU.LOVE.FREETALK (Moderated) RU.LOVE.TROUBLES (Moderated) RU.LOVECRAFT (Moderated) RU.LOVELAND (Moderated) RU.LUDENY (Moderated) RU.LUKIANENKO (Moderated) RU.MAC - Apple Macintosh users talks (Moderated) RU.MACHINE.EMBROIDERY (Moderated) RU.MACROMEDIA (Moderated) RU.MADI.STU (Moderated) RU.MADONNA (Moderated) RU.MAGIC - Magic (Moderated) RU.MAGIC-PC (Moderated) RU.MAGIC.THE.GATHERING (Moderated) RU.MAILED.SUPPORT (Moderated) RU.MAILTOOLS.UUE (Moderated) RU.MANAGEMENT (Moderated) RU.MAOISM (Moderated) RU.MARILYN.MANSON (Moderated) RU.MARKET.RESEARCH (Moderated) RU.MARRY (Moderated) RU.MARTIAL_ARTS - martial arts (Moderated) RU.MASTER (Moderated) RU.MASYANYA (Moderated) RU.MATH (Moderated) RU.MATH.SOFTWARE (Moderated) RU.MATH.TOPOLOGY (Moderated) RU.MATRESHKA (Moderated) RU.MATRIX (Moderated) RU.MAXES - Maxes in fidonet (Moderated) RU.MDAEMON (Moderated) RU.MECHANICS (Moderated) RU.MEDIC (Moderated) RU.MEDIC.PROFY [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.METALLICA (Moderated) RU.METALLURGY (Moderated) RU.METAPHYSICS (Moderated) RU.MFC (Moderated) RU.MICROCHIP - - Microchip Technology (Moderated) RU.MIDI (Moderated) RU.MIELOFON (Moderated) RU.MIEM (Moderated) RU.MIGRATION (Moderated) RU.MIIT (Moderated) RU.MILITARISM (Moderated) RU.MILITARY (Moderated) RU.MILITARY.NAVI (Moderated) RU.MILITARY.NAVY (Moderated) RU.MILITIA (Moderated) RU.MINIDISC (Moderated) RU.MINIDISK (Moderated) RU.MINSTREL (Moderated) RU.MISANTHROPE (Moderated) RU.MISSILE (Moderated) RU.MITKY (Moderated) RU.MIXED.ALCOHOL (Moderated) RU.MNLINK (Moderated) RU.MNTIC (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.ALCATEL (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.BENEFON (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.LG (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.MOTOROLA (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.NOKIA (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.PANASONIC (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.PHILIPS (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.SAMSUNG (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.SIEMENS (Moderated) RU.MOBILE.PHONES.SONYERICSSON (Moderated) RU.MOD.MUSIC.UUE (Moderated) RU.MODDING (Moderated) RU.MODELISM (Moderated) RU.MODEM - modems (Moderated) RU.MODERATOR - Moderators talks (Moderated) RU.MODERATOR.TALK (Moderated) RU.MONEY (Moderated) RU.MOZILLA (Moderated) RU.MP3.WANTED (Moderated) RU.MPEG (Moderated) RU.MSACCESS (Moderated) RU.MSOFFICE (Moderated) RU.MSSU (Moderated) RU.MSX - MSX computers (Moderated) RU.MTV (Moderated) RU.MTV.12ZZ (Moderated) RU.MULTIEDIT - MultiEdit program (Moderated) RU.MULTIMEDIA - Multimedia (Moderated) RU.MUMIY.TROLL (Moderated) RU.MUNDOLATINO (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.AFISHA [Read Only] (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.AGATA.KRISTI (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.ALISA (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.AQUARIUM (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.ARIA (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.AVARIYA (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.B-2 (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.BLIND.GUARDIAN (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.CHANSON (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.DDT (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.DOLPHIN (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.DRUM&BASS (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.EAM (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.ETHNIC (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.FLAMENCO (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.GARBAGE (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.GROB (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.HANDSUP (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.HENDRIX (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.JARRE (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.K&J (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.KINO - '' . (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.KIRPICHI (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.LACRIMOSA (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.LENINGRAD (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.METAL (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.MIXEY&JUMANGEE (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.NIGHTWISH (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.NIRVANA (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.OZZY (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.PSYHEYA (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.SCORPIONS (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.SPLEAN (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.TIME_MACHINE (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.UUE - Music (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.WANTED (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.WANTED.TALKS (Moderated) RU.MUSIC.ZVERI (Moderated) RU.MUSICIAN (Moderated) RU.MUSLIMGAUZE (Moderated) RU.MUZ_TV (Moderated) RU.MYLENE.CLUB (Moderated) RU.MYSQL (Moderated) RU.MYSTIC.GLUM (Moderated) RU.MYSTIC.SEARCH (Moderated) RU.MYTHOLOGY (Moderated) RU.NANOTECH (Moderated) RU.NASHERADIO.MP3 (Moderated) RU.NASKVOZ (Moderated) RU.NATIONALITY (Moderated) RU.NATURE.HEALTH.HARMONY (Moderated) RU.NATURISM (Moderated) RU.NAUTILUS (Moderated) RU.NECROMANCERS.DOS.NAVIGATOR (Moderated) RU.NEFELA (Moderated) RU.NEFORMAL.ART (Moderated) RU.NET.HARD (Moderated) RU.NET.KNIGHT (Moderated) RU.NET.SOFT (Moderated) RU.NET.TECH (Moderated) RU.NETFILTER.SQUID (Moderated) RU.NETHACK (Moderated) RU.NETHERLANDS (Moderated) RU.NETMAIL (Moderated) RU.NETWORK (Moderated) RU.NETWORKS - WANs (NO Netware!) 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